Blood, Violence And Hot Guys


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Scene Title Blood, Violence and Hot Guys
Synopsis Raquelle comes bearing goodies, and a frilly apron.
Date August 30, 2010

Little Green House

Bags? Check. Raquelle has come well prepared with grocery bags and he wears a pair of fitted dark blue jeans and a black button down shirt over a white wifebeater, black fedora worn at the usual jaunty angle and of course docs on his feet. He's got his arms filled so he has to knock with his feet, THUD THUD THUD, sunglasses slipping down his nose.

While Raquelle is awake and looking pretty, someone has passed out on the couch. So the thudding at the door has Melissa jerking upright and blinking. It takes another thud before she realizes that someone is at the door, and she pushes herself to her feet and heads over to the door, opening it.

She stands there for a moment, looking well rested, if stiff, her hair ruffled and messy. "Raquelle? Oh, come in," she says, stepping back and letting him come inside. "Sorry I look…" a hand waves absently at her hair and lack of makeup. "Feel asleep on the couch."

Inside, the TV is on, frozen at the DVD menu of Men in Tights. An empty bottle of Jack Daniels, an ashtray, and a potted orchid sit on the coffee table table. Odd, Mel doesn't seem like a flower person.

"..yesss baby you look a hot mess." Raquelle shifts slightly and twists around to offer a smaller bag to the little woman. "Here…here take it take it take it before I drop it!" He takes a deep breath. "Got you some stuff to get cleaned up, lavender and chamomile and scents like that honey, keep you calm. Go on now and jump in and out of the shower while I put this shit in the kitchen okay sweetie?" He waddles with his arms filled into the home, looking around and his nose wrinkles. "Oh lordy…"

The bag is taken, and the door shut behind him. His exclamation has her frowning and looking around him at the living room, then her nose wrinkles as well. "Just let me clean up real quick. Had someone over last night, and passed out before I could clean up," she says, sounding embarrassed as she moves forward to start gathering up the bottle and ashtray.

"No! Go get cleaned up yourself honey, I'll take care of this. I promise." Raquelle finds a place to settle the bags down, rubbing his arms and sighing softly. "Shoo shoo, use the shampoo and I'll brush your hair after we make our drinks." A pause. "…this is me being good and not asking who it was you had over or if it was sexy overs or just friendly overs, shoo shoo."

Melissa can't help but give a little smile as she stops and looks at him. "Most friendly, though I do remember a kiss or two," she says, answering the unasked question. "And I'll be quick. Thanks Raquelle," she says, giving his cheek a quick kiss before she heads towards the stairs then up to make herself presentable.

Raquelle cracks his knuckles and idly cracks his neck as he looks around and sighs softly, moving into the kitchen area as he moves the bags into there and he takes a moment tie a frilly lace apron around his waist, removing his shirt and folding that up before he puts the top part of the maid costume on, lacing that up as well with a sigh before putting the little hat on after removing his fedora as well. Clothing is folded up and stashed out of sight before he begins the process of cleaning up things, humming softly to himself.

Luckily for Raquelle, Melissa is normally very OCD about keeping the house clean, so there's actually not that much cleaning up to do. Upstairs, she showers quickly, even if she does savor the hot water and it helps wake her up. But soon enough she's dressed in a pair of black exercise type pants and a black tank top, her hair damp, her eyes no longer dulled by the remnants of sleep.

She pads downstairs, barefoot, and searches for Raquelle. When she finds him she stops and stares for a moment before lips curve. "I…am so glad you decided to come over."

Raquelle tosses something in the trash before opening up his arms towards Melissa. "Awwww, c'mon now and gimme my hug." He winks. "There's my Melissa…all clean and awake."

"Mostly awake anyway," Melissa agrees, moving towards him and wrapping her arms around him for the desired hug. "Thanks, Raquelle. I was feeling better yesterday, but somehow you've already managed to make me feel even better. I think it must be the fabulous apron. Or maybe the hat. Not sure."

Raquelle snickers and squeezing the woman gently, murmuring softly near her ear. "That's my job sweetie…" He nods slowly. "That's my job." Then he pulls back and laughs softly. "Yes, I have to get a Frenchie name now, oo lala." He flutters his lashes before chuckling and gesturing towards the kitchen. "Now! Do you want to see what I've got for yooou?"

Melissa's brows lift, but she heads towards the kitchen. "Presents or food? I'm starting to like presents. A bottle of Jack and a flower last night. You, I hope, have brought chocolate."

Raquelle hmms softly. "Amongst other things…" He drawls before he begins unpacking the bags. Out comes the couple 3 pints of ice cream: one vanilla with chocolate chips…one some type of triple fudge and another one is smore flavored. Then the whipped cream in a can, the chocolate sauce, the caramel sauce, and some mint chocolate chips, a roll of cookie dough and of course sprinkles. A white rum, a dark rum…vodka and a bag of gummy bears. He sets things down carefully before removing the final things, that is the 6 pack of root beer and different colored straws. "…okay honestly some of this stuff is left over from my last date with my boyfriend…"

Melissa is smiling as goodies come out of the bag, though that smile falters a bit when dates are mentioned. Her eyes are closed and she takes a moment, before making the smile return. "You…are trying to make me fat, Raquelle," she mock complains as she grabs a spoon, leans against the counter, and opens up the fudge ice cream. A spoonful is gotten, yummy noises made, then she sighs. "Oh yeah…this helps."

Raquelle watches Melissa thoughtfully before giving a tiny shake of his head. "No no no, you won't get fat. At best you'll be…fluffy." He teases before looking around. "I need some glasses big enough to put ice cream in…" He muses before quirking an eyebrow and waggling a finger at Melissa. "You want any toppings on your treat there little missy or…you got it?"

"Fluffy is just another word for fat," Melissa protests, before using her spoon to point to one of the cabinets. "Glasses are in there. Root beer floats, I'm guessing? And this is just fine for now. Don't think I want too much extra until I'm sure most of the Jack is out of my system. I was well and truly drunk last night. And pleasantly so."

"Well then I have a fat ass." Raquelle shimmies a bit and sticks out his tongue. "Well no…not necessarily but we can wait honey, you don't need anything to drink right now I don't think." He chuckles softly and works on stashing the rum somewhere safe as well. "Gonna tell me more about last night or just let me use my uber active imagination, hmm?"

"Your ass is not fat. And I think I can accurately judge after seeing you in nothing but a thong." Melissa won't think about how Kendall was there too, and reacted very amusingly over it. Instead she shrugs a little, ignoring the stiffness in her back, and gets another spoonful of ice cream. "Not really much to tell. Friend came by, brought booze and the flower out there. I put on a movie, we kissed a little, then he let me fall asleep on his shoulder. Sometime between then and now he slipped out."

"Mmhm, but you've only seen it once." Raquelle offers with a small smile, rolling his shoulders and leaning against the counter just watching and listening. And he's good at that, the whole listening thing. He can only stare for a little bit. "Mmm, so I see. Do I know this friend?" He tilts his head to the side curiously.

"I don't know. I've never seen you and him in the same place before. Name's Nick though. Cute, black hair, blue eyes. Little younger than me. Really paranoid sort," Melissa explains with another shrug, continuing to dig into the ice cream.

"Annnd…do you like this Nick?" Raquelle folds an arm over his chest before examining his nails with a lift of both eyebrows. "And how little younger is younger?" He slips an emory board out of a bag and starts working on a couple of nails that cause him to look concerned. "Does he have nice abs? Tight ass? Mysterious presence?"

"Haven't seen his abs, and honestly, haven't really paid that much attention to his ass," Melissa confesses. "He's a nice guy though. I mean, he was the first guy to bring me a flower. A real one. Had someone give me a rose once, but it was an illusion. But do I like him? No idea. I barely know him. And though I've decided to try dating, there is someone I love. Don't know that it'll ever work though, hence the dating."

Raquelle pushes off of the counter, running fingers through his hair before adjusting his French Maid hat as he mmhmmmms softly. "The first guy hunh? That's…different." He wrinkles his nose. "You're dating because you don't know if things would work out with the person you do love?" He blinks slowly. "Ahhh, I see."

Melissa shrugs. "I'm just not a girl guys give flowers to I guess," she says without any trace of pity. She's twenty-six, she's had time to accept this face. "And…sort of. I mean, the guy knows how I feel, but it's…complicated. So I told him I was gonna move on and date, at least until he came to his senses. Which may never happen."

Raquelle rolls his eyes. "Oh don't give me that bull shit, you are girl. Guys give flowers to girls. You aren't deformed or somehow physically freakish in an off putting way…so it isn't about being a girl guys give flowers to, it is about being a girl guys /haven't/ given flowers to yet. Everybody comes into their own at different ages." He sighs and shakes his head, concentrating now on the topic of 'the guy' and he just blinks slowly. "Well…as long as you're uh, handling it."

"And this is why I adore you, Raquelle. And no, not deformed, but a bunch of scars -" And Melissa does have quite a few that Raquelle can see right now. The line across her forehead, the bullet wounds on her left shoulder, and a myriad of small ones on her arms - "and an ability that lets me hurt them with a thought means that I'm not a girly girl. And that's the type of girl that guys give flowers to, usually."

Raquelle scratches his cheek and gives Melissa a once over, snorting and shaking his head. "Ahhh, an ability…" He nods slowly before shrugging. "You are pretty damn girly honey, you're not quite butch enough to make me question your leanings." He sticks out his tongue before smoothing down his apron. "I think…it depends on the types of guys honestly you expect flowers from…so hey, I can't judge."

That prompts a soft laugh and shake of her head. "I don't expect flowers from anyone, Raquelle. Or any presents, really. I'm more the giver type, than the givee type. It's just the way things are, and I'm fine with it." Melissa's quiet for a minute as she gets a few more spoonfuls. "Though it was nice to get the flower last night. And to just curl up with someone and watch a movie. It's weird. Told Abby a couple times that's part of what I wanted in a guy." She shakes her head. "But Nick is so not the type I need to seriously consider for more than a bit of fun."

"I'm a giver too, that's how I ended up with my first born." A pause. "Well that and drugs…damn I was high." Raquelle pulls a face before clearing his throat. "I'm…glad you had such a lovely night then. However, before you decide what is best or not best for you and your 'type', take a bit of time to look at whoever is in your life first, might surprise even you." Ice cream is being put into the freezer now.

Melissa frowns a little, her head cocking slightly to one side. "What do you mean? And my life is a little less full than it was," she murmurs, setting ice cream and spoon on the counter.

Raquelle narrows his eyes. "Do you really believe that?" He asks softly, no judgment…just curiosity. "That when somebody's released from their body they cease to be in your life, around and…just /there/ still if they were truly in your heart?" He sighs. "I just mean that I thought I knew what kinda man I wanted to be with but then I met the guy I'm with and…knew he was the one even though I'd never been interested in a guy like him before."

"I don't know what I believe. I just know that there's a room upstairs, filled with his stuff. His geeky stuff. And he's never going to come home again and go shut himself away. I'm never going to be able to go up there and drag him down to be social." Melissa's arms fold over her chest and she shrugs. "And maybe you're right…on the other thing. I don't know. Not sure I know much of anything these days."

"That's cuz you're thinking too much about the tangible, heh." Raquelle rubs the back of his neck and lowers his eyes. "Well…" He trails off. "Do you know…who you are? Like what's your name? How old are you? What's your favorite flavor?"

"Of course I know those things. I'm Melissa, I'm twenty-six, and I love caramel," Melissa says with a shrug. "And you've never really told me about your guy. You should. It'll distract me away from mopey thoughts too. And that's always a good thing."

Raquelle opens his mouth and shuts his mouth and chuckles softly. "Then you know some things these days. Figure out who you want to keep close to your heart, and you'll stay mostly sane." Then he purses his lips and scratches his cheek at the mention of 'his guy'. "Heh, okay, what do you want to know then? He's pretty complicated and deliciously layered."

"Well, pretty much all I know about him is that he's your boyfriend. So maybe the simple stuff first?" Melissa suggests with a faint smile. "And trust me, knowing who I love has not kept me sane. That boy is…maddening."

"Mmm, okies, lets go sit down in the living room." Raquelle gestures in that way. "And trust /me/, I'm not talking about that kinda love, I'm talking about the kinda love that is…comforting and familiar, like family and friends and stuff."

"I had that though, remember? Kendall was the first real family I'd ever had," Melissa murmurs, but she does push away from the counter to head for the living room, flopping down on the couch once there. "Though I do have you, and Abby, and Daphne."

"Kendall is your family and will always be your family." Raquelle settles down on the couch next to the woman, draping an arm over the back of the couch and tilting his head to the side. "And yes, you have me." Then he sighs softly. "Now…what to say about my boyfriend, hmm. He really like dogs, he's good with them. And my girls love him. He's flexible as shit so like…rawr." He pretends to fan himself before chuckling.

"How can I not instantly like a guy who likes dogs and is flexible enough to make you swoon?" Melissa says with a faint smile. "What's his name anyway? I don't remember if you ever told me his name. I mean, I'm fine calling him 'your guy' or boytoy or whatever, but not everyone would be so happy."

Raquelle hmms softly and catches his bottom lip between his teeth. "Ahhh…Jason…Boli-Baby…" He takes a deep breath. "I don't really talk about his name that often seeing as uh, I think he was in the news a while back or just a little infamous and all that but he's a sweetie! Really. Beyond the swearing and the…swearing, which I think is adorable but sometimes the pizza-guys are left traumatized. He also was one of the folks injured by the bomb so uh."

"Hey, I'm hardly gonna go report him to the cops or whatever, if it's that kind of infamous. For one, I'm hardly one to throw stones. For two, I have no desire to help the authorities catch anyone," Melissa says with a shrug.

Raquelle oohs softly. "Ohhh, well he /is/ a cop technically so I'm not too worried about that." He just smiles a bit and shakes his head. "My girls do think he is a werewolf though, or king of the doggies."

"Then I don't get it. Why you so worried? Or paranoid or…whatever this is?" Melissa asks, frowning and tilting her head to look at him. "And king of the doggies? Cute. How old are your girls?"

"It…is simple worry because it is worrisome. Sometimes, I still have to talk about some things with him anyways." Raquelle admits. "Oooh, one is…9 or 10 and the other is 6 or so, and I'm so sorry you've never gotten to meet them before, they aren't staying with me right now seeing as the city just continues to get less and less safe and seeing as they have both already been kidnapped in the past…yeeeah."

Melissa winces. "Kidnapped? Damn. Yeah, I don't blame you for getting them out of the city for the time being. And…don't take this wrong way? But I don't mind that I haven't met them. I don't do well around kids, really. Babies are worse, but little kids?" She shudders a little and shakes her head. "No thank you."

Melissa winces. "Kidnapped? Damn. Yeah, I don't blame you for getting them out of the city for the time being. And…don't take this wrong way? But I don't mind that I haven't met them. I don't do well around kids, really. Babies are worse, but little kids?" She shudders a little and shakes her head. "No thank you."

"No, you don't understand, Raquelle. Kids…well…they scare me. Kendall even unnerved me at first," Melissa admits, looking a little embarrassed.

"As they well should." Raquelle shakes his head slowly. "But then if you let stuff that scares you control your emotions, they will always scare you." He shrugs a shoulder. "That is up to you however. Don't worry about it." He hmms softly. "Sometimes I wonder why most of the folks I end up helping have guns and bullet wounds…and then I decide that as long as I get to help them? And they know I care? I don't really need or want to know."

Melissa glances down to her scarred shoulder, then she shrugs a little. "I blame this city. I never got into any real trouble before I moved here. Now all sorts of shit has been happening. Yet, for some reason, I stay. I blame people like you and Daphne."

Raquelle mmhms softly. "You know I actually came to this city…because I had a broadway audition, but I never made it. I got up helping with the bomb survivors and such." He swallows. "So yeah, this place…it does stuff for people but mostly to people."

His face is studied for a moment, before Melissa nods. "How about we just put on a movie or something? Veg for a little and eat junk food and stuff? Not think about bad things?"

Raquelle mmhms softly and grins. "Brownie points if there's something with purty men in it." He winks. "I'm going to make myself a chocolate sundae soon anyways, c'mon…get it put in, cuddle up, time to oggle."

Melissa considers for a moment. "How about 300? Lots of half naked guys with six packs?" she suggests, getting up to grab a movie.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from the evil Persians and too buff guys," Melissa promises. The movie is put in, and she returns to the couch, though she waits until Raquelle returns with his sundae before starting it, and they settle in for two hours of blood, violence, and hot guys.

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