Blue Brotherhood


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Scene Title Blue Brotherhood
Synopsis Aude gets introduced to Magnes, her new beat partner.
Date August 25, 2009

NYPD Headquarters - Multi-purpose room

the evening shift comes on. Assignments handed out. Beat cops directed to their territory. One and one the head officer drones, calling out names and sectors. There was a few disgruntles, few jokers. But Aude was left behind and Magnes when all was said and done.

"Castalides" The portly assignment officer beckons her forward, as well as Magnes.

"New kid. He's on your beat tonight. Varlane, meet your partner Aude Castalides. Castalides, meet Magnes Varlane" A section of town is read off, her usual slice of Manhattan.


Aude frowns. "Varlane?"

Magnes, completely uniform clad, appearing pretty rested up after a certain Weather Witch and Bar Nun gave him a few less reasons to be stressed out, suddenly raises his hand in a salute. "My name's Magnes J. Varlane, yeah. I just want you to know, before we start, that I'm a registered Evolved. I don't intend to use my ability unless it's absolutely necessary. You're the experienced officer and I don't want you to think that I believe my ability somehow makes up for my lack of experience." he says with cracks of nervousness laced within his tone, obviously having gone over that little speech a few times.

"I hope we can work well together." This, offered with a smile and a friendly hand.

I hope we can work well together. There's a warm smile on her face as she takes the hand and shakes it. "Well, thanks for telling me up front." Fucking Evo partner. "Doesn't matter any, you're still a cop" Watch, they'll snatch him up for scout, promote him //to a freaking detective. "Can I ask what it is that you do?" Even as she's taking her hand back, checking her stuff, making sure her vest is secure and grabbing her jacket up from the seat she had occupied.

"Gravity manipulation, but only for myself and things I touch." Magnes answers, beginning to check himself as well, though watches her to see if she does anything differently than he was taught. Always learn from your superiors! "I'm nervous about being a cop with an ability. I mean, I'm worried about expectations and all, that's why I wanna try and use it as little as possible, to show that I can really do this job based on training. I've been depending on it so much these last few years, I feel like I'm weening myself from a bottle."

"Then don't use it. And I hope you bought really good insoles for your shoes newbie. Lets go" God damnit. What happened to Patricks? Or Jameson. Aude turns away, settling her hat down firmly on her hair. "We got a long night ahead of us. I'm driving" A glance over her shoulder. "I always drive"

Magnes stares at his hat for a moment, then slides it on and nods with a wide smile. "I think I'd feel better with you driving anyway." He follows her out, inhaling and exhaling deeply a few times; clearly nervous. "How long have you been doing this?"

"Not as long as others" Aude replies back. As they wend their way to the back and towards the parking lot, she's digging keys out of her pockets and thinking about what the hell to do. She doesn't want him. What could the others do with him. Gravity manipulation. interesting. Interesting in the way a two headed guard dog is interesting. "But long enough. five years round about"

"Well it's still a lot longer than my five or so days." Magnes laughs, waiting for her to unlock the doors. He runs a hand over the car a few times, seemingly impressed that he'll be riding in it. "Of course I've already been shot three times, so I guess I'm ready for the life."

"We dont' get shot at much. If you do, you're usually dead" She's not gonna sugar coat. Maybe just exaggerate it. "Get in, and I'll lay you down the rules" Of which, there are many. Today is a day for learning, of hazing, of breaking in the nooblet to the blue brotherhood.

Today is a day of thinking how to ruin her new partners life.

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