Blue Eyes


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Scene Title Blue Eyes
Synopsis Random compliments, talk of drugs and hypothetical questions about. What would you want to see, if you could for an hour, after years darkness?
Date February 8, 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

Kammy must be in the mood to practice - she'd given some thought to going to the park, but opted to return to the apartment instead. The bag she picked up at Walgreens where she met Minea, rests on the floor beside the chair she's sitting in, violin in her lap. Surprisingly she also took off her sunglasses, since the lights are all off in the apartment, and they are currently resting on the arm of the chair herself. Prince is dozing on the dog bed quietly, while Kameron coaxes forth a violin piece, sonata done by Beethoven. She does often branch out into different variations of music, such as rock and jazz, but classical such as she's doing now, is far more relaxing. Thankfully, her migraine had faded to only a dull throbbing.

Eyes flick open. The lights were off, because Joe and Brian had taken a break from.. being awake. As his eyes adjust to the dim lighting, Brian's gaze lazily moves over to the source of the new sound. Then his gaze goes to the sleeping boy partially laying on him. Carefully pulling his limbs out from under Joe, Brian goes to rub at his head as he sits up on the couch. Looking over to Kameron with bleary eyes.

It's bound to make for an amusing reaction when Kammy realizes she's not alone in the apartment. But they had been so -quiet- in sleep, and even when he woke up, she didn't realize someoen ewas in the room. She tends to get quite focused on the music, playing quiet and calm. Naturally her eyes are still closed - with the lighting dimmed, it's not quite as painful if she chances to open her eyes. Which she hasn't done yet, natch. Of course when she realizes that boys where in the room and had been sleeping, she's going to feel like a horrible person, interrupting their rest.

Getting up from the couch, Brian goes to quietly sit on the ground in front of Kameron. After taking a big long stretch. Once settled in front of her, he watches her play, bringing up one hand to stifle a silent yawn. He will listen and watch for the entirity of the song, once she would finish he'll finally speak. "What color are your eyes?"

Ah, the peace and calm of a classical song. Jazz and Rock have their fine points of course - the jury is still out on heavy metal, as far as she's concerned. But there's nothing like coming back after a long day and NEARLY HAVE A FREAKING HEART ATTACK. Jumping in her seat like a skittish rabbit, the bow slips out of her fingers, though she keeps a tight grip on her violin, eyes opening out of reflex in surprise. Blue, would be Brian's answer.
"Brian?" She stammers, though she can see nothing but a mishmosh of red, yellow and orange from the living bodies currently giving off various degrees of warmth. There's one on the dog bed, one on the couch, and one in front of her - when did he get there?
Automatically, she shuts her eyes again, a hand reaching over and snagging her sunglasses, slipping them on. "I-I didn't know you were here! Sorry —!" Poor guy needed that rest and here she came in being all noisy!.

If men were allowed to giggle, he would be giggling right now. But they're not so he's, chuckling. Reaching over he goes to pick up the bow that she dropped. It is slowly brought up, to place it in her hands. "It's your place." He laughs. "You don't need to be sorry." Somehow Joe is still sleeping through all this. "That's really pretty." He doesn't specify what that is.

He's just -too quiet- for his own good! She could count on her fingers how many times he's startled her, and need more hands. Still, she smiles at the sound of the laughter, fingers curling around the bow as it's placed back in her hands. "Sure I do," she protests, "You were resting weren't you? I didn't mean to wake you -" she cants her head to the side, listening to the sound of Joe's breathing, "Although it seems I only woke you." Kids really could sleep through anything. At the compliment, she naturally assumes he means the music. "Thank you." She smiles, "That was Beethoven's -" She's about to go on, when she realizes that it would probably mean nothing to him if he didn't follow classical music. "I was going to go to the park, but I figured by the time I got there after the pharmacy, it'd be almost curfew and I'd have to run to get back. So here I am!" Hi!

Smiling lazily, Brian hugs his knees to his chest, watching her silently. "Just a little nap. It's fine, really. Don't worry about it, KamKam." He says, bringing up one hand to give her leg a little pat of reassurance. "Beethoven's what?" He may not know, but caring about what your friends care about is true caring, right? "How are your headaches?" He asks softly.

Kameron lays the violin and bow across her lap, using her free hand to comb loose strands of hair back out of her face. ".. If you're sure.." She lets the issue drop with that, a little hesitant. The smile returns at the interest shown, "Beethoven's Sonata #5 in F Major. It's more commonly known as the 'Spring Sonata'. It is right around the corner - Spring that is." She's a bit less willing to discuss her headaches, preferring to keep the things that may trouble her, private - especially if she knows others are going through mor serious problems. But the guilt would eat at her and eat at her and eat at her if she fibbed.

"It comes and goes," she admits after a short pause. "I was taking the generic aspirin - someone I met at the pharmacy earlier suggested I try gel-base. It's supposed to be more effective, so I got a bottle of the Advil." Two bottles, actually - one a small bottle, the other a large one.

"What does Sonata mean?" Brian asks, going to back up a little on the floor so he can lean back on the couch. A little frown is given at the generic aspirin. "If it still hurts, I could probably get you more powerful stuff. Prescription stuff." Brian says, looking at her sweetly while he offers her illegal drugs.

"A sonata is.. well -" She considers. "There's the cantare, and the sonata. The cantare is a piece composed to be sung - the sonata is sort of the opposite. It's a piece composed only to be played. Basically, a song done entirely with instruments. Usually there's an accompaniment of another instrument, like violin and piano, or flute or whatever, but there are some sonata's made specifically for one instrument in mind."
The offer of (illegal) drugs gets a puzzled raise of an eyebrow, "You could? Well.. yeah, okay," says the girl too trustin to believe she might be offered illegal drugs by a friend. Brian, are you going into drug pushing now too? Shameful. "I mean, I can't go to a doctor. I'll explain that I have headaches and problems with my eyes, and then he'll want to take scans or shine those .. those.." She shies away from swearing. Swearing is bad. "Penlights in my eyes, and those hurt like a a.." She thinks a moment. "Like something that -really really- hurts."

"They hurt like a bitch." Brian says for her, turning his gaze over his shoulder to Joe, to make sure he's still sleeping. "Like a bitch." He repeats for her with a grin. "I'm sure I could find someone who could get prescription painkillers. But, I don't know a whole lot about them. You wouldn't want like vicodin right? That's too strong, right?" He gives a ltitle shrug. "But you better not become a drug addict okay?" He teases, "I won't be your personal drug dealer. But I'll see what I can do, I have a good friend who works at a clinic."

Kameron blushes. Such /language/! "I can't say -THAT-." she protests. Besides, what if Joe were to wake!But no, the boy sleeps on, poor tuckered tot. "I don't know much about vicodin -" she shakes her head, "I'll see if I can find something in braille on painkillers. I wouldn't want to be addicted to drugs either." A grin follows, "Even though I get these in a large amount," motioning at the bag, "I try not to use them if I can help it. I'd rather suffer through it than get addicted, and if I take too many, they'll lose the potency." Then she'll need to take -more-. Which would be very bad. "Guess it's good to know someone with connections." She teases.

He grins a little bit at her. "Fine." He answers, letting out a silent laugh. "Well, you get connections when you're a terrorist." He says in return, tilting his head back. "If you ever need some cocaine let me know." He teases, "I'm sure I could get my hands on that too." The manager of a runaway children's home, a drugdealer. Hah. "Yeah I know what you mean. Same with me and sleeping pills. Anyway, let's not talk about pills and drugs all day."

Kameron makes a face, "Stop saying that," she waggles a finger, "You're not a terrorist." At least that's what he told -her- when she made that assumption. "And I'll pass on the cocaine," she laughs lightly. Man, imagine if the apartment was bugged! Of course she doesn't take the teasing seriously- though she frowns lightly at mention of the sleeping pills. It's expected that he would be having trouble sleeping, but..
"Okay, then what shall we talk about?" She playfully half-bows, "The ball is in your court, Sir Brian." Don't ask. She was reading Shakespeare all morning. It made her titter.

"I donno." He says, giving a shrug. Balls in courts and talks of sirs, leaves him with a great temptation to tease her, though he resists it for now. He looks over his shoulder at the boy on the couch again, "I probably shouldn't talk about cocaine and whatnot in front of Joe." The replicator notes, though it's probably only a matter of time that Joe discovers a gun on him. That will be a great conversation.
"You have pretty eyes." He murmurs. Hugging his knees to his chest again. "I got like some contacts made, I think we'll be able to make the Lighthouse livable real soon. Like real renovation crews will be working there soon. I'll probably move in fully pretty soon. You can too, if you want."

Probably a good idea to resist the teasing. "Yeah," Kameron replies, "Well, you wouldn't want him getting the wrong idea," that drugs are okay and oh heavens, nevermind the -GUN-. It's probably good that she was seeing with thermal/infrared vision, and didn't pick up on any weaponry. The random compliment has Kameron giving Brian a baffled stare, until she realizes it's poor form to not even -say- anything, "Oh!Um.. Thanks." Cough. "I-I'd say the same but.. well." She gives a helpless shrug. She can't actually see what he looks like, after all.
The smile warms at the news about the Lighthouse, "Really? That's fantastic, Brian, I'm glad. It'll be a lot more comfortable for you guys -" she pauses at the offer. "Well…" Awkward. "S-sure. I mean, it'll be easier than walking back and forth between the apartment and all." She taps her fingers on the violin. "I think I'll keep the apartment still though. For deliveries and-" well, her parents wouldn't approve, nonetheless.

"It's okay. I know I have pretty eyes." He responds with a little grin. Then back to important matters. "I think I'll take it semi-public soon. Maybe we can get more kids who need a place to stay." But that's boring talk too. "So, Lori." He murmurs, that's probably a safe topic. "How exactly do you know someone so famous? Do you know anything about her?" Thinking about it, it doesn't seem the type of company Kameron would keep.

Kameron laughs in response - although the comment DOES get a rando thought to pop into her head. ".. What color are your eyes anyway?" It's a weird question to ask, and as far as she's concerned, just as random as the compliment paid her, so they were even. There's a slow nod at mention of the Lighthouse going semi public, hopeful. She mentally notes to stop by the library to pick up some books - particularly phrase books, if she's going to communicate with some that don't speak English.
Course the only one that doesn't speak English that she's aware of is Bai Chan, and she doesn't know -what- langauge that was. "Lori?" She grins, "It was really a chance encounter. I went to that deli, Pas—" No. "Po- Piccoli's?" She thinks that was it. "I just went in to get a sandwich and it was completely swarmed with paparazzi. She saw I was blind and offered to pay for the sandwich - I admit, I was completely star-dazzled by all that." It was not something she'd expected.
"Then after that, she found out I was out of work, so she offered to get me an interview with the theatre's and things - we went shopping at the mall," which ended in a disaster. She doesn't comment about the interview - it was a bit of a disappointment, even if she expected it. "She's really really nice though. I told her to stop by the apartment sometime so I could introduce you two properly." Away from the cameras. "What do you mean, do I know anything about her?"

"Gray. Just like my soul." He grins, random questions don't bother him. Either do random compliments. "Piccoli's." He affirms, mentally noting his memory was awesomer than hers. He tilts his head as she tells all the story. "That is nice of her." He muses, bringing up one hand to his chin. Giving a little 'hmm'. "I don't know, she just doesn't have the best reputation. Like on TV and stuff, you know? There was like a sex tape of her. I didn't watch it." of course. "But it like was on the internet and stuff." He looks over his shoulder again to make sure Joe definitely is not awake.

Hey! She has a good memory! Just.. not for places. And for some reason she kept wanting to call Piccoli's 'pastrami'. Or pickle. At the comment about the reputation, Kameron looks skeptical. And then scandalized, bow sliding off her lap as she drops it a -second- time, covering her mouth with a deep blush. "Wha— are you serious? A ..a.." ..nope, not saying it. "THAT kind of a -" oh dear god, she can't even form a coherent sentence. In other news, her favorite phrase certainly is turning out to be 'Are you serious?' lately.

"Why would I make that up?" Brian asks, with a little smirk. Though his mirth starts to fade, a little sad that he has said something that so obviously is shattering her world. His smile pulls down into a bit of a frown as he watches her quietly. "She's just one of those famous types." He waves a hand as if Kameron would know exactly what famous types he's talking about. "Real spoiled and what not parents probably gave her—" Maybe that's not the best thing to say around Kameron. "But it's not like I know her." He gives a shrug. Ummm.. Whoops.

Well… why WOULD he make it up? He wouldn't… Right? "That.. that's horrible..!" She may know of the celebrities, but only the fact that they were famous and people would do anything for them. Her parents were very selective about what she could and could not see and do - soo she was a touch sheltered in these matters. "I.. I don't know," she disagrees hesitantly. "She might have a lot of money, and ..maybe she is used to getting what she wants, but I don't think she's a bad person." She thinks a moment, then grins brightly, "You'll see, when you meet her."

"I'm not saying she's a bad person." Brian says with a little grin. "Okay. I'll meet her but.." He tilts his head at her. "I can't be in any pictures. Remember. That would be very bad news for me. And Joe." He reminds gently, not that she needed the reminding maybe he just needed to tell it.
"So that was the Lori you were mentioning." He gives a little snort. "That's interesting. I should introduce you to more of my friends." The ones that aren't in jail, or on the run, or in similar circumstances, that is. "Did you like Abby?"

Kameron nods with a faint smile, "I know," she answers, scritching her cheek. "I'm not all that comfortable with them around myself. But if she meets you here, there's no chance of the camerahounds getting any photographs of any of us." She can draw the curtains and shades so they can't get any pictures. It's one of the downsides of being on the first floor - even if it's a lot better that she doesn't go tripping down the stairs. Though she's pretty good with stairs as long as she knows how many there are.
"I'd like that." It's always nice to meet new people. "Abby? I liked her a lot," Kameron answers with a broad grin, "She's really sweet. It'll be nice to see her when she gets back from her trip."

A little nod, "Right." He attests, going to get up to his knees. "Yeah she's sweet." Brian confirms. And really difficult, and she gets people half-killed. But overall she's sweet. "What were you guys talking about the otherday? She didn't tell you anything embarrassing about me, did she?" Then like a lightbulb, he flicks all his focus on Kameron.
"Kammy, I know you don't want me making empty promises and whatever. But let me just ask you a hypothetical question. If you could see, just for an hour. What would you like to see?" He asks, tilting his head to the side.

Kameron leans back in the chair, shifting to cross her legs, propping her chin against a palm thoughtfully. "Not much," she admits, "We just talked about home, her gift, my violin playing. Oh and how we met. Nothing embarassing, so you don't have to worry." Kameron grins, until Brian asks the question. Which brings a long, long pause. It's true, she didn't like him making those kind of promises. But to answer that? ".. I don't know." She answers finally, with a brief chuckle, "Honestly, I mean .. I haven't been able to see for so long, I never really considered that sort of thing." It's a little cruel, thinking about it.

"Just think a little about it. Okay? And tell me." With that he goes to stand, going to give a ruffle to Kameron's head. A gesture girls usually don't appreciate but eh, he doesn't care. "Will you—" Watch? Look after? "Stay with JoeJoe, while I go out for a little jog?" He asks, looking like he might run out right now and do just that.

Think about it huh? ".. Sure, Okay Brian." And there's an 'aggh' of mild annoyance at the ruffling, but che chuckles. "I'll .." Keep an eye on .. "I'll be here." she says instead, stifling a soft chuckle at the twist in wordplay. "Be careful out there." She adds, unnecessarily.

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