Blue Instead Of Red


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Scene Title Blue Instead Of Red
Synopsis Felix and Abigail meet up in Central park where Grandpa Ivanov is introduced and a question is asked of the newly hired FRONTLINE officer.
Date July 30, 2010

Central Park

It's a pretty summer day in New York. Certain parts of Central Park have been reclaimed, and it's along one of the paths under the trees at the northeastern edge that a somewhat familiar figure is strolling. It's Felix, but there've been some definite changes. He's lost the goatee and most of his hair, as well as his glasses.

He's got the buzzed haircut of a Marine recruit, and he wears the distinctive black BDUs of FRONTLINE. He's hand in hand with a wizened old man, once tall and broad, now somewhat stooped, who is leaning on a cane of carved wood. Despite his evident age and shuffling pace, the elder's blue eyes remain very keen, watchful. So that's where Felix gets them.

Abby's got lunch, Johan off to go fetch the food when Abby said she had to meet up with a friend in the park on their precious hour that may or may not at any time, be interrupted by a call. Lunch is never really guaranteed. Already today, she's transported two broken limbs and an asthma attack. A medium paced day.

Felix returned a call and after a few minutes of searching, she's approaching the pair of Russians, her own navy uniform on in the heat, brows raised at the uniform on Felix. Rumors it seemed, were not far off. "What do I call you now?" She calls out as she gets closer, swift pace, hand resting on a backpack. "It's officer Ivanov or Agent Ivanov still and am I privy to introductions to the gentleman on your arm?" A beaming smile for the older Ivanov.

"Just Ivanov. I don't have a rank, yet," he explains, smiling at her. He looks a bit less thin and worn. For some reason, getting more or less drafted has blown a breath on that fading inner spark. "Or Felix, really, you've certainly earned it. This is my grandfather, Mikhail Borisovich Ivanov. He's moving to the States." He indicates the old man, who is examining Abby with great interest.

"Pleased to meet you," he says, in heavily accented and hesitant English. "Dedushka, eto Abigail Beauchamp," he asides to his grandfather, who promptly elbows him in the ribs. "Speak English to me. I must learn," he orders, peremptorily.

"And you're not too old to earn a rebuke I see" Though she has the thing about shaking hands with people, being touched by those she doesn't know, Abigails hands close around the elder Ivanov's and offers a gentle kiss to his cheek. "A pleasure to meet you Mister Ivanov. Now I see where Felix gets his eye's. I'm very glad to hear you are moving here. If there's anything that I can do, please let me know. He needs someone to keep him in line now that I can't fix his hurts"

A sideways look to Felix. "I really can't, so don't you be going and getting yourself beat up in Sarisa's care, you hear? I don't think you got many more lives left, I think you're on your second to last" She chides.

He understands English well enough to rasp a chuckle at that. "I have heard about you many times," notes Mikhail. "That you save his life. Thank you." He eyes Felix with a mixture of mockery and possessive pride. "He started the smallest of my grandsons. Runt of the litter is the phrase." Fel gets that look that people wear when their relatives are out to embarrass them.

Abigail sports that very same look, that Felix had spoken of her healing him. "He was not supposed to tell people about that. I'm sad to say that I can no longer do that. The lord saw fit that I had spared enough of my life doing that. Now I just run people to the hospital. So far, Felix hasn't crossed my stretcher yet. Besides, the runts always exceed expectations and grow up into terrible terrible weeks. Mister Ivanov, might I be so rude as to steal your grandson for a moment? I wanted to ask him a few questions in private?"

Mikhail slants a knowing look at Felix. Like that, is it? Fel shakes his head fractionally at his grandfather, poker-faced. "Of course. I go ad-mire the fountain," And off he totters, towards the fountain plaza a little ways ahead. Fel looks sheepish. "Sorry," he mouth's at her.

"It's a beautiful fountain" If still a bit damaged from stuff that happened not that long ago to it. "I'll take him for only a few minutes" Hands dug into her pockets, Abigail watches the elder ivanov make off with his cane before she slants her own blue eye's up to Felix's.

"Do you have any… friends on the NYPD who might be sympathetic enough that if someone's brought to register, that they might pretend they saw blue, instead of red?" She comes straight out with what she wanted to ask, time is of the essence since there's a third person.

"Sergei Medvedev, no relation," he says, without hesitation. "Last I knew, he's out in the Bronx. Precinct 14. He's a senior detective, he's Evo himself. Yolanda Michener. She's at HQ these days, I think. She does press stuff. David Levine, he's SWAT, now." He cocks his head at her. "But even then, it'll depend on circumstances. Why are you asking?"

"The Ferry. Those who aren't evolved will register, it's been prodded and suggested, but they were looking into ways into which some people who might otherwise be disappeared if they should register, could still register and be marked down as non-evolved" There's a moment hesitation before she adds. "Like myself"

He's narrowing his eyes at her. "I thought you were already established as Suresh-negative," he notes, fingering the pockets of his BDUs like he really wants a cigarette. Even though he supposedly gave them up months ago. "Those're just names I can guess at. And if I can guess, I think their sympathies might be too broadly known. You can tell 'em I sent you, though."

"Sometimes, the lord blesses those twice, who have done his work faithfully the first time. Sometimes, it's something else that does it. Either way, it all comes about because of him. What I've been blessed with and how I came to be blessed is what would get me tucked away. But we all gotta register. I have other ways to do it. This, is for others. If you can think of any others, will you let me know? Not everyone will be going in to do it, we won't abuse it"

There's a glance over towards the old man by the fountain. "Careful of Sarisa Felix. She's psychometer. What she touched, she can learn stuff from. I'm glad though, that you're with FRONTLINE. Hey uhmm… if you got a another second, if I show you something…"

Felix nods. "I've been warned. She hasn't touched me, nor will she, if I can help it. I think…." His expression's momentarily said, and he glances after his grandfather, who is blithely feeding crumbs of something to the pigeons gathered at the fountain's edge. "What do you want to show me? And I'll think of it. I might also know one or two in the Bureau who would be willing to fudge records, but that's even more risky."

From her bag, a folded up into quarters piece of paper is brought out, unfolded and offered over. Photocopy of a drawing. Of frontline type suits, NBC suits, negation gas and a raid on a bunch of buildings. "Seen any of those kind of suits?" A finger tapping the frontline looking ones that are just off enough.

Felix peers at it, lifts it up to the light. He doesn't squint - some one's eyes've been worked on. "That looks like the suit they're building for me. I broke the first one they gave me," he says, tone a little dry. Ah, Felix. Able to destroy expensive pieces of government property in a single bound.

Abigail cringes at that. "Wow, broke it already? I won't feel bad if my monitor gets burned to a crisp when I loose it" She mutters. "Remember that would you, if you see that armor at all, when you're busy doing your stuff, let me know?" She's not passing it over for keeps, taking it back and tucking it away. "I've seen liz's and it's similar, but not the same"

"Where did you get those, Abigail?" His tone is soft, apparently casual, but there's that old look in his eyes….though that predatory air is mingled with just plain old worry. "IF those aren't FRONTLINE suits, what are they? For some other team of superheroes? The Russian X-men?" Only partially teasing.

"Someones walking around with FRONTLINE like suits. Liz talked to you about the institute yet? They hit up a Ferry house across the border in Canada, made off with people from there. They crossed the border and they kidnapped people. Folks were sent across to see who all made it. Three people were found in the attic of one building, they'd hung themselves instead of letting themselves get taken. There was negation gas canisters, two agents were there even still, I've been told." She keeps an eye on the old man, tilting her head and regarding the elder man.

"She's mentioned it, but I didn't know the full extent of it. Shit," says Felix, before miming his apologies. Mikhail is watching them, openly, but he's out of easy hearing distance. Fel follows her glance, waves to him, and assures her in a mutter, "He's Evo, too, Abby. But I promise, super senses isn't his power."

'Why does that not surprise me. Can I ask what it is that he can do?" She's hinted already as to what she can do, the burning comment. "Just be careful up there, keep your eyes open. I trust you though. I should get back. Johan is gonna be waiting with lunch and we have a transport we gotta do. A preemie needs to go from one place to another." She smiles at that. "Babies"

"They never do stop making them," Fel sounds wry. Perhaps his perspective is a little warped - after more than a decade as a cop, a baby is just a larval criminal, right? "And I will." He grins at his grandfather, a little sourly. "He's a sureshot. He doesn't miss. Ever."

"I bet he always caught you when he tossed you in the air. Don't get hurt Felix. I can't save you." A hand goes out to his shoulder, squeezing it. "you're looking good. Keep up whatever it is you're doing you don't look like a gaunt little ghost of the man who I knew. give your regards to your grandfather and my apologies. Sorry I interrupted the trip, I'll make it up, have you both over for a meal, whenever you wish okay?"

Felix smiles down at her. 'I'm gonna have armor, Abby. The best in the world. If that doesn't do it, nothing will. But I'll try and be good, for you, eh?" He stoops to kiss her on the cheek. "And sure. He'd love that. So would I."

'Oh yeah Felix, I sure heard that before" She takes the kiss, temperature normal, no indication of anything otherwise and punches him in the arm before walking off. "I won't get hurt Abby, I'll stay safe Abby, oops! Uhh, can you come regrow back and arm" It's thrown over her shoulder, fully in mock mode, a wave tossed in for his grandfather. "I'll hold you to that Felix Ivanov! Take care Mister Ivanov!" Then she's off, picking up the pace to run for wherever Johan parked the ambulance.

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