Blue Moon Cafe
Blue Moon Cafe
Owner Aric Gibbs
Hours of Operation 7 Days a week 10am-10pm
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Teas and juices, "magical" and occult items, candles, trinkets

Blue Moon is an Occult and Magic shop owned by Aric Gibbs. The smell of jasmine, rose, and thyme fill the air. To the untrained eye, the place is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of magical and occult items. But for those who know a thing about the craft or about the occult they will know the difference. Most of the items and components that are stocking the shelves are mundane and not very dangerous. The books on the occult which line shelves after shelves are collections of work that are either not dangerous or probably will not work. The shelves are stuffed with magical looking trinkets and crystals. Then there is an entire section devoted to candles of every color and some are scented. They range from simple to intricately designed and beautifuly carved candles. Then the shelf unit that is filled with every type of tarot card you can imagine, of course they have books on how to use the cards right next to them.

Most of the stuff here is pretty basic, an entire section devoted to herbs and they even sell live plants for those who like extremely fresh. Some items in jars have those interesting names like Eye of newt and Dragonscale. Anyone who has seen the real components would know that these are not the real components, but to the everyday person they would think that these were authentic. It's almost as if they are purposely are not putting out the dangerous components.

The inner portion of the store has been painted a deep orange, offset by light wooden floors. A half dozen small black tables are on each side, and track lighting brings to attention the black-framed tarot cards done in a multitude of different styles that adorn the walls. A counter is to the left, and a chalkboard behind it boasts the daily specials. The wall that leads back out to the patio has been painted a bright yellow lined in black around the arched doorway, and designs make it visible as a sunburst. At the far end of the hallway is a sturdy metal door marked "Private".


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