Body Thief


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Scene Title Body Thief
Synopsis Candy's got something up her sleeve, and it isn't sweets. Isis, out minding her own business, becomes a victim of her own ability.
Date June 11, 2009

A street in the Bronx

Isis's slender arms support a few plastic bags strung up around her forearms and a few larger, paper bags hefted up into the crook of her elbows. She grunts as she steps forward down the streets, trying to ignore the soggy morning sidewalk drenching her slacks as she makes her way back towards her new apartment. The thought of that warm little promise and comfort draws the right corner of her soft, peachy lips up into a hint of a smile.

Candy is walking down the street herself, more out of boredom than anything else. One can only look at a computer screen for so much time until you grow bored of it. Thats when she sees Isis, and she bites her lip. The young woman having not seen Isis for quite some time, and truth be told, was a little worried about her.

Unlike her old, keen-eyed, Asian friend, Isis does not initially see Candy. Too busy is the little redhead daydreaming about her To-Do List, with the other half of her attention split on trying to maneuver through the crowd without risking any accidental contact of her flesh against the unknowing passersby. She begins to hum a little ditty - 'Bartender' by Rehab, which instantly reminds her that she needs to replace her cellular phone, as the pace of her broad, black boots brings her closer and closer to the approaching form of Candy.

A smile splits her lip as Candy gets a devious idea. Her eyes watching the irish woman for the moment, while steps bring them closer. Candy works hard to just blend in with the rest of the crowd, hoping not to be seen until she is close enough to reach out and brush a hand across Iris' cheek, ready for the bodyswitch that is sure to happen, and doing her best to prepare to dance out of the way of her reach once the switch is done.

Isis's dark, chocolate-hued gaze does not catch sight of that incoming touch until it is too late. There is a heartbeat of recognition in Isis's wide-eyed gaze as if follows up the extended arm to find Candy before the little Irish woman's ability steals over the pair. There is only a subtle hesitation in the swap, a split second where Isis's psyche clings to its rightful form, giving testament to the practice she's been giving her ability, before it suddenly gives to the instinctual reaction and collides with Candy's smaller frame. Blinking through the whirlwind of altered senses, Isis looks back upon her own body weighed down with the armful of groceries. "Candy!" She shouts, and not the happy tone of rejoicing, rekindled friendship for which her company might have hoped. A few people turn their heads to watch the pair that have stopped amidst the foot traffic.

Candy grins faintly, before at the tone of voice, she frowns a little. Her eyes looking at Isis as she sets the bags down, and takes more than a couple steps away at the sudden berth that is given to the two. "Isis," she says as she looks at the other woman. "What happened," she asks simpley.

"Candy…" Isis's consciousness begins, laced with Candy's voice and conducting the Asian beauty's little body forward with a careful step to try and reclaim some distance. Her tone is careful, softer, and calculated with the knowledge of how dangerous this sudden little encounter had suddenly become. She reaches out a hand, as if to try and offer it to the woman within her rightful body, and paints a fake smile on Candy's lips. "Something… came up. I had to get out of there… I, uh, didn't mean to leave without telling you." She's a horrible liar, even in another being's body, it's a matter of conscience, after all.

Candy looks at the other woman as she hakes her head a little, "And what if I don't quite believe you," she asks, as she takes another step back. Candy in Isis' body watching the other woman perplexed as she says. "I thought we might have had something special, but you didn't even smile when you first noticed me," a little paranoid? Quite.

That little heart in Candy's chest picks up a few wild, anxious paces as the anxiety in Isis's consciousness begins to steal across this alien frame as she watches her rightful body, fueled with Candy's paranoia, take another step away from her. She moves forward two paces, this time, overeager to reclaim some of the growing distance. "Of course we had something special, Candy," she begins to placate the woman. "Come on. Stop this foolishness, hm?" Her eyes flick over the thoroughfare of people, seeking some other answer to the growing mess between her and her abandoned friend.

Isis' body takes another couple of steps in response as she watches the other woman. "We did, did we," Candy asks her body, as she stands there. "I seem to recall someone stopping by, leaving, and the next day I had no trace of you. So… I've got an idea now. He needs to know the truth, and you can tell him that you won't have your body back until he decides to have a talk with me. How does that sound? I'm not some evil two-faced evolved-hating bitch… and you know that."

Candy's body begins to shake her head slowly as each word coming from Isis's rightful body's peachy lips compounds the growing fear blooming like and acidic rose in the stomach of this different body. "Candy…" she whispers softly amidst the woman's little speech. "I know you're not an evi-…" Without warning Candy's slight frame pounces forward, trying to tackle the redheaded frame and reclaim her original body, drawing a few little squeaks and gasps from the passerby as they move to shuffle out from underfoot the attempted cat-fight.

Candy lets out a squeek as she sees her own body flinging at her, and she turns to try and run as soon as she notes the pounce. Her eyes wide while she shakes her head, "You're not getting this body back till I can talk with him, and convince him that I'm not someone he needs to be afraid of!"

"Shit!" A soft hiss is pulled passed Candy's lips as her body collides awkwardly with the wall that had been at the Irish woman's back. She wheels around as her redhead form begins to take off through the crowd. "CANDY! Don't do this!!!" She holds her palm against the stone structure to keep from falling, to keep from letting this horrible wave of fear wash over her as her vision begins to swirl. "Oh fuck," she mumbles, trying to reclaim her wits even as she attempts to so desperately keep her gaze trained on her body disappearing into the crowd.

Candy hurries to disappear into the crowd with her stolen body. Her eyes looking around as she runs in an almost blind panic. If Isis' looks in Candy's pockets, she will however, find a piece of paper with her address on it.

"Where did she go? Where did she go!?"
"Hey lady, you alright?" Some guy reaches out to touch Isis's… no! Candy's arm. Isis pulls the body to recoil sharply, knocking her little elbow against the wall as she glowers at the man. "Do I look alright!?"
"No. But, I thought-…" The man's face goes stone cold, struck with a horrid expression Water and blood begin to seep from the man's tear ducts and nostrils as a sickly gurgling sound emanates from the depths of his throat.
"Oh god," Isis, on Candy's voice, mumbles through her fingers as she covers her mouth for fear of vomiting. She turns around, fleeing as the man slumps over and a crowd begins to gather 'round him, leaving the dying gentleman, and her groceries, behind.

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