Bonding Over Beers


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Scene Title Bonding Over Beers
Synopsis Liz and Nash have a few beers after their shift. Nash is hoping for a different sort of bonding when Abby comes around.
Date November 6, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a very Coyote Ugly feel to it, what with the women dancing on the bar at regular intervals. It's a schtick that amuses the bejeebers out of Elisabeth whenever she comes in — she liked that movie. Tonight she offered to buy Nash a beer after work. After all, they're partners… it's time to start acting like it, right? Lounging in a chair, her back to the wall where she can see everything in the bar, the blonde tips her head back to swallow a long drink of the brew in her glass. Whatever was on tap, she thinks it's a Sam Adams though she's not certain. Not like it matters much to her. Her blue eyes skim the place, which is hopping since it's Friday night, and she keeps the volume to a dull roar around their table so they can actually talk if they feel like it. Hot wings and cheese fries sit in the middle of the table.

Bar? Women? What? What could be better than beer and broads? Hm? Nash was all over that invitation. He sits across the booth from her, eyes on the dancing, or what looks to be dancing, maybe, perhaps. Nash nods his head. "I think dancing requires some sort of rhythm. Of course, looking good in tight clothing makes up for the lack of any sort of dancing ability." He has a beer. In a bottle. Something Liz ordered. She's trying at least. They are starting to get used to each other, and certainly Christopher Nash isn't making it easy for her. Not that he's doing it inionally, but it's just how it is. "You know any of them up there?"

Pursing her lips, Liz nods to two of them. "Those two I've met before, the other two not. My friend owns the bar," she comments mildly, resting her glass against her jaw while she watches them. "I only know their names, so don't go thinking I'm going to hook you up, though. You're on your own for that. I haven't decided if I like you yet," she says with a grin.

That earns an arched brow and a toss of a peanut in her general direction. "Like I need any helping getting hooked up. That one oooooover there, keeps looking over here at me." Nash is pointing towards one of the women who is definitely looking in that direction, though only periodically. "Of course, she could be looking at you instead, though my money is that she's looking at me. Either way, it's pretty hot." His grin is smug as he gives a light cackle.

She ignores the peanut and helps herself to a french fry loaded with cheese and bacon. Her clothes are fitting a bit too loosely lately, so she feels free to indulge. "That one? You should be careful of that one. She's a nice girl, from what I know, but she's looking for someone to take her away from all this. You could wind up knocking her up and then where will you be?" Elisabeth smirks.

"About as far away from her as I possibly could be," Nash responds as he picks up a wing, though he doesn't eat it, just sets it on a small plate in front of him. "I'd be gone before Monday, they'd never have my phone number or even my real name. What can I say, I'm an asshole." At least he admits it.

Elisabeth nods slightly. "You definitely are that," she observes mildly, helping herself to more fries. Ranch dip on cheese fries. Yummy! Not healthy at all, but hey… she can afford it.

Grumble grumble, class canceled. Abigail with her bubblegum pink hair is making her way back into the bar, keys in hand, sports bag with EMT gear that is school supplies, messenger bag and a clear cup from some smoothie place filled with a half drunk green substance. Looking too young to frankly enter a bar, and breezing past the bouncers at the door with nary a glance given to request a form of ID, one can make many assumptions. Save that she looks like a mary sue, from head to toe in her skirt and leggings, shirt, jacket and everything. Well, except the pink hair.

And it being Friday night, well, there's people of course so she's not noticing her friend at the bar, nor her partner.

He's not going to say that. She is a little skinny for his tastes, but she's his partner so it's not really in him to see her in that sort of light. "What about you? I've heard rumors of a boyfriend. I've heard rumors of several, in fact. Not that I'm going to judge, but I figure if you got someone regular, going to eventually run into him at some…" There's a pause in his speaking as Abby, pink hair and all walks into the bar. "Well, you don't see /that/ all day." Blue, green, purple, yes. Bubblegum pink? Not too often. Nash pushes the plate with a single wing on it away from him.

Elisabeth shrugs easily. "Let's just say that I've got some friends with benefits, and a relationship that suits me just fine." She smirks faintly. "Don't believe everything you hear regarding who those friends might be, though. I didn't fuck my way into my badge." Because that one's certainly been leveled at her often enough re: William Harvard. Of course lately in the precinct, the other name associated with hers is Felix Ivanov, he of the Suresh Center Opening fame. The blonde glances toward the door where Nash is looking and grins. "Hey, she's back." And she looses a soft whistle that wings its way directly to Abby's ear — line of sight is a wonderful thing. "Last table on the left, Pinky."

She knows that voice and on cue, Abby's head is popping up like a gopher and looking for the bearer of the enhanced voice. So upon spotting Liz and Nash, there's a palm thumped on the bar to get Brenda's attention and a hushed conversation for drinks and an order placed for the kitchen for her dinner. If a certain blonde is listening.

Into the back room she dips to drop off stuff and shuck a jacket so that she could come on out and mosey back towards Liz's table. "Hey Liz" Southern twang and sugar. "I haven't seen you here in a while, or maybe I just haven't been here in a while"

Abby offers a grin, broad and welcoming to Nash and then her hand. "Abigail. You are?"

Well, wha-do-we-have-here? As she approaches, Chris is on his feet and hand extended. "Whoever you want me to be, darling," he grins and lifts his eyebrows. "Chris Nash. Friends call me Nash. Abigail, was it?" He offers to let her slide into his side of the booth with a motion of his hand. "Please join us." He grins towards Liz and a nod. "Right? Right?"

There's a snicker behind her glass of beer as Liz watches her partner make a doofus of himself with her friend. "Hey, Abby," she greets the pink-haired one. "C'mon, take a load off. How'd class go?"

Abby says, "I'm one of the owners, I would hope I get to choose wherever I want to sit" Abby fires back, grouchy mood lifting with the guy that Liz is parked next to and his infectious demeanor. "A pleasure to meet you Nash. Abby or Abigail, your choice. Badly. Class was canceled, the teacher was sick and I didn't get the note in time so I drove all the way out there, and then back, had to drop Johan off, because he got a ride from someone else to there and he tried to ask me out for dinner but I turned him down. Probably gonna go upstairs and soak in the tub later" She takes up a spot beside Liz in the book, instead of Nash. "Well Nash, are you her flavor of the year, someone from work or someone she met in my bar?""

"Aw, I'm sorry," Liz says easily. "Nash is my new partner, Abby. And I dont' have flavors of the year. Month, maybe." She sounds like it doesn't bother her at all, though she gives the bar owner a nudge with her elbow and a grin.

"I'm nobody's flavor of the month. Flavor of the night, maybe. But it's interesting the things you learn about your partner from their friends. Hit me, partner." Nash reaches his fist across the table for a fist-bump. "My partner, the player," he grins, holding out his arm.

"I almost bought her a box of rainbow condoms once as a gag present. Except that I couldn't bring myself to walk into the novelty store to done go and get them" Abigail's hand twists at the cross around her neck. "Be nice to her, or you'll be the first cop to get no free alcohol in my bar"

Elisabeth rolls her eyes and refuses to fistbump her partner for that! "Thanks, Abby," she ffts around a sip of beer. Though whether it's for telling Nash that Liz is a bit on the promiscuous side or whether it's for sticking up for her is in the air. "I don't think having a healthy sex life makes me a player, Nash," she says mildly. "And since my boyfriend's good with it, it works out real nicely." She said 'boyfriend'. Shit. She really said it out loud. Elisabeth has to hide her own shock at that word behind a swallow of beer, cuz… dammit all. That's just so juvenile.

Nash would be disappointed in the lack of partner-esque reponse to his attempt at bonding. Really. They have something in common. How quaint. He pulls his arm down and gives Abby a nudge. "She has a boyfriend. That's sweet. Besides, the fact that he's okay with it just means he wants to sleep around too. Whatever floats your boat. No need to dress it up and make it sound all pretty, Harrison. I'm cool with it." No kidding. "Even if Abby's far too shy to pick up rainbow colored condoms. If you need some, just let me know. I'll hook you up." Always so smug, this one.

Abigail grins to Liz. "Keep him, I like him. He's welcome to come around any time he wants. I won't even make him pay for his own drinks for sure" A steak sandwhich and fries makes it's way to the table, plopped in front of Abby as well as a fresh round for the two cops. "So what is up? Baxter's keeping his nose clean right? No running around and getting dinged? Where are you from Nash?"

Elisabeth shakes her head and smirks, refusing to rise to the bait. He's a shit. She's not sure she even likes the man. "Your taste in men is degenerating drastically, Abigail," she murmurs to her friend. "Bax is doing great. He's getting Tink fixed, last I heard. Haven't seen her face yet, though," she grins.

Well, how's that for a partner? Shit, huh? Luckily, he didn't actually hear that. "Well, Abigail has taste. She knows quality when she sees it," Nash grins. As talk turns to someone named Baxter, "I sure hope to hell Tink is a pet of some sort." That shiver that runs down his spine just might be noticable.

"Just make sure he doesn't choose to put my face on it instead?" There's a grimace at that thought, but Abigail feels secure in knowing that it's not likely going to happen. If so, she can always have Xiu pay a clandestine visit to alter it. "My taste in men is very limited, and you know that. Questionable at times too" She concedes but still smiles as she digs into her food and explains between bites. "Tink is a tinkerbell tattoo on his body, that most of it got burned off while trying to arrest the former owner of this place. Baxter is a member of scout, can fly. He saved my rear and I repaid the favor one day. I'm amazed it's taken him this long to fix it. Not like there was anything stopping him from doing it"

But nash is avoiding a question. "Cat got your tongue? Where you from or were you just transferred in from another precinct. Has to be from out of city since you didn't already know who I was"

Elisabeth smiles affectionately. "Bax got his tat seared off saving my bacon," she tells her partner mildly. "She tried to turn me into Baked Alaska." It was a bad situation all the way around.

"Though my tongue is rough like a cat's tongue, I'm afraid I'm not much of a cat person," he winks to Abby. "Chicago. Just moved here last month after NYPD accepted my application. "Figured it was time I gave the New Yawk girls a looking over." Nash reaches over for a french fry, which gets a blah look when he realizes it's cold now. He eats it anyway, but refrains from taking another. "What about you? Is that a southern accent?"

"Louisiana born and bred. Came up after what happened in the midtown to try and help. God saw fit to .. direct me that way. I'm just a very small town girl who's somehow found herself doing what she does. Chicago though, I hear that's very beautiful. Oh, Liz, I'm gonna probably head home for a weekend soon. Don't rightly know when, just so you know. And so you don't show up and not know where she is and freak out and set up the kidnapping alert flags to look for a periwinkle van and all." A few of her hot fries are slipped onto Nash's plate.

She knows her friend well enough to know what's behind that serene little smirk when Abby tells her that she's leaving town. Elisabeth shakes her head with a grin. "I'm sure your Daddy's gonna love the pink hair, Abs," she replies mildly. "Nash here's all about looking good while he does the job. I'm waiting for the day he's gotta get grungy."

"Even grungy, I look good, Harrison. You'll see. It's all about the way you present." Nash turns to Abby and nods. "Haven't been down that way before. Perhaps one day I'll get the see the south some." Talk of kidnapping get his attention, "You make it a habit of being kidnapped or something?" He shouldn't be surprised. Pink hair. Definite kidnap bait.

"You think i'm gonna have pink hair when i'm down there? Are you crazy? I don't want to endure my Momma's wrath. Dah already knew about the blue hair and that it wasn't my fault." Whereas this? This is all her and she's keeping the color more out of spite right now than anything. It's her way of displaying a bad mood over something. "Oh, I used to. Not so much anymore. My desirability factor has been reduced a thousand fold. But Harrison here is always keeping an eye out for me. Or at least making sure i'm properly dressed for the weather when being kidnapped" That she can joke about the first time is a pretty good thing. "Hey, listen I really should go up and soak, I worked here all day and i'm, beat from all the driving and I'm hoping maybe.. I'll have company tonight"

Elisabeth facepalms! "That was so not funny," she tells Abby, remembering the day Jessica snatched the not-healer. "Go on, you… have a good time tonight. Enjoy a night of rest." Or something else! But Liz is nice enough not to say that aloud!

Oh, c'mon. Say it out loud. Spoil sport. Nash slides out of the booth to allow Abby to have her release from custody. "Take care, Abigail. I hope to be keeping an eye on you as well from this point forward." Of course, he had to get that one in there.

"You and everyone else Nash. You get nosy, just ask Liz to show you my file. It's passed around a lot every now and then for a good read on what's wrong in this city" Her plate and cup of sludge is taken up, a kiss for Liz's cheek. "Doubt rest will happen. We're fighting and I haven't seen him in… I haven't seen him in a while" Probably busy, doing something, anything. "God bless you two. Tabs on me" And just like that, Abby's moving away.

Elisabeth grimaces at the news that they're fighting again, sympathy in her blue eyes. The kiss is accepted as easily as it's given, and Liz salutes Abby with the beer glass as the pink-haired one leaves. "See ya in a few days, Abby," she offers easily. She glances at her partner and says quietly, "You fuck with her, and I'll kill you where you stand. No shit." There's something in her tone that absolutely says she is not kidding. She is something of a mama bear when it comes to Abby. "She's been through more shit than you can possibly imagine."

Nash is watching as Abby leaves. What's that saying? You hate to see them go, but you love to watch them leave. Liz' tone however, snaps him out of his bout of voyeurism as he turns to look at her and gives her a nod. "Don't worry." His gaze is diverted towards the spot where Abby disappeared again then back to Liz. "I have a feeling she's not my type." Nash tosses a few bills on the table, then points to a blonde walking by. "Now, she.. that's my type. See you later, Harrison." he slips out of the booth and towards the woman who's got his attention.

Elisabeth nods slightly, accepting Nash's word for it. She smiles faintly. "Enjoy," she tells him as he slips out. Absolute alley cat, that one. Not that she has room to cast stones, one supposes.

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