Boob Jobs and Lipo


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Scene Title Boob Jobs and Lipo
Synopsis ..which is totally what Claire thinks Super powered women in comics do to look like they do.
Date August 25, 2009

Magnes' Room

Having called Claire a bit earlier, asking her to come over before it gets dark, Magnes sits on the bed in his jeans, shirt off, looking down at his new stitches. The first thing she'll notice about him is the fact that he has new entry and exit wounds, suggesting that he got shot again, this time over his lung. He doesn't appear to be in pain, just applying some sort of cream. On TV there's simply a rerun of X-Play, and things are just all around quiet today.

There is a light knock on his door before Claire opens it. "Magnes?" She says softly, slipping into the room. Shutting the door behind her, she notices him sitting on the bed, "Hey," she says softly as she approaches. Eyes drift of his body, noting the wounds. "What's up? You look like you've been getting into things."

"Shot again, by Humanis First. They shot an Evolved in a Courthouse. Deckard healed me and my friend, well, as much as he could. Abby says not to tell anyone that Deckard is a healer, but I'm telling you." Magnes notes, apparently wanting to keep the whole honesty thing going. "I spoke to your friend Helena. I lied to her about something before, but I told her the truth and now she's gonna help me. I'm trying to move in a, well, good direction. Can you come over here?" he asks with a head gesture, motioning her over.

"I know about Deckard's healing." Claire says softly moving closer with a sigh, "He… helped me live a little longer when I was really sick." A hand moves to brush fingers through his hair. "My grandfather stripped me of my ability and it made be very sick. I did die, but Deckard helped me by fixing the damage from the infection. It helped me survive long enough for have my ability returned." She gives him a small smile. "And Helena talked to me about you," her tone flattening a bit, saying that it probably wasn't a good talk.

"I think whatever problems we had, we talked them over last night, so you don't have to worry about me and Helena. From now on I'm gonna be honest with her and listen." Magnes starts to move his hands to her face, then looks down at his stomach and bashfully turns away from her. "I, uh. So you get sick without your ability? I went without mine before, can't remember why exactly, I just know I did once. Everything felt heavy, like I was chained to the ground." He's clearly avoiding the topic of why he's being so shy about his lack of a shirt.

Brows lift as he turns away from her, "Yeah. I don't have much of an immune system it seems without it." Stuck looking at his back, Claire can only examine the exit wounds. "I reminded Helena that both of us have been where you are. Learning the ropes." There is a moment and she reaches out to brush a hand down his back, lightly. "What's wrong, Magnes?"

"Well, I know I've filled out a bit, from all the training, but I'm still used to being stick thin, it's hard to think of myself as anything else. Like if you were fat before and suddenly got really thin, you might still be thinking you're fat." Magnes slowly turns around to her, cheeks flushed. "I'm dating you and, well, I guess I just don't want you to be disappointed with anything."

Claire can't seem to hide the amusement at what he says, "I've never met a guy concerned about his looks. Isn't that what I'm suppose to worry about? Whether my butt is too big for my jeans and all that." When he faces her again, Claire moves to rest her hands on his shoulders so that he'll look at her. "Don't worry. Your fine."

"Your butt is great!" Magnes blurts out, then quickly covers his mouth. "I, uh, I mean." Then, possibly in a moment of deep insight on how to save the situation, he leans in and kisses her. "Hey, Claire? You said you'd tell me the next time we spoke. Are you my girlfriend?"

Cheeks color a bit and Claire clears her throat, she looks like she is going say something until he kisses her. Hands drift down to rest on his arms the kiss ends. "Well, we've been dating for almost a month. I would say…. yes." She smiles a bit, "I — am worried about this stuff your doing." Her eyes drop to the wounds on his chest. "You need to be careful, Magnes, you can't come back from death if you get too deep."

"I'm not even sure what to say now, but, I'm glad." Magnes looks down at his stitches when she does, then shakes his head. "I'm gonna start regularly wearing my vest, I'm steering clear of Humanis First, and I'm gonna start keeping Helena in the loop with whatever I do. Right now I'm just investigating Refrain. I hired a speedster, so, I have someone useful working for me. I almost worked myself into exhaustion, but I think I know my limit now."

He moves his hands to her waist, swallowing before his next question. "Hey, you wanna come over when my police shift ends? It's a night shift. I was just, I don't know, I was thinking you could stay over. I'm not thinking anything weird, of course! Just, it's easier to relax when you're around. I'll sleep on the floor, I hear I float when I sleep anyway."

"How about this…." Claire starts after a moment of thought, "Barring any disasters… I'll come by after your shift and we'll see how things go." She gives him a shy smile. "Maybe I can at least stay till you go to sleep? Since I tend to be up during the day."

"Yeah, I mean, that can work. Sorry about asking something so strange. I'm surprised you didn't get suspicious and slap me or something." Magnes lays back on the bed, gently trying to tug her down with him. "You know, I've been thinking lately. Hiro as we know him today, he's called Badass Future Hiro in the context of 9th Wonders. It's assumed he's from our time, which is the bomb future. So, I was thinking, there's these issues I never read that supposedly take place when someone goes to the future and meets you. Some people call you Badass Future Claire. They say you wear tight leather and have black hair and stuff, but, well, that's obviously not true, right?"

There's a pause, then a laugh. "I mean, if you normally wear tight leather, well, don't stop for me."

Getting tugged down, Claire lays back as well of course she gets to stare at a poster on his ceiling. She tilts her head sideways a bit as she studies the picture. "I was a brunette until recently. When I got my ability back, my hair went back to it's natural color." She glances over at him. "I don't wear tight leather, ever."

"I guess internet fanboys can dream, can't they? Too bad there won't be anymore comics, Isaac Mendez died years ago. I did hear a rumor from this girl, Eileen." Magnes' arms are around her waist, staring up at the poster as well. Baroness as drawn by Adam Hughes, and Lois Lane in a tight business suit. "She said Else Kjelstrom's music might be prophetic, but she doesn't believe it. It was kind've crazy though, she was singing about Munin doing all this stuff, and Eileen used to go by that name. Must have spooked her."

"Yeah." Claire draws out that single word and smirks, "I think I'm glad there are no more of those." She shakes her head slowly. "It's creepy enough having the ones that are out there." Her eyes narrow at the posters. "Do you think that most of these super women pay for implants and lipo around the waist?"

"It's totally canon that Emma Frost does." Magnes points out, snickering and stroking her stomach. "Hey, Claire? You want me to get rid of these posters or something? I mean, if you want, I will. They don't hold a candle to you." There's more redness and flushing, which luckily she can't see from her position. "I'd tell you why, but, I think that kind of boldness would kill me…"

"No no.. It's okay." Claire says quickly, with a chuckle. "I just couldn't help but wonder that.. Cause you know…. Their huge… with itty bitty waists. They look they are going to snap…. in…. half…." She trails off as she realizes she's babbling on.

"At least they're not Jessica Rabbit." Magnes adds, suddenly moving his hands to alter her gravity and turn her position around so she's facing him. "Hey, Claire. I know a lot about you, but, is there anything you've been wondering about me? I'm an open book."

"Good point" Claire murmurs before she is turned to face him. The question throws her for a loop. "I…. just haven't thought of anything to ask." She moves her arm to use it to pillow her head. "You've been pretty forward about things." She gives a shrug of her other shoulder. "I'll ask when I think of something."

"Well, I wanna ask you something." Magnes decides, moving a hand to gently stroke her head as he simply relaxes there. "If you've had boyfriends before, what were they like? I don't know why I'm asking, I guess I'm just trying to see how I measure up."

There is a chuckle from the blond, "You want me to compare you to my last boyfriend?" She shakes her head slowly, "I'm not going to do that. But I will say one of them could fly." She gives him a soft smile. "You have nothing to worry about really." There is a bit of hesitation, but then she reaches over to trail fingers over his chest, avoiding his wounds. "Trust me there, okay?"

"O-okay…" Magnes is easily swayed by a simple trail of fingers, going quiet again as they just lay there. At least five minutes go by before he says anything again. "I know communication is nice and all, but you wanna make out or something until my shift, maybe watch a movie?"

"You know…" Her voice soft as she leans close, Claire's trailing hand rests on his side. "There are some things you don't have to ask about…" She closes the distance for a long slow kiss, her answer to his question. Her eyes open as she breaks the kiss and gives him a smile, waiting to see if his gets the clue.

Magnes suddenly rolls them both over, so he's laying on top, staring down at her. "I've never said this to a girl before, but you're so freakin' hot…" he says as he lowers into a longer kiss, a hand on her cheek. The TV, and virtually everything else, are completely ignored.

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