Boobs And Kamehameha


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Scene Title Boobs and Kamehameha!
Synopsis Magnes shoots off a kamehameha for the first and likely only time in his life, and draws boobs for Kendall to see.
Date January 23, 2009

Comic Book Store

It's early in the afternoon, it's cold, and Magnes has taken Kendall across the city… in trains and buses. When they get off the last bus, he's pulling his unbuttoned black denim jacket a bit tighter over his red Spider-Man t-shirt, stepping into the snow. "That's a lot of hassle just to avoid flying. I'm definitely buying a car either later today, or tomorrow. I'll buy an Impala, like on Supernatural."

Kendall is shivering despite the fact that he's got a nice, thick coat. "I don't even have a permit yet." Kendall mutter as he reluctantly follows this guy around who was getting close to Delilah. Hmmph. However, it's the lure of going to a comic book store that has Kendall following behind the older guy.

"I got my license in the police academy. Didn't think I'd become and quit being a cop in a span of a few months." Magnes opens the glass door for Kendall, revealing a fairly comfy, but pretty clutterd comic shop. It's not cluttered with people, in fact there's only two or three other people looking at comics, or cards inside the glass counter; but the amount of boxes of… everything, even boxes on top of boxes in some cases, they're everywhere! "Almost everyone is in the basement playing games, but I wanted to see what comics you're into."

"You were a cop?" Kendall looks startled. "What, were you fired or something?" His question is forgotten, however, as soon as they enter the store, and he immediately looks around avidly. OMG, heaven. Immediately, he heads off towards the closest copy of Blackest Night.

"For a few months. I'm that cop who was on Glenn Beck and on the news lifting choppers and fighting the Chinese mafia. I resigned, they were too worried about PR, and being a cop is more about upholding the law than doing what's right. It's not my thing." Magnes shrugs, walking over to the Robin issues, but he keeps an eye on what Kendall's looking at. "Before a cop, I was a pizza delivery boy."

Kendall shakes his head. "So lemme guess, you'd rather be a hero than a law-abiding citizen?" he perks as he notices there's a new issue he hasn't read yet, and he grabs it, looking at it. Ooooooh.

"I'm over the hero thing. I was in love with a girl, and we were both being heroes. One thing led to another, and she got her memories permanently lost of the last five months before it happened; the last five months being the entire time she knew me." Magnes shakes his head, lifting a small stack of Robin comics, then moves over to the Spider-Man TPBs. "So now I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to college for. If I need to be a hero, I will, but my life comes first from now on. You should remember that; being a hero means you're risking your life in more ways than one."

Kendall shakes his head. "I don't want to be a hero, I just want to live my life without getting messed up. Nothing I can do is hero-worthy anyway, it's not like I can lift a helicopter or anything."

"It's good to just try to live your life, but you don't need an awesome ability to be a hero. I mean, look at the Great Lakes Avengers… or maybe they're the Great Lakes X-Men now." Magnes starts stacking up Spider-Man TPBs with his Robin comics in a different stack, rubbing his chin. "But being a hero isn't, well, fun, I guess is the point I'm trying to make. And you can get whatever, I'll pay for it, just don't go nuts."

Kendall immediately tucks the comic he was just looking at under his arm and goes browsing through the store. "The thing is, I can't do anything useful at all. I thought it was something good, but it turned out to be literally nothing at all."

"So you do have an ability?" Magnes keeps his voice low, though no one's really near them anyway. "And you don't really need an ability to do something useful, there's lots of useful things you can do that your father wouldn't even know about. And I don't mean go out and fight crime, there's harmless safe things, if it's something you wanted to try."

"I… never said that." except Kendall totally just did. "I've seen people do things, but… like I said, my dad thinks that people with abilities should be rounded up and shot, so no I do not have an ability." poor kid.

"You do know you're talking to someone who's been majoring in investigation, right?" Magnes leaves out the part about only majoring for around for months, and being close to abandoning that pursuit, but… He shrugs and lifts his stack, sitting it off to the side on the counter before walking back over to Kendall. "You don't have to worry about that stuff with me, you know. I know secrets that could get a lot of people hurt, maybe even change the entire country if everyone knew, but I don't tell anyone else. I'm sure I can keep your secret from your father." He just smiles at that, and starts looking through the more indie books.

Well when he puts it that way… "Uh, things I draw become real, only they're not." it sounded a lot more impressive before Wendy told him it was just illusions. Kendall shrugs at Magnes. "See how it's not very useful?"

"Are you kidding? You ever watch Naruto? They have that one guy who draws and kicks the crap out of people. And that ability isn't just useful for fighting. When you get really good at art, who knows what you can do." Magnes curiously lifts a Scott Pilgrim book, tilting his head at something he's never seen before. "Tell me how it works. Like, the limitations. Can you physically feel the things you make? Can they affect things, or are they just visual?"

Kendall eyes Magnes, then shakes his head. "I don't know anything about it, I can count on one hand how many times I've used it." he replies bluntly. "And I've been told that my art is good enough to be professional." he looks around the store. "I could draw comic books if I wanted."

"Well then, you know what we have to do, right?" Magnes has a mischivious grin, picking up those last few comics, then heads to the counter again. "We have to practice." This, he says in front of the clerk, but the clerk has no idea what they're gonna practice! "I'll let you pick out one of these rare cards in the glass, then we're gonna head out for a bit. Don't worry, we'll be back later."

Kendall perks. Rare card? One he can have? As soon as Magnes says that, Kendall makes a beeline for the counter, staring at the cards available. He just kinda… ignores the Magic/Naruto/etc cards in favor of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and after staring at them for about five minutes he decides on a Jump Special Edition Beast King Barbaros. What, did Magnes say anything else just now about practice? Kendall can't hear anything over the sound of internal glee.

"Give me that one." Magnes taps the glass when Kendall chooses, and the clerk places it into a plastic sleeve, sliding it on the counter. He offers a debit card after everything gets bagged, then offers Kendall his own white plastic bag. "They don't bag the rare cards, just put it somewhere safe, then we'll get out of here."

Kendall pulls his wallet out, knowing from experience that YuGiOh cards are almost exactly the same size as a credit card, except they're just a little bit wider, so this card gets safely tucked away along with his miscellaneous membership cards like Blockbuster, his Edge card, and Barnes and Noble membership card. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. In exchange, you get to cosplay as Link at the next convention!" Magnes laughs, nudging the door open for Kendall to follow. "I make my own costumes, I have a lot of them. But you're the perfect Link. So anyway…" He leans over to speak a little lower. "We're gonna go to the roof and practice your ability."

"What?" jarred from his thoughts, Kendall blinks up at Magnes. "Cosplay as… Link?" boggle. "Can I ask why? My hair's not even blond anymore." as to the practicing up on the roof, Kendall appears resigned. "Are we even allowed up there?" he asks.

"You don't need to be blonde, you look like Link. Besides, there's temporary dye that washes right out." Magnes quickly points out, then reaches over to gently grab Kendall's arm to pull him into an alley, and quickly raise up to the roof of the store next to the comic shop. "No one's allowed on a roof, but it's alright. No one actually comes on to rooftops."

Kendall gets floated up to the roof and tries really hard not to freak out, but he's kinda pale and wide-eyed when it actually happens. He takes a few steps away from Magnes when his feet have ground beneath them again and kinda stares at him.

There's plenty of untouched snow on the rooftop, and Magnes walks a few feet away from Kendall. "I bought some paper and a pen, that should be enough." He points down to the ground, then raises two fingers up to fling the soft snow into the air, clearing a ten foot circle for them to walk around in. "I think the first thing we need to learn are the limitations of what you create."

"Oh." so much for Kendall's hope that Magnes didn't actually have any paper or pens on him, and thus Kendall's excuse not to practice. "You just happened to have it on you or you knew ahead of time?" the teenager asks suspiciously.

"Picked some up in the shop." Magnes nods over at said shop, likely having done it while he was in awe of the rare cards. He lifts the sheets of paper, then hunches to the ground, holding his hand down to it. He concentrates quite hard, trying to push away as much moisture as possible, then sits the stack on the ground and offers the pen up to Kendall. "Make a ball, something very simple. We need to see if these things are tangible."

"A ball?" torn between a reluctance to show his ability and a desire to show off, Kendall stares down at the sheet of paper, taking the offered pen reflexively. "Huh, fine." he'll just settle for sulking a bit. Then he bends over the sheet of paper and then squints up at the sun, then sketches a beachball, complete with stripes and shading to show it's a true sphere. As he lifts the pen from the paper, it materializes in front of him, and he blinks at it in surprise.

Magnes tilts his head at the ball, reaching his hand out as he extends gravity to it, trying to see if it even exists. "I've never seen anything like that, well, not anything in real life. This ability is awesome. You have any idea what kind of potential this has?"

The ball is unaffected by gravity, since Kendall has no idea that Magnes is using /his/ power. The ball is able to be touched, however, and seems real enough. "Not… really?" Kendall replies, query clearly evident in his tone. "Doesn't seem very useful to me at all."

"Huh, let's see…" Magnes reaches for the ball, lifting it up into his hand, then tosses it up and down before firmly clasping his fingers around it. "It's weird, I can touch it and feel it, but I can't sense the gravity. It's like it's there but not there. How do you not just sit around drawing naked women all day?"

Kendall blinks at Magnes, then turns red and looks away. He mumbles something about having never seen a real one naked before.

"Hmm…" Magnes crouches down slightly, still being rather bashful himself, but in this instance, he feels like the experienced party! "Well, before this year, I'd never seen a girl naked either. You don't have to rush or anything. I mean, the first time I 'did it' was like a few days ago. You've got a head start, just take your time. And draw Starfire naked." He reaches for a piece of paper himself, then pulls another pen out of his pocket, drawing a circle, then a smaller circle, and a dot. "This is a boob."

Kendall glares at Magnes when he draws a boob. "I know what they LOOK like, I've just never seen them!" he snaps at the older guy. "And I don't want to know when you lost your virginity." oh yeah, definitely sulking. "TMI, dude."

"I was trying to make you feel better! You're sixteen, you shouldn't sulk so much." Magnes slides the pen back into his pocket, then looks at the ball again. "I'm gonna see what your range is, if you have one. Don't move." He suddenly launches himself into the air, flying as high as he can while watching the ball to see if it vanishes at some point.

Kendall blinks in startlement when Magnes leaps into the air and doesn't come down. That's… really disconcerting to see. He squints up to watch Magnes, shaking his head slightly. As to the ball, well, he's trying to keep it there, but how does he do that?

When he falls back down, still holding the ball in his hand, Magnes appears mildly confused. "It never disappeared. Maybe it is real. Strange." He slides the ball into his jacket pocket, then hunches back to the papers. "So, what happens when you draw something that's supposed to be alive?"

"Uh, they mostly act the way I imagine them acting." Kendall shrugs. "I once filled a store with butterflies and they flew around like, well, butterflies." Kendall shrugs. "I've never tried drawing another person."

"Alright, draw a kamehameha firing out of the paper." Magnes backs up a bit, just in case Kendall actually decides to do it. "We should really test the limits of this, and that sounds pretty crazy, so, why not?"

"Out of… the paper?" Kendall looks confused. "Why would the paper be firing one off? Wouldn't you like to fire one off instead?" Wouldn't you, Magnes? WOULDN'T YOU?

"Do you seriously wanna bring someone to life who can fire a kamehameha?" Magnes asks with a scrunched up brow, staring. "Alright, then… draw a glass of milk."

"Well I was mainly asking if you wanted to be the one to do it." Kendall shrugs at Magnes. "I mean, it doesn't have to be anyone from DragonBallZ or anything. I bet I could make you do it if you stood in the pose and I drew you doing it."

"Wait, so, you don't need a life sized piece of paper to draw large things?" Magnes rubs his chin a few times, then crouches down and holds his arms out in a 'kamehameha pose'. "Well, let's see what happens."

"It's all a trick of perspective." Kendall shrugs. "All I need is a reference." he squints at Magnes, then starts drawing him in the pose, comic-book style. He's actually quite good, and the second he finishes, a beam of energy shoots out from Magnes' hands and flares off into the distance, minus, uh, any destruction. It's not real, after all, but looks pretty awesome.

"Holy crap!" Magnes exclaims, quickly jumping back after the beam shoots from his hands. He looks down for any damage, then over at Kendall. "You still sticking to that 'My ability sucks' thing? You could really practice this and learn some useful things. And I still think you could be swimming in comic girls."

Kendall snorts. "It's not REAL though. What's the use of special effects? All they do is look cool, they're only real in the movies."

"You can feel this stuff." Magnes pulls the ball from his pocket, then tosses it to Kendall. "Who told you it wasn't real? If you can touch it, it's real. You could tie someone up in ropes and they couldn't do anything about it, or draw all sorts of other useful things. Don't knock special effects, especially if you can feel them."

Kendall catches the ball and it disappears. "Well, I guess. But it's not like I could make anyone levitate or anything, or affect anything that's real."

"You're just not using your imagination, you don't have any confidence. You think I could always fly and do the things I can do? No, I believed in myself and worked really hard." Magnes crosses his arms, standing up straight now, in one of those 'motivational' poses. "Are you gonna believe in yourself, work really hard, not do drugs, uphold truth, justice, and honor, and practice your ability?"

Kendall seems singularly unimpressed by Magnes striking a pose. "That sounds really corny, you know that?" he informs the older guy. "You suck at motivational speeches."

"Hey, it's not like I have to do them that often. Most of the ones I get only last until life kicks me in the nuts again, so I thought I'd give you a really good one." Magnes grabs his bag again, then stands up and offers his hand. "I'm not taking the bus again, I'll make sure no one sees you flying with me. Let's go. But I mean it, make sure you practice."

Kendall is reluctant to take Magnes' hand. "Practice where?" he asks with a shrug. "I can't practice at home, or at school." that'd just be really stupid of him to do it at either place.

"Just give me a call, I'll give you your number and we can hang out more, then you can practice." Magnes shakes his hand a bit more, still waiting "Come on, I still need to decide if I'm making pizza or a sub tonight.

Kendall hesitates, then takes Magnes' hand, finally, with a faint sigh. Not that he didn't enjoy flying after the OMGWTF wore off, but still.

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