Books And Palms


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Scene Title Books and Palms
Synopsis On a whim, Robyn Quinn stops by Ichihara, and ends up getting her palm read by Lydia
Date August 15, 2010

Ichihara Bookstore

Robyn Quinn didn’t really ever make a habit of visiting Roosevelt Island. No real idea why, it seemed like these days it was a nice enough place. It just never really seemed to ever come up in any of her travels about town, be it for parties, work, visiting friends, or whatever. So, it was extra odd that Quinn was making her way there today with a purpose.

A purpose that only gets weirder the more she thinks about it. She even works in a bookstore back in Brooklyn, though one of those big chains. So why was she coming all this way just to go to a bookstore a friend had told her about? Granted, it sounded like a neat little hole in the wall place. There was a hope in her that she might be able to find some older books for either of her bookworm friends, in hopes of either extending one collection, or helping to start another.

Walking up the entrance, an odd look is given to the sign indicating the possibility of getting a fortune telling, something she’s never really looked into before. Stepping in, she looks around cautiously, a smile on her face as she moves in, looking for signs of life – or a book that catches her eyes.

Stacks and stacks of books line the walkway of aisles with little rhyme or reason. They'd been hidden away in storage and only now are they reclaiming their place in the Ichihara collection. Tender loving care, that's all they need; that's all this space needs. A melodic tune hums unrecognizably in the space, all from a speaker sitting on the counter, muffled by the white cat — with unusually dark eyebrows — lounging in front of it.

The cat twitches as stairs creak, indicating movement down them. Carefully stepping over the rope and private sign, the new proprietor tenses at someone in the store. Then, with a wry smile her eyes flit past the customer to the sign. She hadn't flipped it — not since Friday. And she certainly hadn't locked up after bringing a box of her possessions here; nothing like moving.

Despite the hours and the fact they're supposed to be closed, the sandy haired woman issues the visitor a tight-lipped smile, strained from the start. She hadn't been expecting visitors, but then this is her own fault. "Hello," she says evenly. "Is there something I can help you with?" Her spaghetti strapped navy dress exposes the many tattoos along her arms.

Quinn seems largely unaware of the gaffe that has occurred, having not thought to stop and check the hours as she came in – after all, she works in the heart of the city. Who in the world wouldn’t be open in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, right? A curious glance is given to the woman as she steps into view, particularly of her tattoos.

“Um, yeah!” Quinn says with a wide smile, looking around. “Well… sorta. I’m just lookin’ at the moment. I’m hoping t’ pick up some books for some friends as gifts, an’ I heard this was a good place t’ look for old ones…” She looks over the stacks of books, her head tilting. “If you can tell me where t’ find anythin’ history related, I’d appreciate it…”

Lydia hmmms quietly. She's still getting her bearings here. Her lips tighten again, a neutral smile, polite, really as her neck cranes to see in between the aisles to the books' residence on the shelves. And then, a glimmer of recognition. Ah ha! Her smile grows as she points to one particular row of shelves.

Slowly, taking care not to step or trip on any of the books still needing to be shelved, she leads the way before touching a particular shelf. "This one should yield what you're looking for. Or either of the shelves beside it."

Quinn nods enthusiastically, a smile on her face as she starts towards the shelves – though clumsy as she is, she is less successful about not disturbing waiting books than Lydia is. One misstep leads to a bit of a stumble, which leads to her knocking the top off a book. A horrified look on her face, she drops down and immediately begins collecting them up in her arms.

“Christ, I am so sorry. Geez, you’d think I don’t do this enough at work…” She sounds apologetic as she springs back up, placing the books somewhat haphazardly where they once were. “I am so, so sorry about that.” Sheepishly, she’s continuing her walk towards the pointed out shelves, though more cautiously this time.

There's a slight flinch at the misstep, but Lydia's very air and manner remain the same, that polite tight-lipped smile consuming her features. "Not at all," she soothes as she also bends down to restack the books.

"I should be more organized than I am, but we only just reopened," her tone remains even, but a hint of satisfaction creeps in as the books are returned. "What are you looking for, exactly?" while most clerks and shopkeeps may ask the same question, there's an unusual weight to the words. They remain heavy in the air, even as the painted lady twists back towards the counter. There's a long pause as Lydia's back finishes the question, "Or do you know?"

Quinn gives a nervous chuckle. “I knock over book stacks all the time at work, so… it’s not like you could’a done anythin’ to prevent it,” she replies with a smile. “I’da found a way, I’m sure. Still, I’m really, really sorry.” She blinks, looking over at Lydia with a tilted head. “I didn’t know you’d been closed Friend a’ mine told me about this place, so I thought I’d come by here instead a’ the bookstore I work at.’ She shrugs, returning her attention to the shelves. “Dunno. Wanted t’ get books, for friends. Beyond that I have no idea.”

Slow, even-paced steps bring Lydia around the counter where she scritches Gabriel's ear. It's gentle, but enough that the cat presses into it, drawing a more pronounced less-guarded smile. "I've only recently come into this space, but it's been closed for some time… as I understand it." The reasons as to why are completely dismissed as if they don't matter in the least.

The proprietor hmms as she draws her hand away from the cat again. Her hand is placed on the counter in a kind of half-lean.

“Oh.” Quinn looks nervous still as she reaches up and pulls a book down from the shelf, quirking her lips. “I didn’t know. I guess the person who told me didn’t either. Sorry if I’m, like… interrupting your work gettin’ things set up or somethin’.” Another book is drawn down, both looking quite old as Quinn flips through them giving a small nod to each – one a rather old looking book of Arthurian legends, another a book of Gaelic History that was barely visible between some others. “I think these might be neat…” she says with a grin, turning back to Lydia.

"Not a big deal," Lydia replies smoothly as her red fingernails drum against the counter. "And there's no need to apologize. Gabriel and I like the company." Or she does, anyways. Gabriel is more finicky than most house pets from her estimation. Pressing her lips together she nods, "There are a lot of very interesting books here. Unusual. I think it adds to the ambience. But there are a number of things that draw us in."

“I’ll definitely have t’ take a closer look around when I have money. Some a’ this stuff is already cooler than where I work.” Her eyes move over to the cat, whom she’d never paid much mind until her was more formally pointed out by Lydia. Slowly, she makes her way over to the counter, setting down the two. “Plus, I’ve never seen a book store that does fortune telling too. That’s right neat!”

"Well I'm always glad to have repeat visitors," a glance is given to the two books which earn a quirked brow and a sly smile, particularly at the mention of fortune telling. "Fortune telling was my livelihood well before I came here and I believe there's truth to be seen in all forms. Palmistry, Tarot…" and then with a stifled chuckle she adds a third, "…crystal balls," quietly implying a lack of validity within her own mind. "The former owner read Tarot."

“Tarot?” Quinn was simultaneously familiar and entirely unfamiliar with the concept of tarot cards and fortune telling. “I’ve never been int’ that kind a’ thing, to be honest. Like… I never knew really knew anyone who did anythin’ like that. But it always looked kinda neat in movies an’ the like.” Her head tilts as she begins to fish out money for the books, smiling at Lydia. “If that was what the former owner did, what d’ you do, then?” She sounds genuinely interested when she poses the question.

"I read Tarot. And palms. Palmistry. Both," Lydia's eyebrows knit together as she shrugs slightly. "There's lots to be learned about oneself in both of them. Tarot will mean something different to each person. Palmistry… it varies a lot. I have fairly good accuracy though," thanks to her ability. "But I'm just fortunate to be experienced in my trade; I've been doing it for many years." Especially when her age is taken into consideration.

“Huh!” Quinn exclaims, nodding rather enthusiastically. “That’s pretty neat,” she repeats, laying down the money for her two books. “So you’ve been doin’ it a long time?” Yes, that’s what she said. There’s a moment of hesitation as her hand hovers over her wallet, furrowing her brow as she looks up at Lydia. “The sign outside says ten dollars for a readin’, that still true? I dunno, I don’t mean t’ sound insultin’, but I think it’d be interesting t’ get one done…” Not that knowing, or even having a feeling, about the future has done her much good lately.

"Quite awhile. I picked it up in my teen years," wistfully Lydia glances at the deck of cards sitting on the counter before turning back to Quinn. The tone is reflective, but the painted lady forces a smile, it's not entirely genuine, but it is there. "It's still ten dollars for a reading. Do you want Tarot? I can use the cards — they're right there…" Her eyebrows furrow slightly, before she issues Quinn a smaller smile, "Or I can use your palm and nothing else… the call is yours."

“Quinn looks thoughtful for several moments, seriously considering which she should choose to have. After several moment, she nods. “I think the palmistry would be good,” she says with another nod. “You don’t mind, do you?” As she speaks, she offers out her hand, looking hopefully at Lydia.

While she may be wistful, Lydia is still the owner of this shop and determined to make it work, particularly in light of her promise to Corbin. "Not at all," she states quietly as she takes the other woman's hand. Her own skin is soft to the touch, not cold nor hot as she runs her fingertips over Quinn's palm. The very nature of the touch opens Lydia's ability as she hmms over the lines found along Quinn's hand.

Tapping into her ability, she begins as her fingertips trace along the first of the relevant palm lines, "This first line here… that's your love line…." She peers at it carefully before stating, "First because it starts just under your index finger, I know that you're currently content in your love life, BUT," Lydia raises a finger from her free hand, "The lengths and curves tell me you tend to fall in love easily, expressing yourself through emotions rather frequently…"

Quinn looks a little surprised at the accurateness of Lydia’s reading thus far, even if it’s only just started. She gives a slow nod and a smile at the older woman, her other hand falling to her side. “That’s pretty fe-er, that’s pretty darn right,” she says with a chuckle, choosing for once not to curse for a complete stranger. She watches with an anticipatory smile, waiting to see how teh rest of the reading goes.

"This line — " the one just under the heart line, " — it's your head line. It's the way you think and the way you live and move. It's curved and slopes downwards, telling me you're a very creative person and you enjoy exercising some measure of creativity in all you do." Lydia's hand then travels to the next line, "This one is your life line… it's fairly long… a small break indicates sometime in your life you've had — or will have hospitalization or health issues…" And then onto the last, "Your fate line tells me you're prone to changes in life from external forces — "

Her lips press together as she places her own hands on the counter again. "And the shape of your hand… it's quite square… You seem to be spontaneous, enthusiastic, and optimistic… further, at times you can be egoistic and insensitive — these are things it's good to be aware of so you can avoid them as best you can. Additionally you tend to be bold in your actions." She pauses before suggesting, "It would be wise to use that creative thinking instead of just jumping in head-first into things."

Quinn narrows her eyes as Lydia continues, her head tilting as she watches and listens to Lydia, nodding her head slowly in response to various points and comments she makes, rather focused down on her own palm. The only time she shows and real moment up displeasure is the mention of health issues, but it fades rather quickly into a smirk and an amused shake of her head once Lydia’s assessment seems to come to a momentary end.

“That’s… pretty remarkable,” Quinn admits genuinely with another nod of her head. “I… wow, you can really tell all a’ that from someone’s hand?” She looks back up at Lydia with a smile. “Because I’m pretty sure you hit a few nails right on their heads!” The last comment Lydia makes does cause a furrow of her brow, followed by a thoughtful expression.

"You'd be amazed," Lydia states with a glimmer of a smile. "It's a talent and Palmistry is an acquired art. It takes years to get good and even longer to recognize the intricacies in everyone's palms. No one is exactly the same." Her lips curl further upwards. "There's a lot a person can see only in a palm or in cards. We reveal more of ourselves than we mean to…"

“Huh,” Quinn repeats, seeming a bit at a loss for a response. She forms up a smile after several moments, looking back up again at Lydia. “You learn somethin’ new everyday!” she replies happily. “I’ll have t’ get a reading with tarot the next time I come back in, then. I’m intrigued t’ know that what that would reveal, considerin’ this.” She chuckles, sighing. “It seems like you do it quite well. Whomever you took this over from seem t’ have picked the right person.”

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