Bottom Of The Ladder



Scene Title Bottom of the Ladder
Synopsis She's not sure she can make it past the first rung.
Date June 5, 2014

A Roof

Sittin' all alone, mouth full of gum in the driveway

The sun had started to set an hour ago but the figure on the roof couldn't move. A map held down by paperweights to keep the vicious wind from blowing it away, the fiercely scribbled notes and symbols in the margins are too important, you could call it her most prized possession. The map gifted to her by Papa Matt and the World Almanac gifted to her by Papa Mohinder.

Popping bubble gum loudly as she lifts the large black sunglasses that she “borrowed” from Mama Kay to sit atop her head, acting as a headband for dirty blonde hair. Light taps of her fingers on the ledge of the roof as she peers down at the map’s surface and cants her head as she prepares.

My friends aren't far, in the back of my car lay their bodies

Thoughts of her mother as she wipes a finger along the surface of the map stopping at an ‘S’ in bold letters near Argentina in the margin. The ‘S’ is many places all over the map, like dark shining beacons begging for Molly’s attention and she gives them each their own moment of study. In reverence.

Where's my mind, where's my mind

It's become like a ritual for her, as she pulls out a well worn notebook with the spine crinkled out of her backpack to slide it into her lap. Blue eyes flick over the pages as she turns them. Dates, times, locations. Coordinates. Not many places are repeat visits. This was her time to really be with herself. These thoughts and emotions too loud and chaotic, Matt could never help but hear her when she's at the apartment. So the roof is her place of peace. Of sorts. With the sometimes still or howling winds.

New York City is home to monsters and Molly looks up to the sky at the proverbial ladder she's going to have to climb to be the better monster as the shadow of Pinehearst told her. The sun makes her squint and she releases a long held breath. Steadying herself, nerves. She always had them when she was going to look in on him. She never stopped having the nightmares of the Boogeyman coming into her home. She had just learned to live with those demons in her dreamscape.

They'll be here pretty soon

Lookin' through my room for the money

The clairvoyant was a helpless little girl in those nightmares. Unable to do anything to help her parents. James without the top of his head. The thought makes her frown, it wasn't her fault. Was she still helpless?

But the young woman had survived. A new family.. but whenever she thought about them it made her desire for vengeance falter. What would it do to Papa Matt or Momo? Shaking her head as if to dispel the lingering feelings of doubt she instead summons the face of her parents murderer. She hadn't seen him in person in.. a very long time but she would never forget that face. Those eyes. There's fear in her.


Much like she was. Gabriel Gray. Is a soft whisper in her ear as she brings forth his mask to stare directly in those dark, hungry orbs.

I'm bitin' my nails

I'm too young to go to jail, it's kinda funny

It's like a snap, an unhooking from her body and she's drifting away gaining speed every second she's “out.” Her mind like a satellite triangulating. The city becomes a blur until her vision focuses to take in a police precinct. Molly scoffs at the irony. “You think that is going to change anything?” She says to herself but taunting him and though there's a rustling behind her she doesn't seem to be worried. The wind kicking up and making wild hair fly into her face.

Her finger begins to trail along towards New York City on the map. Her finger stopping where the building he works at is. Paperwork. she sees, eyes unfocused. Boring paperwork, she remembers Matt lamenting the process of detailing his work afterwards. He always seems to dread it. The teen wishes for a moment that Sylar never be able to leave that room. That he always had to stay there. Bored for all eternity.

Where's my mind, where's my mind

Where's my mind, where's my mind


That wasn't good enough. He looked harmless here. Head bent down, the pen working away. After the ten feet that Molly is allowed to view around a subject under the influence of her ability she sees a swirling darkness. Nothing else illuminated for the girl. Conversation filters in and out, not everything the most clear. Banter. Her frown deepens. He might have fucking friends.

She knows this though. She's been preparing she tells herself. To deal with them. The beast was currently locked with a cage and so Molly leaves him, a glare leveled his way before she’s rushing back to her body, the world a blur around her before she slams back into her body with a flicker of her eyelids.

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover

What an expensive fate

Bending forward to mark up the map and then take a look in her notebook before listing the date and the time. Content. She writes as a side note. It infuriates her.

Molly isn't sure what she would want to see him experiencing besides infinite darkness. Wallowing? Drinking himself to death? She would only be so lucky.

There was another on her list. Innocent in the death of her parents. She had even saved her life. Eileen. A quirk at the side of her mouth, she had to know all about his past. Molly bet she loved him. Maybe like her mom loved her dad.. wouldn't it be wrong to steal that love from someone else? A frustrated sigh alludes to the young ward not liking that line of thinking. Where was that line of thinking for her parents? For her? Teeth grit as she focuses hard on the object of Sylar’s affection.

My V is for Vendetta, thought that I'd feel better

But now I got a bellyache

Again the world spins and blurs for her as she pinpoints the woman’s location. A yoga studio. If she could roll her eyes Molly would. “Namaste bitch.” Being in debt to Eileen for her life was a tough pill to swallow for the teen. But maybe Eileen owed that to Molly, for linking up with that.. monster. The word monster was losing its edge for her. Maybe because she herself was on her way to become one now. Huruma’s words swim in her mind but Molly needs to focus and she she stares harder at Eileen instead.

Downward dog, she had good form. Molly noted and that made her even more mad. Calm tunes waft through the air around Eileen, the instructor not seen but heard. Eileen must have been near the back of the class. Molly deduced and her eyes squint as she takes in that beautiful dark hair that she has pinned back. She would call the older woman regal if the thought of doing so didn't make her want to puke.

It just doesn't seem. Fair.

Another rustling and something black flies into the air before being stopped by Molly Walker’s back. She still doesn't turn as the wind makes the object tremble in its wake. Instead the woman keeps her eyes forward on Eileen, she stays with her for a time.

Off to prune flowers. Quaint.

Ah.. the hospital.

Where they met. Where the young woman almost foolishly lost her life. She hadn't really learned, she went nosing where she shouldn't have soon after to meet Huruma. Sticking her nose where it shouldn't be was becoming more of a habit for the girl. How could you fault her? With the ability she had. The trauma she lived with.

Everything I do the way I wear my noose

Like a necklace

I wanna make 'em scared like I could be anywhere

Like I'm wreck-less

Growing bored of watching the seemingly perfect woman’s life Molly withdraws back to herself discovering hot tears running down her cheeks. Why was this so hard? To hate them. She knew she did but she felt something pressing on the other side. She wasn't a big enough person to look beyond the veil of her anger yet though. Maybe someday.

She takes breaks, breaks that she rather not but Molly knows the price of watching for too long. Nosebleeds, headaches and god knows what could happen if she really pushed herself past her limits. Hours tick by, she doesn't have anywhere to be. She told her dad and Mama Kay she’d be back before too dark. But the sun begins to dip below the skyscrapers around her. But she just sips from a metallic water bottle her gum long since discarded, now stuck under the ledge.

I lost my mind

I don't mind

Where's my mind

Where's my mind

She wishes it was a totem. Something she could funnel all that she's feeling into. Something that couldn't talk back and would just bear the most of that weight. She dreams but she has no faith in that fantasy. The reality is much harsher. There had been consideration, on asking her dad to erase it from her memory. Give her a new start but no, this had made her into who she is.

Molly didn't hate who she was. Should I thank him? It's a silly question, isn't it?

Her attention goes back to her number one subject, the man hiding under the floorboard. She wanted to haunt his dreams like he haunted hers. She just didn't know.. how..

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover

What an expensive fate

The flapping of wings can be heard and a pigeon lands near the girl who looks over with a smile. There's birdseed spread out around her, in a circle. She’s been feeding the birds as she watches. Another rustling of something behind her. There's a slam on that well of emotions: regret. This is necessary, a lesson.


My V is for Vendetta

Thought that I'd feel better

But now I got a bellyache

Gabriel takes up her focus again, as he always does. Her head tilts to the side as her mind soars from her body again to pinpoint the location of the man she’s trying to learn how not to fear. There in a quiet room, she hears the ticking of clocks in time with another. He’s hunched over and Molly’s view is from the back, her perspective swerves to face the front of the man as he works meticulously on the object before him, a broken clock.

Pieces of clocks, tools are laid out before him, glasses with magnifying lenses cover his face. She can still see his eyes though. There's a hunger there though he seems to be concentrating on this broken thing. This clock. Bet you couldn't fix me. A childish retort to a statement never given, roleplay is fun and smart. Thinking of all the things she would say to him and the things she would do and working out how.

Pain. Anger. An overwhelming wave of loss. All wrapped up nicely in a blanket of sorrow.

The things she feels as she stares into the face of the man. Her focus wavering as her emotions threaten to overtake her. Before she comes too, back in reality Gabriel’s head turns. A muffled voice can be heard, a woman.

Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover

What an expensive fate

Gasping with a wide eye gaze the girl falls forward on her hands her hands almost falling on a gray mass before she halts and looks down. The pigeon died soon after ingesting the seed laid out on the ground. All of them had.

My V is for Vendetta

Thought that I'd feel better

But now I got a bellyache

Their bodies laid out in a circle with her at the center, wings laid out on some, others just.. toppled over from the poisoned birdseed. And the girl in the middle sobs, rocking back and forth. She had that idea a few weeks ago. Maybe just a test, could she take a life. Well she could she’s learned. It's a rather small step when looking towards murdering another human but it's a step she takes with shaky legs. Lost in tears at the memory of her being under the stairs. Waiting for her death. At never saying bye to her daddy. At not being able to move the fuck on. At wanting to enact the same pain on another human being. For being weak. As weak as these birds? Was she gearing up for his family? To take away what he had taken away from her?

What was wrong with her?

She was angry that was what. Life was unfair. Molly had learned that. And now she wanted to learn how to be unfair herself. For the “greater good.” The eye roll that followed said she wasn't sure if she believed herself.


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