Bound By Blood


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Scene Title Bound By Blood
Synopsis Company agents tumble across a robbery of a strange kind that leaves them all unconscious and the robbers getting away.
Date June 10, 2010

Coler-Goldwater Hospital

The noon event, the blacking out of a good portion of the city for a few minutes brought with it panic, chaos, violence and fear. This in turn made for hospitals to be filled with all kinds of people. Some fearing they were having an episode, others terrified they were suddenly evolved and even more others who thought they were just plain going crazy.

Isabella, Dante and Flora were already supposed to be coming in to see to an evo occupant in one of the wings of the Coler-Goldwater this evening, thinking the evening might be quieter. But there would be no quiet this day and nurses and doctors rush about looking harried while Flora waits patiently, with a sunny smile on her face at the nurses station, for someone to be free and acknowledge their existence after her polite "pardon me's" that have gone unheeded for ten minutes now.

Orderly's scurry about, white coated doctors, one mousy and pale volunteer candy striper looks about too as if waiting for direction that just never comes. People in wheel chairs, others sitting down in the waiting area of the emergency room, to get a bed, having finally made it past the elusive nurses triage station.

Isabella is a master of denial. Something doesn't agree with her? She denies it. And her flash-forward? That doesn't agree with her. Despite the widespread panic, the fact that there are corroborative reports that other people experienced this jump into the future, hers? Was Utter Bullshit. After all, she tested negative for the gene, so. Isa, at least, is cool as a cucumber, or colder, in the wake of all this. If a little pissy that everyone's so up in arms over nothing.

Seated beside her sunny blonde coworker, she's looking progressively more disenchanted with the situation. Not only did she have to change clothes for the third time that day, but now they're falling behind on their objectives, and she needs their objectives, please and thank you. She finally gets to her feet to grab the next nurse to walk by, the poor man with an arm full of clipboards and the other escorting a woman on crutches. "HEY! You! We just need directions, okay?"

Dante isn't the type to stew outwardly. It all gets shoved down inside, buried until he's ready to deal with it. At first, he was only mildly perturbed at the black, though Isa would remember him waking up in a brief moment of blind panic. He's not used to being caught by surprise like that. After that, though, he simply became quietly pensive, a good state to be in when dealing with a fraught and frustrated Isabella.

He sits next to his partner now, chewing on a thumbnail and his head turning side to side as he watches people run to and fro. Occasionally he frowns, sometimes he looks surprised, but mostly he just seems distracted. Isa's call to the staff doesn't merit a response from him.

'Listen, Lady, there's plenty of people that need directions, why don't you go talk to the candy striper, I got a patient to get settled and you're being pissy ain't gonna help me none" There's a unspoken bitch added onto that and wrenching his arm from hers, he's off, catching up to the woman on crutches, muttering about crazy patients and whatever the hell happened, sure brought out the cuckoo's.

Flora just chuckles, looking at Dante and then Isabella with an innocent look.

"Candy striper can't lead me to a patient, asshole. Fine, fine, okay." Isabella turns and pushes her way to the desk where the receptionists are working double time, finding files, calling patients, filing paperwork, dealing with insurance… "Hey! I need the room number for, uh…" She rattles off the man's name, and then slaps her palm on the counter. "Stat! That's what you people say, right? Stat." Her compatriots are left behind while she tries to get some direction to go in.

Something about the hustle and bustle finally gets Dante's attention and he looks up, glancing around the room. His brows furrow and looks from door to door, watching the people mill about. Standing slowly, he starts to follow some of the more harried nurses towards one of the doors, a very focused look on his face.

"Jacob! We got ourselves a screamer" The large red headed nurse that Isabella just smacked her palms on the counter in front of calls out, a large and burly looking nurse turning around and giving Isabella a look, bushy brows raised and a 'are you serious' sort of look. "lady, I don't want to come over there and put you back in your chair. Now, if you say stat one more time, you might find yourself having a bit of an accident, do you understand?"

But it's Allison to the rescue, coming in from the same hallway that Dante's decided to ease down. Here before the others, she'd found their patient that they were looking for and coming to fetch the others. Not near the emergency room. Which will cause a delicate pink flush to arise in Flora's face later.

It's not what's coming up on the screen of the computers that Dante can just barely see, that catches his attention as he goes. But the candy striper who's passing off a ID card to what looks like an orderly in a fashion that they can only get away with because it's so harried in here. Pale, dark circles, a palm pressed to her middle in the uniform she's wearing, the orderly looks this way, that, swipes a key and the two enter into a room, door closing behind them.

It's not even so much that act in and of itself… but the telltale bulge at the back of the orderly's uniform that screams gun to him where to others it might not.

"I'll have you know" Isabella starts bad-temperedly, before she catches sight of Allison coming back. Turning back to the nurse she forces a sweet smile that does not look sweet at all. "that I want you to have a lovely day. Stat." With that, the short woman disappears back into the crowd and moves towards Allison. "You find the guy?"

Of all the things that Allison expected to find when she came to tell Dante that she's found the package, this…this was certainly not it. But one plays with the cards their dealt, and Alli sighs. She loves being a shrink, but sometimes it gets tiring doing this over and over again.

She nods to Isabella. "Yes. Now why did you have to stir them up? That isn't protocol. Or smart." Her voice raises then while she looks at the most annoyed looking nurse, and silver bleeds into the irises of her eyes, overwhelming the hazel. "Calm down. There's no reason to yell or to harass my associate. You will return to your work and have a nice day." At least she can be nice about it?

Dante's attention fixes hard on the pair doing surreptitious activities in the hall. His hand drifts noticeably closer to the holster hidden under his trenchcoat and he moves after them, pausing briefly to look back at the other girls. Should he catch someone's eyes, he'll fix them with their tight jawed look and jerk his head down the hall before continuing. That hand under his coat hints at trouble.

The door is locked, there was a reason that they needed the passkey. But in the process of going in, they dropped it outside. Deliberately, accidentally, who knows, but it's laying there on the floor. Dante wasn't the only one to notice, a security guard coming up to his side, pushing the agent away so he can fumble with his own passkey and yank the door open. "What are you doing in here! This is a secure area!"

Inside, Dante can see glass fronted coolers with bags of blood, shelves with some drugs, medicine cabinets, supplies for dispensing medicines, you name it. Large enough to supply the emergency department. over the guards shoulder, the two people turn, surprise on their faces, bags of blood in hand and trying to stuff them into a pillow case

At the counter, Flora mutters about going up to see the guy while Isabella plays fetch with her partner, turning just before the inquisitive look from the male agent is tossed their way. Mr big hulking brute of a nurse calms down at Allison's ministrations exactly as she orders,

"Oh, whatever," Isabella scoffs to Allison, rolling her eyes. "You want anything in this world, you can't just roll over. You have to grab it." She watches her work that voodoo that she do, wrinkling her nose a little bit in distaste at that weird silvering thing her eyes do.

As Dante stops, though, so does Isa: she knows that look. She turns, looking in that direction, when the door is opened and she blinks. "The fuck—?"

Once the nurse calms, Allison looks away to Isabella, completely dismissing him. "There's a difference between grabbing something and being an ass." She turns as well, following Isabella's gaze towards Dante, then to the open doorway, and she eases back down the hallway so she can try to peek inside.

Dante leans away from the security guard as he's pushed past, one side of the collar of his coat coming up. He cranes his head to peer past the security guard, frowning at what he sees. Stepping back, he backs towards the wall to get out of the way of the guard doing his job. He plants his foot squarely on top of the fallen key card, carefully sliding it with him and out of the way, still hidden under his boot. Keycard? What keycard?

"Jacob" Is about all the warning anyone near the door gets, the sound of the very gun that Dante saw, going off. The guard looks stunned, looking down at the new hole that god did not put in him, that's blossoming red across his belly and staggering backwards into Dante. Screams abound in the hallways and another person yells something about a gun going off.

The candystriper drops the bags of blood she was trying to shove into the pillowcase, and the pillowcase too so that she can clap her hands over her ears. The orderly grabs her in turn, putting her in front of him, use as a human shield and in a way, as a captive in case anyone else gets any bright idea's about coming into the closet.

Well, shit. Isabella looks to her compatriots, booking it towards the room before a panicked crowd can sweep the short woman away. Her gaze falls to Allison, and she jerks her head towards the room, if she can see her. Work your magic!

Allison doesn't wait for Isabella's nod towards the room. The gesture is barely begun when Alli is calling out, eyes still that startling silver. "Drop the gun! Come out with your hands up!"

The gun going off gets Dante to jerk in surprise, slamming his back against the wall. He pulls the gun out of his jacket, going immediately into cop-mode. His eyes flick around the area, unable to see directly into the closet from his angle. But maybe he can get hints and ideas of what is going on in there from sounds and reflections.

"Jacob" Comes whimpered from the candystriper, blonde hair caught up in a ponytail. "You killed him, oh god Jacob…"

"Mary, shut up" growled out, hand still on the weapon. "Just shut up. I told you we shouldn't have come here. I told you!" His fingers twitch on the gun, aimed at the door and anyone who might come in. It's barely heard over the cacophony of the hallway.

Dante can see most of it from his vantage thanks to the angle of one of the cooler doors, a young man, early 20's and the way he's holding his gun nowhere near experienced with it. The woman younger and both share some of the same facial features. Family more than likely. Allison's cooing and use of ability seems to not be working for some reason.

Isabella unholsters her Company-issued tazer, waiting for Allison's orders to sink in. … And when they don't, she turns to look into the little closer, just a brief duck. "Drop your weapons and drop the girl, or we're going to drop them for you!" she shouts in. It's a definite warning, that.

Allison frowns, and she moves a touch closer, raises her voice a little louder. "Drop the gun and come out with your hands up! Now!" she repeats, just after Isabella. But the fact that it didn't work the first time seems to irritate her. He can clearly hear and speak English, so it should be working! Dammit.

Dante winces as no result comes from Allison's orders. Damn. That would have been too easy, anyways. In the reflection of the cooler, he tries to search the room for any further entrances or exits before his eyes fall to Jacob collapsed on the floor. "We're going to get Jacob medical help! Please don't shoot!" Should there be any agreement, he'll look for one of the nursing staff, whoever looks to be the least scared.

There's another skittish discharge of the mention of coming to the door and orders for the gun to be dropped and come out, the popping in of Isabella's head, Dante's request to get Jacob. Nothing to dissuade Dante from thinking that that man is Jacob. There's another scream from the closet, Allison's voice getting lost again. "Back off! Everyone! Mary, grab the stuff"

"… please, can we just get ou-"

"Get the blood Mary" Barked order.

Well, can't say she didn't warn them. Isabella risks one more quick peek to mark their spots then turns into the closet with tazer raised to fire. Whoever it hits, it hits, be it Mary, Jacob, or the bags of blood. Take that! "There will be NO grabbing of stuff!"

A low curse is muttered by Allison. Won't people just shut up? Clearly not. So she steps back, letting Isabella do her thing, while waiting for the chance to do hers.

As Isabella steps up, Dante's eyes widen in brief fear for his partner. His eyes are locked on the shooter's position. Here's hoping Isabella doesn't get shot. Though it wouldn't be the first time.

Trigger pulled, a popping sound, dispersion of compressed air to fire the two prongs as they fly through the air-

And clunk against glass and fall to the linoleum floor. The candystriper having had enough, one minute the two had been there, the air nearly vibrating with something and the next with a outward shove of air pressure, the two are gone. Disappeared. To the trained eye, they know exactly what happened. One of the pair is a teleporter. Bags of blood topple over, some spilling open from the impact, plastic split. The pillowcase covering a good handful of them. The handgun clatters to the ground, not discharging and there is only the sound of the coolers working hard to keep their contents cold despite their open doors.

"Fuck!" Isabella hisses, stamping her foot in anger. "Great!! Just to make this day better. Fucking Evolved!" She lashes out and kicks a bag of blood, sending it skittering across the floor.

Allison peeks her head in and grimaces, but Isabella's outburst earns her a sharp look from the woman whose eyes are still bright silver. She moves into the room then, searching the ground for signs of…well…anything they may have dropped.

Dante curses violently after that burst of air, jerking his head around the corner to look around the room within. "Goddammit. Alright, no one is allowed into this closet without police supervision! This area is now a crime scene!" His voice picks up, carrying out into the hallway. Looking around, he catches the eye of the least shaken nurse and points to the security guard on the floor. "It's safe. Get this man the attention he needs." The gun goes away and the phone comes out. "I'm calling the guys down at the station to send over some crowd control and calm people down," he says to Isabella, stepping into the closet to look around, "Help me collect evidence."

Just the gun, the pillowcase with the name of the hospital stamped on it's end, nothing to identify them until they get forensics down here to start combing for fingerprints or security tapes. The bags of blood both on the floor, still in the coolers, the trio at the door moving to make way for nurses and doctors to assist the shot security guard.It's all taken in in a handful of seconds since the teleportation away.

It seems to be an all's well that ends well until.

Chest pain hits, the trio, the security guard, others outside of range of sight in the small room. Tingling in feet, hands, a wave of dizziness and weakenss strikes, some sooner than others, but vicious in it's attack.

There's a sharp look directed right back at Allison there. "Stow it, Quicksilver," she snorts, pre-empting any (well-deserved) remarks. Dante's order gets a nod though and she starts looking around, her Forensics training clawing its way to the fore of her mind. But she doesn't have long to look: for the second time that day, it feels like an impending blackout. This one just happens to feel like it heralds… "A heart attack?" she gasps, grabbing at her chest. "The fuck?" She glances back at Dante and Allison, fear and murder in her eyes as she tries to see if they're in the same state.

Allison gasps, clutching a hand to her chest as if that would ease the pain, and she leans back against the wall, heavily. "Stop!" she yells, clearly meaning the one causing this, and clearly hoping that this time her ability will work.

Dante holds his phone up to his ear, scanning the area as he goes. His shoes squeak just a little as he steps over the dropped bags of blood, pulling a pen out of his pocket with his other hand, lifting at the corner of the pillowcase to carefully inspect it. "Will? It's Dante. Yeah yeah, I'm good, listen: There's been a shooting and attempted robbery at the Coler-Goldwater hospital." His eyes turn from the pillow case, and he seems to find some of those broken blood bags /very/ interesting. "We need some officers down here to stake out the place and play crowd contro—NNGH!" Cut off mid sentence, Dante claps his hand to his chest and hunches over where he kneels, keeping upright just out of the good fortune of already being down on one knee. "Sonnuva bitch!" he growls, looking up and letting his pale eyes flick around the room. Who's doing that??

Who indeed, none of them will get a chance to know further as one by one they drop, another wave of dizzyness and unconsciousness taking them all. Nothing for Allison's voice to latch onto, Will on the other side of the phone left squawking for Dante, where's Dante, hello are you there?

The people in the hallways afflicted as well topple over, chest pains and other ailments taking them over, driving them into unconsciousness within a ten foot radius of the room. Even more people rush forward to help with the sudden and alarming increase of people down, bellows of someone letting off a biological weapon! Terrorist! The suggestions just roll off as they try to get to everyone.

Flora comes flouncing in, confusion on her face with the intention of asking what was taking so long and instead, stepping into the room with her jaw dropping and seeing nurses trying to take care of her unconscious company-mates.

"Well…. hell. Harper and Ryans are not going to like this"

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