Boys Boys Boys


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Scene Title Boys Boys Boys
Synopsis Odessa draws some stares with her attempts at a new look. Raquelle meets some potential new clients. Abby figures out where her uniform jacket has gone off to. Melissa makes a new friend. And as the title suggests, the topic of boys definitely comes up.
Date March 15, 2010

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the black and cream risque wallpapered walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar.

Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the back room and owner's office and a stairwell that leads teh residence above the floor above the bar.

Errands are done for the day…mostly…and now it's time for Melissa to unwind a little. Okay, maybe a lot. Everyone's entitled to be a lush every once in a while, especially when they seem to go from disaster to disaster. Which is how Melissa has ended up sitting at a table in Old Lucy's, legs stretched out, crossed at the ankles, a drink in hand. And from the slightly glazed look in her eyes, it's not her first drink either. It's just a good thing that she has yet to start singing, or Old Lucy's would be empty.

Abigail's stomping out from behind the bar, scowl on her face. "Brenda! Has anyone seen my jacket? I think Heater moved it and now I can't find it" EMT uniform on, blonde hair back and in a braid that's fashioned into a bun, she looks like the young EMT that she is. "I'm going to beat up Peter, getting sick. Stuck with eco-vegan nut and berries for now thanks to him getting sick" Her shifts been delayed a few hours so she's getting things in order and having some dinner first. Melissa over in her corner gets a wave from the former healer. "Her drinks are on the house Bren" As all Ferry's drinks tend to be.

The nice thing about living above the bar is never having to dress for the weather when you want to go grab a quick drink. Or a few quick drinks. Or, you know, have an all-night bender. Odessa is trying out a new sort of fashion for her. It consists of a black corset ending in a vee over an equally black skirt with an overlay that appears to be made up of chains and belts in various levels of studded leather. Garters peek out between gaps, the straps holding up fishnet stockings that disappear into a pair of red glittered high heels.

It's the Temporomancer of Oz?

She also happens to be topping off her fashion statement with Abby's coat. "Oops!" Odessa giggles when she reaches the landing and notes that Abby appears to be fuming. "Sorry. You left it in the bedroom so I thought I might just borrow it." At least the woman is smart enough to peel out of the uniform coat and hold it out to the EMT.

Running a Business, Maintaining a Relationship, Raising Daughters…walking dogs…there are so many things to do and it takes lots of time. But you wouldn't know it from how Raquelle enters Old Lucy's wearing a pair of black fitted soft suede leather pants, black docs, a fitted black tank-top under a dark purple and black flannel shirt left unbuttoned over the shirt and under a black suede jacket. He raises his arms and calls out, "Where aaaaaaaaare my pretty laaaaaaaadies?!" A sing-song voice and his emo-fringed bang is streaked with purple as he removes his sunglasses and overall feeling of warmth and friendliness seems to come with him like an aura. He heads for the bar, hips swaying and wry smirk at his lips.

Melissa looks up with a frown. Surely she's not frowning over the thought of free drinks. "Hey, did you say Peter was sick?" she calls out to Abby, ignoring her drink for now. If Peter has the flu, her evil plans will have to wait! The horror! Then there's a familiar face that has her frowning a little more, then…there's a Raquelle that has her brows shooting up again. But ultimately, her attention goes back to Abby as she awaits the answer to her question.

"Peter Petrelli. You know Peter?" Abby inquires of Melissa. "He's my bus partner. Some days I wo-" Abby's cut off by the appearance of Odessa wearing something more than just her jacket. It's snapped out of Odessa's hand as if it just might have cooties. She also has a very hard time keeping her eyes away from the very obvious garter and leather and metal and… okay, everything.

But Raquelle to the rescue and Abby looks over her shoulder to the hairstylist with a grin. "Joy, meet Raquelle. My confessor and my hairstylist. The man responsible for making sure I look pretty. How are the girls? Enjoying the days off from school I suppose"

Odessa - Joy - gasps with delight when she's introduced to Raquelle. "A hairdresser? Oooh! I've been longing to go platinum!" Black nails - are those red hearts painted on them? - rake through hair that's definitely this side of warm and golden rather than the cool of platinum.

Then, Melissa catches her eye. "Oh my gosh!" Odessa beams and waves to Melissa, "Hey! Nice to see you again!" Omigosh did she make a friend?

Raquelle laughs softly and winks to Abby. "How's my sister by another mister? Oh the girls are just fine…BJ's doing better in her karate classes and little Princess D's going to be a Laker Girl when she grows up." As he leans forward with air-kisses. A glance to the other lovely ladies and he eyes Melissa's hair for a moment. "What the shit…" BlinkBLINK before Odessa's outfit gets a long once over. "…oh lordy lordy the Addams Family's hooker's been raiding my closet." He hops up on a barstool and tsks, wagging a finger. "Naughty naughty…" He winks and then has to gasp softly. "And apparently she wants to be Marilyn Monroe gone goth as well." He pats his lap. "C'mere sweetie, let me see a little closer." His own nails are painted glossy back as he crooks a finger.

Melissa nods to Abby. "Yeah, I know him," she says, lips curving a touch. But then the smile fades. "You said he's sick?" she asks, voice holding obvious concern. Then she's glancing to Odessa and smiling. "Hey Dessa. How's tricks? Wanna join me?" Her gaze then sliiiiides over to raquelle, studying him for a moment, absently toying with a strand of her own now entirely blonde hair. But still, her gaze returns to Abby!

"He's.. called in sick. I think he's trying to avoid me. We'll see. I'm stuck with the Vegan. Really, who doesn't eat animals? I mean, if god didn't intend for animals to not be eaten, he wouldn'ta made them tasty after being roasted over a flame" And that's the blonde's opinion on her temporary partner.

Odessa's still making her blink and furrow her brows. Not sooo much the leather but the top of the thigh highs visible and it makes the blonde's cheeks flush pink and return air kisses to Raqyelle. "I'm worried. Karate? I pity you" She murmurs to the hair stylist. "Raquelle this is Melissa, another friend. Melissa, Raquelle" Time for coffee and to join everyone else proper while she has time to kill before shift.

Odessa looks down at her attire and then back up at Raquelle. "I was trying something new," she says defensively, fingers winding around the length of one belt self-consciously. Approaching the stylist, she tosses an apprehensive look Melissa's direction as a way of acknowledging the request and imply just a minute. "It's not that bad, is it?" she asks Raquelle.

"Mmm, I'd prefer Karate to boxing anyday, honey…I'm all for female self-defense but my nuts suffered after I told her she couldn't have a new boombox." Raquelle shudders and quietly orders a beer before glancing toward Melissa and tipping an invisible hat as he submits names to memory and listens to the various comments. "Mmmhmm…it seems your little blond here with flat hair doesn't know how to say hi." He drawls with a wink and a soft laugh as his attention goes to Odessa. "Oh sweetcheeks, if you try something new work it, do not apologize!" He scolds softly and gets to his feet so he can study the woman's hair more closely, squinting and giving a nod. "Maybe not that platinum but Papi Kelly could work some magic with this darlin', trust me." He shakes his head. "You look fierce…kinda like a ho but a fierce ho and you should never be ashamed of those legs mami."

Melissa nods slowly to Abby, and she pulls out her phone. There's some tapping, then she puts her phone away, rises, and takes her drink with her as she heads towards the trio. She's not wobbling yet, so she hasn't had that much to drink. Yet. "Lookin' good, 'Dessa. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she says before she gives Raquelle a more thorough look. "Hey. Stylist, huh? Got a card? I could use a stylist. It's a pain in the ass doin' my own color. Plus I could use some pampering. Life is…insane…lately."

Odessa blushes and tips her head downward bashfully. "I… Thank you?" She isn't sure if that was a compliment or not, exactly. But something must have stuck between Raquelle's orders to be unapologetic and Melissa's assurance, because she lifts her chin again and beams a smile. "I think the shoes are the best part. I had this dream," she explains to them with a bit of a spark in her eyes, "and I knew I had to find these dream shoes. So I did!" She actually clicks her heels together. "Aren't they fabulous?"

Raquelle taps a finger against his lips and eyes Melissa with a soft chuckle, shaking his head. "I'm not just a stylist sweetie, I'm an /artist/ and the owner of the best Salon in the city." He brushes his own emo-bang out of his face and rests an elbow against the bar once he's settled back down, nodding sagely to Odessa. "They are sugar, they are fabulous. Be careful or you'll wake up and they'll be missing when one of these gorgeous biatches around here steal them." He grimaces. "And I hate calling ladies bitches but I'm sure you have a few around here." He sighs dramatically and sips his drink.

Melissa's phone jingles a little and she pulls it out. A bit more tapping, then she looks pained. "Well shit," she murmurs, sliding her phone away. Then she tries to shove Serious Thoughts away and glances to Odessa's shoes. "They're awesome, honey. Though if I catch you in blue gingham, I may have to shun you for eternity," she says with a bit of a smile. She turns that semi-smile onto Raquelle. "Hey, even better. Could only be more awesome if it was a salon and spa. I could really go for a massage and a facial."

"Everything okay?" Abby asks of Melissa, seeing the look on her face. "If you just texted peter, and he got his results and didn't tell me, I will kick his arse to the other side of this city and back" She points out. The former healer looks between Raquelle and ODessa then down to the shoes but keeps mum on the subject.

The look Melissa earns from Odessa when she mentions blue gingham is quizzical, as though she doesn't get the reference. It's let go, however, since there's talk of Peter being sick, and that definitely has her ear. "I do like your hair," she tells Raquelle. "I've never really seen anyone wear a look like that outside of a magazine. It suits you!"

Raquelle looks from woman to woman with a thoughtful expression before he gets to his feet and puts a few bills on the bar for his drink, pursing his lips thoughtfully and he rests a hand on his hip. And hmms softly. "Oookay darlings, I came to kick back and see some familiar faces, but I should get back home I suppose." He pouts and blows kisses. "Thank you honey, come see me. We'll make Toto want to carry your fine ass in the basket." He tugs a couple of small business cards out of a pocket, setting them down on the bar as well. To Melissa. "We do certain type of massages and other beauty things there honey, it depends on how flexible you are." A soft smile to Abby. "And yooou missy, owe me a visit okay?"

Melissa looks to Abby, but she's someone Mel doesn't really know. And she's not the type to spill other people's secrets, so she just smiles a little. "He's a little under the weather, so he's stayin' at his mom's," she tells the other woman. Then she's picking up one of Raquelle's cards, looking it over, before it goes into her pocket. "Don't need a happy ending, if that's what you're meaning," she says to him in an attempt at humor. That said,s he flops down on a stool, and drains her glass empty, before trying to get the bartender's attention for a refill.

"Soon Raquelle. I promise. Maybe next time I have a date and we actually go out" Instead of staying in at her place. "Lord knows i'll need it." She places a kiss on his cheek, pushing money back. His cash isn't good here and she nods to Melissa. She'll get a hold of her co-worker later, she needs to question him about a few things.

"Happy ending?" She furrows blonde brows and reaches for Melissa's glass so she can put it with the dirty glasses and pour her a new drink.

Odessa waves and smiles sweetly to Raquelle, his reference to Toto going entirely over her head. "I'll definitely come by to see you," she assures him. She takes up a seat next to Melissa and throws her another nonplussed look. "What's a happy ending?"

Raquelle pouts a bit but does indeed take his money back, tucking it away and nodding quickly to Abby. "But I'm not going to the land of tacos and body odor for any type of double date." He points a finger and then looks Melissa over before she comments on happy endings and he coughs and shakes his head, rolling his eyes at the question about Happy Endings. He's being a good boy though, slipping back on his shades and just making his exit, humming the 'I touch myself' song on his way out, chuckling to himself.

Melissa stares at Abby and Odessa both for a long moment, then she sighs. "Oh man…First Mags, now this…How did I get to be the sex ed teacher?" she mumbles. "A happy ending is when you get a massage that ends in you getting off. You know…having an orgasm. Hence the 'happy' ending," she explains.

A hand comes up, as if to ward off the actual answer when the word sex ed pops up. Melissa finishes and Brendsa's snickering while serving up a pitcher of beer to someone. "Ohh ho, someone's educating the nun further. Good one Chica" The flaming haired bartender winks to Melissa while Abigail's remaining scarlet faced. "Yeah, okay. Another thing i've learned"

Odessa's eyes grow just about as wide as saucers at Melissa's explanation, and her face is almost as red as her shoes. She can't quite form a verbal response to that. Instead, she makes a hand motion to Abby to indicate that she definitely needs a drink now.

Melissa glances between Abby and Odessa, then she busts out laughing at the twin blushes. "Oh man…Okay, sorry…I really, really needed that. Damn. If Tartarus ever goes under, I can totally get a job teachin' sex ed somewhere. Gettin' plenty of experience anyway." She shakes her head, still laughing a little. And then it's time for an abrupt change in subjects!

"So Abby, you said you were Peter's partner? You'n me then…we should totally have a chat soon. And 'Dessa? I have this insane urge to take you home and play dressup. Think you'd like some of the stuff in my closet."

"We're ambulance partners. I'm the EMT to his Paramedic which means, I drive him around and I do what he tells me to." Abby nods to Melissa's quip to Odessa. "Melissa likes to wear corsets as clothing" One hand comes up again to ward off any objections from Melissa over Abby's school of though. "Which is, as I've learned, a perfectly reasonable clothing choice. Just not mine

Odessa rests a hand over her own corset-covered stomach and frowns faintly. "I was assured when I was shopping for this one, that it is outerwear." She leans in toward the other two and asks in a sort of conspiratorial manner, "But this would totally work in the bedroom, right?"

Melissa nods to Abby. "Like I said, a chat. I'd like to know a lil' more about him, yet we tend to get a little sidetracked when we chat," she says with an amused smile. "And yes, corsets can be outerwear as well as bedroomwear. Just depends on the style of the corset, what goes with it, and the attitude."

"Really, I don't know much of what I can tell you Melissa. I only ever met him once before I ended up working the rig with him but.. uhh.. " She's got her few days off soon. "I'm gonna be gone for a few days but you can give a call and I can try and meet up somewhere if the snow isn't too bad" There's a glance to Odessa and then nods "What she said"

"Could I get an amaretto sour?" Odessa leans one elbow on the bar, her chin resting in her palm. "And Melissa, I'd love to come raid your closet sometime. I've got this boy I'm trying to impress…" Her cheeks, which hadn't quite come back to their usual colour, flush again just a touch.

Melissa nods to Abby, and grins. "Don't worry. Sure you know more than you think you do." Then she turns that grin on Odessa. "Oooh. Really? Who? I've got a guy I'm trying to impress too. Well, not so much impress. Destroy. In a good way, of course. And so far so good."

"He's… a little bit older than me. My last boyfriend was a little younger, I think. And the one before that? Well, he was way older…" Odessa catches herself rambling and shakes her head. "I met him when I was younger and we've kind of… reconnected, I guess. I don't know a whole lot about him, but I just think that I need to make him mine." There's a serious sort of nod. Seducing one's Company contact is serious business. She lifts her head when she's given a new rule and nods again. "Awesome jacket is not a fashion accessory. Got it." She salutes and then thinks to add, "Sorry about that. I won't take stuff without asking again. Have a good shift, I'll see you in the morning."

Melissa's lips twitch a bit and she nods to Abby. "Yeah, so he said." Sort of. "See ya later, Abby." She shifts her attention to Odessa, nodding again. "I don't really go for younger guys. Or, well, at least not guys who act younger. One of Mel's requirements for datability. Sadly, so few men in New York meet all of those requirements. Like…" She trails off, thinking for a moment, before she sighs and nods. "Yeah, just the one so far. Dammit. But he's so damn cute."

"Boys," Odessa sighs heavily, offering her glass toward Melissa to clink together. "I have the worst luck with them." They tend to die. Or want to kill her. Poor Kurt Campbell and his normal life never stood a chance. "This guy… The first boy I kissed had long-ish hair. It would curl at the ends when it was wet… This guy's got a bit longer hair, and it curls. It looks like it would be fun to tangle." The second sigh to escape Odessa's lips is one of wistful longing.

Melissa smiles. "You're tellin' me. It's why I got so damn picky. Then, go figure, the guy I end up havin' a thing for is sorta involved with someone else. His sorta, not mine. 'Course, it doesn't stop him from seeming to have a thing for me right back." That smile goes impish. "Which just tells me that this thing he has with this other chick can't be that serious to him."

Odessa doesn't dare comment on Peter and the way he handles relationships and the ilk. That's between Peter and the trainwrecks he leaves wherever he goes. She's barked up that wrong tree once before already. Instead, Odessa takes a loooong drink from her glass. It allows for an acceptable silence. "I don't even know if this guy is seeing anyone. It's not going to stop me."

Melissa laughs and nods. "Good. You go girl. Life is too short to just stand by and wait for good things to come to you. And if any of the clothes in my closet can help you get the guy you want, I'm happy to play department store. Though I'll warn you now…Very little in my closet is anything but black."

"Do I look good in black?" Odessa asks, sweeping a hand down to indicate her attire. "I usually wear bright colours. Yellow's my favourite. But I'm trying something new."

Melissa nods and gives her two thumbs up. "You totally do. And hell, if that Raquelle guy is the artist he claims to be? Between him and me, you'll knock this guy out with one look." She grins. "Do I get to know who he is? I mean, likely I don't know him since I'm still new to the city, but…"

"Eh, he's nobody really special," Odessa dismisses. "His name is Martin. He's an administrator. Got a little bit of power, but at the end of the day, he's still just a paper pusher." She giggles a little. "I figure he can't possibly have a girlfriend because he must be married to his paperwork."

Melissa lets out another laugh. "I'm sure he's a decent guy, paper pusher or not. Is he cute? How's his ass? Pinchable?" she asks, sipping at her drink.

Odessa looks a bit confused for a moment, at a loss for how to answer that question. "I don't know," she laughs, surprised by Melissa's frankness. "I'd smack it. But I'd rather he smack mine." A hand immediately comes up to cover her mouth, flushing to match her shoes again. "I did not just say that out loud."

That inspires another whoop of laughter, Melissa's eyes bright with amusement. "You totally did! You go girl! Besides, what's wrong with wanting your ass appreciated, hmm? I mean, don't get me wrong…sitting and cuddling and talking or watching a movie or whatever is nice, but so's the down and dirty physical side to having a guy."

"I do miss those things," Odessa admits. "But you're right. Experience is nice. The other stuff gets boring after a while when you don't have any spice." Although Odessa's idea of spice likely manifests itself in the form of dangerous and illicit activities that really have nothing to do with anything that goes on in a bedroom. No matter how kinky the couple that shares it.

Melissa's gaze drops for a moment and she nods. "Yeah, but sex without the rest gets old too," she murmurs. Then she shrugs and takes another drink. "That's why I've gone celibate. At least until I get my guy. Or if a year goes by, because, hello! Who wants to go without for that long? It's a human need same as eating or sleeping."

Odessa nods her agreement. She went twenty-five years without knowing what she was missing, but now that she does, well… That itch just can't go too long without being scratched. "Celibacy is overrated. I mean, keep it while you're pursuing this guy, but if it doesn't pan out? Forget it."

Melissa nods. "Yeah, probably. But seriously…The relationship thing can be nice. I want something to all those things with. Especially someone to curl up and watch movies with. I love watching movies. And dancing. Two ways I like to unwind. And I have a lot of unwinding to do."

"You seem like it," Odessa concurs. "We should do that sometime. Go dancing, I mean. I haven't gone with anyone for a while. I decided I don't like the whole… random guy trying to rape me through my clothes thing that seems to happen when I go dancing on my own."

"I've been tryin' to find a good club for dancing. Finally ended up just working in one. Just not open yet." Melissa smiles. A content smile. "Though I did get one dance there. It was nice. Except for the nearly running into a ladder. But yeah, we should totally go dancing sometime. But for now? I should probably get home. Puppy and all."

Odessa nods her head quickly. "Say, I should give you my number." Hooked to one of the belts slung across her body to embellish her skirt is a cell phone, which Odessa procures to display her own number across the screen and hold it out for Melissa to see.

"Oh hey. Yeah, good idea." Melissa pulls out her phone, programs in Odessa's number, then gets her own number on the screen to show Odessa in return.

Odessa squints first at Melissa's screen, then back at her own, glancing back and forth a couple times as she enters the contact information. "Got it! Cool. You can totally call me whenever. I keep all sorts of hours. We should do this again soon. I don't… really have a lot of people I can talk to like this. It's been a lot of fun!"

Melissa grins. "Same for me. The weird hours. And we should. You take it easy, 'Dessa. I'll see ya around." Another grin, the rest of her drink knocked back, then it's for the door she goes!

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