Bradley Russo S Explosive Reveal

Following the shocking revelation of TV show host Bradley Russo's Evolved status, the New York celebrity has recent confirmed that he will be continuing his small screen career as the hit panel debate program, The Advocate. Despite registering as a Non-Evolved in August, 2010, Russo manifested an Evolved power during a live airing, with footage depicting a power capable of throwing a human being across the room.

Representatives from the Department of Evolved Affairs have recently confirmed that Russo's registration may have been compromised with a faulty batch of SLC "Evo" test kits and may be required to demand a recall of up to one thousand Registrations. Inquiries are still being made.

"I have only support for the Registration system and what it's trying to do, and I hold no one responsible for this honest mistake. I can only hope that the recalls save anyone else from manifesting live on national television, am I right?" Russo told The Times. He had no further comments about the nature of his ability.

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