Break Seal In Case of Impending Lip Smooshing


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Scene Title Break Seal In Case of Impending Lip Smooshing
Synopsis Raquelle and Abby meet up to discuss Pastor Sumeter of the 3d visions and a little confession time of her own. He hands her chapstick and demands to meet the guy she nearly lap danced.
Date May 29, 2009

Deli somewhere

Its been trying to get in touch with Raquelle really that was the hardest. Between walking around the city on her 'vacation' in the vain hopes of seeing the guy from Sunday evening, walking Alicia for Joseph and checking in on him, Abigail had left messages for Raquelle. Eventually there was a time set to meet at at Deli. More so Abigail could do as the pastor asked and assure Raquelle that their mutual religious figure was going to be okay.


Who really knew?.

The single father has been busy trying to play nursemaid to Joseph and raise two daughters and make plans for a salon while making sure to pick up all the dry cleaning and buying new school uniforms for his oldest daughter before she gets out of school for the upcoming summer. Raquelle just shows up at the Deli, on time, wearing a pair of fitted dark jeans, red and white converse sneakers that match the red and white french oo lala like themed fitted t-shirt under a dark blazer and he's not wearing as much make-up as usual just some eyeliner so yay! His freckles are showing.

He slips a wallet out, counting his money quietly and pursing his lips thoughtfully before nodding firmly and adjusting his messenger bag against his hip. Dates are always fun, even when they are about life and permanent migraines and not getting laid.

"lunch is on me Raquelle" Abby pipes up from her corner of the deli. A smoked meat sandwich, piled high on rye, onion, mustard, pickle spears is called out with Abby's last name and she shuffles over to get it. "How's Di and BJ?" Her red hair is pulled back in a messy bun and she's in her leather jacket, jeans and a faded white cotton peasant blouse.

"Oh no honey, maybe in the future but it is the /least/ I can do. My mama, god bless her Feng Shui waterbirthing soul, didn't raise no mooch. I /am/ a gentleman after all." He winks and gives a small sashay to make his way towards the female, running his fingers through his hair and giving the girl a once over. Raquelle does after all, like to pay attention to detail. "Oh sweetie, they are just fine…Diana is now the president of her doll country and BJ is the scientific adviser of the Star Ship Spiderface but they are just fine."

Abby smiles at that. "No lasting anything from being hurt? I got everything? They find out if that kid really did push her off the top?" Abby brings out her wallet, a gesture to the menu. "Get what you want, and we can sit. We got the pastor to talk about"

Raquelle looks to the menu distractedly, nodding slowly…and he orders something with corned beef and alooot of cheese on it before clearing his throat. "Yeah, little boy even admits that's what he did. Diana however doesn't remember most of what happened." He sighs softly. "Yoohoo!" He whistles sharply to the cashier type and gestures between himself and Abby. "Whatever the lovely lady got too, just slap it on my tab, hmmm?" Then looking back to Abby with a hint of a sad smile. "Oh goodness, the Pastor…that poor man…"

"He was fighting them. Now he's not fighting the visions. I went out and got him a little digital recorder so that he could just press a button and talk through them" Abigail sighs softly. "Lord I hope whatever's done finishes soon, he's frazzled like my momma canning tomatoes and she's got 80 more can s to go and still has yet to pickle the cucumbers"

Raquelle just sighs and gives a tiny shake of his head. "I heard you too were in a bit of a pickle, minutes the tomatoes and the cucumbers, honey…" He offers softly with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Either way, that kinda nonsense ain't good for the brain. No the psyche stuff but the actual brain bits, and poor baby's gonna have a stroke or something if they escalate. So yep, I also hope whatever's been knocked loose finds its way back home."

"I'll be fine. I'm not having.. visual seizures every ten minutes' The red head points out as soon enough Raquelle's plate it up. Though Abigail makes the rush to pay for it before he can. "If it doesn't stop soon enough, if the reason isn't found I'll go see if I can dig up someone who can help. I know a few other people and they owe him"

Raquelle mmhms and takes his plate carefully before rolling his eyes at the red head tries to pay before he can. "You naughty little minx…gawd…" He just sighs and blinks several times. "Good, he needs help. From where ever he can get it honestly, just he needs some peace and some rest."

"When he figures out what god is trying to tell him,i'm sure he will" Abigail answers to the hairdresser. "He wanted me to let you know that he's doing okay, that he doesn't need the hovering I guess. I've been making sure Alicia gets walked, but, if you want, you should probably see about making sure he has food? I don't think he's turning on the stove or trying to cook. I brought some pizza last night when the Chinese ran out." Back to their seat she goes, her plate clinking as it connects with the table. A little pepper the only addition to her sandwich.

Raquelle just stares at Abigail. When got…what?! He just continues to stare for a very long time, staying quiet as he gets his sandwich and a couple of napkins and follows back to the table, setting down the plate before settling down himself and narrowing his eyes as he tries to think. Finally he just shakes his head. "I'll make sure he has food and keeps food." He replies quietly

Abigails observant, the look on his face, that he's quiet. "What did I say wrong?"

"Oh no god no, you said nothing wrong. Honey, you know how much I love you. I love Joseph. I love that my girls have the option of believing in god and having faith in something to give them hope in life. Regardless of how much shi-bull hockey I've had to take over the years from other churches, you know I really love this one. If you don't know, well now you do." Raquelle starts out carefully. "But…I can't wrap my head around just waiting for a message or trying to figure out a message from a higher power when people I do care about are being hurt by not /God/ but the fact that we all have a freedom of choice and sometimes people choose to do shitty things that hurt people who are innocent or have done nothing to deserve it. So we have to choose, you know people who do want to help others, to find away to make it better for people. We've been given that ability, the ability of choice. Do you really…"

He trails off. "Oh honey bunches of firelicious…it doesn't matter. Just the overly concerned papa in me wanting to kiss boo boo and make it better." He winks and shakes his head trying to lighten the mood.

Abigial's hand slides across the table to cover his. "I really do believe that god lets things happen, for a reason. I may not like, surely as the sun rises Raquelle, I may fight it with all my being but in the end, He knows what is supposed to happen. There is method to His madness. And faith, sometimes doesn't make sense, but you have to have it, and faith that the Good Lord will not put you through Trials that you cannot handle. Through the Grace of God and his friends, his congregation and the parish, he'll get through this, and he'll find out what it is that he's being told."

The slender long fingers squeeze his hand. "I want so badly to fix him, to say a prayer and touch him and make it go away, but I can't. BUt I have faith that when the Pastor wants it, we can find the right help or he'll find the right help that he needs. Not all of God's trials are delightful and filled with pink casts and loving fathers, and little sisters who will bow to your every whim and red haired healers who can make all the hurts go away"

Raquelle just sighs and squeezes Abigail's hand in return. "That's very beautiful, that really is. But if it hadn't been for you or people who could heal and my daughter ended up in a coma or dead? I really honestly can't say that any Faith in the world would make me feel better about that. Same if something bad happens to the Pastor that cannot be reversed or takes him away from us as well." He smiles wistfully. "Cest la vie, and all that business. You have the faith honey, okay? I'll just have the love, and if we both have hope on top of those things…I'm sure we'll see the metaphorical sun again, hm?"

"Would you have blamed god for the actions of a child who would have put Di into a coma? Did you think that perhaps it was instead god's actions that so long ago had me coming an fixing Da vinci and there by saying to you, look, she's a healer. Remember that for when you need it… and then you needed it, you remembered that you knew someone who could help her?"

Abigail takes her hand back, picking up her pickle spear. "You need to read that footsteps poem. Then maybe you'll understand. But I'm a little low on hope these days Raquelle. But I'll supply the blind faith. I guess it has to do with how your raised. Eat your sandwich. Then we can order a couple for the Pastor and drop them off. Getting time to take Alicia for a walk and then I can get on with my searching"

Raquelle just chuckles softly. "I've read that poem sweetie, don't worry." He takes a bites of his sandwich, chewing, swallowing, wiping his mouth…all that important stuff and he just waves a hand vaguely. "Listen pumpkinbelly, you're beautiful, you're sweet and you /will/ regain the blessing that has blessed so many people in so many ways. We all need breaks from time to time, to learn or gain insight into how to better use what we've been given, okay? So keep that chin up and keep strutting that stuff because you're holy? Cute? And faaaabulous." He flashes a grin and nods slowly. OMNOMNOMNOM Sandwich consumption.

Holy. Cute. Fabulous. Only her ego doesn't really need the boost that he's trying to give it. She knows she's cute, she knows she's holy. Fabulous? Well, yeah. When she's able to take away that stab wound, or erase that bullet wound. "I got drunk a few nights ago" After she's finished a bit of her sandwich, muffling the next words with a napkin. "French kissed a guy"

Raquelle chokes on a piece of beef, and not the perverted kind either as his eyes widen a bit and he covers his mouth with a napkin, gasping/wheezing for air and clearing his throat a couple of times before swallowing and wiping off his mouth with a small blink and then another couple of blinks. "Did the kissing happen before or after the intoxication? Also, do not feel bad…everybody gets drunk and french kisses a guy at one point in their life." He blinks some more. Blink blink. Blink Blink Blink. "Oh my poor baby, and I wasn't there to hold your hair out of your face and tell you I'll kill him if he hurts you!" He tears up a bit and sniffles and gets out of his chair, coming around to, unless Abby moves, assault her with big…tall gay man hugs. "C'mere…sweetie, it's okay…"

There's a bewildered look on her face as she's suddenly finding herself wrapped up in the arms of the hairdresser. Okay, now she knows how Helena felt at the bar. "Raq… It wasn't like.. that…"

Raquelle just sniffles again and kisses the top of her poor little head and just holds her close. "Shhhhh, I know it wasn't like that. But it is okay, I'll always be here for you. Okay muffinlove? I'll always be here for you." And in his emotionalism he really can't help his gift twirling around his words trying to also be supportive and comforting. He pulls back a bit to look her over before taking a deep breath and dabbing at his eyes with a napkin.

"I'm going to tell you a secret, when you think you're getting drunk…and there are people bearing penises around…here…" He reaches into an inner blazer pocket to pull out a still unopened stick of cherry chapstick. "In case of emergencies ONLY, okay honey?" He offers the chapstick and clears his throat. "Break seal in case of impending lip smooshing, you will never ever be that girl 'she was hot but she tasted a little bit like beer and nachos', okay?"

Cherry chap stick is taken once she's been released, eyeing Raquelle. "Do I get to… finish my story before you make.. more.. assumptions?" Wow. Raquelle's gonna laugh at it, that's for sure.

Raquelle just waves a hand vaguely and settles back in his seat, dabbing at his eyes and nodding. "O-oh okay, continue sweetie. Don't mind me." Another deep breath taken before he takes a big bite of his sandwich to chew and work on as he listens.

"It's the guy who god gave my gift to. I'm supposed to help him. I don't.. want to, I hate him. I'm jealous right now. It wouldn't be so bad if i didn't know that someone else had it. But he's.. not the religious type and if he didn't get a handle on it, well… But he offered a drink, because both of us dunno what to tell or talk to each other normally. And then I decide that I'd kiss him, because someone I know told me that he likes me. Something like that, so I told him he'd get another kiss if he learned how to turn it off"

Raquelle just hmms softly and nods slowly, listening and chewing and dabbing at his lips. At one point he slips out a compact, holding it up to check on his eyeliner before snapping it shut. "Well honey, you got good instincts. Make 'em work for it. Alllways make 'em work for it." He sighs and then rather seriously offers. "And why haven't you hit him over the head with a bottle, stripped him, and hogtied him before dragging him over to the holy man's house so he can lay hand upon him and try to make his 3d seizure fits stop?

Why hasn't she. Probably the same way that she hasn't ratted him out to phoenix whole or dragged him along to the airport. "Because I respect him too much to hand him over my responsibilities unless he wants them" Abigail leans over, beckoning Raquelle over, a murmur into his ear about other things then sits back.

Raquelle arches an eyebrow slowly. "I think sometimes being a sweetie pie can make you make some very stupid choices, however! It is your choice." He chuckles softly before freezing up after leaning over at that whisper and there's a moment as his left eye twitches and he falls back in his chair with a THUD.

"You're not the only one to say that to me" The sweetie pie = stupid choices thing. But their her choices and she accepts the consequences every time. A fry is picked up and dragged through ketchup, looking away from Raquelle with pursed lips.

Raquelle whimpers on the floor as he quickly scrambles back up, righting the chair and climbing back into it to lean forward against the table to just stare at Abigail intently. "You ain't stupid and you never will be, you're very very sweet but pleeeeeeeease tell me you were wearing long j-jeans, please for the love of all things holy…"

"I was wearing jeans Raquelle" Abigail sighs.

Raquelle exhales and closes his eyes for a few moments. "Thank you god." He even crosses himself and then points to Abigail. "I want to meet him."

The french fry drops. "You do not want to meet him"

"Aha!" Raquelle gives Abigail a look. "See, that right there just makes me want to meet him even more! Why? Is he not good enough for you? Does he have 6 fingers? Is his dye job really bad?"

"Why do you need to meet him Raquelle? it's not like I… like… him" Well no, she does. She doesn't iron just anyones shirts. "He's an older man, he lives on Staten Island. Scruffy, usually wears a suit. I knew him before, he's saved me a few times and I've fixed him up good a few others" Abigail describes Deckard, down to the overcoat and his penchant for carrying guns.

Raquelle just narrows his eyes, toying with a bit of bread from his sandwich and just listening closely. "You like him." He waves a hand to dismiss the notion of denial before staring and blinking. "Ummm…" Nah, couldn't be! There have to be a lot of stinky scruffy old guys on Staten! "Does he /smell/ by any chance?"

"Whiskey. A lot." She offers up. yeah, she's not painted a very good picture of the guy really.

Raquelle ahhs softly. "Then we couldn't meet at a really swanky place, so hmmm, maybe a nice picnic…neutral ground, not inappropriately intimate."

"Raq, he's not gonna come. Really. We're not on the best of terms. He thinks I'm some crazy religious flibbertigibbet who is always getting into a grease fire and he's the baking soda" The abandoned french fry is rescued and nibbled at, most of her sandwich gone.

Raquelle sighs and rolls his eyes a bit. "If he's never gonna come, then how are you ever gonna embrace your differences and get your…stuff back, hm?" He waves a hand vaguely. "Look, who has the penis here, me or you?"

Christ, he said the P word. 'you" Coughing a bit as a french fry tries to make an escape down the wrong hatch for freedom.

Raquelle slides a few napkins over to Abigail, nodding and smiling softly. "Exactly, /I/ do, which means…I understand men a little bit better. Because I am one. I even was fruitful and multiplied with the fruit of my afore mentioned loins - breathe baby, you need the Heimlich?"

"No just, I'm good" The napkins used to wipe her mouth, french fry going back where it should. Summarily executed in a bath of stomach acid. "I'll see what I can do. I can't promise that at least that will be fruitful"

Raquelle smiles 'sweetly' and blows a kiss, settling back in his seat. "Lovely! Now, finish your food…skinny bitches can be fine but ain't nobody trying to get with the toothpicks that have /no/ weight on them and snap like twigs." He tips an invisible hat and digs back in to his sandwich, OMNOMNOMNOM.

Only, she's actually put on five pounds since loosing her ability. She can't keep eating like she does and no way to use up all the carbs and energy. But she's not going to argue. "We'll get Joseph a pastrami, a club and.. a roast beef dip you think? That shoudl tide him over and give enough choice"

"We'll get him a couple more and then I'll pick him up some bags of chips and such for snacks on my way over, mmhm." Raquelle agrees in between sips of his water and bites of his sandwich which he makes quick work of.

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