Breakfast And Bradley


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Scene Title Breakfast and Bradley
Synopsis Agents Minea Dahl and Lawrence Cook discuss the curious case of the two April Bradleys over breakfast and form several theories to investigate.
Date April 30, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Nite Owl is a relic, a 24 hour diner open all the time, caters to everyone, but the cops tend to gravitate to it. Perhaps that's why the vigilantes and terrorists stopped gravitating towards it too the last few months. Minea's in the same back booth she occupied the night before, A cup of coffee before her, likely her third, dark circles under her eyes and a half eaten breakfast in front of her. She was meeting Lawrence here.

News had likely started to filter through that Agent Marks had died, Agents Sawyer and Dahl present at the time. BUt mostly, it was suspected, the world kept turning and company keeps working.

Lawrence lets himself into the diner with a cautious sniff, carefully turning and closing the door behind himself. He tips his chin up and scans the patrons, nodding once as he spies Minea and heads over that way. "Hullo and good morning, Miss Dahl. You look tired."

"Good morning Cook. I didn't get much sleep. Busy doing … stuff. Coffee?" The brunette offers, putting away her blackberry after finishing a text message. "How was your night?"

Lawrence leans over to look at the coffee, sniffs, and shakes his head. "No, thank you, I try not to drink sewage." That said, he reaches for a menu and opens it up. "It was fine except for a period between four and four forty-five involving a fly buzzing about."

"Maybe you should just sleep in a sensory depravation tank. I'm sure it'd be covered under our insurance as a medical necessity." IT's not a joke, Minea looks utterly serious. "It's not sewage, it's swill, but it's swill that's going to wake me up. I was with Agent Sawyer, She pulled the plug on Agent Marks as per her living will. She wasn't taking it good"

"Well," Lawrence says absently. "She wasn't taking it well. Are you close to Agent Sawyer? A sensory deprivation tank might be an idea, thank you."

"No. Not to Sawyer. Marks had been a potential partner for me, but I guess that our run in with Adam cemented that" In the ground. Six feet under. "Be careful around me Cook. I go through partners at an alarming rate and they don't retire if you get my drift" She fishes out a bite of egg from her plate as the red haired waitress makes her rounds to take Lawrences order.

Lawrence orders some toast with peanut butter and a banana, which is pretty damn specific. And some orange juice. "But does it have pulp?" Yes. "Ooh, I don't like pulp. Can you strain it?" Okay…? "Thank you." The waitress bustles off, leaving Lawrence to turn his attention back to Minea and blink. "…Do you shoot them?"

"Nope. They just seem to die" She knows why he's specific, the waitress doesn't but then, she's seen odder. "I have someone putting in a message to Mr. Nakamura to call me. But apparently, it's not him. I don't want to put it down in reports yet, not until I know more, but… " There's a pursing outwards of her lips. "You seem like a nerdy type, what do you know about time travel? Manipulation or any other aspect of it."

Lawrence rests his hands on the tabletop, clasping them together. "I'll keep that in mind. Time travel? Nothing at all, I'm afraid. I've never ecountered it before. It's intriguing to think of what's already been changed and what hasn't. I question what it is in April's life that requires changing at this particular time, which is why I'm interested in more detailed accounts of what she's occupied with. Or what she will be occupied with, depending on whether she was sent back a little before in order to 'nip it in the bud', as it were. Should time travel be the explanation, that is. You know how to contact Mister Nakamura? In what was is it not him?"

"What said here, right now, can't go in reports yet. not until I get a hold of Mr. Nakamura. Do you remember someone named Tyler Case? It was that serial killer case that cropped up a few weeks ago. Anyone who came in touch with him, somehow turned evolved? Well.." Minea picks up her cup of coffee and takes a sip. "He's locked up somewhere, only.. he's also running around town. Or so my source says"

"I'll have to refresh myself on that one," Lawrence says. Orange juice arrives, which he thanks the waitress for. "Do you often come across information you don't report?"

"I report it. Just a matter of waiting a few days sometimes so I have the complete picture. If I don't have the complete picture, then I submit and hope someone else has the other puzzle piece" Minea counters. "Because withholding information gets people killed and I've learned that you don't keep shit from your partners, it's not right" ouch, the venom added at the end speaks volumes. Someone burned Minea in the past. "if there's a doppleganger of Mr. Case running around.. then there is the possibility that there might.. be … a doppleganger of Agent Bradley running around. But to what end, is the question"

"If we saw either the doppelganger or the time traveller Bradley, they slipped up. They weren't careful enough, because now we know there are two Bradleys running around, unless it's an illusion," Lawrence says, taking a sip of his juice. He wrinkles his nose. There's still some pulp in there. Ugh. "Perhaps Mister Case isn't so safely secured after all."

"I'd bet he's safely tucked away somewhere. Informant had no reason to lie to me. But if there's two dopplegangers.. admittedly it's an if…" Minea's fingers drum on the table top before she stops, not realizing she might be annoying her partner. "You said that you were intruiged by what in Aprils life would require changing. If it is her. If it's some future? version of herself,t hat might explain why she tossed the force field to help knock down the perps but then walked away. She can't stay there, she'll get caught, she didn't mean to stay there. But she did get seen, by me, and I followed through"

Lawrence has another little sip of juice. "If you could give me a walkthrough of the event, that would be helpful. I also wonder how a time-displaced person would get back home if they weren't a time traveller themself."

Lawrence is going to get what he asked, starting with the call put out for backup at union and 6th, through to Felix chasing after whomever had disappeared, the discovery of a possible and likelihood of an illusionist at play. All of it that she can remeber, pausing only when the waitress comes around to refill her coffe before finishing it off. The story that is.

Lawrence leans back in his seat; his peanut butter toast arrives, and he picks it up to nibble at the corner. "Intriguing. Bradley was still helping, but perhaps she's still at odds with the activities of the current Company."

'What makes you think that she's at odds with the company?" Brown brows rising at Lawrence with his words.

"Why didn't she stop and say hello if she helped?" Lawrence asks, still nibbling away at his toast. "Or help apprehend the other 'perps'?" He says the word carefully, like someone who doesn't really think he should be using it. And he probably shouldn't, because he sounds pretty hilarious. "Unless she was ordered to otherwise stay clear by our employers themselves. Regardless, we can dither about it as much as we like, but if there is a time traveller - or time travellers - we ought to figure out their escape points, if any."

Minea says, "wait, what if … " Minea points her forefinger down on the table, pressing it there. "April's marked. Your marked, yes?" She's not about to yank down his collar and check."

"Yes, of course," Lawrence replies, reaching for his juice again and pursing his lips at her.

"Cook, what if she's… one of the ones we're looking for?" Makes sense doesn't it. if she's a doppleganger, if she is someone who somehow got messed with temporily.. "She'd be marked. One could assume too… maybe.. that Tyler Case would have been marked as well."

"Maybe she is," Lawrence cedes. "It's entirely possible. The isotope tracking is a way to start, though again it's unfortunate they don't have unique frequencies. I wonder if she smells the same as the current Bradley."

" Sme…" Holy crap. "Does the individual change smell over time? I mean, for all we know if and it is a big if she is … I mean, Nakamura supposedly has lost his ability, but I'm of the impression that's a recent happening.. I mean, how far down the road does one's personal scent change? For that matter, I better write it down to ask Nakamura when he lost his ability to manipulate time." The blackberry is out again, thumbing the question into the device to note for later. .

Lawrence has another sip of juice. "I haven't been capable of tracking smells long enough to know if they change over time. I'm not certain of the chemistry behind it, though I would think the basics wouldn't change." He could be wrong.

"I wish that their ability to pinpoint them was better frankly, if you couldn't get individual signatures. Other than "in Brooklyn go look" The Brunette murmurs. "Well. Need to talk to nakamura. We should try and get you to April and get you to smell her and then .. Well, if you smelled her, got her scent, what then Cook? Her smell is probably not at the site anymore"

Lawrence returns to his toast, finishing it off. "It probably isn't at the site, no. But if I had her scent and the other Bradley was spotted, I could possibly track her."

"So, there in, lies the rub as the bard would say. We have to see her again, someone has to see her again. Do we tell them our suspicions now, or wait till I can get a hold of Nakamura? Because if Nakamura doesn't have his ability… It means there's another time manipulator out there. One we don't know about. What if we're stepping on some assignment we don't know about and aren't cleared to know about"

"I would assume someone better able to handle such an assignment would be the one taking care of it," Lawrence says. "We all want the same thing: to keep dangerous Evolveds from hurting others. I say we notify them now." He chews thoughtfully, reaches for his glass. "Ew. Drymouth."

"I still have to swing by the police station and look up Doctor Shelby and see what the NYPD have on a case in Brooklyn. Watch that be part of this all I bet. Everything's so incestuous right now, i'd swear" Minea watches her new partner with a smile and a shake of her head. "Life must suck, being able to do what you do"

Lawrence looks over at her and blinks; it's the smile that throws him. "It did for some time, before our employers found me. It was constant sensory overload I couldn't control. Life is much better now."

"You really should ask them about the sensory deprevation tank. I mean, you'd still be in water, but.. I mean, it might give you a break now and then" Minea offers up. Obviously she gave this a little thought to have come up with it. "We should go get a start on the day then. I have our list of people to check out. You ready?"

Lawrence finishes his orange juice and nods, rising from his seat. "Of course. Let's go."

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