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Date August 31, 2010
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Associated Press
September 1, 2010

Details are still coming in as this news bulletin is being written, but sources for the Associated Press within the Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that a massive nation-wide anti-terror operation called Operation Hammerdown went underway in the early morning hours yesterday. According to these sources with DHS, the National Security Agency had been operating on information pertaining to a clandestine organization of Evolved and Non-Evolved individuals that have been operating in secret as a sleeper cell within the US Government. Details are not clear yet, but it has been projected that this organization, calling itself The Company, may have been influencing this country since as far back as the 1960s.

Sources in the Pentagon have revealed that a three year plan to oust the Company from within the United States has been an ongoing anti-terrorism endeavor. These Pentagon sources claim that founding members of the Company may have been directly involved in a plot to systematically replace and manipulate government officials as well as orchestrated the 2006 nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan in order to position themselves for a potential coup-de-tat.

The Company's existence was brought to light by President Petrelli in a closed door cabinet meeting with officials, citing instances of vast corruption within the government. A nation-wide manhunt is now underway for elements of the Company and a list of agents operating within the United States borders has been furnished to all federal law-enforcement agencies with order to apprehend and detain.

This is the single largest conspiracy ever uncovered in American history and the implications are likely not going to be fully understood until more information is made available. A late morning meeting with Press Secretary Paul Ferguson illuminated only that "the joint counter-terror task force, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and the National Security Agency have been cooperating to apprehend all known associates of a rogue organization operating at all levels of government."

Ferguson went on to say that "A press-conference will be held when there is more information to be revealed, but we have no more to say at this point."

We will keep you up to date on this event as it unfolds.

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