Breaking News: Forcefield Attack?

The pictures are more telling than the words, because the words hold very little. Words like unprecedented and suspected and unconfirmed fly around slightly more concrete syllables like destruction and forcefield and death toll. But it's probably the photographs— all from outside the Dome— that remain more relevant than early hours speculation and mouth flapping from the press.

A firetruck impacted hard enough for the front end to be brushed. Bodies and injured being brought out from the bowls of a train line in Manhattan. The severed western-most end of the Queensboro Bridge with dust flying high and steel foundation sticking like bone from skin. Soldiers roaming the barrier, studying without talking to a small group of people inside, who in turn watch and don't talk to the soldiers.

This afternoon, the Queensboro Bridge was destroyed by an Evolved ability capable of cutting through solid steel and concrete

instantly amputated from her shoulder to her foot, dying within seconds. Countless more have been

have yet to confirm what caused this destruction, but authorities have confirmed a curving, forcefield-like structure that bisects Roosevelt Island and a portion of the Queens borough

act of domestic terrorism, or a terrible accident, John, but all eyes are turning toward the Secretary of the Department of Evolved Affairs while we wait for President Petrelli's press conference early tomorrow

no one has come forward to declare ransom, but the situation may easily turn into a hostage situation

And on and on, on every channel, on every radio station, from the afternoon of the 31st of January, through to the 1st of February. Slowly, the media craze will die, but the Dome has something on the various dramas that transpire in New York City.

It just keeps on giving.

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