Breaking News Kidnapping

The New York Times
Monday January 3, 2010

Reports are coming in from offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Los Angeles California that the family of DHS secretary Matthew Parkman may have been the targets of a kidnapping by anti-government or anti-evolved terrorists. Details are scarce at the moment, but sources within the FBI have confirmed that Janice Parkman (Ex-Wife of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Matthew Parkman) and her son Matthew Parkman Junior were abducted from their home early Monday morning in what is being deemed a home invasion. Federal Agents were alerted to the incident when neighbors called local authorities when sounds of breaking glass and commotion from the Parkman residence was heard just shortly after 5:30am.

Signs of forced entry were discovered by the LAPD on arrival to the scene and the location was later scoured by the FBI for clues pertaining to the location of Janice Parkman and her four-year-old son. No evidence at this time directly connects any known terrorist organization to the kidnapping, however the Department of Homeland Security is strongly pursuing all possible leads that this kidnapping may be a reprisal from organizations like Messiah in protest to DHS' activity against their organization.

Matthew Parkman Junior was recently registered on the Registry of the Evolved Database as a tier-0 unmanifested Evolved which also leads authorities to consider the possibility of this being somehow connected to Humanis First activity, however sources inside the Department of Homeland Security have said that there are no ear-marks that match patterns of known Humanis First kidnappings in this instance, but tey are following all possible leads seriously.

Matthew Parkman was unavailable for comment at the time of this printing. We will keep you up to date on this developing story as it progresses.

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