Breaking News October 7th 2010
Date October 6, 2010
Relevant Logs An Inescapable Destiny

8 dead and 36 injured in terrorist attack at Columbia University.

AP Wire
October 6, 2010

Acting on information provided by credible sources, the Department of Homeland Security mobilized the FRONTLINE organization today in preparation for a suspected assassination attempt on Department of Evolved Affairs Secretary Raymond Praeger and Senior Analyst Georgia Mayes. The threat of the attack was revealed to be a reality when Evolved terrorists believed to be a part of Messiah initiated a bloody attack on Mayes' speech at Columbia University where Mayes was giving a speech on the future of the DoEA and sponsorships for scholarships of Evolved students.

According to eye-witnesses, it is believed that an Evolved ability to insinuate an altered mental state was used prior to the attack. Many survivors of the attack cited feeling an "unexplained panic" welling up in them, and reports have widely varied as to the levels of this mass hysteria. During the resulting chaos, it is believed that Messiah was able to make their move on Mayes. Fortunately, due to the valiant efforts of FRONTLINE Mayes' and others were protected from harm and casualties were likely reduced greatly from what may have been the intended result.

One alleged member of Messiah, Jesse Murphy (27) unleashed an Evolved ability on the scene that caused the death of 8 students and critically injured over a dozen others, including five NYPD officers. Murphy was shot and killed by police on the scene following his attack. Other individuals were reportedly involved, though police are still trying to compile witness information on their appearance. One such Evolved, according to one DoEA security officer, was able to turn into a self-mobile cloud of smoke and attempted to communicate with Georgia. Details of what was said is not available at this time.

Mayor Lockheart was also on scene for the attack, along with three members of the FRONTLINE organization, none of which sustained serious injury.

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