Breaking The Code


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Scene Title Breaking The Code
Synopsis When technopath meets technopath, they both learn a little something.
Date June 7, 2009


Alia sighs as she skids her skateboard to a stop at an intersection a few blocks from the brooklyn public library, a fustrated and worried expression on her face. Her t-shirt and jeans are both faded, obviously casual wear, though the backpack she wears is far from such. She brushes back her cap and looks about to see where her random wandering has taken her.

Wade's early morning activities have left him feeling liberated. Invigorated. He has never felt so full of power, full of himself actually. He only has two left and his life will forever be altered. He can change destiny. He walks down the streets of Brooklyn with a coffee in hand as he comes across the intersection as he sees the young female with the skateboard. There's a soft tingling sensation. Something he's felt before but he just can't figure out exactly what it is that causes it. He takes a second glance at her. It's almost as if she's causing it, but he's certain he's never seen her before. He nods politely to her as he waits for the light to change.

Alia nods in return. If she's noticing a similar feeling, she's not showing it. Just a polite person who's waiting to go the same direction at the lights. She picks the board up by stepping on the back, so she doesn't have to bend over or take her eyes off her surroundings. "Hello." She says, simply and firmly.

That sound is persistent. It's not really even a sounds, but a feeling. A sense. He takes a step closer and the sound becomes more intense, and he gives her a curious glance. "Hiya." he responds, with a friendly smile. "Nice skateboard." Wade comments, still being rather friendly. He's definitely curious as to why he's getting this vibe from her.

Alia tilts her head and grins. "Thanks." She says. "Alia." She says in a form of introduction of herself. The smile shows she's trying to be friendly, even if her words are just not that great or long.

The glance becomes even curiouser, if that's a word, as he nods. "Wade." he says, by way of introduction. He shifts his paper coffee cup from his right hand to the left, then offers his right hand to her. A handshake.

Alia smiles and shakes the hand with her free hand. "Nice to meet you." The girl's grip is firm, likely due to some form of practice to strengthen it for some reason. She asks simply, "Where are you going to?"

As the hands touch, the sense that comes from her is strong. He maintains a grip on the hand for a moment as he sends her a message in binary.

Can you hear this?

Without waiting for her to respond, he answers her question. "I haven't really decided. It was a decent day out so I thought I'd just go for a walk. You?" He smiles at her, waiting to see if perhaps she has some response.

Alia just blinks at the odd sensation as she looks about. It's not one she's familiar with. The look on her face says that she's confused, her body language showing her moving as if to suddenly take flight though she doesn't move. She shrugs a little. "Needed air." She says simply. Her movements suggests she was already somewhat stressed before the newest form of confusion to strike her.

He watches her for any signs that she comprehended him. Perhaps she's like him. She's a little jumpy, but there could be reasons for that. "You look like you've had quite a day so far, so perhaps a bit of air wouldn't hurt. Is everything okay?" Wade asks as he slowly releases her hand. The contact only makes the connection stronger, but he does have the capability to transmit 'wirelessly'.

Alia looks for the right words. It's always a challenge for her even as she starts walking as the light changes, not really with an aim in mind. "You know computers?" She asks first. "Old games, the old 'copy protection' lookups?" She is struggling to express herself even that much.

Unfortunately, old for her is ancient for him, since he grew up several gaming generations from now. He shakes his head. "I don't think I know what you mean. You like to play old games, or…?" he furrows his brow, trying to understand what she's saying.

Alia sighs and looks for a way to explain, but she nods at the question. "Yes. Misplaced a manual. Couldn't look up the awnser for the question. Somehow just … 'knew' what to put in."

The light across the street turns from orange to white, beckoning them to cross over and Wade motions for her to come across with him. "So, you can understand computer codes?" he asks. It's not quite the same as what he can do, or perhaps she just hasn't learned how to do more. "Is there anything else you can do?"

Alia shrugs. "It's… new." She says simply. Perhaps it's this realization of what she just figured out is what has her distraught. "You were loud a moment ago? Asking oddly if I could hear?"

Sipping from his coffee, he drops it into a wastebasket once they've crossed the street. Wade nods to her. "I can talk in computer languages." He holds up a finger and pulls out his phone and holds it out. A series of messages pop up one after the other.

I can talk to anything that has a computer chip.

By just connecting to it.

By touch or wirelessly.

I wonder if you can do the same?

Alia blinks… and if she has such a knack, she doesn't know it. She shakes her head after a few moments… then she randomly says a series of numbers. One might recongize it as the locking code to unlock your phone's information when it's in 'locked' mode. She blinks as she's not even sure where THAT came from.

Wade takes a moment to recall why he knows that number, then he looks at his phone and knows. "Well, that is quite the talent. Seems that you're some kind of codecracker, without having to actually crack anything. That's pretty cool." he grins. "Do you have a phone?" he asks as he tucks his into his pocket.

Alia digs out her cell phone. It's a cheap pay-as-you-go model. nothing fancy. If anything it's about as plain as it gets.

Wade touches a finger to it, and inserts his own cell phone number in the address book. And for kicks, he prepays her cell phone for the next ten thousand minutes, which she'll see when she looks to see how many minutes she has left before she has to pay again. "Call me if you start finding yourself able to do anything new and need to talk." He's not a bad guy when he's not off seeking revenge.

Alia blinks and nods a bit as someone seemingly understands. She sighs and nods. She pockets her phone, looking confused still, but at least a little less worried about her being even more isolated then she already was. "Thank you." the words are tinged with the relief she feels.

He smiles back at her and nods. "Sure." He gives her a wave, before moving off. He needs to get back home. He turns and walks backwards for a moment as he shrugs. "It's not all that bad. Trust me." He's made the most of his ability, and he's certain she will too.

Alia simply nods as she drops her skateboard, realizing from his body movements his need to be away from her. She grins, waves, and steps on the board and pushes off, heading towards the library.

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