Brian And Sami Sittin In A Tree


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Scene Title Brian and Sami Sittin' in a Tree
Synopsis Turns out trees aren't that comfortable to sit in
Date December 3, 2010

Pollepel Island

"Trees aren't…" A frustrated noise emits from his throat. Grabbing at the branch, Brian tugs himself forcefully towards it again. "Not nearly as comfortable as.." Getting a little higher, Winters reaches up and finally positions himself in his new roost. Adjusting slightly, Brian's hands go down as he steadies himself.

Sitting in a tree, Brian glances at the Disney Princess Mirror strapped to his forearm. Adjusting himself again so that he is semi-laying down, he adjusts the mirror. Leaning back he goes to pat the branch above him slightly so that he can see her in his mirror. The night is cold, Brian is wearing several layers, which may have been why he had such difficulty getting towards the top of the tree.

"Not nearly as comfortable as movies make them seem." Adjusting the mirror on his chest, Brian tilts his head back. There is just enough moonlight for him to see her reflection, though one of those stupid clouds might ruin that soon. "So. How was your day?" He asks brightly.

The shifting in the tree actually earns Brian a toothy grin. Comfort isn't exactly an issue for Samara— her arms rest behind her head, acting as a kind of pillow as she lounges along, and partially through, one of the trees branches in sight of that mirror. Her lips twitch to the side to conceal her silent amusement while her hazel eyes just watch him adjusting his position time and time again. Who knew that intangibility could be so advantageous?

Her lips press together expectantly, suppressing the giggle that threatens to get out. The question, however, gives her pause. Just enough. All-in-all she's looked more tired in the last week or so. Her eyes have circles growing under them thanks to her determination to keep Paul on Pollepel. Despite herself, she manages an easy enough smile, a shrug, and a thumb's up sign. Things are alright, all things considered. Rubbing her eyes, she presses her palms over her eyelids.

Her hands are lazily returned to her side as she points at him and shrugs. The question is implicit in just the body language: how is he doing?

"Oh me? You know. Just the same old same old…" He offers non-chalantly. Though it only takes a few moments for him to crack. "I met up with my sister and she made me cry a lot. And I was really insecure that you were ghosting through the halls and would see me getting snot on my sister's shoulder." It's all said in one breath, which is semi-impressive. "Or worse, if you had Paul with you. That would be bad."

Taking a deep breath, Brian adjusts again. "So.. Remember how I told you my parents are dead? So.. my sister. Gillian? She went back in time. She went back and saw our parents. Like.." He pauses, lowering his gaze for a moment. His ability to remain completely unaffected by emotion is dented. His sense of humor failing to protect him. "She actually got to see them. And talk to them." Trying to sit up, Brian swings his arm out dramatically to catch himself when he starts to fall. "Shit!" Sighing at the tree, he looks down at the mirror.

"I'm sorry. I don't really have a whole lot of people to talk to I guess." He shrugs. "You think with the ability to make a billion of myself and how fucking charming I am I would have more friends. And more not dead friends too." He grins a little at her.

Brian is cast an empathetic frown at the notion of crying. Instinctively, her hand reaches out to squeeze his, to no avail. As her hand moves through his, Samara's expression becomes moderately sour, but only momentarily. This is her reality. There's something undeniably annoying about being able to do nothing to console her friend— not in word, deed, or touch. Finally, she finds herself signing again, 'THAT MUST BE HARD,' each letter is spelled in turn. It's rudimentary sign language for someone with little resources to learn it here. She easily shuffle-floats over beside him, offering what little support she can give: her presence and a listening ear. 'YOU CAN TALK TO ME. LISTENING IS ONE OF THE FEW THINGS I'M GOOD AT.' Her eyebrows arch expectantly within the DPM.

Brian's admission is followed by one of her own. 'I HAVE A BROTHER. I WOKE UP AT HIS HOUSE A FEW WEEKS AGO. HE LOOKED LIKE HE'D SEEN A GHOST.' A reflective frown plays over her lips. 'IF I EVER GET OUT OF THIS THING I DO WHAT CAN MY LIFE EVEN LOOK LIKE? I LET THEM THINK ME DEAD.' It's a dilemma she's considered a lot lately.

"I know you have a brother. I've seen him." Brian falls quiet for a moment. "I mean.. Your family.." He purses his lips for a moment. "I don't know Sam. He seems like a tool." He grimaces, throwing his hands out in a shrug. "He isn't caring like you. Maybe if I got to know him, I would like him. But… I don't know. He's kind of an ass." He watches her in the mirror for a moment sadly. "I hated my family growing up. The family that I got put in after my parents died. They weren't good people. So. I made my own family."

Her intangible squeeze is appreciated, and his fingers splay out to hold the nothingness that is her hand. "When you do get out of this.. You have a family. The kids. Me. My sister who you haven't technically met yet. We'll be your new family if you need us."

Her hand is squeezed back even though it has no physical affect. "I'm not trying to sound heartless. I'm just saying. When you are out of this. You have a place with us for as long as you want."

Sami tilts her head slightly in confusion. 'YOU MET HIM?' She doesn't aim to disagree about Tahir being a tool, especially since her random visit from 'the other side' (i.e. blowing in overnight to Pollepel Island) was cut short thanks to a random brunette in his bedroom. The memory alone inspires an eye roll. And then, at the notion of the ass part, her eyebrows arch again, 'WHAT DID HE DO?' Her eyes narrow expectantly. If there was any doubt what Samara's role was in her family, there should be little now. She was the gatekeeper.

The notion of the new family brings a soft smile. There's so much uncertain, yet according to every public record, and even her own memorial stone in the graveyard, Samara Beth Dunham died over four years ago. The two words she passes on now are simple enough, mouthed rather thank signed, 'Thank you.' Her eyes close gently as she scooches a little closer to his side, not that he can feel, but she does it just the same. 'YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE. AND DON'T DENY IT. I WILL NEVER BELIEVE.'

"Kind of." Brian murmurs, tilting his head a little bit. "I do have some secrets that I can't even tell you." He shrugs slightly. "Sorry. I hope it's for your own good. See? Starting to doubt that good people thing?" He asks with a little grin. "He doesn't know he met me. But I saw enough to know that you're probably adopted." Brian nods sagely. "And if your little sister is anything like him." He shakes his head slowly. "I don't know how you survived.. Well I guess you didn't." He smiles warmly over at her. Noting her scooting closer, he lays his head back down on a branch. "I wish you were real so I wasn't so fucking cold."

"You might believe it. Eventually." He says quietly in regard to the good people. "But I won't deny it. I know I seem pretty great. So.. We're going to have a lighthouse meeting like.. Tomorrow I think. I want you there. Since when you're a real boy!" This last part said just like in pinnochio, obviously. "You will be full time staff. Right?" A charming smile is gifted her at the last.

Samara's lips press together skeptically at the comment about secrets while her nose wrinkles slightly. Her head shakes at the notion of believing it. 'I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN. HAVEN'T FELT THAT WAY IN A LONG TIME. AND THAT LIVELINESS IS THANKS TO YOU.' Her own smile warms brightly at the notion of being real. She shrugs a little. 'GOT NO STRINGS TO HOLD ME DOWN.' She shrugs a little.

The charming smile is met with a snicker and a nod of her head. She said what she meant. 'I PINKY SWORE.' Her expression turns gravely serious, 'I TAKE THAT VERY SERIOUSLY.' So yes, she'll be there, and she intends to stay with the lighthouse to boot. Her smile softens again, 'WHAT YOU GUYS DO IS PRETTY AWESOME.'

Watching her sign, Brian smiles gently at the DPM. "I make you feel alive?" He smirks a little, before that smirk turns into a broad toothy grin. Looking away from the mirror, his gray blue eyes drifting up to where hers should be. Pushing down on the branch, he adjusts on the tree so that his face is a little closer to where hers would be were she real. Swallowing down the smile, Brian stares into the nothingness that would be Sameye for a long moment. He then leans in…

"IIII'VE GOT NO STRINGS TO HOLD ME DOWN, TO TIE ME UP, TO MAKE ME FROWN!" The obnoxious loud singing has a few nearby birds fleeing their perches. A broad grin re-painted on his features, he recoils from his would be kissing position giggling a little to himself as he sings his song. "I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings on… Fuck." And with an inappropriately timed adjustment, Brian finds himself almost falling off the branch. Flailing and grabbing he manages to retain his position. Barely.

Kissing the nothingness would hardly have been satisfying, although the entire moment throws the auburn-haired spectre off. If she was tangible, Sami would push Brian off the branch altogether, but as it stands, all she can do is shoot a sour face scowl at the mirror through the rather loud and all too obnoxious song, although her expression changes to bemusement at the near fall. With a shake of her head, she's rolling her eyes again. 'CAREFUL THERE SPARKY.' Her eyebrows arch for emphasis, nothing like falling out of a tree and having a 'dead' girl who can't help you with your broken leg as your only witness.

As usual, however, her smile wins out, replacing. 'YOU REALLY FIT IN WITH THE KIDDIES DON'T YA?' She smirks as her arms are crossed over her chest.

Pushing himself up right, Brian catches most of the signing but his jostling around has him missing a few of the letters. Smiling gently in the mirror, he lets out a light laugh. "I'm a great leader for the kids. What are you trying to say?" He won't let her know that his first 'scold talking to' with Paul after they found out he could phase was more of a praise than a lecture. He tilts his head, looking semi-apologetic. "I'm sorry Sameye. I just can't help that I'm hilarious."

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