Bringing Dr. Pepper and Pepsi


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Scene Title Bringing Dr. Pepper and Pepsi
Synopsis Cardinal makes a very very late night call to Abigail and wakes her to ask for her healing help. She promises to go to jersey, but that she'll be bringing someone else with her.
Date May 25, 2009

Over the Digital lines that are Cellphones.

It's late. It's very late, in fact, it's ridiculously so when Abigail's phone rings.

Abby rises from the dream, not a good one, that she'd been having to the ringing of her phone. She's quick to silence it so that it doesn't bother anyone else who may be sleeping in adjacent rooms. "Abigail Beauchamp" mumbled and drawled out.

"Abigail." It's Cardinal's voice. Tight. Angry. Tired. "Sorry for botherin' you so late…"

But someone's hurt. She's waiting for those words. "Hello Richard. It's okay. I'm used to it by now" up in the borrowed bed Abigail sits. "What can I do for you at this witching hour?"

"We just got shot the fuck down," Cardinal says tightly, anger still simmering beneath those words, "Humanis scrounged up a fucking missile and they shot Fedor's plane down. Tried to mop us up with fucking small arms." A pause. "Xiu's hurt. She's gotten some medical attention, but the Triad'll want to know what happened…"

Oh God. "Where are you?" Abigail whispers into the phone, her chest tight. Xiulan's hurt.

"We're in the air," replies Cardinal quietly, "After dealing with the authorities and the FAA and — fuck, I'm just glad we got shot down over Canada, or we'd be fucked right now." He's not censoring himself like he usually does with her.

"Where are you going to land?" They got another plane, okay. her hand comes up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"We'll probably land in Jersey," says Cardinal, his voice a little uncertain, "That's our usually landing site, until we get Staten up and running."

Jersey. Jersey. She could rent a car, she could stop by… "What time are you landing? Round about?"

"I'll ask," he replies tiredly. There's some muffled speaking from the other line as the phone's lowered, then he brings it back up, reporting the flight plan. "'Course, weather and shit. Incoming missiles. You know how it is."

"Not really" She doesn't fly much. Not does she usually deal with incoming missiles.

"Well, could go an hour or two late, but we'll probably be on schedule," Cardinal exhales into the phone in a weary sigh, "God, those… fuckers. Didn't know they'd gotten this damn bad…"

"They defaced The Guiding Light Church. The one I attend. Saturday. Okay. Jersey" She makes note of the time to be there. "Private airfield? What will I need to get to you guys?"

"Yeah. I'll give you the address… I can radio ahead, make sure they let you through," he allows, "And they defaced the church? Jesus Christ." There's a long pause. "…um. No offense meant, God."

"None taken. Richard… I'll have to bring someone with me. Something happened. But, I'll bring someone with me who can help. A doctor, his name is Chuck Pepper. I can vouch for him"

"Pepper. Got it…" A pause, "What happened? Are you all right?"

There's a soft sigh on her side of the line. "I'll… talk about it when I'm there. But I'll be bringing Doctor… Pepper, with me"

"Okay." A breath's drawn in, and exhaled, "I'll talk to you then, then. Get some sleep. We're still hours out. Sorry about bothering you like this, I know fuckin' everyone under the sun does— " He hasn't, though, not before. This is actually the first time he's called on her for any healing whatsoever, and it's not for him.

"Don't worry Richard. A few hours warning is good. Gives me time to get things together. Tell Xiulan to hang in there. She'll be better in no time"

"Yeah, it's not serious, we just… don't want the Dragons asking questions," he grunts, "Not with how riled up they've been lately. Thanks, Abigail. You're a saint."

"Not a saint" She answers over the line. Not going to be a saint. maybe some day, someone might submit her name for canonization. But right now? "I'll bring Dr. Pepper. Just get there"

"I prefer Pepsi." Click.

The click and then… There's soft laughter from Abby. She's then slipping out of bed, moving for the suitcase with her clothes. She's got things to do, chuck to find and fetch. Pepsi to buy and to find a car/borrow a car.

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