Broken and Dirty Things


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Scene Title Broken and Dirty Things
Synopsis Some folks find themselves on the docks out on Staten.
Date September 7, 2009

Staten Island: Docks

Labor Day doesn't mean much to the people on Staten Island — not when most of them are not employed by any sort of legal means; every day is a work day and no day is a work day all at the same time in the tragic paradox of the unemployed. So this Monday is like every other Monday; there are no cookouts with hot dogs and hamburgers. There is no school, so the little urchins who call the Island their home have no reason to celebrate the last day of summer or to dread the books and teachers that Tuesday will bring.

Peyton Whitney is on her way back to the docks, hoping to make it back to civilization in one piece. It is still surreal to her that she'd ever be here of her own volition. Behind her by several yards, watching her back, are a couple of Shard's crew, making sure that the little socialite doesn't get into any trouble on the way. Peyton's dressed as ruggedly as she can be — torn jeans, her Converse tennies, a plain black t-shirt, with her hair in a Yankees cap. There is still something about her upright posture and overall cleanliness that says she doesn't belong here.

Gilbert Tucker has a school-aged urchin, and there was a day when he had a house with a neat lawn in the Staten suburbs. Still, his suburban life really was a sham. At heart, he's a thug and a gangster and a gambler. If, a somewhat quirky and pleasant one.

Said quirky, pleasant crook is tossing bags full of stuff onto a garbage barge. The bags contain VCRs, VHS movies, DVDs, an old Nintendo or so. Hard to tell if any of it still works, but it's not worth trekking over to the mainland and the pawnie is getting out of the pawn business.

He's got a cigarette pinched in his lips, his hair is spiked (of its own accord, not due to any conscious style) and he's wearing an old pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt with a faded print that says 'Vick's Gas & Cafe' and a pair of steel-toed Army boots. Several more bags of garbage find their way from the back of an old truck onto the barge.

Andrew walks off of a boat, dressed in the same manner as always. "Well, there's a familiar face," he mutters to himself as he spots Peyton walking in the opposite direction. He feels a little uncomfortable walking around the island without a weapon, and something of that shows; while his head keeps facing forward and his posture implies that same quiet confidence, his eyes flit around, looking for potential escape routes, cover and threats; particularly from elevated positions.

The docks provide just a little of the unknown for June. Of course, she had to reach the island somehow, but in the dark of night when she first arrived, the way was not so clear to her. Hustled across on a boat in the wee hours of night left her with a vague sense of her surrounding, other than the island itself. She occasionally finds herself at the docks, sitting on the edge and letting her feet dangle as she glances up and counts the seagulls that fly by, or the boats that zoom by but never really stop. She's wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans, both fairly new, but dirty with her hand prints smudged the once clean set of garments. It seems the young woman gets dirty on her daily strolls. Fairly new sneakers adorn her feet, as she lets them hang over the water, swinging back and forth. Her brown hair is down, and long, covering most of her face as she is in dire need of at least a trim, if not a full blown hair treatment.

Staten Island. Socialites and rich people are two things that don't go hand in hand, and should never mix. But Wendy wanted to check out her alternative supplier of Refrain and while she'd ditched the bodyguard, she had dressed downa nd appropriate. Nothing artfully purposefully torn but scrungy and lacking. Hoodie up with her black hair coming out on either side of her face and clouching to disguise her tall height. She's approaching near the docks, waiting for the boat she came on to come back. Andrew recieves a raised brow at the recognition. "hey bartender" She sing songs but other than that, she doesn't recognize anyone else, or notice. not even Peyton.

Okay wrong. June gets noticed but only by virtue of the sheer 'highlight' she in on Wendy's own personal compass of sixth sense. EVO! If she so happens to sidle that way, well.. Who can blame her.

The boat that is supposed to wing her away to the safety of Manhattan isn't there, yet. Peyton frowns and turns to look at the two bodyguards, who give her a shrug. One pulls out his cell phone to call. Peyton turns back, reaching a hand up to shield her eyes from the sun. What the hell — two people she recognizes within 50 yards or so? What kind of coincidence is that? She isn't sure she wants Wendy to see her here, though of course that begs the question why is Wendy here? She turns instead to look at the supposed trash Tuck is throwing away. "That's a lot of stuff to throw away… can't people use any of that here?" she says in a curious, not admonishing, tone.

Tuck pauses in his garbage hucking to squint at Peyton and take a drag from his cigarette. "Most of this stuff's been sitting in my shop for years. From when I used to pretend to be legit. If anyone here was going to buy it, they would have by now. And it's not worth the cost to ferry it over to the mainland. Take any of it if you want it." He kicks a bag of old Disney movies on VHS mixed in with a few DVDs and cartridge video games. Other people are peered at, but it's not unusual to see activity down at the docks.

"Evenin' Wendy," Andrew greets the young artist, his Northern Irish brogue carrying a slightly surprised tone. "You know, this isn't the safest place to be wandering around alone," he points out.

June wouldn't know a highlight from a.. well, highlight. She is in her own little world counting things as they pass by the dock. Voices around her do not cause her to turn her head, as she is rather single minded, however, she is distracted as Wendy approaches. As she turns her head towards the woman, she squints at first as her eyes get a dose of sunlight. She lifts her hand to brush the long bangs from her eyes and look up at the woman. "It's bright out." she notes for the record. So instead of looking up, her gaze falls to the woman's feet, hair falling back over her eyes. "I haven't seen you here before. So, I don't think you live here." It's not said in a scolding manner, but more matter of factly.

"Nope, it's not. But I'm pretty sure i'll be okay at the dock here. I found what I needed" The evo-dar replies back to Andrew. "Safe for you" By virtue of his ability. Her glance trasnfer's to June. "Eh. I could but it's not quite my taste in living to stay here. Maybe if they ever clean this place up. But I like to visit" She offers her hand out to June. "Wendy. you are?" Andrew pretty much knows what she might be doing, Peyton for sure knows what the 'touch slut' is up to.

"I guess they can take it from the trash if they want it, yeah," Peyton says, a little sadly. She glances at the piles of movies, games and dvds, but shakes her head. "I don't need anything. You going out of business?" she asks, though she does turn to peek over at Wendy, to see what her friend is doing in Staten. Her eyes then flick back to her two bodyguard, the one still clearly trying to reach someone on the cell phone. Where's her damn ride? Peyton adjusts the ballcap in the manner of someone not used to wearing it, someone who finds them uncomfortable and awkward.

"Staten is going out of business, if the rumours are true. I don't wanna be here when the government shows." And when the island's resident long-term cockroaches start jumping ship, you know it's bad news. Tuck eyes Peyton, but he knows better than to tell her she shouldn't be here. It seems like a rite of passage for half decently well-off kids to come over here from the mainland.

"Not necessarily; someone stole my gun and it's not as though I'm bullet proof," Andrew replies with a shrug. "So what are you here for that you couldn't find on the mainland?" he asks conversationally.

Bits and pieces of conversation are overheard, including the part about 'Staten going out of business', which causes June's attention to drift from Wendy towards Tuck. It's an odd statement for the woman, who has never heard of an island being referred to as a business. The hand that's stuck out towards her, gets her attention once again as she starts to reach for the hand, then thinks about it before pulling it back and brushing it off on her shirt. Of course, it probably doesn't help much that where she brushes her hand on her shirt already has a nice hand print there from being wiped off previously in the day. Her dirty hand then slips inside Wendy's as June stands up. "I'm just cleaning things. Or fixing things." she says as she looks curiously at Wendy. "Do you have something that's broken or dirty?" she asks. Seems there's some confustion as to what was being asked of her.

"Ehh, stole yer gun, better report it. lest they come knocking on your door wanting to know why it was used to kill someone. As for here. Supplies, inspiration, fun" Wendy offers ever so nicely to the bartender as her hand closes around Junes and shakes.


"Nope, nothing to fix" But Wendys got that odd look in her face. Something new. Something she's never quite touched before. 'Hey, Andrew. You got something for my friend here to fix? I wanna see how she fixes things" Please, pretty please. "

"Afraid not," Andrew replies to the request. "Aye, I'll report it in a couple of days; I think I know who took it, and I'd like to give them the opportunity to give it back first. Meanwhile, I'm after a replacement and fewer questions get asked here."

"Is it? They think the government's coming in?" Peyton says, eyebrows raising and disappearing beneath the lid of her cap. "So you sold stuff… what are you going to do over there?" she gestures across the water, and in doing so, catches those words from Wendy to Andrew and the girl. Peyton can't help but roll her eyes in that way that only a girl between the ages of 12 and 21 seems to be able to master. "That girl's gonna get herself killed," she mutters beneath her breath, the words probably amusing to Tuck who thinks it's unsafe for Peyton to be here.

"I am going to open an ice cream stand," says Tuck in a tone of voice that just begs to be taken seriously. He butts out his cigarette and hefts another bag onto the barge. This one clanks metallically. "Was only a matter of time. They're going to make an example out of Staten. And I don't intend to be here." He glances to where Peyton's attention is. "None of you should be here. Unless you…well, unless you look like me, that is. This isn't a vacation spot, kidlets."

Attention is drifting from Wendy and Andrew, as June overhears Peyton and Tuck. June shakes her head. "I need to work harder so the island doesn't go out of business. If I clean it up and fix it, then maybe they won't have to do something bad. I like it here. I think it used to be a nice place, maybe one time before." she says to Wendy and Andrew. Nothing to fix? Pity. She looks at Andrews. "I think guns are dangerous though. You should be careful if you have one. What does yours look like? Maybe I can find it for you and you won't have to get another." See? Helpful.

Okay. Another one that was evolved and touched in a certain way. but it seems that someone takes care of her. "Hey, maybe that guy with the trash can of stuff has something for you to fix?" Wendy overhears Tuck and decides to maybe sic June on him.

Andrew nods. "It won't be here on the island," he points out. "Yes, they are dangerous, but I like to be prepared; not everyone who carries a gun is as nice as me. Besides, there was a particular one I was after for a rainy day. Probably cost me a bit, but better to have and not need than need and not have."

Peyton still has that inherent rebellious streak in her where if someone tells her she shouldn't be somewhere, she's going to want to be there all the more. "Right. A vacation spot. I gave up my timeshare in the Hamptons to come hang out on the white sand beaches and charming ambiance that Staten Island provides," she murmurs. "I'm not here sight seeing. I had an errand to run, and now I'm heading back to civilization." She smiles that faux-sweet smile of hers, all white teeth and narrowed eyes. "Gelato's much more chic than ice cream." She begins to step away, but sees Wendy gesturing her way. She sighs, and lifts her hand in a wave, thinking perhaps she's been noticed.

Tuck hears a lot of what people are saying, but as a guy who usually keeps his head down, he chooses not to comment. There's three more backs to huck onto the barge, then he's all finished. "Yeah, well. I've been here seventeen years and I'm leaving. That tells you something about the future of this place."

June shakes her head at Wendy. You see, she has some common sense. Perhaps too much at times. "That boat is for garbage. So that must be junk. If it could be fixed, he wouldn't throw it away." That being said, it doesn't stop June from walking towards Peyton and Tuck, since Wendy suggested it. "Where will you live?" she asks Tuck, since he said he was leaving the island. "You should stay. It'll be clean soon. So you won't have to go." It all makes perfect sense to her, you see.

Andrew sighs as June walks off. "Poor lass," he mutters to himself. "Well, you seem to know your way around here somewhat better than is healthy," he then says to Wendy. "Care to suggest somewhere I can pick up a weapon, no questions asked?"

"I'm not planning on staying, so I'm not that worried about the future of the place," Peyton responds to Tuck. A glance back shows the two bodyguards still trying to find her ride. Peyton sighs, then turns to look at the newcomer. "It's going to take a lot more than fixing broken things and cleaning up a few messes to get this place back to good," she says to June, though it's not in an unkind manner. She can tell the girl isn't all there in some deeply important way.

"I don't want to live on a clean island, princess. That's the point," says Tuck to June. He tosses the last bag on the barge and then heads for the cab of the truck. "Good means a lack of freedom. Good means the Feds breaing down everyone's neck." He pops open the door of the truck and sldies in. "If you're all smart, you'll hit the dusty trail and stop comin' here." He starts the truck and it pulls away.

"I don't think there's a trail that leaves the island. Just lots of water." Of course, Tuck is gone when June makes the obvious known. June glances at Peyton, then turns back towards Andrew and Wendy. "He's trying to buy a gun. His is lost. Can you help?" she asks as she points now in the general direction.

To stay or not to stay, especially in light of her boat chugging into habor. Her bag of safely procured refrain in hand as well as some sketches of the various examples of life on the sketchbook in the bag, Wendy glances to Peyton and June, Andrew, the retreating tuck and with a shake of her head, starts down the pier to wait in proper place.
Andrew shrugs. "Goodbye then," he says drily to Wendy, before following in her example and heading elsewhere; in his case inland. Shouldn't be too hard to find what he's after, and he's in no mood for a conversation between a spoiled rich kid and a full time member of the Not A Full Shilling Club.

Peyton frowns and glances down at the boat approaching, the one clearly intended for Wendy. "No, I don't know where to get a gun, but I'm pretty sure there are shops that sell them. He can get a replacement," Peyton tells June. "He'll be okay." She reaches into her back pocket and finds the only cash she carries on her — a single $20 bill. She pushes it into June's hands. "Here. I'd give you more, but it's all I have today."

The money is taken with a bit of reluctance. There's a jacket she wants, so she's not going to protest the offering of money. It goes deep into her pocket along with the other assorted monies she has tucked down in there. "I can help sometime, if you like. Just ask me. I can fix things." She offers in exchange for the money given. "I'll be here." With that, June turns to leave, heading away from the others, disappearing after Andrew.

Peyton smiles. "I'll come see you if anything is broken, I promise," she tells the woman, before giving a wave. "I'm going to see if I can grab a ride with her, I know her," she calls over to her two bodyguards that are still trying to find her a boat ride home. She runs down the dock. "Wendy, wait up… I thought that was you!" They'll find some excuses for being in this god forsaken place to tell one another on the ride home.

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