Broken Hearted, Broken Livered


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Scene Title Broken Hearted, Broken Livered
Synopsis Magnes tries to drink away his blues and Lexi tries to help! Really, she does try. >.>
Date November 22, 2010

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Hunched over the bar late in the morning, not even bothering to wait for noon, Magnes' head is laying on the bartop with a tall glass of Guinness sitting in front of his face. He has a black leather unzipped jacket over a red Flash shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers, and don't quite seem like the type who'd hang out in a bar. Then again, he's been all over television lately, with political shows replaying his antics on the Advocate, and god knows what else before that.

Every dedicated drinks knows to be there early for the late-morning rush. Happy hour may be from four to six, but unhappy hour starts at eleven.

Lexington, conversely, fits into the bar setting all too well. There are a couple regulars that even greet her as she comes in. But she doesn't stop to chat, just giving them a wave before she comes to claim the seat next to Magnes, ordering a beer before she even sits down.

Truth be told, she doesn't watch much TV, but seeing the dejected soul laying on the bar, she just can't help but comment. "Are ya here from last night, luv, 'r just gettin' an early start on the day?" There's an Irish accent on that voice, thick and a bit amused. However, the redhair she sports is possibly… not very comforting.

"I just came in, because I didn't want to lock myself up in my room. So I choose to just come here and drink until I have alcohol poisoning…" Magnes says in an almost adorably pouty way, despite genuinely feeling that bad. He looks up at her, then sighs as if the universe has just kicked him in the shin again. "My redheaded Scottish girlfriend just dumped me because I'm stupid. In a figurative way, not in an I can't recite the table of elements way."

"Oh, sugar, that is not a good way t'go. Believe me," Lexi says as she picks up her beer to get her own journey toward alcohol poisoning started. "Well. Scottish," she says, as if that explains everything. "How stupid are ya, luv? Are we celebratin' her bein' smart enough t'get out, 'r are we bitchin' about how low she was?"

"She broke up with me two days ago, it was calm, and then last night I let it all out, I practically begged her, and she just said she couldn't do it anymore. She wants me to find myself, and live up to my potential. But even if that's what I'm doing now, being enrolled into Columbia now, she just doesn't want to risk me breaking her heart again and making her worry about me." Magnes groans, sitting up to sip his glass, then lets his head fall back to the bar. "She's great, and she's right, and no matter what I do, I'll never have her back. Maybe I shouldn't have any girl, I can't go through this again…"

"Alright, well… first've all… stupidity doesn't go away overnight, luv. She wants t'see ya make more've yourself. The next day isn't gonna do much f'r showin' change. But, I gotta say, girl aside, what do you want f'r yourself?" Lexi eyes him a little there, pausing for another drink before she goes on. "Because havin' a girl's all well and good, but ya gotta be happy with what you're doin'. Ya know, f'r yourself. Not f'r someone else. If she doesn't like what ya picked f'r yourself, maybe she just isn't the right girl for ya."

"Whenever someone needs my help, I just run in and try to save them because of my ability. She thinks it's going to get me killed, but I have trouble just… god I don't know." Magnes raises a hand to wipe his eyes, tears streaming down on to the surface of the bar. "I want my band to be successful, I want to go to college and figure out what I want to do in life, I just… No matter what I do, she's not going to take me back, she made it clear. People keep saying there will be more women, but I can't imagine anything after her, how could I imagine that?"

"Not two days later, 've course ya can't. Too early t'be worryin' about what girl comes next. Give yourself a little time. Figure out what ya wanna do with yourself, seriously." Lexi is quick about finishing her beer off, and she wave to the bartender for a refill. "Look. I've done a lot of travelin' in my day. Seen a lot've troubles. But this city? This city could use some goddamn heroes. Some gal's can't live with the idea that the man they love risks his life e'eryday. That's why they don't end up with cops'r firemen'r soldiers. It's a perfectly respectable thing, wantin' t' save people, luv. Especially lately, b'cause the cops and soldiers and such? They sure as hell aren't savin' anybody these days."

"I just hate being alone, it's hard to even sleep in my bed anymore. I slept on the roof in a tent when she broke up with me." Magnes looks up at her, eyes puffy and red. "I grew up alone. I had my parents, some tutors, but I didn't know anyone my age until I was a teenager, I wasn't allowed. When I was a teenager, I had to sneak out to talk to other kids, and they barely paid attention to me, they thought I was weird. Then my ability came when I was around sixteen, and they thought it was cool how I could jump so high. Then when I got older, I started showing off, and the beat me up, then I didn't have any friends again. I have friends now, but now I know what it's like to have a girlfriend, and not having one? It sucks. When I had to break up with my first girlfriend, I started sleeping with one of my best friends, because it just made me think about women less."

Lexington just looks at him for a moment before she blinks and looks over to the bartender. "Fuck this, give me a whiskey, luv!" Because she needs something stronger, apparently.

Turning back to Magnes, she folds her arms on the bar. "You are way too young t'be this depressing. Your twenties're f'r making mistakes, doin' stupid shite and sleepin' with all the wrong people. So if you're lonely, go find someone t'cuddle up t'. Buck up a little. Heartache's just one've those things. It's gonna happen sometimes. Can't let it crush ya."

"It seems like it would be cheating if I just started looking for another girl. Besides, what girl is just gonna come to me, I mean…" Magnes motions over himself. There's nothing wrong with him, he works out now, but he still sees himself as the scrawny pizza boy from two years ago. "My name's Magnes J. Varlane, by the way."

"Hate t'be the one t'point this out, luv. After the break up, your chances at cheatin' b'come precisely zero. And ya don't wait for them t'come t'ya, ya go get someone. What about the best friend? It doesn't e'en need t'be a sex thing, just havin' someone around. It's no good, bein' alone." At the introduction, the woman offers her hand out to him. "I'm Lexi. It's nice t'meet ya, Magnes J. Varlane."

"Some jerkass Italian guy got her pregnant while I was sleeping with her. She has a baby now, and enough to worry about without my problems." Magnes sits up straight, wiping his eyes on his sleeve before taking her hand. "I have my band, but I don't want to dump all of my problems on them, we're going to be on the radio soon. And almost everyone else I know is scattered around or missing because of the 8th. So… it's like I'm on my own. My ex wants to be my friend, but it hurts so much, I can't be around her right now."

"If ya were both sleeping with her, how do you know it was the Italian that knocked her up? I mean, all rumors of their prowess and stallion reputations aside." Lexi picks up her whiskey, taking a moment to knock it back before she points a finger at him. "Your band should be thrilled. I hear pain and heartbreak are great for the creative. Plus, nothin' says ya gotta babble all over 'em like a brook, luv. Just someone t'be around, is all."

"We used protection, and she seemed pretty sure it wasn't mine. I even proposed to her when she told me she was pregnant and I assumed it was mine." Magnes stands up, holding his forehead for a few seconds, then looks down at her. "I think I'm just gonna go back to bed for a week, getting drunk isn't helping…"

"No protection is fool proof," Lexington says with a crooked smile. she reaches over to give him a pat on the back. "Alright kiddo. Just keep in mind. Ya got friends. This is what they're supposed t'be around for. Bad times and good. Don't just shove 'em aside so ya can go one feelin' miserable."

"I'll see how I feel in a week…" Who knows if Magnes is going to stick to being shut in his room, but for now, he seems pretty bad off, just stumbling through the door. Looks like it'll be a day of Drunk Magnes.

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