Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library, Central Branch
Owner The Brooklyn Public Library
(nonprofit org.)
Employees Now hiring
Hours of Operation 9:00am — 9:00pm weekdays, 10:00am — 6:00pm weekends
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Books, Videos, Research, Quiet Time

The central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was designed to resemble an open book, two wings stretching out along the bordering streets, with the main entrance located at their hinge. Inside is the heart of one of the nation's largest public library systems; the Central Library alone contains over 1.5 million books, magazines, and other materials. It also contains the Brooklyn Collection, an assortment of references and ephemera that chronicle the history of the borough, and a Multilingual Center for non-English speakers and linguistic scholars. A cafe on the first floor sells coffee and snacks, while a restaurant on the third floor (open weekdays only) sells cafeteria-style meals. Internet access is freely available throughout the building.

Major IC Events

  • 10-06-08: During a hostage crisis at the Brooklyn Public Library staged by _humanis-first, the courage of several individuals is put the ultimate test.


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