Brother & Sister


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Scene Title Brother & Sister
Synopsis Adisa works some of that Sisterly Mojo on Tahir. Unfair.
Date April 4, 2011

Tahir's Apartment

This is the home of Tahir Avery Dunham.

Fellas? Have a Beer. Watch the Game.

Bitches? You know where the bedroom is.


It's early evening and at the Dorchester Towers where Adisa stays (most likely to the chagrin of her brother, most of the time), she sits on the couch in the living room, channel surfing while eating a bowl of cereal. The now empty box of said cereal sits on the counter of the kitchen, waiting to be dealt with. She wears a Cookie Monster t-shirt and jeans today, not too special. Every now and then she comes across a show that she decides, 'Oh…I wanna watch a bit more of this.' But then she gets quickly bored of it. Early evening is rarely conducive to any good television.

"I love you, Tahir."

"I know."

Those voices are coming from just outside the apartment door, as Tahir has pushed it open a bit, while saying goodbye to some woman that lives on the floor below this one. There is some much horrifying kiss action that happens, before Tahir wiggles his fingers at the babe and disappears into his apartment. "Whew. Glad that ended early." His mutterings are mostly to himself as he pushes away from the door and immediately heads towards the kitchen.

"What's up, Dynomutt?" Tahir aims a playful slap at the back of his sister's head as he passes by.

It's something that Adisa's gotten used to over the years, hearing young ladies talking to Tahir in some likewise fashion. She just rolls her eyes. Perhaps she's heard it too much. She pointedly ignores the kiss that is viewable through the open door as she watches some talk show come to a commercial break. As Tahir walks passed, she just takes a swallow of the cereal and coughs slightly as she's lightly slapped on head.

"Hey." Comes Adisa's response to Tahir, grinning. "So, another heart you're planning on breaking?" She says in reference to the woman he just parted company with. "Or should I, like, expect an encore dinner soon? If so, you should like, tell me, so I can stay out for a while."

"No heartbreak. No encore. I'm already done with that one." Tahir's smiling as he grabs a bottle of water out the fridge and in the next moment, he's hopping over the back of the sofa and dropping down to sit next to his sister. "I'm just here to change before I hit the clubs. I need some new blood." Yeah, he's getting tired of going to the same old stacks of racks to get what he wants. He needs to add some new numbers to the phone. "What're we watchin', anyway?"

"You've totally just come home and already you're about to leave. Tsk." Adisa shakes her head, giving her brother a playful grin. "You know, I like, totally don't think you spend enough time here at the apartment. You and me totally need to spend more time together. Do some…I dunno. Something." She shrugs and looks back at the TV. "I dunno. It's some talk show about kids who like, grow up in orphanages and stuff. It's kinda depressing."

Taking another spoonful of her cereal, which is nearly done, Adisa, still looking toward the TV, says, "So, I like, totally met a guy. Kinda cute, too. Plays music and…stuff. Pretty cool. Let me play his bass today, while he played piano. It was fun."

"You what?" Tahir is not really thrilled about the way this conversation is going. "No. No. You didn't just tell me that you met a guy. Because you're not allowed to meet any guys. Especially, musicians. Do you know what goes on in the minds of muscians? GUY musicians?!" The bottle of water is set down on the table to make this more clear. "Think about the things that you think I think about? Make them like fifteen times worse. Add whipped cream." Tahir is not freaking out or anything. Not yet. But his eyes are almost there.

Adisa looks up at Tahir with wide, innocent looking eyes. "But…Tahir. We just got to talking is all. And hanging out. I can hang out with guys, can't I? And…and…and…he showed me how to make homemade pizza. He's a nice guy. He really is. And I know he wouldn't go any further than I was comfortable with. I swear it, Tahir." Her voice moves to match the innocent look she gives her brother. It's a tactic that he may just recognize as one that she used on their father whenever she wanted him to give her her way.

"Any furth— YOU SHOULDN'T BE COMFORTABLE WITH ANYTHING! WHAT THE HELL!" Now Tahir is freaking out. He's got one sister that's pregnant with a loser's baby and now he's got another sister that's trying to get smashed by a musician. "This is not happening. Oh no, this is not happening. No boys! Nope! Not while you're living here Rent Free!" Yeah, Tahir is doing this thing where he's attempting to put his foot down… in defiance of that innocent tactic that is not working as well as it does on their father.

Blinking her eyes ever so slightly, it would seem that Adisa has perfected the art of making her eyes moist on command, to make it seem as if she's about to cry. "Pleeeease Tahir? He's nice. And…and…we've only just talked and played music. Honest. There's nothing going on between me and him." Not yet. "I know you just want to protect me, and I like, totally love you for it, Tahir. But…all I want is to be able to do is hang out him and…and…yeah. Can't I do at least that? Please?" She makes a little sniffling sound.

"Ugh. Dad's gonna' kill me for this." Tahir ends up falling for the sniffling sounds of sisterness and gives a dismissive wave of his hand. Though, there is still quite a bit of reluctance in this wave. He is not sure he should be saying what he's about to say to this girl but he might as well try and be cooler than their Dad. "Fine. But! Only in public places with at least double the supervision of the Too Young For Anything Gross That I'm Totally Not Thinking About Right Now Because Ew. AND! I have to meet him. Soon." Yeah, Tahir's going to handle this situation a bit more maturely than he handled the one with Samara.

"R-really?" Adisa's voice brightens ever so slightly, and which her face soon follows. A bright smile soon crosses her face from ear to ear. Making sure her bowl of cereal is placed in a safe spot, she practically jumps on Tahir, giving him a hug. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you! Thaaaaank you!" She plants a kiss on his cheek and goes back to her previous seat. "You like, totally won't regret this." Or, you know, he might. Who knows. "You're like, the best brother in the whole wide world!"

"Oh, I know I am. But I also know that I'm going to regret this on so many levels that I might as well start kicking myself in the ass right now. Because that's just the kind of luck I have." Tahir reaches up to wipe off the weird sisterly smooch of thanks, because he can't be having his youngest brat of a sister planting kisses on him! Ew! She might actually think he can stand her even a little bit or something!

Adisa shakes her head. "Uh-uh. You're totally not gonna regret this. Like…totally not at all! When have I like…ever let you down?" It's probably a rhetorical question…probably. "At least…like…you're not gonna regret this like that one time you totally stuck up for me to dad. No." She grins. "Now. You like, totally said something about going to a club? Or partying? Or something? Why don't I like…makes you dinner and like…pick you out something awesomely awesome to wear? You know I've got good taste in clothes!"

Blink. With a side of blink. "Uhhhhh." Tahir is not going to turn down fashion stuff. Not that he doesn't have his own style and what not, but his sister DOES have a very good eye for what works and what doesn't. But then again, considering he has nothing but a closet full of suits… it could be an interesting ride. "Okay. You can help with the clothes. But I refuse to let you make anything besides Pop Tarts and Cereal in my kitchen. We don't need the whole building burning to the ground!"

Adisa playfully whaps her brother on his arm. "You know I can make eggs just fine too!" She giggles. "Okay. Fine. Clothes. I've already got an idea in mind for you. But I'll have to check through your clothes to see if I can make it work." Tilting her head, she smiles. "Yeah. I can totally make it work with the write set of clothes. Shall we do this thang?" Yes, you heard correct. She just said 'thang'.

Yup. Tahir is already starting to regret being the coolest brother ever because if this means she's going to be attempting to try and hook him up with a new wardrobe or something, that's going to be a very awkward thing to do. "Only if you stop sayin' 'thang'. You're too white for that." Of course, Tahir is always attempting to incorporate Slanguage into his own daily lifestyle. So Adisa must get it from somewhere!

"Oh, come on Tahir. You use 'thang' and a whole bunch of other words like that when you're drunk. You act like you're trying to be black or something." Adisa shakes her head. "My cool brother…" She just laughs though. "Okay. Let's see what you have to wear, okay? Your clothes for this evening aren't gonna choose themselves, you know!" She stands up, holding her hand out for him. "Come on, big bro. You don't have all night!"

Tahir is reluctantly getting himself up from his seat and reaches out to take Adisa's hand. This is not the best idea in the world… because it is the exact opposite. Either way, though, he's willing to subject himself to the madness. at least for a little while or something close to that. The moment he's fully on his feet, Tahir realizes he's a bit too Han Solo, as his mouth sprouts the classic phrase "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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