Brutal Attack In Office Park

October 10th, QUEENS - Robert Shayman, union rep for the local 1000, was found allegedly assaulted this evening outside his office building. According to witnesses, the night watchman noticed his car was still parked in the lot late, and upon investigating found Mister Shayman in some sort of stupor. He was allegedly tranquilized and then scarred with the word 'Retribution' across his chest. He was last reported in stable condition. There are rumors of a note that was left at the scene, but police have refused to comment thus far.

Speculation this far suggests that this attack may be related to several anti-Evolved statements that Shayman has made in recent months regarding the possibility of the Evolved taking the jobs of, in his words, 'real Americans'. This marks a continuing trend of Evolved violence, especially in light of the destruction of the Municipal Building.

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