Beauregard "Buck" Lafferty
Portrayed By Jensen Ackles
Sex Male
Status Normal?
Ability None
Age 28
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Occupation Looking
Family Grandparents: Lyra and Dale Lafferty Parents: Alice Faye Lafferty and Joe Jones Siblings: Lavannah Lafferty, Bernice Jones, Louise Jones, Katherine Jones
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary:

Buck is an out-of-work Ex-Army cowboy, currently seeking gainful employment in the terrorist-killing sector of the economy.

Buck is a hard drinker and often to be found in bars.

Buck is highly friendly and loves to eat.

Buck will talk to absolutely anyone. Including most animals.

Character History:


Born in Blanco, TX
Played tight-end for high-school football team
Went to community college
Joined the Army
Injured and discharged
Recuperated at home
Moved to New York City

Whole Damn Thing:

Beauregard “Buck” Lafferty was born in small-town Texas in 1981 to a twenty year-old mother who’d already had one girl and who would go on to have three more, leaving Buck as the middle child and the only boy of the family. His mother, Alice Faye, being so young and who would remain single until her third child, lived with her parents, Lyra and Dale Lafferty on their ranch, which is where Buck grew up. Even when Alice Faye married her sweetheart, Joe, the family continued to reside on the ranch in order to bring up the children in the most wholesome way possible.

So Buck grew up getting used as a free ranch-hand most of his young life, doing those chores considered too difficult or dangerous for his siblings, although his older sister Lavannah was quite the spitfire when it came to taming horses. Alice Faye and Joe were young enough that they still had a lot of partying and traveling to do, but the elder generation of Lafferteys was quite strict and kept the kids in line. Discipline, they thought, had to be learned when you were young. And they aimed to teach it.

At school, Buck was never at the top of the class, but he got through without too much trouble. He knew how to keep his mouth shut, so he avoided trouble with his teachers, but he was pleasant-looking even from childhood, friendly and active in a way that makes young kids popular. Buck always had energy to burn, was always first to agree to team sports and usually the team captain of one side. He had a strong sense of justice and often came to the defense of those smaller than him, because that’s what he had been taught at school. And of course, anybody who bothered one of his four sisters had quite the force to reckon with.

As he got older, Buck maintained his popularity at school. High school was wonderful for a good-looking, athletic guy like Buck. As a tight end on the football team, his catching skills quickly made a star out of him, and his horseback riding certainly didn’t hurt his popularity with the ladies, either. Nor did his well-off grandparents with their ranch. Of course, it was a little awkward for Buck when he first began to realize that he was gay. For his time in high school, he did nothing about his feelings, continuing to date girls, but only taking each one out for a few weeks before he’d dump her and move on to the next one in line. Over four years he made it through almost all the popular girls in school without having to do a whole lot more than buy them dinners and kiss at the movies.

Buck graduated without any kind of honors and went into a local community college to get some education on the subject of ranch management. He also helped his sister Lavannah train for her rodeo career. But Buck didn’t take school all that seriously, and after two years half spent in Austin gay bars, he found himself with an associate’s degree but not much in the way of practical knowledge. Luckily for him, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were starting to get rolling, and smooth-talking army recruiters were everywhere, snapping up young men who lacked direction. Buck soon found himself on a bus to basic training, and then a plane to the desert.

Buck doesn’t remember a lot of what happened from that point on. He remembers carefully negotiating the DADT policy and trying to keep himself and his buddies out of trouble. He remembers that he became a Corporal. He remembers selected moments, but he does not remember the mortar that exploded nearby, knocking him unconscious and into a coma that lasted several days. He does not remember the surgeries to repair his cracked skull. He doesn’t remember significant portions of his training, or even many of his closest friends over there. His memories pick up again sometime later in a veteran’s hospital in Dallas where he was informed that he had been honorably discharged and given a whole lot of pamphlets on how to start his life over.

While he was recuperating back on the ranch with family drifting in and out of the house, he started following a new kind of terrorism on TV. The terrorism of the Evolved. Now, not only did Buck consider it his duty as an American to stop terrorism at all costs, but he considers the Evolved just like any kind of bully with an advantage, picking on the regular little guy. He heard about some company that was out there to stop the dangerous ones, and he knew it was his duty to join up. So Buck left a note for his family that they oughtn’t to worry and disappeared on a bus to the remains of New York City. Now that he’s finally here, he’s got a lot of work to do.

Evolved Human Ability:

None: Non-evolved


May 2009: Arrived in NYC

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