Buddy Movie, Pt 1


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Scene Title Buddy Movie, Pt 1
Synopsis "We'll be like Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson."
Date March 21, 2009

The Lighthouse

The shadow of night spills across Staten Island, bringing with it the usual criminal activity. It's less on this side of the island, however, over near the orphanage that was set up as a beacon of hope in the midst of the darkness. Or as misguided foolishness — depending on who you ask.
One of those shadows is less sedentary than the others, though, and the edge of a window's darkened briefly as it slips inside. Somewhere in this building, Cardinal knows, is one Brian Fulk, the replicator, and that's who he's looking for.

Being a replicator gives you certain advantages. One being, you are capable of making your own boy band, and be able to do choreography that would outshine N'Synch, but another advantage is that you can always be awake.

And so he is. While everyone else in the house is asleep, including himself, Brian remains on guard. Staten hasn't given them much problem so far, on the contrary the children and he have been treated with respect by the locale, but that can only last so long. And so, the young man always has one of himselves on guard. Sitting on the couch, the dutiful young man is currently trying to finally vanguish Donkey Kong on his cell phone. (A new cellphone, compliments of Mr.Linderman) And is completely unaware of any shadows slipping in through windows.

It's about half-way through the level that a voice murmurs right in Brian's ear, a hollow and subtly echoing whisper from where a shadow falls across the man's shoulder. "Look out," speaks that disembodied voice in mild tones, "Barrel, six o'clock."

The phone is dropped, though Brian doesn't make a sound. Though his face tells the whole story, shocked and scared, the phone clatters against the ground as his hand dives for the back of his pants. Once it seizes the gun there is about when Brian starts to recognize the voice. Drawing the gun anyway, the young man lets out a shallow exhale. "Holy shit." He breathes slowly, his left hand shaking a little. "You should'nt do that to people." He advises, trying to compose himself.
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"The government does a lot of things that it shouldn't, too, but that's never stopped them… I'm just following President Petrelli's example." The shadow spills over the man's front, briefly casting him into darkness before spilling over the floor, and then up along one wall in the wing'd shadow of a bird - perching upon Brian's shadow's shoulder as if he were some manner of pirate. "I see the Lighthouse is still standing. How're the kids holding up, with - well, I don't know if they watch the news…"

"TV is in my room." Brian says somewhat sadly. "It's been 'broken' the last few days." He reports, his eyes going downcast for a moment as he gives a little shake of his head. "I.." A slow inhale is taken. "I wish I could have done.. something." It's more to himself than to the disembodied voice in the room. After a moment though he gives a shake of his head. "What brings you here?"
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"Yeah." The voice is quiet, very quiet, "Don't we all." There's silence for a bit, before the shadow upon the wall speaks once more, "First of all, I wanted to make sure you knew that we got Abigail out - I figured someone told you, but, since I was here, thought I'd let you know just in case they hadn't."

"I'm with her right now." Brian murmurs in response. Another advantage of being a replicator. "She's.." His head bobbles back and forth. "Having it a bit rough. But she's going to be fine with time." Fulk says, bending his back to scoop up the cellphone, finding Donkey Kong beat him once again with a little dismay. "Thank you for all you've done."

"Oh." That's weird. Of course, Cardinal's a shadow, so who's he to talk? "I'd check on her, but… I figured I might just remind her of things she'd rather forget. I know Isabelle's watching over her too." After a moment, the voice pushes the subject aside, "Anyhow. I had some business I wanted to ask you about."

"I won't let anything like that happen to her ever again." He's almost died a few times before watching over Abby, and he would have done the same would he have been there when she got taken. He's more than ready to die a few times to make sure she's safe. "I'll let her know you're thinking of her, or send your best or whatnot." Brian offers before looking up.. well what is there to look at? So he looks at the ceiling. "What's up?"

"The last time we talked, you said that Linderman might be able to pull in the reins on Logan, on Muldoon," observes Cardinal, pausing a moment before asking, "What makes you think he could do that?"

"Don't you know about Linderman?" Brian asks softly, tilting his head at the other man. "He's like the Godfather, man. The only reason I can sit pretty in this place is because I have Linderman's protection. He's like the crime king or whatever but also one of those politick-y kind of guys. I donno, he's powerful. And he has a lot of connections. If anyone could pull in reigns on people like that.." He gives a shrug. "It would be him."
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"Only rumors," the shadows reply, quietly, thoughtfully, "A mention here or there, everyone seems intimidated of him, though not many can say they know why. I saw one of his agents at the auction, the other night, some red-head in a suit and her boytoy. They were after the Brill paintings. I'm sure he's got other people here, too."

"I know a few of his employees. Zarek. Kain Zarek. He's like the big guy. Right hand man I think all that shit. They own that club, uhh, Rapture?" Brian gives a little frown. "This douchebag runs it. He's a douchebag." He adds in for good measure. Blinking up he tilts his head to the side. "Brill paintings?"

"…Zarek?" The bird on the wall explodes into a swirl of fluttering flame for a moment, "Kain Zarek works for Linderman? His right hand— fuck!" The outburst is loud, an echoing rasp of angry, startled voice that carries well in the empty room.

"Hey, shutup!" Brian hisses, looking at the stairwell. "Kids! THere's kids!" His whispers are urgent and angry as he whisperyells at the invisible man. "Kids!Sleeping!Badwords!Fuck,man." Brian says, the gun waved about in the air as if to drive home the point. Before he glances at it and realizes he still has it out, then hastily goes to tuck it into the back of his pants. "You know him?"

"Oh yes…" A low, dangerous hiss from the shadows, spreading into a shapeless form that blots out Brian's own, "…I know him. That's the piece of the puzzle I needed. It all fits together." Silence, for a long moment, "I need to meet with Mister Linderman. Can you arrange it? I'll even bring him something that he desires very much to oil the wheels of things - one of the Brill paintings."

"I can try." Brian murmurs. "I've never actually met him. I don't see why he wouldn't want to meet with me though. He's so invested in me." A little shrug is given. "I'll see what I can do. You still have the same number?"

"The painting should assure me a meeting," Cardinal observes quietly, "Yes, it's the same number. Give me a call, when you've heard something? I'd appreciate it. I may… be able to take care of all of this once and for all, if he's a reasonable man."

"I'll go with you." Brian says with a positive nod of his head. "We'll be like Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson." He says with a little can-do smile. Before giving a nod. "I'll start calling in the morning. And let you know."

"Excellent. I'll" A pause, and the shadow asks, "oh, you see a lot of kids around here, don't you? You ever have a kid named 'Rocket' pass through?"

"Rocket.." Brian tilts his head back. "Sounds familiar. But I can't put a finger on it. Though I think I would remember if I actually met a kid named Rocket." He holds back a laugh. "His parents have to be a pair of douchebags, huh?" He gives a little shake of his head. "I'll let you know if I hear anything about 'Rocket'."

"His father's an associate've mine," notes Cardinal, his tone a bit dry, "I can't really argue that he can be a douchebag from time to time, but — he's really worried about the kid, afraid that he's in with a bad crowd, and the kid ain't on speaking terms with him. Not that there's really a -good- crowd here on Staten. Ask around, if you get the chance?"

"Will do." Brian says with a nod, "So, you ever gonna come here and be.. like.. visible?" Brian asks, peering intently into the darkness. "Or do you like pretending like you're batman too much?"
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A quiet chuckle. "I'll be flesh and blood when we go to meet with Linderman," replies the darkness, spilling over a window and flowing through the cracks, "Talk to you soon, then, Brian."

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