Bullets, Food And Movies


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Scene Title Bullets, Food and Movies
Synopsis Abby arrives bearing gifts and chiding Melissa for overworking. They end, as usual, with a movie.
Date June 22, 2010

Little Green House

While Melissa may be a good patient when she's actually getting patched up, there is no doubt that this girl is one who hates being on the mend. Especially when it involves an arm being in a sling and out of commission for a while. It's hard to keep a house spotless with only one good arm, after all. But she's working at it!

She's in a pair of faded black jeans, a snug tee-shirt, and has the same black sling with pink skulls she used last time she got shot. And right now she's on the front porch, white headphones run up to her ears, so she can jam out while washing the windows. And, of course, she's muttering about stupid people, guns, and penguins.

"You have got to be kidding me?" And she thought Teo was bad when injured. Music through headphones masks the sound of her SUV coming to a crawl in front of the house that she and Kendall occupy. Groceries in arm after having heard her voicemail about Mel getting shot, the door closes behind her and she kicks the step, hoping the vibration will alert Mel that she's got company.

The kick does have Melissa blinking, and tugging one of the earbuds from her ears as she looks over. Seeing Abby has her face shifting into a mixture of relief and happiness. Yay! Distraction by best friend! "Hey Abby! What's up?" She peers at the bags of groceries. "Whatcha got in there?" she asks, taking a step closer to peek inside.

'It's called comfort food because you got shot and Kendall needs to get off his arse and do the housework since you need to be resting and relaxing. You realize right that the muscles in that area of your body connect to like, across your back and side. So you know, the more you move about and do things like washing windows, the slower it will heal" There's indeed comfort food inside, snack foods, and stuff to make casseroles and the like.

'I had a few hours before I have to work, I was going to come make some dinners to shove in the oven so that all Kendall has to do it put it in the oven and you'd have food. Seriously Mel.. Kendall needs to do the housework"

Resting? Relaxing? Melissa looks almost pained at the idea. "But…he's seventeen. He's not the neat freak I am. He'd leave smudges on the windows!" Because clearly smudges signify the end of the world as we know it. "I'm not using my left arm, so isn't that good enough?" she asks hopefully.

However, snack foods distract her from the immediate chore at hand, and she puts down the cloth she was using to clean, next to the cleaner, and she motions towards the door before starting that way herself. "Kendall's sorta freaked anyway. He'd never been around people shooting guns, then he saw me shoot a guy and got shot, and he…yeah. Freaked," she says, holding the door open for Abby.

"Then sit, drink lemonade, and instruct him from a seat. Geeze louise Mel, he's gonna grow up to have his own home. I'd think you don't want him to live like Magnes's place. I'll come over every second day till you can do it on your own okay? You can repay me back if I ever get shot again or the like okay?"

Abigail follows behind Melissa, wedging foot against the door to keep it open for her to come in behind her. "And no, not good enough"

Melissa's pouting, just a little, as she comes inside and heads towards the kitchen. The inside of the house is spotless of course, but maybe it was done before she got shot? Nah. "I know he's gonna have his own home, but it drives me nuts when stuff is dirty. The employees at Tartarus hate me. You've never seen such clean toilets. They sparkle."

But she flops down in a chair after grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, wedging it between her knees so she can use her good hand to open it. "You don't gotta cook or whatever though. I mean, I appreciate it, big time, but you don't gotta." She smiles impishly. "It only takes one hand to use a phone and I dial a mean Chinese takeout."

"We'll figure something out. But I'm sure if you ask Kendall, he'll be more than happy to pitch in, I mean, you've taken him in" She deposits the bags on the counter, time enough to go through them later. "The nice thing about the food anyways, is that it's frozen Mel, so when you want a break from the take out, and something home cooked, you can have it"

Shoes wedged off, feet pulled up and tucked under herself. "Do I get to know what happened?"

"Of course," Melissa says, nodding as she tucks one leg under her, getting comfy. "I'd dragged Kendall out, since he's been pretty much holed up in his room since he got all that stuff at his party. Ran across this bunch of penguins, right? Escaped from the zoo and all that. I was wading into 'em to help get Doc Brennan's kids out and safe, when this dude drives up, gets out, and grabs a fucking rifle."

Mel shakes her head and takes a gulp of her water. "Magnes is trying to talk to him, I'm telling him to put the gun away, and he's ignoring me. I tell him a couple of times. Now, I've got Kendall there, Brennan's kids, a bunch of penguins, and a shitload of just random people walkin' around, right? So…I shoot the fucker. And somehow he manages to shoot me before climbing into his SUV and driving off."

Mel grimaces. "Magnes yells at me, Kendall takes off running, and Brennan's got his kids to deal with. Not to mention the cops were called. So I send Magnes after Kendall to make sure he gets home safe, Brennan off to deal with his kids, and I start makin' calls to see who can patch me up. Managed to get ahold of Francois. He was real nice about it all." She pauses a moment, looking thoughtful. "I should like, send him flowers or something, as a thank you."

"Get him books. Books or medical supplies. That's what he'd appreciate more than flowers" Abby offers, a glance to elsewhere in the house and a worried look. "Welcome to New York. People with guns and the like. Crazy people everywhere you just can't get away from them. Just explain to Kendall what you did to me, or .. I dunno. I'm sorry I didn't get your call. I really am. I was busy, wasn't checking my phone and then I had the opera yesterday with all the kids from the light house. Robert showed up. I think Kendall would have probably squirmed in his seat but you might have liked it"

Melissa smiles. "I explained to him. He understands, he just doesn't like guns. And not everyone's a fighter. But if he's going to be a runner, I want him to be good at it." She nods. "Books or medical supplies, gotcha. Like…what sorta medical supplies? All I really know is bandages'n stuff. And sutures," she says with a wry smile.

Her head tilts. "The opera, huh? Why do you think I might've liked it? Most people don't look at me and think 'opera girl', yanno? But glad you got to spend time with Robert. Things goin' good with him?"

"Because looks aren't everything Mel and while you may look like a girl who's more into punk and the like, sometimes, it surprises people what they really do like. As for what kind of medical stuff, just.. stuff like that. Or… a stethoscope, I don't think he has one, haven't seen it in his stuff when I was there. I told him he should turn the bottom of his place into a clinic"

Melissa brightens. "A stethoscope! I could get his initials on it or something." She seems happier now that one little problem is solved. "And yeah, I know looks aren't everything. I just never really thought of myself as an opera type person. I mean, sure, I like the opera scene in Fifth Element, but that's about as much as I've thought about it." Trust Mel to relate everything to a movie she's seen.

"I can't say that i've ever seen that" Abigail points out, the movie she means. 'So I know what that means. You go find it, I'll fix us lunch, and… you can broaden my mind in the world of home theatre. Deal?"

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