Burning Boat At Red Hook Shores

BROOKLYN — In the early morning of the 24th, residents of the Brooklyn neighbourhood Red Hook were greeted with the sight of a burning luxury yacht at their shore. The NYPD and Coast Guard were dispatched to investigate, and found that the yacht, a reportedly stolen vessel named The Dutiful, had been partially destroyed with explosive devices and left to burn. A man was found trapped onboard the yacht. Shortly after he was rescued, Li Zheng, 34, was summarily charged with possession of the illicit drug known colloquially as Refrain, a designer drug that had been temporarily classified as Schedule 1 earlier this month. Those responsible for the destruction of the yacht have yet to be identified.

<OOC:> Whether you're a criminal or a member of the LE, feel free to send queries my way. Triads will be likely to recognize Li Zheng's name as one of their own.

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