Burning Puppets


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Scene Title Burning Puppets
Synopsis Messiah of the past and present dreams of Messiah of the future.
Date March 31, 2011

In Dreams

The headquarters, the leaders, the members and even the motives. Everything seems to change with the small group known as Messiah. Everything except the red scarves that the members wear. The woman with wavy blonde hair has one wrapped around her neck. Pale eyes cast back toward the woman following her.

Once, Melissa had worn one of those scarves, but today, she's dressed all in black, with a case held against her chest, carrying papers and other possessions. He heels click on the wooden floor of the backstage she's led through.

"We're glad to have you," the woman says, as they pass the closed curtain on the stage, continuing on, until they reach the other side.

Where Aric Gibbs sits in an old lighing booth, plastered with maps and other items of interest.

"Old friend decided to pay us a visit," the woman says, motioning Melissa, and her information, forward.

Melissa's been quiet since her arrival, but when she's motioned towards she nods to the woman and rises to her feet, carrying the case and setting it down. "Always happy to help," she says, voice bland, but not mean. Just very, very neutral.

As he turns his eyes to look upon Melissa, his face is stotic as he leans slightly back to look her up and down. His eyes move to the case before he says with a little warmth in his voice, "Hello Melissa. What do I owe the pleasure of your company today?" He closes one of the maps in front of him as he laces his hands on the table in front of him with a slightly raised eyebrow.

To answer the question, Melissa places the case on the table, undoing the clasp and pulling it open. Inside are blueprints, maps of a convention center, and security plans printed out. The woman, Amanda, reaches forward and picks up the top pages, flipping through them. "The election party… You of all people, turning this information over…" she says, beginning to read them under the small overhead light. Her gray eyes cast on Aric.

Are we sure she's not setting us up? Considering who she is., the blonde woman asks. I'm all for killing government puppets, but not if it's a trap.

Aric's question has Melissa looking at him, steady and silent, before she looks back towards Amanda, not stopping the woman as pages are taken. "Would you rather I take the pages, close my briefcase up and leave? With the information?" she asks, brow arching curiously.

As he hmmms softly looking over at Amanda, his voice echoes in her mind, Well you want to keep her for questioning? You can try yet her power would have us all begging her for forgiveness. As he says looking back at Melissa, "Well I do have one burning question. Why are you giving them over to me?"

"I'd rather you not— this is a once in a lifetime opportunity," Amanda says quietly, putting the papers back down inside the case while she examines the older woman. A moment later she's glancing back at Aric, as if she's considered what he thought at her, Just make sure she's not lying. I'm the one who has to go in there and blow up the place.

"Then be grateful I'm giving the information, rather than question that it's me who's bringing it," Melissa suggests coolly to Amanda before she looks back to Aric. "I'm paying them back for what they did to him. He's dead because of them, and they deserve to pay, one way or another," she replies to him, the chill in her voice giving way to anger. Not quite enough to have her demonstrating her ability accidentally, but enough that it's noticeable.

As he looks back over at Amanda and sighs softly at the thought of her going into the center to do the bombing he looks back at Melissa, "She isn't lying. That I can tell you." As he motions back to the case and asks again, "So…the 10,000 dollar question is this…who will be in there and how many can we take out…and if I can avoid innocence. I would like to try." He sighs looking frustrated as he rakes his hair out of his face in frustration. It never comes to saving the innocences as of late.

"I can make sure the explosions are in the right place to avoid innocents, especially if Lady Pain can get me into the work staff," Amanda says, reaching deep into the piles of paper to search for what she's wanting. A photograph, which she finally finds and holds up.

The picture is in black and white, and even with his beard and receeding hairline, the man in it is easily recognizable.

Bradley Russo.

"We're killing the Mayor of New York City."

Aric's Apartment

As he wakes up with a start, Aric sits up in his bed. He runs a hand through his hair before looking over at the clock. He grumbles about it being 3am and why the hell does he always get the wierd shit happening to him at 3am. He reaches for his cell phone and begins to text.

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