Bus Bandit Foiled By Passengers
Date July 12, 2010
Relevant Logs Devotion

MANHATTAN—Two passengers and a would-be robber were injured by gunfire when a bus heading into Chinatown was held up by gun in an attempted robbery by a 20-year-old Columbia University student on Monday evening.

The Number 27 southbound bus was boarded by the robber at about 5 p.m., who allegedly pulled a gun on the bus driver, Herbert Mayhew, 57, of Queens. The robber's name has not been released by police. "The young woman was not carrying identification and we're not certain if the name she gave us is valid," said police spokesman David Devault.

Gunshots injured the alleged robber as well as two of the hostages after one passenger shot a gun, injuring both the robber and another passenger, Kelly Reynolds, 32. The gunwoman fell, according to witnesses, which then caused her weapon to fire as well, injuring another passenger, Evan Langford, 25. All three were treated for minor injuries and listed in stable condition, police said.

The pavement in front of the bus suddenly crumbled, helping to stall the bus and allow law enforcement to board and restrain the suspect. Police at the scene said they suspected the damaged pavement was the work of a terrakinetic, most likely one of the passengers of the bus as well.

According to witness An Dinh, the young robber was speaking about the criminal act as if it were a work of charity. "She talked about our money as if it was donations, telling us we were doing good. She seemed to feel she was doing a good act, saying she didn't want to hurt anyone," Dinh, 53, said.

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