Business As Usual


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Scene Title Business as Usual
Synopsis Beginning his analasys of the Company's security, Peter has a run-in with an injured Claudine.
Date October 17, 2008

Primatech Research, Level-5

"…that's just the problem, though. With the digital security anyone who can find the passcodes can get inside. Without a manual lock in place you won't be able to prevent access to the lower facility." It's not the usual place someone would find Peter Petrelli, in the Command and Control of the Primatech Research facility's security center. Leaning over a series of consoles that control the automatic door locks, elevators, and other security measures, he discusses with the security team the details of PARIAH's invasion.

"So, what, a dead-man's switch that locks off the elevators? That won't dissuade someone from just finding the lock then, won't it?" Darren Marshall is the Chief Engineer of Security for the Company's New York branch, a man who's job has become increasingly difficult since the raid on the facility. He runs one hand through his graying brown hair, then adjusts his glasses as he looks over the console alongside Peter.

"Not for preventing access to the elevator, but to trap someone inside. If they can't get the elevators working by electronic means, it's one more stop-gap to prevent a quick infiltration like the one you faced. There's only so many precautions you can take, some abilities simply trump technology." He's been a busy man, since his meeting with Sabra, compiling a list of security holes in the New York facility at her request. Not the most glorified job, but a job worth doing right.

And coming out of her office on the floor of level five is the good doctor. Claudine's lips are still cut, and there's a bruise on her eye. Looks like she got beatup or something. Oh well. That is life, and part of the job as an agent of the Company. It's late, and she wants to go home and just rest,but alas, there's still so many things that need to be done.

"I think I see what you're getting at." Darren is exhausted by the scope of his work, and the difficulty of it, and it shows in his voice. "Sometimes I feel like I'm just bangin' my head against a wall, you know?" He catches sight of Doctor Salonga thorugh the large glass windows that view the hall outside of the Command and Control room. "Guess some of us have it worse though. Don't think I've seen her take a day off in the six years I've been with the Company."

Peter turns, following Darren's line of focus, and spots Claudine headed over to the vending machines. His head tilts to the side when he sees her cuts and bruises, teeth drawing over his lower lip. "Hey, I'll be back, alright? I want to go over the cell layouts. Call it a thirty minute break?" Peter's already walking, speaking over his shoulder to Darren.

"Works for me. I could use a coffee break." The man grimaces, rubbing at the back of his neck as he looks down to schmatics of the Level-5 layout on his screen. Peter quickly makes his way out of the Command Center, stepping out into the hall by the vending machines with an inspecting stare.

"Claudine?" It's the bruise and cuts that has his attention, "What happened to you?" He stops by the vending machine, resting his hand on the side, leaning in to get a better look at the doctor.

Damn vending machines. They never take crumpled up ones. She's annoyed and kicks the machine a couple of times,cursing in Tagalog under her breath, until she hears a familiar voice. "Oh, hey! Didnt notice you there!'

Wait, the telepath isnt noticing what's going on around her? That's odd. Claudine takes a deep breath and forces a smile to her lips as she always has to put a cheery face in front of other employees. It's kinda what she does.

"Oh, and it's nothing. Got into a scuffle in Chinatown. My powers got nullified by some police officer, but fortunately, Claude Rains was there. So, we got into a bit of fisticuffs and he punched me.."

Claudine points to her bruise and her busted lip as she shrugs her shoulders, finally getting her dollar to go in. Cheetos are picked, because they are salty deliciousness and she bends down to grab her big sized bag.

While he listens, Peter's expression changes twice. First on mention of Claudine's powers being nullified, then again on mention of Claude. That reaction is far more obvious, a paling in his face as he looks up and down both halls, and then back to Claudine again. Her nonchalant attitude towards things, and breezy demeanor seems to throw Peter off some, causing him to hang back and gape silently as she fetches the cheetos from the bottom of the vending machine.

"Claude?" He finally manages to ask, though his tone is hushed and somewhat conspiratorial, "Did you manage to bring him in? Is he here?" One brow raises, like a visual punctuation to his sentence. There's an urgency to Peter's tone of voice, and it seems the news Claudine has brought came rather unexpected on both accounts.

"Well, there's a registered evolved in the NYPD. He's a power nullifier, Tier 1, evolved, registered." she explains before sighing a little, taking a deep breath before she continues her account of the events.

"And I wasnt able to bring him in. Once the power nullifier was gone, both our powers kicked in, and he went invisible. It was only because I locked onto his mind could I have some sort of clue where he was, but I couldnt exactly pin point him. I think he figured that out, by punching me really hard. That's a way to stop a telepath from reading your mind. But, he didnt have any information on where Elle is." Claudine admits ruefully, sighing a bit as she runs her fingers through her hair before opening up the bag of cheetos and popping some in her mouth.

There's a sigh, a deep one from Peter, and it's hard to discern the nature of it. Perhaps relief, perhaps disappointment, or maybe a healthy mix of both. "He's slippery," The smile that admission earns is held back, "He didn't survive as long as he did without being good at staying hidden. I doubt he'll do anything to make himself known though, or to bother us any further." Peter manages a bit of a smile, reaching out to lightly rest one finger under Claudine's chin, tilting her head up to get a better look at her lip. "I guess a good healer isn't high on the Company's roster of talents…" He says with a joking smile, slowly letting his hand move down and away from her chin. "When did this all happen?"

"Not too long ago. A report has been submitted already." Claudine says matter of factly as she wrinkles her nose before she peers up towards him once more, but only because he brought her chin up. "And it's fine, about my lip and all. It's a good reminder that I should keep on my toes.." she continues with a soft chuckle under her breath.

"I figured it might be a good excuse to take a day off." Peter opines, leaning one shoulder against the vending machine, arms crossing over his chest. "You can't expect to stay in top form all the time, espescially not when you're pushing yourself as hard as you are." He considers for a moment, what he's saying, and gives a bit of a self-deprecating laugh. "Maybe I should listen to my own advice." He adds, a bit ruefully, shaking his head.

"Have you had a chance to meet Miss Dalton yet?" Peter tilts his head to the side at the change of topic, one brow raising as he refuses to give up his position lazily leaning against the vending machine. "She's got me analyzing the security here to put together a report on how to make improvements." There's a bit of a tired sigh, "I probably shouldn't have volunteered."

"I was the one who picked her up from the airport. But have I had a chance to formally meet with her afterwards? No. I just told her what I thought of what was going on here and all.." Claudine replies with a shrug of her shoulders as she offers the bag to him, just in case he wants to mooch some cheesy deliciousness.

"You go do what you need to do, and I'll do what I need to do. I was going to take nthis weekend off, both from here and from the hospital." she admits ruefully as she licks off the cheesyness from her fingers. Omnomnom.

Peter casts a suspicious glance to the bag of cheetos, then cracks a smile as two float up from within of their own accord, and drift through the air towards one awaiting hand. "Good," He agrees with a nod of his head, taking a few moments to each the offered snacks while mulling over his further thoughts. Then, after a short time, he finally leans off of the vending machine and looks back to the security command room, then sidelong to Claudine. "If I see you here over the weekend, I'll teleport you to Hawaii if I have to." He cracks a smile, teasingly, "You'll take two days off, and you'll like it." Then, after a moment, his tongue slides across the inside of his cheek, and hsi eyes wander. "On second though, I could probably do that for you regardless. How do you feel about Maui?"

"How will I get back? I really didnt like that whole teleporting thing. It was way too disorienting.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely as she facepalms at the floating cheetos as she shakes her head once more. "You know, keep on doing that and you'll lose all of your muscles due to atrophy. Be glad you regenerate so it wont actually happen.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath.

"Well, I don't like to flaunt all of my myriad of abilities," Peter says with a crooked smile, "But let me show you this one, it might come as a surprise." He reaches inside of his jacket, withdrawing a Company-issue cellphone. "Call me when you want to be picked up?" His head tilts to the side, waggling the phone back and forth in a markedly good natured and relaxed manner. "If you're going to argue with a weekend in the topics under the sun on a beach," Peter cracks a smile, "I think we might need to assign another therapist."

"A weekend in the tropics is too difficult. I'd have to find a hotel, get clothes and all that if you're just going to teleport me from here. Thanks, but no. I'll just be a homebody, curl up in my quilt in my apartment and pig out on some ice cream.." Claudine says softly before giggling impishly, sighing a little as she starts to head back towards her office.

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