But I Said No, No, No


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Scene Title But I Said No, No, No
Synopsis Magnes investigates the theft of painkillers from a local pharmacy and finds his culprit. He tries to get Odessa to go to rehab. You can guess how she responded.
Date September 15, 2009

Brooklyn - Walgreens

Evening, and after having his first fight with Claire, learning most of her biological family are either trying to take over the world or are just generally pricks, Delilah's entire family is dead, and he has to make decisions revolving around a certain tarot card, Magnes just wants to relax and focus on work. Good ol' work, home away from home with a pair of night-vision binoculars aimed at the back of the store as he waits for any sign of trouble. He's in all black, black jeans, sneakers, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, black gloves, and a completely black mask pulled tightly over his head with a black electronic collar around his neck. Oh, and the two guns holstered at his waist. "Staking out is so boring, but if the patterns mean anything, something should happen tonight…"

This Brooklyn Walgreens isn't much different than any other pharmacy in the borough, or the city for that matter. Except that it's reported some light theft in the past month. Nothing major, but enough to raise a red flag for an intrepid young detective who's trying to quell the disbursement of illegal drugs. It looks like it's going to be a boring night, but then… A light in the window seems to flicker…

Old habits die hard. Temptation gets the better of even the most stalwart of people now and again. Though, Odessa Knutson is not exactly the strongest of people when it comes to addiction. The disheveled brunette materialises out of thin air just out of sight of the pharmacy surveillance cameras, carrying a large - and very, very shiny and sequined - Coach handbag. She drags her fingers through her messy locks and looks around slowly, as though it were an afterthought. She's already taken what she wants, now it's just time for Odessa to walk away.

When it's this dark, he's not gonna worry about snipers as he floats very lowly from roof to roof, tailing her. Magnes only raises the binoculars a few times, trying to see if she's holding anything of interest, but he's not interrupting yet, he wants to know where she's going.

Thinking she hasn't been spotted, Odessa begins to hurry down the street, walking several blocks before she ducks into an alley so she can begin rummaging through her purse. A bottle of water is procured from the depths, as well as a couple of pills. She unscrews the lid of the bottle and takes a mouthful of water in preparation for the capsules in her hand. Rather than pop them immediately, she stares at the medication hard for a long moment. Willpower verses addiction.

There's no real sound when he finally makes himself known, gently landing in front of her with every inch of skin covered in black. Expecting her to possibly try and run, he attempts to keep her there with his words. "I can get you help." he says with his voice deeply distorted, likely the electronic collar strapped to his neck, though even with the distortion, he sounds quite sincere. "I'm not here to arrest or hurt you, I just wanted to know who was stealing from the store and why. So, please, explain."

Odessa hisses in a breath, barely able to keep from choking on the water in her mouth. "What the hell are you supposed to be? You some sort of superhero? What do you call yourself then, eh? The Black Shadow? Listen, buddy…" The pills and the water are settled back into her cavernous bag. "You couldn't arrest me even if you wanted me to." She slings the strap over her shoulder and tips her head to one side. "Wait, I know. You're the Boy Scout of Dimness."

"I'm not a superhero, I just can't afford my identity getting out… Alright so that's not a good argument, just take my word for it." Magnes reaches into his pocket, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper, then writes a number down with his left hand, mostly so his handwriting can't get traced, then offers the paper. "I don't know if you'll really call this number, but the person on the other end could help you. If you're resorting to breaking in and stealing drugs, I'm guessing you've hit bottom. That's not some government number, but the guy, or if you prefer, me, could point you in the right direction, or he could just give you support. Interested?"

One blonde brow quirks. "You're just here to send me to rehab?" She stares down at proffered paper. "I'm not stupid." Something flickers in the woman's blue eyes. Her guard is higher than before. "Keep it." She turns - though she doesn't quite give her back to Magnes - and begins to walk away. Her electric blue high heels click on the pavement. "And if you see me again? Leave me alone."

"I have a moral obligation to get you clean." Magnes insists, starting to follow her, though he doesn't seem intent on actually stopping her. "I promise the guy on this number isn't a rehabilitation expert, but he'll be interested in helping you get clean, or at least have someone to discreetly talk to. Don't you think a life of breaking into a store for your next fix is lonely?"

Odessa stops and turns around again, rather unimpressed. She plants her hands on her hips. "Who says my life is lonely?" Defensive much? "You don't even know the first thing about me or why I do what I do. — And don't get me wrong, I happen to like it that way. I want it to stay that way." The woman's nostrils flare for a moment, clearly losing her temper. "What are you trying to do? You on some one-man crusade to save everyone in the city? Good luck with that. I don't need saving."

"I'm more a save the world type, I don't fly around beating up drug dealers and tossing them to the cops. But as I said, I have a moral obligation to help you. I don't know you, you're right, I don't know if you're really lonely, but…" Magnes offers the piece of paper again, adding, "Just take the number and think to yourself 'Could things be even a little better'? I promise, no one's gonna force you into rehab or tell you what to do, just, take the number and think about it, alright?"

She glances down at the paper before she reaches out and takes it, crumpling up but still dropping it into her purse. "Save the world," she echoes with disdain. "Let's see how badly you want to save the world when the world's turned its back on you and calls you a monster." Odessa raises her arms to chest level and takes a deep breath. Suddenly, she snaps them out to her sides, and she's gone as surely as if she had never been standing there in front of Magnes at all.

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