But It's The Pelvic Thrust


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Scene Title But It's The Pelvic Thrust
Synopsis That'll drive you insane, with the shenanigans of the Hallowe'en party at Old Lucy's.
Date October 31, 2009

Old Lucy's

Decorated for Hallowe'en, look at the log for changes.

Old Lucy's is closed, though that's really for the not so regulars. The owners are having a private party, invitations sent out to those who were known, verbal, written, via email - yes, Abigail was starting to use email. Costumes were optional but encouraged. The place was fairly hopping, not as crowded as it might be on a saturday night and the alcohol flows freely for those of age or those with an appropriate fake ID to state they are of age. There's even a van out front rented to drive folks home so that people can booze it up to their hearts content.

There's a big honest to god wading pool filled with water and apples in it for people to bob for and already more than a few wet faces. There's donuts tied to strings hanging from one end of the bar for people to try and catch with their mouths. A buffet table is laid out with all sorts of Halloween goodies. Jello zombies crawling from out of a plate of chopped up oreo cookies that resembles dirt, A jello brain, unspiked punch that has ice cubes with plastic bugs floating around in it. plastic motorized bats fly around the ceiling and a fog maching keeps the floor fairly coated. A black cat Pinata awaits whacking.

One of the owners is parked at the bar, parked on the bar and trying to catch a powdered donut, dressed as a peacock replete with a beaked nose and long feather poking above out of her bubblegum hair. Thriller just ended and now monster mash is cranking it up on the sound system. It's open bar tonight - at least the first two drinks. After that, it's buy your own.

Vader's apprentice is lurking at the bar, pale and hollow-eyed, lightsaber laid along it in front of him. It's even lit - there's the crimson glow and the hum, as Starkiller nurses a jack and coke, and watches Mrs, Peacock do battle against the donut. "I could help you with that," he offers to her, oh so helpfully, dark eyes squinted in amusement.

So the myth goes that Demeter was the goddess of the earth and growing things, and her daughter Persephone was the goddess of springtime. Except Hades, Lord of Death kinda had a thing for her, and long story short, Springtime has to spend half the year with her husband in the Underworld, and the other half of the year, she brings forth flowers wherever she walks. The allusions may not be subtle, but they suit Helena.

She's in a white, one-shouldered dress of Grecian cut, her long blonde hair brushed and shining, her crown and the train of her dress trailed with flowers. This is Helena's first foray outside of the new incarnation of Phoenix's secret headquarters, her first semi-public appearance since she was rescued. Any hints of her addiction battle are well hidden with artful makeup, and she seems glad to be around people.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Short hair spray-dyed blonde, a cigarette in his mouth with realistic smoke-like powder that gets blown out every few minutes, a buttoned up white shirt with a black loose-fitting tye under a tanned light-brown trench coat, and a pair of dark-brown slacks with some simple dress shoes. Magnes enters Old Lucy's with a hand in his pocket, rubbing the fake stubble around his face with the other as he peers out at various people through bright blue contacts.

He walks over to the bar, watching the peacock, then says in the British accent he's been practicing for a day, "'Ey, Abigail."

There were a dozen kids between the Lighthouse and the teeny, tiny Ferry guests who wanted to volunteer their masks for the pig's use grown-up ball, before the thirteenth suddenly struck on the awesome idea of him sitting a Jack o' Lantern on his shoulders and riding off on his Harley with that. Teo is an expert at making a hack-job of Halloween, and the extra evening that the Lighthouse's premature celebrations had conferred upon him did not do much to improve on his cosmetic efforts to get into the thing.

Mask was imperative, though, lest careless overconfidence fulfill visions of Len Denton dropping through the ceiling in full tactical gear, hollering vengeance. Y'know. Never can be too careful. Anyway: the Sicilian's tromping in in a black hoodie, a black jacket over that, and black trousers, which he finally located and donned out of a vague realization that even 'really dark gray' isn't quite thematic, and the styrofoam mask of a dinosaur. Snub snout, scales markered black over streaky green cheeks, mouth framed in a gulf of shadow and triangled white raptor teeth. Teo rolls his leggy-pup's gait through the door, on Magnes' heels, follows Magnes' gaze along to the pink, pausing at the sight of her companion before he pushes his attention along past wading pool, to the little goddess further across the floor.

There is a reason for any costume, even something so small as your hair color matching with someone fictional. It is this and less obvious reasons that when Delilah shows up- it is with a swish of highlighted red hair and an eyeful of green everything else. A green, strapless one-piece with a slightly pinched waist- with pale green stockings and lace-up green boots. From these to the bicep-length green gloves and the winding crown in her hair, Delilah is covered in little cloth leaves and flowers.

Certainly there are more nerdy things, right? Probably. But tonight, Delilah has taken Poison Ivy's guise, right down to the greens of her makeup and the grassy tinge of her skin. She pops up quite visibly on her way inside, giving a well-placed and poorly lit Batman a playful stinkeye on her way into the bar proper.

The little dark Jedi catches sight of Proserpine, motions her over, pats a barstool invitingly. "Getcha a pomegranate martini?" he teases. Magnes gets a thumbs up. "Proper Constantine," he approves, in a lazy drawl that means he may well have indulged a little in something or other before coming down. God knows a sober Leo wouldn't be wearing eyeliner, no matter the context.

Shift forward, miss. White powder left on her nose that one of the bartenders make a joke alluding to some sort of illegal substance. Abigail jsut rolls her eyes and tries again, keeping her hands behind her back till finally on the last lunge, she manages to snag the donut and it falls to the bar. "Hey magnes" Mouth full of donut. A piece is offered behind her to the sith, or something like that. Leonard had explained the costume but she still kept getting it messed up. "Having fun?" She yells over the music.

Helena is unable to resist a smile at Galen's invitation, and drifts over obligingly to perch on the stool. But it's the Peacock who gets her greeting. "Hey, Abby! Thank you for inviting me." Helena really does sound grateful, like she's a nerdgirl and Abigail is a particularly benevolent cool kid. The goddess of springtime gives Constantine a brief smile and nod before asking for a Red Stripe. It may throw of the mythic mystique, but hey, she's thirsty! "Dee!" she calls out with a wave.

"Yeah, this is pretty cool!" Magnes answers to the question of having fun, then nods and smiles when Mister Sith compliments his costume. He turns around when Delilah enters, eyes widening just a bit. He offers a subtle wave, but doesn't head over yet. He's not sure if he's supposed to head over to hot Poison Ivys when a close friend of your girlfriend is standing right there!

Delilah lifts one hand to tuck her now brilliant shade of hair behind one ear, smiling up at her name being called before she spots Helena a la Goddess. This gets a lift her chin before Delilah makes her way closer. A gloved hand lifts to address the seemingly meek one given by Magnes, who she is hardly able to recognize from further away like this. When she gets closer she is able to confirm, but the redhead moves to meet Helena first. "You look straight off a vase."

Helena grins. "You look like I should be making flowers sprout from your vines." Helena responds to Delilah, lifting off her stool to give the redhead a hug. The dino-man is regarded curiously, but for the moment she doesn't ask who he is. "Where's Claire?" she asks of Magnes instead, returning to her seat.

"Glad you could some Helly" No comment on the red stripe, just a nod to indicate it could be served. Teo is observed, or someone with the bearing of the man and Abigail bounds forward and away from the others, the remainder of donut in hand so that she can lay a kiss on the dinosaur cheek. "MY Italian Stallion, bob for apples! Come on! Lets see how good those teeth are, cause I'm about to start up the singing, and the karaoke and drag you into it"

Leonard accepts the bit of donut, chews it thoughtfully, offers the peacock a powdered grin. Lazily, he hops down from the stool, picks up the light saber, and makes a few passes, once he's in a space big enough to be clear. It makes the swooping zoom noise in keeping with the original movie sound effects, and the Sith grins to himself, in sheepish satisfaction. Abby's greeting gets a blink, and he squints at Barney's older brother, but offers no word, himself.

After a moment spent calculating exit routes and weighing social obligation against a momentary deterioration of mood, Teo decides to locate his backbone. Another moment, and he realizes that that more or less means that beer sounds like a good idea. Reliable. Classic, etc., etc. Adjusting his head by its scaly green chin, he proceeds to tromp off to collect on those two initial free beers that the invitation had promised. Something hoppy, from England. Give him a few seconds; he'll realize negotiating around a child-made dinosaur mask to drink beer is somewhat beyond his ken even at his most sober.

And then he is summarily identified and attacked. "H—" Bob for apples? Trying to rewind through his experiences with slutty nurses and slutty kittens and slutty mice, etc., etc., he ends up hanging his jaw in perplexed, roughly cooperative silence above the peacock's bubblegum head. "…'Kay."

"You make a great Poison Ivy." Magnes compliments, swallows hard, then puffs a bit of smoke from the mock-cigarette before Helena asks her question. "Ah, uh, I'm not sure. I called her, I think she might be busy, but she knows where we are if she decides to come."

"I'm glad I could come too." Helena confides to Abby, possibly in a more heartfelt tone than the situation warrants. When the pink haired girl offers Dino-Rex that particular equine nickname, Helena's eyes flick to take him in furtively. They fought, and rather angrily, the last time they spoke. Helena isn't up to carrying any leftover bile right now. The uncertainty shows on her face, and she seems for a moment, literally quite lost.

From the hug Delilah turns to Magnes, head tilted jauntily to examine his disguise. "Thanks." She smiles at the puffing, wagging a hand at the wisps of smoke. Dee is now debating over if she should attempt sniping off a drink here tonight- not a special occasion, but- hey- there are lots of them floating around! "I wonder if anyone has a drink they didn't finish, you see any lying around?" Lilah had time to admire Abby's peacockness when the girl went roaming, but little reaches her ears past the music already in it; the only reason she seems to pick up on Abby's harassing of the guy in the Dino mask is because a couple of the others give pause to look him over. So of course, her eyes follow, ignorant for the moment.

Arm is grabbed, Abigail's hands are warm as she drags Teo over to the wading pool and points at the shiny red apples that await. Magnes and Delilah are urged over as well. "Make yourselves at home!" The need to make sure everything is happening good, as it should be going, keeps her circulating and making sure drinks are topped off on her way to the karaoke set up in the far corner. There's a song that must be played. Helena would kill her if it wasn't.

Leonard settles his toy back on the bar, for the moment, turns it off, and comes meandering over to stand by Helena, a little behind and to the left. It's reflexive - no matter his face or what he wears, ever the faithful Cerberus. More so now than ever, really; he definitely looks a servant of the underworld, with makeup subtly done ot make him look almost undead. He puts a hand on Helena's shoulder, but says nothing to her directly. "You look good, Dee," he says, pleasantly.

Magnes offers a hand to Delilah when Abby motions to the apples. "Fancy a go at those apples, love?" he asks in that fake British accent, which likely sounds silly to Delilah, someone who actually has an accent.

"Thank you too, Leo. You are- fitting- just keep your Force touches to yourself, neh?" Delilah gives him a short wink before Magnes offers a hand. The fake accent gets a set of lowered eyebrows, yet she keeps the smile as she places her hand palm down in his. "I need to rescue my babies from drowning in that cold water, so yes, I do fancy a go at those apples."

Abandoned to his fate with the apples, Teo's staring down at the floating fruit with increasing conviction that he should have downed a couple pints before trying this thing. Trying to find the silver lining around the situation, he remembers instead that— that— his hand-eye coordination is technically better without intoxication. He offers Abigail a vague, hapless wave of a hand as she putters off to manage the rest of the party, with a faint lift of a forefinger to salute Helena herself, from across the room, before he re-centers himself. Refocuses, feet spaced evenly, utterly grim, staring down at the apples like a samurai entering a meditative trance.

Magnes stands in front of the apples after dragging Delilah over, then takes his cigarette out and slides it into his pocket. "Alright, here we go!" He dunks his face in, then comes back up with nothing, turning away to cough. "Ugh, man, that's hard. Uh, I mean, strewth!"

"He really doesn't remember anything," Helena's voice is very quiet, only meant to be heard by Leo, "Does he?"

Leonard looks from the dinosaur to Helena. "I don't know. He doesn't know me. I don't know if he knows you. I should've probed further, but my temper ran away with me," he admits, under his breath, before gently urging her towards the bar with a hand. The Star Wars music makes his lip curl in an amused sneer.

Delilah joins Magnes at the side of the apple pond, watching him go forth and dunk his head in the water. He's between her and Dino Dude, so the scaled mask gets a tilt of her head when she peers past Magnes. "You're not a herbivore, judging by those teeth- well, yeah, it's hard-" Her attention goes back to Magnes when he admits the complexity of this. "-you can't be violent about it, the apple bobs under." Delilah uses her hands to part the fellas milling around the apples, holding up a pointer finger. "Watch this, I'll show you all how it's done." Plunk! Her face goes down much more gently, but it takes a snorfing of water up her nose and a good 'blurble' of bubbles before she pulls one up, hanging from a piece of apple skin in her teeth. Not quite how it is done, Dee.

Abigail wends her way to the microphone, tapping at it as one of the other workers starts to fiddle with the machinery, load up one song while the music fades to nothing within the bar proper that leaves just the noise of everyone enjoying themselves. Plenty of strangers to other folks, but all familiar to the staff and their friends and family.

"Helly! Leo! Those I know, come on up and grab a microphone, there's a song for us to do and the dance that goes with it" Thriller is yelled from the crowd, but Abby just screws up her face and the brightly painted lines of peacock colors there. "Nope, something else"

The dinosaur is interrupted out of his important reverie by this feat, blinks pale eyes at the Englishwoman, before slinging a glance askance at Magnes in his immediate proximity. Hmmm. Any comforting joke he could conceivably make about Delilah's oral talents would be wildly out of order, Teo thinks, so he carefully refrains.

Technically, a success. After a moment's pause, inspiration seizes him to take the apple from her, snapping its tassle with an easy pull of his hand. He pauses a moment, as if sincerely considering keeping the prize for himself, but with exaggerated reluctance, cedes it to its rightful owner. "Good to see you both," he says. His voice is slightly muffled by dinosaur contours, still, but only slightly, and faintly distracted by the zithering of Abigail's invitation across the microphone. Teo looks up.

Helena peers up at Leo uncertainly - what DOES Abby have planned? She gives his hand a tug, and even if he doesn't putter along, when they pass Dee and Teo, the latter is favored with a brief smile, like testing the water. Joining Abby on the stage, she murmurs to the Peacock, "This better not be Village People." Even ABBA lovin' Helena has some standards!

Helena senses "Abby leans over when Helena nears. "Time Warp Helena. The girls told me that it has to be sung. Said you'd know the moves to it probably""

"It'll be Thriller, I'm sure," Leo says, with a notable lack of enthusiasm. But he does heed Abby's invitation, and heads. "Or maybe the Time Warp," he adds, thoughtfully, brows lifting towards his nearly nonexistent hairline.

Wildly out of order, yes. Not that a joke like that wouldn't have been funny. Delilah accepts the apple from its second retriever, eyes squinting at the mask when his familiarity and muffled voice come at the same time. Abby calls for everyone, but as Dee's eyebrows have met on her forehead- she may not be paying attention. One hand still holding her apple, the redhead uses the other one to grab the dinosaur by the tip of his snout to make him look in her direction again. Hey.

"Not that song. I promise" Microphones are handed out, Helena, Leonard a few others. Up goes one teal garbed hand as she cues Brenda to press play and the opening notes to Time Warp start up.

"It's astounding, Time is fleeting, Madness takes it's toll…" She points to Helena next to take the next little bit. Seems the peacock has been practicing in her spare time when she's not dressing kids up as Sylar the brain eater.

Identifying and studying ghosts is difficult enough when you're wearing a goofy dinosaur mask that has its eyes all the way on top of your head and yours pointed out its nostrils, even without an Englishwoman grabbing you by the head and yanking you around.

Nevertheless, Teo allows this manhandling to take place, mumbling an admonition, lest his costume suffer under Delilah's enthusiasm. His gaze strays again after Leonard and Helena before snapping back as if on a rubber band. He clears his throat. "I'm not exactly back; I didn't really leave. Kind of a bullshit distinction, I guess— how—" a beat, as he waits for the first surge of music, calibrates his voice to talk over it: "How are you?"

"But listen closely, not for very much longer - I've got to keep control." Helena chants along with the words on the screen. The song's familiar in an unconscious sort of way. She saw this in a theater once, when she was sixteen. Her mother had insisted, said it was a rite of passage, and the only form of Helena losing her virginity she ever wanted to hear about at her age. She nudges Leo to do Riff Raff's next set of lines, her eyes straying to the exchange between Dee and Dino-Teo.

Leonard hesitates, but obediently sync's along. It's been a long time since he did this. High school, in fact - there are the lines of confusion on his face, as he tries to dredge it all up from memory.

Delilah considers her options for a few moments, listening to the song and pulling in her bottom lip as she peers down the nose-eyeholes. Her eyebrows remain furrowed during the first lines of The Time Warp. Dee leans closer, almost speaking into his muzzle. "You missed my birthday. Otherwise, I'm …okay enough." Yeah, that. "What the hell is going on with you?" No specifics, just a general demand. "Do you remember me, or are you just pretending to?"

I remember doing the Time Warp.
Drinking those moments when
The blackness would hit me.

Abby turns to Helena with a smile on her face. "And the void would be calling" In tune with the blonde and a laugh following as she switches her own microphone towards the room as a whole. Other people chime in then with a "Let's do the time warp again" and those participating start getting into place and giving themselves some space. "Lets do the time warp again" Cue Helena to take the lead now.

"It's just a jump to the left." Helena intones, executing the maneuver. This feels oddly surreal to her. "And then a step to the riiiiiiight! Put your hands on your hips! And bend your knees in tight! But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaaane!" She leans in with Leo to sing the hook: "Let's do the Time Warp again!"

Oh. Oh. Right. Yeah— "Happy birthday," Teo says, his eyes big in his head, an ungulate sort of innocence that is somehow not quite undercut by the ridiculous costume he has pulled on. "No, no. I remember." Mostly. "I'll explain more when we're not in the middle of a Halloween party and I'm not on-call for Ferry emergencies or some shit, okay? Coffee or something. I was just going to grab a beer, ask Leonard Shelby—" Yes, the name and face are just so absurd, so disjunct with what he does remember, that both first and surnames seem necessary to form the proper identifier. "For something. I'm around."

It's apparently too much for Leo. Hard to see a blush under that makeup, but he slinks from the stage…..and rather than trying to blend into the rest of the crowd, he retrieves the lightsaber, and sneaks for the back, and his room, presumably.

Magnes is still fiddling with the apples, even deciding to try and cheat with his ability, but this just ends up in him missing another apple, and having a mysterious blob of water stuck to his face. It's like a very bad D&D campaign, and he's batting it off with his hand. "Ugh, hate water!"

Delilah allows her nostrils a bit of a flare as Teo tries to explain past the schnozz of a raptor. "Okay. If you're on call- I can wait." She sounds sad about it, but there's not much else that she can do besides nod her head and make sure he is paying attention. "Grab that beer you wanted before you go- I bet you need it- or a couple. You owe me at least a coffee, you big turkey." Green lips press together in frustration, but soon Delilah lets go of the dino's nosetip in favor of pointing out a corner apple to Magnes and nudge his arm. "Try that one, push it against the wall."

Helena looks a bit crestfallen when Leo just up and leaves, and for the briefest moment, irrationally angry. But the moment's barely a breath, passes quickly, though she'll stay and finish out the song with Abby, her heart's not quite as in it as before. Admittedly, all the merriment feels a bit like she's viewing it from inside an invisible glass cage.

Abigail's voice falters too when Leo quickly leaves red faced and guilt sinks into her face. She hadn't meant to embarrass he as such and it was all in the name of good fun. On and on through the song the former blonde and the blonde sing, more than a few people getting into the movements, motions, dancing and having a good time with the karaoke till the song starts to come to a close, belting out the last of it with Helena "You bring your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic thrust, They really drive you insane. Let's do the Time Warp again. Let's do the Time Warp again."

And then it's time to give up the microphones to someone else to cue up some halloween song and depart the little round stage that serves as the launching pad for many a horrid and good singer. Arms are thrown around Helena and she's held tight. "So good to have you back. You need anything, you come. You understand?"

All the Company/Hiro/Police training in the world doesn't help with apples, however, corner apple has suddenly been pointed out! Magnes leans in, brushes his face through the water, then slams his face against the side of the tub as he digs his teeth into it, standing up straight and raising his hands. "I rid it!" he says with the apple muffling his speech.

Helena seems surprised by Abby's show of affection. Abby hates the touching thing! Which just makes the hug more special. Helena returns it, her grip perhaps momentarily too tight. "Thank you, Abby. I will. I don't want to be a buzzkill, I'm just still a little bit weird about things. But it's a really fun party!"

There goes the latter item on his grocery list, barreling away blushing from the stage, leaving Teo with only the beer. It could be worse. He could be suffocating on apple pieces. He claps a brusque gesture of congratulation down on Magnes' shoulder, quirks him a smile you can hear even if you can't see it: "Congratulazioni. A'right. See you guys later." Ducking his dinosaur's head, briefly, he then swivels his round green snout around toward the bar, begins to lope off to follow orders. Loosening off Magnes' shoulder, he closes his hand around the cellphone in his pocket.

"Heavens, I hope it's a fun party. We've been planning it for a bit. Dampener the curfew, but we work around that yes?" Abigail takes her hands back, looking towards the backroom door and inevitably towards the one that leads upstairs. "I'm gonna check on Leo. I'm feeling bad for bringing him up on the stage. Stay and have another red stripe, if you need to you can crash upstairs. There's a spare room and we can smuggle you back to whever in the morning, okay?"

"I'll be alright." Helena promises. "If you don't see me in the morning, don't worry." she assures. "But check on Leo, yeah. I can't believe he abandoned us like that." Then, noticing yet another departure, Helena calls out, "'Bye, Teo." And tries not to look too stiff-necked about it.

Crunch! The snap of apple flesh comes off in Dee's mouth. She bit into it considerably hard, and the mouthful is sufficient to quiet her as Teo departs the pair. She will not grace him with a more proper goodbye. Tough stuff! "Good job, Magnes! You've now evolved into a shark."

"Awesome! But I still hate water, it always gets stuck on me." Magnes says after taking a large bite of his apple, then holds it in his hand. When Teo touches his shoulder, he smiles and nods as the man takes his leave, then focuses on Delilah again. He walks over, then leans in and whispers to her, "I think it's like, my hero weakness or something."

There's a wave for the retreating dinosaur before the pink hair hue'd woman is skirting around the bar, peacock feathers bobbing as she disappears through the back room.

Helena's brow furrows a little, and yes, she goes for a second beer. Hopping on the stool, she contemplates her actions…it's not as if she's never maneuvered out past curfew before as necessary. She watches Teo presumably leave with an inscrutable expression - and settles in for some people watching.

Old Lucy's Hallowe'en Song List

Vincent Price Laughing
Thriller - Michael jackson
Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett
Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
Blinded Me With Science -
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Little Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Zombie Jamboree - Rockafellas
Grim Grinning Ghosts - Disney theme song
Ghostbusters! - Ray Parker Jr.
Ghost Riders In The Sky - Blues Brothers
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
This Is Hallowe'en - Nightmare Before Christmas
Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
Halloween - Aqua
Cantina Song - Star Wars
King Tut - Steve Martin (Hulu) or here
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
The Raven - Read by Vincent Price
bad Moon Rising - CCR
The Addams Family Theme
Love Potion #9 - The Searchers
Moon Over Bourbon Street Tonight - Sting
Magic Dance- David Bowie
Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
O Fortuna - Carl Orff

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