Butcher's Fancy
Butcher's Fancy
Owner Lorenzo Calogero
Employees Antonio Calogero and Isabella Calogero
Hours of Operation 9am-8pm Monday - Saturday
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Meat!

Nestled away on the south end of Main Street on Roosevelt Island, Butcher's Fancy is one of the oldest stores still operating on the island. Owned and operated by the Calogero family for sixty years, Butcher's Fancy is considered a premiere butcher shop in the New York area. Serving a loyal base of customers from as far away as Manhattan, the tiny butcher's shop does miraculously good business despite the generally slouching economy of New York City for small and family businesses.

Lorenzo Calogero, a personable old Sicilian man with a pronounced Italian accent runs the store with his son Antonio and wife of thirty-six years Isabella. The three are a tight-knit group, that harbor a relatively dangerous secret beneath their ground floor establishment in a hidden safe-house known as the Den.

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