Butt In The Chair... Or No Drink


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Scene Title Butt In The Chair… Or No Drink
Synopsis Kaylee is working, Sabrina is drinking, Lola is sitting on the bar, and Mortimer is sniffing Lola?!?
Date September 15, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

It's been a rough couple of weeks what with the becoming a fugitive assistant murderer and all, so Sabrina has found herself at Biddy's, elbow on the bar and hand holding what appears to be a fruity martini. She's set her suit jacket of dark blue down on the stool as a bit of extra cushioning for her to sit on and she has her legs crossed under the matching skirt. She's idly watching one of the televisions, some sports program that a few other guys at the bar are into.

Pushing into the bar with her motorcycle helmet tucked under her arm, Kaylee comes in dressed for work. Still pale and not exactly looking healthy, but she still breaks into a smile when she spots a familiar figure. She moves quickly through the crowd so that she can slide into a stool next to the other blonde. "Sabrina… Really need to talk to Adam about getting a health plan. Doctors are pretty damn expensive." The helmet sits on the bar with a soft clunk, only to be taken a few moment later by the bartender to be tucked away.

Sabrina turns when she's addressed, taking a sip of the martini then setting it carefully on the counter. "Feeling better?" She asks in that polite way someone would when they don't expect any other answer than 'yes.' "I'm surprised Mister Monroe didn't offer to pick up the tab, you probably caught whatever it was on the plane home." She's sitting at the bar along with Kaylee.

"I…." Kaylee's gives Sabrina a bit of a sheepish smile. "I haven't told him. I didn't want him to worry really." She rests her elbows on the bar and gives a little shrug. "They gave me these great pink pills to get through that bug." Lies, lies and more lies. "They stopped me from throwing up. So I'm at least able to work again. Being out for a week is gonna hurt my paycheck."

"Thank heavans fer little gals…cause little gals grow bigger every dayyyyyyyyyy!" Lola. She's singing. She comes in wearing an expensive, too-big button down Oxford shirt that isn't hers and a pair of tight jeans and boots. She has a bag over her shoulder, her hair is up in a very messy ponytail. "Howdy short stuff," she murmers to Kaylee with a playful wink. "How's the swine flu treatin' ya? Kin ya get me a beer?" She doesn't sit on the stools - instead, she puts her feet on the stools and her rear on the bar to watch some of the sports on the television opposite it.

"Do you actually have to sign in and out here?" Sabrina asks, glancing back over the bar at the bartender. "I'm not exactly a fan of lying bu—" she pauses as Lola makes her grand entrance, giving the shirt a longer bit of attention. "…you could probably make it up to Mister Monroe by telling her that feet go on the floor, not on the stools." she adds helpfully to Kaylee.

"Considering who I'd be technically lying too.." Kaylee whispers at Sabrina, "I think I'll dip into my trust fund." She turns on the stool and eyes Lola, with a hand resting under her chin, "Lola.. I'll let Mack get you a beer, but your butt needs to be in the stool, not on the bar." She reaches into her pocket and takes out a pair pill bottles. "Mack.. can you get me a water? So Sabrina. How have you been? Need another martini?"

Lola wrinkles her nose, pouting. "Aw sugar, it never bothered ya before. I'm fairly certain my rear ain' touched yer seats but once." She moves her feet, letting them dangle loosely as she looks toward Sabrina. "How 'bout this, fair compromise? I still get ta sit up here where it's nice an cozy, but I won' put my feet on yer stools. Seems fair ta all!"

Sabrina watches Lola move her feet and replies to Kaylee, "I probably will." Her eyes lift to the televisions to catch the scores of a couple football matches, then looks back to Lola. "If you're not even trying to hide the fact that you're already smashed, they probably won't serve you. Might want to tone it down a touch."

Suddenly there's a short man in a biker outfit, completely covered with a bike helmet and a large red 27 on the front of it, holding the door open. Then a slightly taller man with the same outfit but the number 15 on his helmet walks in. And finally there's Mortimer, wearing a dark-gray trenchcoat, a pair of neatly fitting blue jeans, some black boots, and matching gloves. He's smiling, eyeing Lola sitting on the bar. It doesn't take him long to peer at her shirt, frowning as he marches on over with his two men following behind him, then leans forward to sniff it. He's sniffing for… anything that doesn't smell like Lola. There's no 'Hi' or 'Hey' or greeting at all.

15 holds a hand up, saying, "Please hold on, the boss has business, it'll only take a few seconds."

Lola leans back, away from Mortimer's prying nose. She lets him sniff for a moment while she looks over at Sabrina. "Smashed? Darlin, I'm sober's the day I was born. K-Mart here'll back me up," yes, by now Kaylee probably knows that this is just how Lola is. But soon the Creole woman's attention is back on Mortimer, reaching out to push him back a bit. "Alright sugar, yer gettin' inta my bubble now."

"Actually… that's her." Kaylee explains to Sabrina, before looking at Lola. "And I got a major talking for for the last time you got up there." She points out as Mack sets a water bottle down. She pulls it close and works on taking the pills. "So.. Butt in the chair.. or no drink." Of course, there is a ruckus at the front that pulls Kaylees attention. "Oh for christ sake." She murmurs when Mortimer walks in. Pill bottles are tucked in her pocket and she slides off the stool. She puts on a smile ignoring his gang members, approaches him, "Mister Jack… Can I help you with something?" 15 gets eyed and then ignored for Jack.

The look Sabrina gives Lola is incredulous. She raises the martini again and marvels at Kaylee, "It's like someone read a Gambit comic and decided 'that accent isn't NEARLY ridiculous enough! I can do better!' Is it better if it's worse?" Mulling that over, Sabrina takes another sip of her girl drink. The guys coming in with numbers and trenchcoat man are given a glance then Kaylee as she approaches them. Huh.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" Mortimer asks as he looks down at Kaylee, then shakes his head and focuses on Lola again. "You can't help me with anything, but my Southern Belle can." He gives one of those smiles that says he might be ready to kill someone for some reason. "So who's the guy you got that shirt from? Don't worry, I'm not gonna shoot him, or blow him up, and I'm certainly not gonna research his family tree so I can chop him up in just enough bits to sit a part of him to each of them."

Lola grumbles, settling down onto the stool. "Well well well, looks like we got a regular yankee bitch here, thinkin' she's so much better'n the rest a the world! Typical." She looks back to the tender, tapping the bar to indicate she's ready for her beer, before dealing with Mortimer. "It's hers," she murmers, jerking her head toward Sabrina. "Go ahead an get ta choppin," of course she isn't serious, but it seems like as good a route as any at the moment. Besides, Lola's distracted while waiting for her beer.

Kaylee grins back at Sabrina, but then turns to stare at Lola. "You're his Southern Belle?" The blond telepath looks hight amused. "Oh… interesting." She turns to Mortimer. "Mister Jack.. I would appreciate it if you kept your psychotic talk when your not in this bar?" Then she frowns at Lola and glances back at Mortimer. "Look.. your starting to upset some of my customers." She says seriously since some of the people are inching out of the bar.

"Not the rest of the world, only those who never learned that chairs were for sitting on, not counters." Sabrina says to Lola, raising her martini glass towards her in a little salute. When Mortimer jokes about…he is joking, right? Sabrina doesn't appear to be entirely sure what with Kaylee's response, but the guy is smiling so she goes with that and says lightly to him, "How other people spend their money is none of your business."

"Let it be known that on this day, I didn't shoot this woman in the head because I didn't wanna get my Southern Belle's clothes dirty." Mortimer says with a nod in Sabrina's direction, then suddenly stumbles forward, catching himself with his hands on the bar. "Where am I now?" he asks, sounding annoyed, his smile turning into a frown again as he looks around in confusion. "You're that woman who never told me her name," he says to Lola, then eyes Sabrina and Kaylee. "Don't know either of you."

"I ain' his, sugar," Lola explains to Kaylee with a shake of her head. "Tired a men callin' me theirs." Grumble grumble. At least Sabrina seems to be off her back, so that's a step in the right direction. However, as Mortimer stumbles, it does get a glance from Lola. She knows what's happening in an instant. "It's Adam's shirt," she tells Mortimer, so she won't get in trouble with his alter ego later. To the other two ladies, she makes a dismissive motion with her beer. "He's got this…split personality…thing going on."

Brows lift at Mortimer and then narrow dangerously, as he mentions not shooting Sabrina. Still ignoring his gang members Kaylee steps closer to Mortimer and says rather cooly. "I want you out of this bar." A hand swings up to point at the door. Adam would so not be happy about this. She glances at Lola and frowns a bit. "I don't care if he has split personalities.. He's fucking up business for the bar." She glances back at Mortimer and her brows lift as if waiting for something.

"Then he should probably be in a hospital rather than a bar." Sabrina downs the last of her martini and sets the empty glass on the counter. "Before someone takes his threats seriously and calls the police. I should probably get your address," she says then to Lola. "Mister Monroe usually sends flowers to his special lady friends the morning after and I'd hate to mix you up with one of the others. Do you live in town?"

"Gee I really needed to know that. You know, I should start writing this stuff down. He may not be me but it's not like I feel great about a woman flaunting something I would be pissed about if I were, well, in the right state of mind." Mortimer gives Lola a clear look of distaste, shakes his head, then turns around, completely ignoring Kaylee as he walks off to the exit. 15 tries to take his arm but just gets shoved hard, before the man finally makes his exit.

"Don' write it down, sugar, we don' need no more violence!" Mortimer's alter ego, however, may have noted that she smelled like Lola and no one else. But as Mortimer's left, Sabrina now gets Lola's half-attention, while she continues to watch the sports on the television. "Oh, I don' live in town, sugar, not yet. Ol' English's still lookin' fer an apartment fer me - I'm bein' kinda picky. Soon as he settles on one fer me though, I'll let ya know. An I like orchids, make sure ya write that part down too." She pauses a moment, looking to Kaylee. "Oi, when's the old man's birthday anyway? Got a feelin' he's pullin' a fast one on me, an if he is Imma buy him the ugliest tie known ta man."

"What is it about men?" Kaylee finally says in frustration. "God.. damn…" She frowns after Mortimer and slips back on the stool next to Sabrina. "They all seem the same. Just like I haven't even heard from Grim in awhile.. Brian yelled at me lasst night." She picks up her water and takes a sip. At the question of Adam's Birthday, she looks at first Lola and then Sabrina. "Your his personal assistant. He hasn't told me."

Sabrina frowns at Kaylee before sliding off the stool and picking up her suit jacket. "Not worth the trouble." She tells the younger blonde before glancing over to Lola. "I'm sure if Mister Monroe wanted you to know, he'd tell you. I'll be sure to remind him that you're waiting for him to sign the lease. And orchids, of course." She lays out some money on the bar and says to Kaylee, "I've got to get home, early meetings tomorrow morning I need to pull some files for. Let's get lunch tomorrow, I can tell you all about how much better education is than dating. I know you don't want to end up sitting on bars all your life. Waiting. Waiting bars." She doesn't really bother trying to make that seem like it wasn't intentional.

Lola doesn't seem to particularly care as Sabrina prepares to go. She just looks back to Kaylee with a little shrug, sitting back a bit as she removes a cigarette and a very expensive looking lighter from her pocket, torching up and taking a long drag. "Men ain' never gonna change, sugar," she says with a soft smile toward Kaylee. "Split personalities or not, always somethin' wrong with 'em. Then again I can' speak too highly fer most women myself either."

"Alright, Sabrina." Kaylee offers brightly, "I'll make sure to let the manager know I got a lunch date." She glances at Lola and leans close to Sabrina to whisper, "Can… ah.. we keep the hospital thing between us?" The other blonde gets a pleading look before she straightens and gives Lola her attention again. "I sure seem to find the worse ones… Well… Okay.. Split personality is pretty bad." She teases Lola.

"Of course." Sabrina says with a bit of a wave as she heads out the door.

Lola watches as Sabrina goes. "Yeah well, looks like the split personality one's found me. He's kinda jonesin' after me, can' much figure why." she waits until Sabrina's gone, and shakes her head. "Now I ain' one ta dislike people completely an fully - hell, yer Andrew kicked me outta this bar an I don' mind him. But that woman's a judgemental useless waste, near as I kin tell. Sorry ta speak bad a yer friends an all. She hate black folks too? She kinda seems the type…."

"Sabrina?" Kaylee asks curiously, she glances over her shoulder at the retreating figure, "Nah. She's good people. She's always trying to watch out for me, much like Adam." She grins and shakes a finger. "So no bad mouthing her."

"S'fine, sugar." She looks up at Kaylee quite honestly. "But if she goes bad mouthin' the way I talk or callin' me a slut again when I ain', Imma break her nose." She seems oddly sincere about it. "I may be socially unacceptable but I ain' never out-an-out insultin' a folks, an it ain' much ta ask the same in return. So if ya'll wanna chat 'bout it over lunch or just let her know in a little, ya know…" she makes a typing motion with her thumb, "text message, whatever."

"Well.. admittedly.. That's just Sabrina." Kaylee says with a smirk. "You get use to it." She slides off her stood and straightens her clothing. "Tell Mack to let you have a beer, on me. I have to get to work." She peers at Lola, "And I'll be watching you… Butt on the seat." She says with a chuckle.

Lola smiles, but doesn't seem all that amused. "Then she's gonna get her cute lil' pug nose broken, sugar. I'm sorry, but if yer friend thinks she's so high an mighty as all that? Somebody's gotta bring her down. I like ya an all, but I ain' gonna take shit from some pair a flat-tits just cause ya an her are buddy-buddy. I ain' sayin' I'm a gift from the heavans unto earth an all that, but neither's she." She shrugs, looking back to her drink and sipping it, seemingly done with the conversation.

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