Buy A Date


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Scene Title Buy a Date
Synopsis Tartarus holds its second date auction, and again, it's a success. And at least one person gets a little overwhelmed by it.
Date August 19, 2010


"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

That is the sign that rests just above the double doors that lead from the small foyer into the club proper. Once through the doors the music is all-encompassing, the heavy bass beat filling the room and senses of the club-goers. The decor is all dark, the walls painted black, the bar a sleek dark wood. The lights all have a reddish tinge to them, with the bar and DJ booth being the only places in the club proper that have more normal white light.

There are high tables with equally tall chairs circling a large dance floor, and booths set along two of the walls. But while socializing is a big part of the club, the dancing is the priority. People, some Goths, some punks, and some just people who like to dance are all packed on the dance floor. Weaving through the sea of people are servers, men and women both, dressed in black pants or skirts, and tee-shirts that have "Tartarus" written across the chest in red lettering. Likewise there are security people at the door and mixed through the club, in similar outfits, only their shirts have "SECURITY" on the back.

Tonight is the night for the buying and selling of people. Or a few hours of their time anyway. What happens after the promised date is entirely up to the individuals, and Tartarus will claim no responsibility! However, it means that the club is packed full of people. Not just the usual goths that would be seen here, but all manner of people, some wearing jeans and tee-shirts, some wearing suits. All looking to buy a date, to sell a date, and some just wanting to watch the fiasco to occur shortly. But all are welcome tonight, regardless of their intentions!

There are more than the usual number of waitstaff moving through the crowd, ensuring that people have plenty to drink. Because, of course, drunk people spend more money than sober people. There are a few posters plastered about the walls, advertising this very evening, and the stage is lit up, though empty for now except for a microphone. The rest of the club remains in the dim red glow that's normal.

A table near the door, just behind where cover charges are paid, is set up and has a couple of clipboards so people who haven't done so before can sign up to offer up an evening of their life for the auction. Two Tartarus employees sit behind that table, answering any questions that potential volunteers may have about the process, including pointing out that half of what the club brings in on the auctions will be going to charity. A trend started at the previous auction nearly two months before.

Music fills the room, of course, and is matched by lighting on the dance floor, with the latter controlled by the club's DJ, Quinn. But the sound of people talking and laughing competes with the volume of the music, giving the impression that the club is just a little fuller than it is - a feat in itself.

The manager of the club, Melissa, is standing by the bar, smiling and sipping on a drink as she watches the people trickle in, individually and in small groups, further filling Tartarus. She has a small stack of index cards in her other hand, probably information on the volunteers that have signed up prior to this evening. And, while so many stand out in the crowd, she blends in, despite the blonde hair (with no streaks!). Black leather pants and a black and deep red corset are wholly appropriate for a place such as this.

Rain pauses on the way in at the volunteer table. He doesn't sign up, but does stay to listen to the particulars of it all, and the mention of half of the proceeds going to charity nearly has him putting pen to paper. Maybe next time, this time he's just interested in watching. The slim young man steps into the club proper. On most nights he'd look out of place in his simple officer worker style clothing, but today… not so much. Rain's head turns a bit, eyes glancing about before he begins to make his way over towards the bar, ducking through the crowd, stepping around people, deftly moving along without disturbing anyone around him.

Nadira herself is also at the bar, but she is behind it as opposed to just being nearby. The Egyptian woman works, making sure that drinks get mixed and sent off to their respective buyers. She's donned a new outfit for the occasion, the one she'd managed to come up with on a shopping trip with Quinn, and so the becorseted bartender is smiling and chatting with various patrons in between expert mixing.

Quinn is handling the music tonight as expertly as ever, or at least she'd like to think. Nestled into the DJ booth, she is as eager for the night's festivities to begin as anyone else - and exponentially more nervous than the previous time. This time, she can't spy any of her friends, Melissa and Nadira aside, among the audience who might ensure that there's at least some bidding over her. But for now, she's distracting herself by filling the requests of those who come up to the booth, while setting the music to begin an automated playlist, so that she can go down and mingle before the party really starts.

The last time Peyton was here, she was dressed in a black cocktail gown, hair up, Louis Vuitton peeptoes. Today she's perhaps a touch more in keeping with the typical crowd, though she's clearly not a goth. She's donned a black and silver brocade corset with a black skinny jeans that leave no illusions as to the shape of her body beneath the fabric. Her dark mahogany hair is down tonight. Black pointy toed Jimmy Choo boots bring her height up three more inches, so the tall brunette is just shy of six-feet. Her makeup's darker than she normally wears it, but her naturally light-tan skin keeps her from being "Goth" in the least.

"Can I get a whiskey sour?" she asks, leaning, across the bar and calling to Nadira once she catches the bartender's eye, having to call a bit over the music despite the short space between them. She gives a wave to Melissa so the manager knows one of her auctionees is present and accounted for.

Amadeus is turned away from the bar to people watch, not dressing in any special way, just his usual black AC/DC shirt and blue jeans. He's got a glass of Jack Daniel's, just casually taking a sip every few minutes. He can't smoke pot in here, so he may as well drink. "Been so long since I flushed a goth kid's face in the toilet." he mutters to himself, snickering and shaking his head in amusement.

He looks over across the bar at the voice, raising an eyebrow. "Holy Paris Hilton's fuckin' panties." He stands up and heads over to Peyton, then lightly taps her on the shoulder. "Yo, are you Peyton Whitney?"

One of the people in the bar is a tall young man in his mid-20s with medium-length auburn hair that appears messy at a first glance, but a second look suggests that it was carefully crafted that way. He's wearing a long brown leather jacket, with a red shirt and black pants, and around his neck appears to be a necklace of the black half of a yinyang. He's got his hands in his pockets, hazel eyes watching those in the line to sign up as he heads that way. He goes by Daniel.

A pair of brand-new Ray Bans perch upon Richard Cardinal's face as he relaxes back in one of the booths, feet clad in steel-toed boots kicked up on the opposite seat, black jeans sheathing his legs and a simple black t-shirt snug against his upper body, leaving the tattoos painted along his upper arms peeking out a bit. Driver's gloves cover his hands, black as well to complete the look, one resting on his thigh and the other wrapping around a glass to bring it up to his lips and take a swallow thereof.

He relaxes back to the side of the room, listening to the music and watching the crowd absently, alone on the edges of the sea of humanity inside the club.

Some people do not blend in, as the setting implies. Not everyone here is a Goth. Lola Mayeux, otherwise known as Mary Lou Winston, otherwise known as Marie…aw fuck it. It's too hard to remember that far back for a name. No, she is certainly not Goth. But she is certainly not trashy white chick either, which is her normal forte. No, this woman, who has been out of town for awhile now, has just reappeared like a certain ghostly apparition. And she has done so in a purple floor-length dress, sleeveless with a little flowery-feather along the tube top. Her hair is up in a messy - yet controlled - clip. And is that a diamond around her neck? Just a pendant, tear-shaped but large as a Robin's egg. She wanders to the bar, a clutch purse in her hands. Another woman is given her drink - some sort of -tini - and she thanks the tender, but turns away to talk to her friend some more. Lola swipes the drink without ever being noticed.

And then. Oh good lordie and then. He has his back to her, but one doesn't forget … well, a whatever Richard Cardinal is to her. He sure is something, that's certain. With a sway in her walk and a click of her heels, she starts toward him from behind.

Rain leans in against the bar, but finds himself unable to get a stool of his own. So he shouts for Nadria's attention, calling his order out to her, which is a simple screwdriver. Order placed, the kid turns around and leans himself back up against the bar, eyes peering out from behind a scattered curtain of bangs, red hair partially obscuring his line of sight. He watches people come and go and mill about, his attention not a very concrete thing as it jumps from place to place every few seconds.

While Melissa only recognizes about half the names on the little cards in her hand, it still makes her smile to see even one of them, all ready to be a victim for the club. She inclines her head to Peyton, giving her a smile, but then Peyton is getting hounded by a fan(?) so she continues looking around. Kendall-Daniel is passed over, since she doesn't know this face, sneaky boy. She ever finds out, and someone be surely getting a lecture and smack to the head. Luckily, tonight is not that night.

Nadira works on the drinks. The whiskey sour is quickly sent over to Peyton, followed by the screwdriver that Rain orders. She's kept busy, for he most part, but still has plenty of time to scan what's going on and enjoy herself. And she's smiling… quite broadly, actually. She seems to be in a very good mood.

Dark eyes sweep over to Amadeus and Peyton gives a chuckle. "Paris Hilton doesn't wear panties, silly," she says playfully, exchanging a bill for her drink and turning to look at the man with the two-toned dye job. "Yeah, I'm Peyton," she says, taking a sip of the drink, her eyes peeking over the young man's shoulder as she sees Lola heading over to Cardinal. If Cardinal looks her way, she'll give him a little smirk. Here we go again? expression on her face. The last time — well, at least the money went to a good cause.

"…mmmhmm…" Raquelle is sneaky in his own way, slipping into the establishment and looking around from behind a pair of dark shades. One hand adjusts his fedora however and he slips his hands into his back pockets as he saunters along. Some people might know him, some people might not but he's here! With little of no warning or planning, he just looks secretly amused for some strange reason. Yes his shirt is mostly unbuttoned, yes he's wearing docs but his but! Somehow he makes it work.

With the music handled and set up to keep playing without her direct intervention, Quinn - or DJ Ravenfall as she's been going by - finally emerges from the DJ booth, a smile on her face as she meanders her way down to the main floor of the club. Smiles and waves are directed across the room, a show made of making her presence known to the various patrons of the club. Her ultimate goal, however, is the bar, a seat taken at the end, and a wave given over to Nadira, as well as the other patrons having found their seats there.

If Cardinal notices the look in his direction from Peyton, he gives no sign of it; of course, in his shades, it's hard to tell where his gaze is wandering, but that's probably purposeful. Maybe that's why he wears them. Similarly, the approach from Lola-of-the-many-names coming up along behind his booth goes unreacted-to for the moment. Instead, he brings the glass up and takes a drink from it, leaning back with a sigh as it drops back down to rest on the table.

And then Lola reaches forward as she approaches Cardinal, twirling her fingers in her hair. An odd, familiar gesture. And she knows she may well lose her hand for it, so within a blink she's also speaking. "Aw sugar, ya always did have a nice head a hair. Why with a coat like this that ya got on ya…Ah spoze Ah got a little money t'be sparin' if yer up fer grabs." She smirks, waiting.

"Can I get your autograph? All my friends totally wanna do you. I've got more respect and stuff, of course. I'm an upstanding guy and all, wouldn't even think like that." Amadeus reaches into his pockets, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper to offer her. "Amadeus Deckard."

In the door slips the young lady named Nadia, running a hand through her hair. She's dressed up nicely today, sporting a new dress today, which shimmers just a little bit. Her hair is done in curls, and she's even wearing makeup. Glancing about, the girl makes her way up to the bar, leaning against it and promptly ordering an Amaretto Sour, once she's attended to.

"Gee, it's nice to know that I'm judged by the same merits as a chihuahua in a dog show," Cardinal replies with a roll of his eyes, hand coming up to finger-comb his hair back into place (such as 'place' is) before it falls back down to rest on the table. A lift of his chin is absent greeting, "Haven't seen you in a couple've weeks. Keeping yourself out've trouble?"

Daniel has not been recognized by Melissa; score! And no one in the room seems to have played video games; double score! He might be able to get away with this unscathed and maybe even score a date out of this. Casually he moves to the counter and orders a beer that's on tap as he waits for the event to start. For now, he won't socialize since there doesn't seem to be anyone he knows that well aside from Melissa, and chatting her up is a good way of getting busted.

Lola releases his hair. "'Nuff, Ah spoze. Ah mean, Ah always figured trouble's gettin' caught. So Ah ain' been in none. Ah had somethin' ta….ta see to, is all." She smiles and moves to sit across from him, entirely uninvited. She's even wearing makeup. The girl cleans up! It's possible! There is a human underneath all that filth and southern twang. "Though Ah wouldn' go callin' ya a chihuahua, sug. Maybe…hmm." she twists her fingers around the glass, considering him a moment. "Nah sugar, yer some sorta mutt. Can' tell what, but a mutt none the less. Maybe a doberman an a lab. Or somethin' kinda shaggy. What's them Irish Setters?"

"All your friends want to do me," Peyton echoes a a little incredulously, eyes wide as she gives Amadeus Deckard a sidelong glance. "How charming, I'm sure," she says lightly, but shrugs, taking the pen and scribbling her name on the piece of paper. "Amadeus is an interesting name." She hands him back the autograph, eyes darting back to Lola and Cardinal before sighing and turning away from the bar to face the dance floor instead, sipping the drink slowly. She gives a nod to Daniel as he nears the bar to get his beer, then drops her gaze to her drink — all the better not to show the dark pupils swallowing up her irises as she watches someone from someone else's eyes.

Rain gets his drink, and he offers a nod of thanks to Nadira for it, as well as the cash to pay for it. With drink in hand the red head steps away from the bar, lifting his glass for a faint sip of the vodka and orange juice. He doesn't try to strike up conversation anywhere, just seems happy to watch everyone come and go as they wall wait for the auction to start. He has a happy little smile on his lips, and a drink in hand as he goes in search of somewhere to sit.

Nadira continues to ply her trade, gaze on the crowd as she slides the most recently ordered drinks to their respective orderers. She's more than happy to keep an eye out in the crowd, perhaps both excitedly and apprehensively at the same time, but she catches Quinn's gaze and offers her a wave back.

A phone is pulled out, and Melissa glances at the time. She smiles and slips the phone away, before she moves towards the stage, then onto it. The microphone is turned on, and she says, "We'll be starting the auction soon, guys, so if you want to be sold off, hurry up and get those forms filled out! And everyone else…get your wallets ready to be opened!"

"Hey! Nadira!" Quinn shouts with a grin on her face as she tries to get the bartender's attention. Hopefully, her own corset - black with red streaks - silk ankle length skirt, fishnet leggings, chocker, and calf high boots do a good job of getting ehrs, and everyone else's, attention. "Mind whippin' me up the usual? I'll try not t' have too many, I promise!" She smirks, looking down the bar - and spotting Daniel first, she smiles and nods in his direction. "Heya there. Haven't seen you before. Here for the date auction?" There's a smirk on her face as she speaks, leaning back against the bar.

"Hey, you know how guys talk. I mean you are Peyton fuckin' Whitney." Amadeus offers a hand when she looks into her drink. He interprets it as boredom, and is of course, going to be the savior of the night. "Wanna dance before the slave trade starts?"

The Moroccan woman gets her drink, taking a few sips before turning out to survey the room with one eyebrow raised. Then, Nadia makes her way over to the application table, quickly jotting out her information. Then, she turns, peering around the room and tapping at her chin.

As the bench seat opposite Cardinal is suddenly occupied, his boot-clad feet drop down to the floor, although he doesn't actually stir at all from his casual slouch there. "Just keep those compliments coming," he says with a roll of his eyes, bringing the drink up in a salute towards her, "Really, you're doing wonders for my ego. And what the hell are you wearing?"

"Hey! I think the outfit's gonna be a hit. I'm quite proud of it myself." The bartender chuckles, raising an eyebrow. "Okay, but be careful. I don't want to have to chase down any girls carrying off the DJ." Nadira moves to get the usual Redheaded Slut for Quinn, sliding it over to her once it's done.

Raquelle leans against the bar, backwards, watching people with that small half-smile and adjusting his shades. He quirks an eyebrow from time to time and just eyes people who come and go from the bar, making mental notes of what they look like…what they are ordering but Daniel over yonder gets a curious look as he rolls his shoulders and hmms softly.

Daniel turns and smiles at Quinn when she addresses him, and once he gets his drink he moves closer. "It seemed like a good way to kill time, and even if no one bids for me I can still watch the rest of it." he replies, his voice a tenor with a faint accent of something familiar, but not from any region in the US.

As he pays the cover charge, Aric walks into the event looking a little nervous. He promised Philipa he would do this because she said he was to much of a nerd for it. He is currently dressed in a sleeveless shirt that clings to his well defined physique. His arms rippling as he runs a hand through his long locks. He is wearing a pair of loose khaki shorts that travel just past his knees, and a pair of simple Teva sandals. He seems to be a bit edgy in the large crowd and moves to the corner where there are not that many people.

"Fell off the back of a truck," Lola admits, removing a cigarette holder and lighter - yes, a silver holder - and slipping one between her lips. She lights it, sliding the entire little fold across the table to Cardinal, for his delight. "Somethin….Somethin…ya know, if a Doberman an a Pomeranian ever found a way ta make it work Ah think you'd fit right at home as their love child," She smiles, that sweet, mischevious smile, and lets the topic fall. "Come oh now, sug, we both know yer ego don' need no help from me. But Ah'll play nice all the same. Last Ah done heard tell of it ya were still payin' mah rent." Yes, that crappy little place has becom home.

"Funny, I always thought my middle name was Aimee, not 'Fuckin'," Peyton quips, taking another sip, her eyes downcast. She catches sight — through someone else's eyes — of Raquelle and turns to say hello before realizing her point of view is off. She blinks to clear her vision and turns to find him in her own perspective, giving a wave and a bright smile for the flamboyant stylist. "Mm, dancing, I don't know how to dance to Goth music, really," she lies, "and I don't wanna be all sweaty before going on stage. Hold on, I wanna say hi to Quelly." She slips off the barstool to head toward Raquelle, though she gives Amadeus a little nod of her head as to indicate to follow her if he'd like, and heads to the other end of the bar. Pausing briefly by Cardinal and Lola she waves. "Hey guys, having fun?" she asks, then keeps moving without waiting for the answer.

Arriving at Raquelle's end of the bar, she gives him a quick hug and kisses his cheek lightly. "Raquelllllle. I need to see you, my bangs are too long!" she laments.

"Here t' have fun, then? Always the best reason t' come by," Quinn remarks with a nod, smirking at Daniel. Her drink coming down, she grabs it eagerly, a long gulp had. "You should try one," she remarks, holding it up to Daniel. "Peach schnapps, Jaeger, cranberry juice… it's quite tasty. Or if you want somethin' sweet, order an Irish floozy." She can't help but grin at that recommendation.

As he sits down on a chair, he slides his sandals off and curls his feet into an Indian Style manner. He waves a waitress down and says, "Selzter water with rasperries." She blinks at him and his odd request as Aric chuckles, "Lime if you dont have the berries." He begins to scan the crowd for anyone he knows…

A few minutes pass, and one of the employees at the signup table comes on stage to bring Melissa a few more info cards. Then Melissa signals for the music to be killed, and steps up to the mic again. "Welcome to Tartarus! And more importantly, welcome to our second date auction! I hope all our volunteers are ready to come up on stage and strut their stuff, because we're getting started!" She grins out at the crowd, then looks at cards for information on her first 'victim'.

"Our first date for the night is with Nadia! Nadia, c'mon up here! Nadia like sculpting and art, milkshakes, and long walks through the park with her Corgi, Holmes! And, by the way, the minimum bid for tonight will be fifty dollars, so get that money out!"

"Peybaby!" Raquelle greets cheerfully, wrapping arms around the woman and giving her a quick squeeze in return before air kissing *mwah, mwah* and pulling back. "You don't write, you don't call…I was thinking you were cheating on me with another stylist!" He fakes a pout before winking and chuckling softly. "Yes, yes they are but you still look darling. Fancy seeing you here! Goodness." He gestures towards the stage. "Heeer, milkshake apparently and hopefully will bring all the boys or girls to the yard hm?"

Amadeus is quick to follow, bumping into one of the guys at the bar. "Oops, sorry." before he reaches into his pocket to feel around for something, then just grins. "Hey!" he calls out when he spots the person Peyton's chosen to address, looking a bit surprised. "Aren't you my dad's gay lover or something? What's up? I managed to talk my way into a hotel last night."

Laughing softly, Nadia makes her way up onto the stage and offering a wave to the crowd, her cheeks flushed slightly. She might as well get used to the spotlight, and this is a good first start to the whole public appearances thing. Once up on the stage, she offers a little twirl, smiling charmingly to any and all potential suitors.

"No thanks." Cardinal's free hand lifts, fingertips pressing to the edge of the case to push it lightly back in Lola's direction, "I quit. After you're dead for a couple months, turns out you can quit the habit pretty easily." As he leans back again, he gestures to her vaguely, "Don't make me kick you out've your place. So what're you here for? On auction? Bidding? Looks like we just started."

Lola shrugs, tucking the case away. "Just workin' the room, sugar. You know how Ah am." Yes, and it would be fair of him to warn everyone in the place ot check their pockets. But she doubts he will. "Unless yer t'be up on the choppin' block. If that's the case, Ah'm sure Ah got a couple a grand Ah kin spare. Though now that ya do mention it…" she looks around, thofughtfully. "This does seem like yer kinda scheme. Whacha up to here, then?" She inhales, puffs, and exhales easily.

Rain turns his head, eyes following Nadia's progress up on stage. His progress through teh club is slow, pausing though a little ways from the stage and finding an empty seat at an only half occupied table. He turns and smiles to the people at his table, then leans abck to see how the bidding goes.

"Irish floozy? That a drink, or a person?" Daniel raises an eyebrow at Quinn. "What's in it, so I know exactly how I'd be poisoning my liver?" but then the date auction starts, and he turns to see who's up first.

As his eyes fall on Cardinal and Lola from his table, he can only assume Cardinal has not seen him. Aric takes out his cell phone and begins to write a text. He chuckles softly to himself as he sets it on the table before him just as the waitress brings him his sparkling water.

Irish Crème and butterscotch schnapps," Quinn says with a smirk. "I wasn't tellin' you t' order me," she says with a laugh and a shake of her head. "An' a little cinnamon. It's a wonderful drink." With Nadia called, Quinn turns to the stage, her smirk widening. "I think I see my first bid…"

Bids come in as Nadia starts smiling and twirling. Fifty dollars from one person. Then seventy-five. A hundred fifty. Two hundred. It leaps steadily, until the final bid comes in. Three hundred dollars. "And Nadia is sold to our lovely DJ, Quinn! Congrats Quinn! Give your money to the nice mountain of muscle," she says, grinning as the donation collector heads towards Quinn for just that purpose.

"I've had a shitty few weeks. Just trying to relax…" A frown, then, and Cardinal reaches down to tug a phone off his belt, vibrating softly in his hand. He flicks it open, looking at a message there, then snorts - glancing over the crowd, he taps a message back in, hitting send with a press of his thumb.

Lola ignores the phone. "Aww, sugar. Wanna tell mama Lola all about it? Ah kin mix ya up somethin' nice an firey ta help ya relax." Yes. Bayou drinks. That's all the man needs. "Anythin' ya need me for?" She's still a working girl, after all, and Cardinal for all intents and purposes is her pimp, her daddy, or whatever other derilict phrase might come to mind.

Peyton grins at Raquelle, then gapes at Amadeus, glancing back at Raquelle with wide eyes. Can you believe this guy? She chuckles and takes another sip of her drink. "I could use some Cambria R and R for sure. I'll schedule something for this week. Maybe I can bring Gillian in with me," she says, her eyes soft at the thought of her poor friend. "Amadeus, this is Raquelle, he has a name," she says, as if talking to a young child rather than a man three years her senior.

Nadira leans against the bar as she watches the bidding before it's back to serving up drinks, offering charming smiles o various patrons as she passes them over. She notes the conversation between Quinn and Daniel. "It's not a bad drink… I made it myself. Quinn's idea, of course."

The woman laughs as the bids go up, offering a few bows to the crowd. Then, once the final bids are in, she offers a wave to the crowd, before hopping down from the stage, seeking out Quinn. Once she reaches her, Nadia offers a wave, laughing softly. "Thanks for the bid! Guess I'm your date tonight!" She offers the woman a wide smile.

As he continues to scan the crowd his eyes fall on Peyton. He smiles softly when his own phone vibrates along the table doing a little dance. Aric picks it up and he cocks an eyebrow. He frowns deeply looking over at Lola again before he begins to tap his keys on his phone. He sets the phone back down before he sips his water again turning his attention back to the stage.

"Ga-wah!" Raquelle double-takes at Amadeus, looking him over thoughtfully before blinking and nodding slowly. "…in a matter of speaking kinda I suppose. I'm real happy you got yourself a hotel room honey." He nods before eyeing Peyton and then Amadeus and then back to the stage. "Bring whoever you want sweetie, I always got time to love folks." He flashes a smile at Amadeus and nods slowly. "We've met before Peybaby, he's got /no/ game and yet he managed to score a buddy when we met up the other day, can you imagine that?" Then he's applauding at the first purchase.

Quinn's grin widens, hopping up from her stool. "Wow! I… didn't expect t' win that one," she says with a loud laugh. Meeting the man who comes to collect her money half way, a check for three hundred dollars is quickly handed over, a wave up to Nadia on stage. She makes a quick return to the bar, and her chair, and laughs. "Looks like I picked a good time t' put money in teh account," she muses, watching the stage. Now she just has to decide if she's going to bid on anyone else."

When Nadia reaches her, she smiles at the woman. "I don't believe it has t' be tonight, but that's more than fine with me, if you'd like. Nothin' wrong with having another pretty woman around, eh?" She regards the woman warmly, sitting up in her stool. "It's only a matter a' time before I go up m'self, though."

After Nadia steps down off the stage, Melissa flips through her cards and grins out at the crowd. "Next person up for sale is….Daniel! Here you go ladies, the first man of the night! Get up here and let's let all the chicks in the crowd get a look at you! Daniel likes technology, and younger women! So all you younger girls, here's your chance for a date with an older man! So don't skimp on the bids!" she says, putting a suggestive tone in her voice.

A careful dance of Cardinal's thumbs move over the keypad of his phone, gaze on the screen even as he talks with Lola in quiet tones, "Just the usual. Seems like I've been wading through blood lately… and sometimes I wonder — well. Don't worry about it." Another send, and he reaches over for his drink.

Daniel hears his name called, and nods at Quinn. I'll have to try it later." he tells her, and leaves at the same time she does to go collect her 'prize'. So he strolls up onto stage, putting one hand at his waist and tilting his head slightly, giving the ladies of the place a challenging look with a half-smile. Even if he gets no votes, he'll be fine. Surely not everyone here's a lesbian.

"Well, whatever it is yer wonderin' sugar, ya know what ta wonder at me. Jobs, if ya need 'em. Ah ain' gonna be runnin' off 'gain anytime soon," There's something behind Lola's eyes. Some sort of…emotion. Not like when she was high, or when she was bloody and scared. No this is something linked to an actual girl inside there. But she doesn't discuss it any further. "An hows our mutual Bayou buddy? The other one, a course, the one drunker 'n crazier'n me."

"Yeah, I ain't a homophobe or nothin'. He's friends with my dad, Flint. And that chick last night was a lesbian." Amadeus rolls his eyes and shrugs, motioning for a tender. "Hey, I want another glass o' Jack!" Then, back to Peyton and Raquelle. "Yo, I'm totally gonna bid on you."

He's reaching into his pocket now, calling someone on his rather utilitarian cellphone. "Yeah, dude, you'll never fuckin' guess who I'm hangin' out with…"

As his phone dances across the table once again, Aric sets his drink down and picks it up. He looks over in Cardinal's direction. He runs his thumbs over the keys as he sets it phone down and continues to watch the show unfold waiting for his turn. He looks down at his attire and hmmms, "Should got more dressed up?"

Peyton ignores Amadeus, moving away from him for a moment when the cell phone gets pulled out and slipping to the other side of Raquelle - he's tall if not masculine! He's a good shield! She notices Aric on the edge of the crowd and gives a little wave and smile, then throws back the rest of her drink with a hard swallow. She needs the liquid courage to get through this little soiree.

Nadira continues to mix drinks, eagerly watching the stage, however, with quite a bit of amusement. She'd not been present for the last auction, so it's a whole new experience. She chuckles a bit. "I wonder if I aught to bid on anyone tonight."

Once again the bidding starts, a giggling girl leading off with fifty dollars. A few more confident people call out slightly higher bids, with Melissa goading them on good naturedly. "C'mon ladies, you can do better than that!" And indeed they do, and finally there's a call of, "Sold!" Mel grins and points towards Peyton. "Daniel, you've been sold to the lovely Peyton for an evening! Go play nice, and Peyton, someone'll be around in a minute."

Waiting a minute for Daniel to head off stage, another card is flipped, and an impish grin curves her lips. "And now…one of Tartarus's own has volunteered to be on the block! Nadira, one of our wonderful bartenders! She's famous for her drink the Redheaded Slut. She also likes archaeology, mythology and is from Egypt. Maybe you can talk her into telling you all about her homeland! So let's start the bidding, shall we?"

Nadia laughs to Quinn, nodding. "Well, I'll at least hang out and talk to you. You did just pay $300 for me, so I'm not going to skimp on your date!" She giggles softly, turning to peer up toward the stage. She's planning on voting, too…she just doesn't know who she wants to vote for just yet.

Daniel seems surprised. Someone bid for him? Really? The name sounds vaguely familiar, he's sure he's met her sometime before. He moves off stage, and doesn't trip and make a fool of himself.

Stepping out from behind the bar, Nadira makes her way up to the stage as she's introduced, proceeding to tilt her head up and give the audience a 'mysterious look', her lips curved into a smile at her own mockery of the idea of the 'mysterious Egyptian bartender'. The audience is given a sly wink as well.

Quinn laughs in return, reaching over and patting Nadia on the back. "That sounds fantastic," she remarks, before turning her attention to the stage. "I do hope people bid on Nadira. It'd be a shame not t'. In fact, maybe I'll help…"

Aric smiles as he catches Peyton's wave as he raises his glass to her. He does not move to see her. However he nods his head in greeting to her. As he closes his eyes and begins to take a few deep breaths, Aric seems to be refocusing himself or trying to calm his nerves so he does not trip over his feet when his name is called.

"…Easy now honey…" Raquelle drawls softly, moving an arm slightly as he serves as a body-shield and he squints slightly, looking between Peyton and Amadeus before chuckling softly. "He's a pothead too…you are so lucky." He smirks and turns his attention back to the stage for a moment, wolf-whistling sharply at the arrival of Nadira.

"I'll buy him being crazier, given his recent plans," Cardinal mutters under his breath as the phone's snapped shut, and it tucks it away at his belt, "I'd rather not talk business tonight, though, although I do have business to talk about. Maybe even a job. I'd rather you than…" He gives his head a tight shake, then, reaching for his drink, "Anyway."

"Oh hey, I won," Peyton bubbles, then grins at Raquelle, glancing at Amadeus. "Raquelle, sweetie, you can't really pretend to be innocent of the fact I'm no innocent when it comes to recreational drugs. Not that I'm anything but a law abiding citizen these days." Right. And she had nothing to do with last Thursday's events whatsoever, either! She taps her glass and lifts a finger for one more. "I'm even legal to drink now." Her drinking career started many years ago, but she's only been 21 for eight months now. She tilts her head to look for 'Daniel,' then reaches into her clutch Prada bag for the money to pay the Tartarus staffer who comes to collect it.

Rain leans back in his seat as nights with people are bought and sold, eyes filled with amusement, and lips curved into a bright smile. He sips sparingly from his screwdriver, swirling the contents about every now and then to mix them back up. Nadira is brought up on stage and Rain's eyes look the woman over faintly,t hen take a loop about the place.

Lola drains her drink. "Well then, why doncha stop by mah place after this tonight an we kin talk business proper?" She asks, moving to stand. She remains a moment in profile, clutch held between her hands. "Doncha worry. Ah'll be back ta mah nasty jeans an t-shirts when ya see me next, so as to not disturb ya too much." She blows Cardinal a little kiss and moves to head out, if he's nothing else to add.

"Yeah, she's right fuckin' here! What do you mean y' wanna talk to her? Fuck that, you're the one who didn't wanna come. Choke on it, I'll see you tomorrow." Amadeus hangs up and starts walking over to the two again, after grabbing his glass. "So you won the rippling guy? Yeah, he's alright." he acknowledges in a tone that suggests 'but I'm better'. "You know, I read a book last night. It had all these… concepts and stuff, and it was political and everything." Time to use his wit!

Daniel hears Peyton mention she won, and so he heads over in her direction. "So you're the one who bid for me, nice to meet you, I'm Daniel." well, wearing that face he is, anyway. It's like a cosplay, only he's using it to get a date, rather than to prolong the period of being a virgin like most cosplays seem to do!
"Oooh yes…but honey…" Raquelle just stares at Amadeus and then looks to Peyton and then back to Amadeus and…then back to Peyton. "Oh my lord." He pinches the bridge of his nose. "Yes you are real legal and gorgeous and everything now." He hmms softly. "Pot-boy here can read, you've got Body and the Brains all together now." He eyes Daniel and points to him. "Use protection or I'll cut it off honeybuns." He nods sagely. "Snip snip, soprano…oh danny boy, the pipes will so not be calling."

"So, what bids do we have for Nadira?" Melissa calls out, grinning and glancing around the room. The bids start, and go up in steady but small increments. Then she laughs and motions to Quinn. "Sold for one hundred dollars to the one who made Nadira's redheaded sluts famous! Congrats, Quinn!"

She grins and shakes her head. "Oooh. Now this is a good one. A good friend of mine, Raquelle Cambria is a hair-stylist from Nashville with asian flair and the ability to roll his tongue. He's had more needles poked in him than a pin-cushion but if you get to see his bling things would have had to have gotten really interesting. He enjoys sake and vodkatinis as long as the glasses are clean and pretty and he can be yours for a night! So let's get to bidding while Raquelle comes up here and shakes his booty!"

As she rises up, Cardinal looks up from his drink - pausing for a moment, his brow furrowing a little as he watches Lola rise. "Heading out…? Alright. I'll stop by, don't know about tonight, but. Guess I'll see you around, babe."

Nadia laughs softly to Quinn. watching the goings-on with a warm smile. She's fairly quiet, occasionally sipping at her drink. She really needs to get better at this socializing thing.

Peyton covers her mouth with a laugh as Raquelle puts both Amadeus and Daniel in their respective places, even if Daniel didn't do anything wrong — except of course pretend to be someone other than himself! "God, I'm glad I finished that drink or I'd have spit it out," she says, reaching to kiss Raquelle's cheek before he heads up to the stage.

She turns to Daniel, offering her hand. "Peyton, yes, nice to meet you," she says, tilting her head to peer at the man. Probably not the smartest thing, bidding on strangers, but she'll be sure the date is in a public place.

As Nadira returns from the stage, she steps back behind the bar with a bit of a laugh. "Well, look. Guess you liked the outfit you helped me pick out, huh?" She chuckles, then moves, sliding another drink over to Quinn. "Thanks."

"I always use protection! But I don't use the ridged ones, I think they take away from the main event. If I was meant to have ridges, I'd have been born a goddamned, uh… fuckin' dolphin or something." Amadeus looks from Daniel to Peyton, squinting a little. "I mean unless you like ridges, then I use those fuckers all the time."

Daniel raises his eyebrows at Raquelle's threats. "Huh, too young to be your father…. overprotective friend, much?" he asks Peyton, watching the hairstylist head up onto stage. "I promise I'll behave myself, for what it's worth." he tells her dryly. Protection? Oy, he's not sure if he even should do that sort of thing…

Raquelle laughs at the reactions from the 'youngins' and returns the cheek kiss to Peyton before hmming softly when he hears his intro, pointing to himself and then just laughing softly as he removes the shades and saunters up towards the stage. Once on the stage he just spreads his arms like 'here I am!'. "C'mon now…boys and gals, goths and punks, emo tragedies and just socially confused cutie pies." His gift creeps into his voice, but he can't help it as he does indeed move from one side of the stage to the other, making eye contact with certain individuals and blowing kisses to others. "Magic fingers, tongue with loads of stamina. Come now ladies…do /you/ have a vibrating tongue ring?" Yes, he did go there. He just laughs and shakes his head, tipping his hat and slipping out of his tuxedo jacket and carefully undoing the rest of the buttons of his shirt. "Find it in your hearts to be charitable, please good sir." Insert fake pout followed by cheeky grin and flash of nipple jewelry before he just shrugs, spreading his arms again. Here he is.

"I-what?" Quinn looks rather surprised when she is declared winner, Nadira making her way back over to the bar. "Christ, t'night's crowd sucks! I was just supposed t' be helping t' run up bids for people, not winning everyone," she remarks with a rueful chuckle. "Oh well. That's… two beautiful women t' my name tonight. I guess I can't really complain." Shaking her ehad, Quinn waves at Nadira as she approaches her, preparing another check. "Hey, mr liking you in a corset has nothin' t' do with it," she responds with a laugh. "I was hopin' someone would overbid me. Get you feelin' right good for goin' for a good price."

Looking back to Nadia, she shrugs. "Are you plannin' on bidding on anyone? I can't imagine you just came here lookin' t' sell yourself off for a night," she says teasingly. "Robyn Quinn, by the by," she adds, extending a hand to the other woman.

The last of Cardinal's drink is drained, and he thumps the glass down on the table once he's left alone in the booth again. He drops his arms to lean against the table's edge, glances back over the crowd, and then exhales a sigh. "Shit. I can't relax for the life of me, this was a bad idea," he mutters, pushing himself up to his feet and escaping the booth.

Nadia's cheeks get decidedly red at Raquelle's display, laughing softly; as Raquelle asks, she laughs and nods. "I was planning on bidding on someone. I just got a nice little pay raise and a nicer new apartment, so I've decided to come celebrate by bidding on people." She giggles, running a hand through her hair before reaching out to offer Quinn a handshake. "Nadia Ba'albaki. Pleasure to meet you!"

Aric takes out his phone, as he opens his eyes and looks towards Cardinal. He begins to text into the phone as he sips his drink and looks over at the man on stage and hmmms as he sends his bid in. He runs a hand through his long locks.

"Don't worry, Quinn, my bruised ego will take it. Just means we get another fun night on the town, hmm?" Nadira chuckles, then glances at the stage, suddenly grinning. "Well, this could get interesting."

Melissa can't help but laugh at Raquelle's little spiel, then she grins and shakes her head. "See? How could anyone resist Raquelle? So let's get the bidding going!" Unsurprisingly, the bids pour in, jumping from time to time. Nadia calls out two hundred, then Nadira calls out four hundred. But the bid that has Mel pointing and calling out, "Sold!" is Aric's. "There you go, Raquelle, someone who can appreciate a good thing when he sees it!"

There's a bit of a pause for Raquelle to do his thing, and, still grinning, Mel moves onto the next person. "Now we have Robyn Quinn, also known as DJ Ravenfall! Tartarus' own resident DJ and skilled musician, this lovely Irish redhead note - yeah, she's dyed her hair recently can belong to any adventurous guy or gal in the audience who enjoys music, parties,concerts, and generally having fun! If you're looking for a fun time, then you've found a good one!"

Rain watches Raquelle's little show with a great deal of amusement, his eyes crinkling at the corners as the man does his little tease and speak up on the stage. The young man remains in his seat, watching. He looks like he might call in a bid, but the numbers jump up, and with wide eyes and an amused smile he leaves his hand down, impressed with how high that one got.

Daniel just eyes Raquelle, and shakes his head. "He looks like he's about to take his clothes off any second." he comments. "Is he usually like this?" He doesn't really know most of these people, but he has a feeling he'll start getting to know them sooner or later.

"That seems like a fine way t' celebrate t' me," Quinn replies with a grin. "Interesting last name. Rather unique soundin', I like it. Pleasure t' meet you, Nadia Ba'albaki." Well, the last name isn't perfectly replicated, but it sounds good enough that Quinn isn't turning red in the face. She can't reply to Nadira, however, before her name is called to come up - and now she turns a little red. Hopping up form her seat, she makes a quick waltz up to the stage, a very showy manner of walking and arriving, bowing once she gets to the middle. "Evenin'!" she announces out to the crowd. "Thanks for comin' out t'night, and congrats t' whoever bids high enough!"

As Aric takes out a wad of cash, he counts out five crisp one hundred dollar bills. He hmmms considering how high he bid out the gate and then hands the money over. The odd looking business man watches Raquelle as he exits the stage curiously before taking up his drink and sipping it.

There's a buzz from Cardinal's phone as he finishes standing up, and he tugs it free again - snapping it open, he looks down at the display. A snort, thumb tapping a sharp message into it, then he closes it sharply before tucking it back away at his belt.

Raquelle gives a little shimmy and blows kisses towards the Audience. "You've been lovely! Do call, I'll give you all free hair-cuts or even a bikini wax if we're getting really personal." He laughs again and then scans the audience, he's not…shy, that's for sure, whistling sharply. "Okay! Everybody who bidded, I'll buy you a drink but who's the lucky son or daughter of a female dog who has won /mwah/?" He traps his jacket over his arm.

…yes he's gotten off the stage.

"He's amazing," Peyton says with a laugh, choosing to ignore the discussion about ribs and ridges and dolphins altogether. She claps for the bidding, raising a brow as Aric, a new acquaintance, wins Raquelle. "He's always something. Really great guy. Does good hair. I'm sure that's not all he does well, but you know, I'm not his type," she says playfully.

She notices Lola's departure and glances Cardinal's way where he's excited the booth, giving a little tilt of her head as the man peers at a cell phone. Brows arch. Anything wrong?

Nadia smiles to Quinn. "It's Arabic. I was born in Morocco, moved to the states when I was five." She then smiles as Quinn is called up. She would bid, but she's already been won by the woman. So, she turns to Nadira. "Nadira, is it?" She offers a bright smile.

Nadira shakes her head as she's outbid. "That's a shame. He looks like he'd be fun to take out on the town." She chuckles a bit, then watches Quinn head off before she moves to mix another drink, sliding it over to a patron before cheering loudly at Quinn. She does, however, note Nadia's name and country of origin. "It is. You're from Morocco, then? I'm from Egypt, myself."

Aric looks down at the phone as he snorts and taps the phone before he slides it into his pocket. As he sets his drink back down he lets out a small burp and chuckles, "Better it comes out the attic then the basement." He shrugs as he watches his "date" make his way towards him.

"Man, that guy's like… good with his tongue." Amadeus didn't mean it that way, but, well. He reaches into his pocket for a wallet, counting the bills with an impressed raise of his eyebrows, then slips the wallet back in and clears his throat. "Just call me up if he tries anything funny on the date."

An arm is slung lightly around Quinn's shoulders as Melissa looks out at the crowd and grins. "So, what bids do we have for our wonderful and talented DJ here?" she asks. There is, perhaps predictably, a bid from Nadira, and a couple other people in the crowd. But it's 'Daniel' Mel finally nods to. "Sold! To our former volunteer Daniel, for two hundred dollars!" Her arm is dropped, Quinn shooed off stage so Mel can flip cards.

"Ahh, another handsome guy for the ladies to bid on! Richard Cardinal, get your ass up here! Richard is the head of a security company, a night owl, has a thing for chess, and as far as he knows, he has no criminal warrents out! So here you go, cute and legal! So let's hear your bids ladies!"

Linus had been glued to a wall, one hand fastened to a bottle of Dos Equis and held at his side. His eyes have watched everything that they can, particularly the people as they come up for auction and the people who bought them. Quinn going up for auction is given a very, very large frown. He takes a chug from his beer, then wipes the excess around his lips away on the back of his other hand. Hmph.

Daniel blinks. He won the bid! Heh. Guess that means no video games for a month, oh well. Ahem. He pulls out a wallet and counts out twenties, offering them to the collector. Er, ahaha, he'll have to put the REAL money in the pot later when he actually has it. Thank goodness he lives with Melissa and would have access to said pot! (The legal kind)

Ah, shit. That's right, he'd signed up in a terrible lack of judgement. If he'd made it to the door - but no, no, Cardinal's caught now.

"Goddamn it," Richard mutters under his breath, heading along the edge of the room and then taking the steps up onto the stage, shoulders rolling back as he stretches a bit, limbering up before striding out onto the stage and into the open. Those shades remain fully in place, a roguish smile crooking to his lips as he walks out into the open, arms stretching out before he turns around like a model on a catwalk. A three-sixty turn, and then he looks back out into the crowd, one hand coming up to pull the shades down a little to look over them. Nothing spoken, no words offered of additional inspiration.

Nadia's face brightens as Nadira announces her coutry of origin. She promptly switches to Arabic, speaking to the bartender cheerfully in her native tongue, pausing intermittently to sip at her amaretto sour. She blinks up toward the stage as Cardinal makes his way up, and with a small grin, puts her bid in.

Quinn blinks, eyes moving back to the bar until she spots the person she'd been talking to earlier. She smiles, and waves - there's no disappointment on her face, like some might expect. A followup wave to the crowd, and she's moseying her way casually back of stage and to the bar, flashing a smile at Daniel. "So, I guess that Irish floozy gave you an' idea, did? I hope not the wrong one," she says with a laugh, shaking her head. Cardinal going up on stage warrants a furrowing of her brow, but little other reaction. The only other reaction she has, is finally spying Linus perched against a wall, waving as she tries to get his attention without leaving her perch, lazy as ever.

Nadira is more than happy when Nadia chimes in with Arabic. She responds in Arabic with the fluidity of a native, wiping the counter a bit as she leans on it to chat with the girl. She glances at the stage for a moment and shakes her head before she looks to Quinn. "I guess my pushing up the bid worked better than yours." She teases.

Daniel grins when Quinn approaches. "Well you seem to be knowledgeable about drinks, maybe you can teach me a thing or two. And did I see you DJing it up over there? You seem to be a woman of many talents." and Quinn is one of the few people he actually knows in this place! That's one of the main reasons he bid after all.

Raquelle makes his way over to Aric, giving the man a once over and his eyebrows shoot up. "…sweet baby jesus you're a looker." Blink Blink. He can only stare for a few moments before pinching himself and then offering a hand. "Hey there cutie, I'm Raquelle and I think I might be high so if I start humping your leg and muttering about things that make no sense…forgive me." A pause. "But if I'm not high then it is so so very nice to meet you honey, thank you for the bid I'm sure the money'll be used for good stuff."

Aww, Richard isn't putting a show. Maybe Raquelle could give him lessons. But Melissa does her best! "Oooh. Strong and silent type! You know you wanna bid on him, ladies!" And, apparently, she's right. One hundred is passed quickly. Then two hundred. Four hundred. Nadia calls out a bid for six hundred, but still the bidding increases. Seven, eight, nine, nine fifty. And finally, "Sold! To Peyton for one thousand big ones! You go girl! Make sure he gives you a nice date for that!"

A look at the cards, then Mel grins. "And speaking of, Peyton, it's your turn! Get on up here! Guys, Peyton is 21, and has a new tattoo! Oooh, and it's no where I can see right now, so maybe you can spend your date with her trying to find out where it is! It'll certainly be an interesting date!" she says, giving a suggestive look to the crowd, along with an impish grin.

As he looks up at Raquelle, Aric cocks his head to the side. He smiles his own charming smile before he motions to the chair, "Nice to meet ya. I normally don't do these kind of things yet I had not made my donation to charity yet this year. So my manager thought it would be a good idea. You seemed…" His eyes looking him up and down, "Interesting. May I get you a drink?"

In turn, Nadia is even more cheerful as she responds to Nadira in her own native tongue, leaning back in her seat that she has claimed at the bar. She makes a bit of a pouty face as she is outbid, crossing her arms. Hmph, she liked him.

Peyton's cheeks flush a little at the success of her bid. She sets down the drink and murmurs her pardon mois to the people she sits near, giving Aric a playful thumbs up in regards to Raquelle. "Sorry," she murmurs to Nadia as she heads to the stage. Passing Cardinal, she ducks her head, though moves her lips near his ear, "Sorry, I wasn't gonna bid but I know that bitch who bid 900 on you from high school, and she's horrible and has an STD."

With that she heads toward the stage, not doing as much of a little show as last time, just turning in a circle before standing, one hand on one hip, the other giving a cheeky wave.

Linus's eyes had been watching Quinn from the moment she came off the stage, so he easily catches the offered wave. He does not, however, move from the spot he's staked out on the wall. He does return the wave.. barely, his beerless hand lifting and then falling. Someone is a sourpuss!

Cardinal's brows raise up a bit in a gesture of mild surprise at the news of who'd bought him, and he shakes his head with a little bit of a chuckle. A step off to one side, and he moves to step down off the stage - pausing as Peyton passes him to offer a quiet comment. He gives his head a shake. "Don't worry about it," he murmurs, "Not gonna make you go out with me for another disaster again. Thanks for the save, I guess."

Past her, and he slips back into the crowd.

Quinn sets off the bidding this time with fifty bucks. But then it jumps. Soon Aric is calling out a five hundred dollar bid, and a minute later, it's jumping again and Amadeus tops it with eight hundred and fifty. "Damn girl, you're sold! To the fan for eight hundred and fifty bucks! Be nice to her, she can a fiesty one!"

Another card, another quick look, then she's calling out, "Aric Gibbs! He's a business owner who loves adventure! He is a romantic at heart with a passion for cooking, music, and meditation. He loves to stay active. One thing you should know…he's gay. So ladies you have yourself a great friend. Men? Well, you could have one hell of a good time! So let's hear those bids!"

Nadira continues to converse with Nadia in Arabic, a cheerful smile offered as she glances to the stage. "He certainly went for a lot." She looks down. "And I've even got more cleavage than him. Shame. My feminine wiles must be rusty." Her last comment causes her to chuckle to herself, a tinge of a blush on her cheeks as she recalls something. "Rusty indeed." She peers over at Quinn. "Your friend's being a bit anti-social over there, isn't he?" She nods in Linus' direction.

Rain crosses his arms over his chest, impressed with the amount Cardinal goes for, clearly by his widened eyes. He pulls in a slow breath though and just watches as Quinn is bid for and sold off as well, his smile never leaving his lips, only growing and falling in varying degrees as things amuse the slender man. He pauses when Aric's name is called out, and then the mention of him being gay, and Rain laughs lightly and lifts a hand to place a bid.

Raquelle mmhms, catching his bottom lip between his teeth before just chuckling softly as he nods slowly at the offer of a drink. "Interesting? Aww…come now, I don't warrant at least a 'cute'?" He's teasing however as he just waves a hand vaguely. "They are auctioning off one of my little women." He points to the stage. "Awww…she's getting hoochie tats and everythi-wait a god-damn-minute…she wouldn't…no, I know she would not…" He frowns a bit and quickly turns back to Aric. "Strong and pretty, I don't care what it is honey just get me drunk as a skunk, okay? Okay…" He sighs softly and then watches as the next person goes up for auction, watching after Aric with a wolf-whistle and a small smirk. "…oh yay, gay. We could make fruit baskets and cheesecake and then pray to buddah…"

"Fuck yeah." Amadeus praises himself, and downs his entire drink before taking a seat on the stool, watching to see if Peyton decides to come over. Though before she makes her way there, he immediately makes a brief call. "You're never fuckin' guess who I just won in an auction… Yeah! Fuck yeah dude! Hold on, gotta go." He hangs up, then slips the phone back into his pocket.

Aric looks at Raquelle as he swallows hard and says softly, "A friend of mine said I was too much of a purd to do this so excuse me while I go objective myself for the crowds pleasure." He stands and remains barefoot as he walks towards the stage. Aric stuffs his hands into his pockets as he passes Peyton, "Hey…I tried." He stops a waitress and says, "Whatever the guy at my table wants is for him." He walks up onto the stage and gives everyone a wave.

"Hey…girls I make a cool friend….guys…I make a great friend. Wanna learn more? I will cook you a home cooked meal on me." Aric does a turn and then just stands there.

Nadia smiles after Peyton, shaking her head as if to note that she's not that angry. Then, as Aric is called up, she smiles, raising her hand to bid. She glances back to Nadira, then, spouting off in Arabic. She seems to enjoy the opportunity to converse with someone in her native tongue. Then, she raises a hand, making note that she'll be back, and makes her way into the crowd, seeking out Cardinal.

Once she reaches him, she waves cheerfully. "You sure did go for a lot of money there, Mister Cardinal!"

As Peyton returns from the stage, she smiles and waves at Amadeus as she heads back to the bar, but her dark eyes flit toward Cardinal, her brow furrowing a touch. She'd managed not to look hurt on stage, but the reaction is delayed a few moments. Of course, she deserved it — she'd said the same to him last time. Now she has three dates, one with someone she doesn't know, one with someone she doesn't think she wants to know, and one with someone she knows but who doesn't want her?

At the bar, she leans across. "Double scotch." She needs a stronger drink. She turns to smile at Amadeus and lifts a finger. "First thing: It's going to be in public. Second?" Another finger goes up and she just shakes her head. "I don't know, but I'll have a list."

"Oooh. Home cooked meal. Surely that's worth a good bid!" Melissa calls, grinning. And apparently, it is. One hundred. Two hundred. Three hundred from Rain. Four hundred. Then…"And another volunteer wins a bid! Aric is sold to Nadia for five hundred bucks! Congratulations Nadia! Enjoy that home cooked meal!"

"And now we have Linus! He wears a lot of different hats, so to speak. He's a professional skateboarder, a US Marine, and once he was even the lead guitarist of a rock band! If you bid on him, maybe you can find out which band, or even get him to give you a little music! So let's get Linus up here to strut his stuff for you!"

Linus frowns, finishing the last of his bottle of Dos Equis that he's managed to ration since he's been here. This time he's not going to fall down just by drinking one beer too fast. No. Tonight, he will not be embarrassed. He starts to head through the crowd, towards the exit, dropping the empty bottle in the trash along the way.

Then his name is called. Dear Lord. He forgot he did that. Why did he do that. Head pounding.. chest shaking.. yeah. It's anxiety time. Trembling, though not noticeably, he makes his way to the stage. Chirp. Chiiiirp. Oh, dear God.

When Linus goes up on stage, Quinn's eyes widen a bit, a wide smile on her face. "That's it, social butterfly!" she yells from the bar, waving. "Way t' go!" Another cheer for Linus thrown out, before she looks over to Nadira and Nadia. "Maybe I should just bow out an' let you two go on a date, hmm? Seems like you two might have fun." She snickers, sighing as she looks back to Kendall. "So, Daniel? Nice t' meet you, more proper like." She extends a hand, smiling. "Robyn Quinn."

"Public's cool with me, hell, I want it in public. I'm going on a date with Peyton Aimee Fuckin' Whitney. World needs to see that." Amadeus grins, a bit proud of himself at the moment as he motions for another glass. "I'll get a kickass date set up. Can I get your number?"

Cardinal's not that difficult to find, for all that he's cutting his way along through the middle of the crowd on his way towards the door, apparently not planning on sticking around for the afterparty. Or, er, current party, for that matter. He doesn't look in a terribly good mood for someone who was just bought for an evening for a thousand dollars.

As he's waved at and called Mister Cardinal, though, his steps slow a bit, head turning to look over in Nadia's direction with a bit of surprise. "Oh, yeah," he says with a crooked grin, "Just a friend of mine, guess she wanted to make sure I didn't get picked up by somebody she knew."

Aric walks over towards Nadia and hands her a card. "Aric Gibbs. A pleasure Nadia. Here is my card. The Blue Moon Bookstore Cafe. My loft is above the cafe. I will cook us a great meal and you can tell me all about yourself. My cell phone and business number are on there. we can set something up on your time. Sound cool…my "date" is waiting for me. I hope your don't mind. Kind of been the first guy I have talked too in awhile." He looks over in Raquelle's direction making sure the waitress is taking care of him before looking back at Nadia.

Oh! She won! Nadia blinks, and giggles, waving to Aric as he comes down from the stage with a bright smile. As he arrives, she takes the card, nodding cheerfully. "Thanks, Aric! I hope you have fun with your date, and I'll give you a call." She offers a wink and a glance to Raquelle, before pulling out a business card…made of marble. This is handed to Aric with a large grin. "I look forward to getting to know you!"

Then, she turns back to Cardinal with a cheerful smile still planted across her face, looking him over for a moment.. "Well then, if she's just a friend of yours, maybe I can ask you if you'd like to go on a date some time. I kinda regret not bidding higher." She can't help but blush a little bit.

Raquelle gets comfortable at the table and he does order something however he orders something virgin for some reason, winking to the waitress and just watching Aric and the others with a small smile and tilt of his head. He adjusts his fedora and takes a deep breath. "…see, this is my kinda charity work." He slips a purple compact from a jacket pocket, rummaging around a bit before lifting it up to check his eyeliner.

Nadira gives a knowing nod to Nadia, both at what she says and at her sudden disappearance. She grins, then looks back to Quinn. "What? Oh, it's just she speaks Arabic… and that's pretty rare around here. Just nice to talk to someone else from over there."

"Aric." Cardinal lifts his chin in a nod of recognition to the man as he heads back over to give Nadia his card, one hand raising up to absently push back through his hair as if Lola's earlier mussing had left it still unkempt. A bemused look back down to the woman, then, before a shrug pushes a chuckle past his lips.

"Sure, what the hell," he admits, reaching into a pocket, pulling out his wallet and drawing a business card for Redbird out, offering it back over to her, "Give me a call sometime, Miss…?"

Quinn starts off the bidding with fifty bucks. But then there are a few more bids called out, before the last one that has Mel pointing, in true auctioneer faction, towards Peyton. "And Linus goes for two hundred bucks to Peyton! Someone's gonna be a busy girl the next few weeks. You go girl!"

She waits to let Linus head off stage, and this time there's no need to check her cards. "And the last auction for the evening, because it would've been stupid to have it first, is me! I'm just your friendly club manager, Melissa. I love movies, collect shot glasses, and couldn't cook to save my life, so any date with me is going to have to involve a restaurant in some fashion! And, for the last time tonight, let's get the bidding started!"

As he looks down at the business card, Aric blinks and finally escapes with, "Wow that's awesome." He flicks his wrist and the card disappears as he smiles, "I look forward to it. Thank you very much." As he runs a hand through his hair he looks over at Cardinal, "Cardinal." He nods to him as respectfully before turning on his heel and walks away. He gives her a wave as he walks across the bar. He suddenly stops and brings a hand to his eyes and mutters, "shit." He takes a deep breath as he focuses and moves quickly to the edge of the crowd not before making his bid.

Linus shuffles off the stage like some cross between a zombie and a deer stuck in the proverbial headlights, the headlights in this case being the lights shining on the stage. When he makes it back to the crowd, his face is pale and slick with a sheen of sweat that he attempts to dab away with his sleeves. He finally makes it to Peyton, being jostled through the crowd in his daze. He just smiles, sort of awkwardly.

Peyton nods, brows knitting together and she pulls out three business cards, one for "Daniel," one for Amadeus, and one she hands to Quinn. "Can you give that one to Linus for me — but if you two have something going on, you know, it's cool, I'll bow out," she says warmly to the DJ, or as warmly as she can without her voice cracking just a touch. "I'll be right back," she mutters to those closest to her, and she's off her barstool and making a dash for the restroom, hair falling forward to cover her cheeks. Aric must think all the girl does is rush for restrooms.

Raquelle is very discreet in raising his hand a bit with a soft chuckle. Over yonder. Secretly.

"I'm a sculptor. It's cheaper to make these instead of buying business cards. Plus, people are much less likely to lose them this way!" Nadia smiles cheerfully, waving after Aric.

She then offers a bright smile as Cardinal decides to the affirmative. She reaches out, taking the card and slipping that into her purse, along with Aric's. Another one of the cards made of thin marble is pulled out, offered to Cardinal. Nadia's name and phone number are printed on its surface in raised text. "Nadia Ba'albaki. Nice to meet you. May I call you Richard?"

"My question stands," Quinn remarks with a wink, even as Nadia runs off. "FUn night so far. I didn't expect t' end up with two lovely ladies. People clearlydon't know what they're missing." She giggles, finishing off her second drink, sliding the empty glass back over to Nadira. "ANythin' in mind that you want t' do?" she asks with a smirk, though her attention is grabbed before and answer is given, taking the business card from PEyon. "Wait, somethin' goin' on? I ahve a girl-" but Peyon's already run off, leaving Quinn looking a little confused. "Oh well. Hey! Linus!"

Luckily, the organizer of this event isn't embarrassed by a lack of bids! Nadira calls out a hundred bucks, almost in unison with Quinn. Employee loyalty? Then it's Amadeus with four fifty. And Cardinal with five hundred. Aric with five hundred one. Cardinal with seven fifty. But then…there's a quiet bid from the fabulous man in the back that has Melissa laughing. "And I'm sold for a thousand dollars to Raquelle! Sorry boys and girls!"

She grins out at the crowd. "And thank you all for coming to the auction, and giving money for charity!" At least partially. "Hope you all had fun and enjoy your dates, and keep an eye open, because we'll have another one in a few months!" she says before putting the mic back on the stand and making her way off the stage.

"Daniel" accepts the business card, looking it over. "Thanks….?" and then she's bolting for the restroom, and shrugs. "Seems like an emergency." he comments towards Linus, then frowns thoughtfully at the man. Hey, that's another person he's met before! …as a kid, so he wouldn't 'know' him right now. "So, any days not good for you for ours, or do you want to go for a group date with all your bids?" he certainly wouldn't mind going on a date with THREE ladies at once, even if technically two of them belong to the third.

The card's made of stone. Huh. Cardinal turns it a bit from side to side, then tucks it back into a pocket, a smile flashed quick-like to Nadia, "Sure, everyone else does…" As Melissa goes up for bid, he brings a hand up to bid - once or twice raising his bid, before he's outbid, the hint of a chuckle tumbling past his lips. "Ah well." A look back to Nadia, "Guess I'll hear from you sometime, then."

Aric walks over to his table where his "date" is sitting and he sits down looking at the crowd in the center of the bar. He says with a smile, "Sorry about that…it's for a good cause. So…Raquelle?" He grins looking over towards Melissa and Raquelle bidding for her as he nods curtly, "Impressive."

"Huh?" Linus snaps out of his anxiety driven daze as his name is practically shouted so close. "Oh, hey, Quinn." His cheeks turn a little red, his feet shuffling as he crosses the distance to stand closer to her. "Um, so.. what's up?" Linus. Master of conversation.

Nadia offers the most charming smile she can to Cardinal, nodding. "Definitely. You'll hear from me some time soon! I have a date to go back to, though, so I'll let you be on your way." She offers a small wave. "Nice to meet you, Richard." Then, she's turning, making her way back over to the bar with bright red cheeks, slightly disbelieving that she actually went and did that.

As she returns, she smiles brightly to Quinn and Nadira. "Sorry! I got a little impulsive there."

"Think nothing over it honey." Raquelle tilts his head back a bit and leans back to raise his voice. "I'm a filthy hair slut, I just bid on her because I want to molest her luscious locks, deep condition and do unspeakably naughty things to her roots." He blows a kiss in Melissa's direction before accepting his drink and nodding politely to Aric. "That's right however, Raquelle…and you are Aric right? That's a unique name. Unique story to go with the name or are you just gorgeous and need a name nobody else has to emphasize how gorgeous you really are?"

Rain pushes up from his chair with his smile still in place. He pushes the chair in at the table, leaving the random people in peace. He makes his way for the empty bar with his now empty glass in his hands, though he does slow a bit as he passes near Raquelle and Aric and some of the others, eyes looking them over a bit before he continues on to the bar, sliding up to it and leaning over to call for another drink, the young man finding himself a stool this time to hop up onto.

Amadeus waits until she's in the restroom, then slips the card into his pocket and starts walking in Nadia and Cardinal's direction. "I'm sure it's just her period or something." he says to Daniel before he's right up on Cardinal and Nadia. "Amadeus Deckard." he introduces, mostly to Cardinal, then offers a hand. "I know you're all dark and brooding, but you don't diss Peyton Whitney. I'll let it slide this time, but next time we might have to take this outside." he says in his 'tough guy' voice.

Quinn laughs, similing at LInus as she offers over the card. "I was told t' give this to you by the girl who bought you," she remarks, flapping the card in the air. "Have fun with that. She's right cute, you know? If I didn't already have two ladies, I might put a strogner bid in for her too." She winks, chuckling. "An' I'm proud t' see you up there! Comin' outta that coccon now, are we?" A nod of recognition is given to Nadia, grinning at the Moroccon woman.

Cardinal starts to turn once more, and then Amadeus pushes in beside him to offer his name and the threat - the latter bringing a smirk twitching to his lips as he turns fully towards him. "I don't know how you know Peyton, but she…" Wait. He squints. Couldn't be. Well. Maybe something around the eyes? Gotta be a coincidence.

"…you aren't related to Flint Deckard, are you?"

Linus stares at the card for a moment before he plucks it out of Quinn's hand to look it over. "Huh. Does this mean I'm supposed to call her? I'm, uh - I'm not so good at that." Nevertheless, he tucks the card away in his back pocket. Then a light clicks on in his head, and his hand comes up to slap his forehead. "Oh my god. I am so sorry, Robyn. I didn't realize you were into girls. That explains so much."

As he looks at the tattoo on Raquelle, he cocks his head to the side, "My Japanese is horrid…I speak fluent Chinese…yet I think that means…music…and emotions? Are you a musician too?" As he looks down at his lap and the apples in his cheeks begin to flush slightly, "Aric is another form for Eric. Yet it means Ruler of the Mind. Not too sure why my mom choose it." He looks up and takes his sparkling water and sips it. "Raquelle is very Unique."

Heading over to Raquelle, Melissa grins at him. "Admit it, you just bought me so you can make sure I haven't been fucking with your fantastic work, didn't you?" she asks, without having heard his comment to Aric. She bends down to kiss his cheek, then smiles at Aric. "So you're the lucky winner of Raquelle. Be nice to him, but don't let him push you around, hmm?"

"He's my deadbeat bisexual dad, there a problem?" Amadeus asks in less of a threatening tone, and more of an 'I'm still being a tough guy' tone. "And I'm a fan of Peyton's. She's the total fuckin' package, big eyes and nipslips out the ass."

In the bathroom stall, Peyton blots her eyes with balled up toilet paper, breathing deeply to get he emotions back in control. She's survived Humanis First. She's survived Emile Danko. She can survive this. Heartache for a few more months is nothing. It just feels like forever.

She manages to get herself back together, glancing at the mirror and deciding she doesn't look like she's been crying — the lighting of the club is probably in her favor on this one. She emerges and scans the group at the bar, realizing she was late to Linus and heading his way, though she throws a glance at the strange posturing of Amadeus over by Cardinal.

"Hi, Linus, I'm sorry I ran off on you," she apologizes. "Had a phone call I had to make." Because the bathroom is the right place for that.

Luckily she misses Amadeus' words. Luckily for Amadeus, that is.

Nadira laughs a bit. "Well, at least Melissa's well-loved. I'm glad she got good bids." She notes, looking between Linus and Quinn. "Ooh, he didn't know?" She offers Linus a smile. "Quinn's a heartbreaker, she is." She teases, then looks around. "Once this place dies down a bit, I think I'm gonna head out. Gonna try and catch someone.."

"I think she said she'd be back, but I figure it's in case you don't get everything worked out tonight. Don't sweat it too much. Just give her a call in a day or two, an' see when she's free. I'll coach you through it if you want." She has a wide smile, but it dips afterwards, Quinn blinking before reaching out to put a hand on Linus' arm. "It's nothing! I'm usually pretty up front about it, t' be honest. No need to apolgise, an' for what I can't even imagine." She shakes her head, laughing at Linus. "I hope I wasn't doing anythin' unfortunate t' make you think otherwise."

"You're Flint's son. You're… the old man's… son." Cardinal has to repeat himself, because, well, he really can't believe what he's saying, and he has to reinforce it a few times in his own head. It's impossible to read his expression as he stares at Amadeus for a few long moments. He and Deckard have a checkered past, to say the least.

Then he snorts. A shoulder twitches. One hand comes up, and claps to his hand as he muffles a laugh, half-bending over as tension, stress, and frustration find an outlet in helpless hysterical laughter that he tries, and fails, to quite hold in.

Nadia smiles brightly to Quinn and Nadira as she sips at that amaretto sour, running a hand through her hair. "Well, Quinn, I suppose we'll have to figure out what to do for our date!" She produces two more of those crazy marble business cards, handing one to Quinn, the other to Nadira, murmuring to her in Arabic with a warm smile, before turning back to the redhead. "Is there anything in particular you have in mind?"

Linus lets out a sigh, the revelation actually taking some of that anxiety away. "No, no. You didn't do anything. I'm just clueless." He shoots Quinn a smile, nodding. "Yeah, sure.. you can teach me a thing or two about picking up the ladies, huh?" Then Peyton is back, and that pallor returns to his face. "Oh, uh.. no, it's cool. Um.. I'm not actually any of those things they said I was. I didn't know what to put on the card, that's not how it was supposed to sound.." He looks around the room, squinting. "Is it.. is it hot in here to anyone else? I think I'm going to.."

Faint? Why, yes you are, Linus. He crumples to the ground, leg bent at an odd but not painful angle, arms sprawled at his side.

"Daniel" is starting to feel the strain of holding his illusion for such a long period of time, so he stands up. "Well, since it seems things are just about wrapping up, I think I'm going to call it a night. I'll come back tomorrow so we can find out when a good time to meet would be." oh yeah… contact. Well he's got Peyton's card, and he knows where Quinn works, so… it should be fine? He looks around in time to catch Peyton coming out of the bathroom, then nods at her. "So when do you want me? I've got plenty of free time this week and the next." oof, hopefully the date won't take all night long, this is tiring. "….you all right?" her eyes are a little puffy.

And then Linus faints, and Daniel just… blinks. "And I thought I was bad with women." he mutters.

"The hell's your problem, dude? Just sayin', don't diss Peyton Fuckin' Whitney and we'll be cool." Amadeus crosses his arms, watching Cardinal and his laughter, not even sure how to react as his brows furrow. "Just 'cause my dad's bisexual doesn't mean it's funny, there's lots of bisexuals."

People fainting? In her club? Melissa glances over and sighs. "Raquelle, honey, I'll call you in a few days. Right now…Got a problem to deal with." And then she begins striding over towards the fallen Linus, muttering about hostages and fainting and something about a vacation. Security helps her to push through the inevitable crowd of gawkers, and she kneels down beside Linus, lightly patting his cheeks. "Hey…Linus, was it? Wake up. I don't wanna have to call an ambulance," she mutters, before checking to make sure there's nothing broken or blood gushing.

Surreal. Cardinal's laughter, Daniel's question to her welfare, and Linus passing out has Peyton's head spinning. "Oh, shit, not the effect I really want to have on people," she mutters, kneeling beside him and looking up. "Someone a medic or something? He's passed out…" she pats his cheeks lightly because that's what they do in the movies — at the same time Melissa is doing the same. She looks to Quinn. "You know him? Does he have any issues? Like diabetes or anything?" she asks, clearly worried about one of her too-many dates. She looks at Melissa across Linus' body. "That's the last one for me, I don't care how much money you make on these things," she adds.

"Got a hot date and it isn't me?" Quinn responds to Nadira teasingly as she takes Nadia's card, but then Linus faints and she really has little time to do much. She dips down - not fast enough to do so until he's hit the ground - her wide. "oh, shit!" How eloquent. "Come on, I know you're not that awkward," she says with a smirk, gently (and unwisely, any real paramedic would be scolding her) prodding him in the stomach.

With Melissa there and seemingly handling it better than she can, Quinn at least rises back to her feet, a worried look on her face. "I dunno, Nadia. I kinda suck that that sorta thing, but I'm sure I can think a' something. If nothing else, I can play some music, if that's not too weird for you. Cause, you know, what he said is true, in case that makes you uneasy." Assuming she heard what Linus said.

Raquelle purses his lips at Melissa and nods slowly. "Alas, you've figured me out." Then he can just stare…at everything that is going on with thoughtful expression, lashes lowering at the mention of his tattoo, blinking and tilting his head to the side. "I sing sometimes." Then he just peers at Aric curiously. "Ruler of the Mind hunh?" He laughs softly and shakes his head. "That's nice…" He eyes the chaos with a soft sigh.

Nadira nods in response to whatever Nadia says in Arabic, but she answers in English. "Thanks, we'll chat." The card is tucked away, and the Egyptian flushes pink as Quinn teases. "Well, I'm hoping I do.." She peers over the bar at Linus. "Someone just needs to give him a shot of vodka, he'll be fine."

Linus does that quick awakening thing you see in the movies, his head shaking as his eyes snap open. They look at the people over him, and he quickly pushes himself to his feet. His hands dust off his clothes, and everyone within his vicinity is offered a mumbled apology before he quickly makes way for the exit.

"You're Deckard's… son…" Another muffled peal of laughter shakes Cardinal's shoulders, and he steps closer once he's under control, reaching over to clap a hand on Amadeus's shoulder, helpless amusement woven through his voice as he grins broadly, "Tell the old man that Cardinal says h'lo."

Then he leans in closer, voice dropping into a lower tone of voice, "…and if you so much as lay a hand on Peyton's 'total package' without her express and preferably written permission during your little date, nobody will ever find your body, you little shit, Flint's son or not. Got it?"

As he turns his attention towards the chaos, Aric sighs and says, "I hope the guy is ok." He points as Melissa walks away, "She a friend of yours?" He stops and looks over at the man curiously, "You do hair and sing? Wow that's interesting." He runs a hand through his long locks and says, "I need to find a good conditioner. The one I have isn't doing it's job. I like to sing…I play the piano. I was gonna major it in college."

When Linus decides to get up and hurry out, Melissa just shrugs and leans back, then gives Peyton a crooked smile. "Don't tell me your last date fainted on you too. But at least this one is alright." Cardinal gets a glance, and lifted brow, but she doesn't do anything to stop the threats. Of course, all she has is body language to go on, with the music and talking and whatnot.

She straightens and looks around, then sighs and holds up a hand to one of the employees. "Anyway. Auction or not, you should drop by more often," she says to Peyton, before giving a bright smile to everyone else around them. "And now I'm afraid I need to slip off and attend to more work. Everyone have fun!"

"Yeah yeah, I ain't that kinda guy. I mean I am gonna try an' bang 'er, but I ain't the kinda guy who'll force a chick." Amadeus is sure to correct just what kind of guy he is. Flint's friends are interesting. He's soon pulling away from Cardinal's hand, moving to head through the crowd. "Later, dude. I've gotta go brag about having a date with Peyton Fuckin' Whitney."

Quinn frowns, watching as Linus makes a quick exit, not even really saying to get by. "I really hope he's alright," she says with a sigh before turning her attention back to Melissa as she leaves as well, and finally back to Nadira and Nadia. "Go on, Nadira. I'm sure you'll be fine. Oh! But I totally need t' talk to you sometime soon, about not date stuff. I have a favour t' ask!"

Raquelle waggles fingers to Melissa. "Take care baby, remember you're mine one of these days." He smiles before looking back to Aric. "The hair thing was more to supplement the…singing thing honestly. I'm not that good, I can muddle around in instruments and belt out a few show tunes, bah." He waves a hand vaguely before looking Aric over. "Well I run a salon, I own it…you can feel free to stop by Cambria's any time really."

Nadia watches quietly as Linus faints, then gets back up and walks off. She blinks a few times, before turning a bright smile toward both Quinn and Nadira. "Well, in any case, I look forward to talking to the two of you more! I have a few deadlines on some sculptures, so I should probably get back." She offers a smile to the two. "It was great to meet both of you. And Quinn, I look forward to our date."

Aric nods and smiles, "That's awesome. I own the Blue Moon. We make one of the best Death by Chocolate's you will ever taste. If you like coffee…and I make a mean brownie. It's kind of my home away from home." He laughs and says, "Well being home is upstairs from it. Yet I believe if you love what you do. You will never work a day in your life. I really do love what I do….even in this crazy ass world."

"A favor? From me? Well, I hope it's nothing too bad." Nadira teases. "You've got my number. Give me a call if you need to or I'll catch you here at work." She nods, slowly removing herself from behind the bar. "I'm heading out. Have a good night, Quinn." She offers a nod to Nadia. "It was great to meet you. You'll have fun with Quinn." She moves, slipping off towards the exit.

Melissa tosses a grin at Raquelle. "You know it. I swear, I'll call soon. Was planning on it anyway, to be honest!" Another set of smiles around, she has to be a good PR person and make people happy, then she's wandering off to go do work. Evil work.

Peyton rises after Linus jumps up and exits, her cheeks flushing a bit at the commotion caused by her odd assortment of dates. "Thanks, have a good night," she murmurs to Melissa. Her eyes are a little shell-shocked, wide and glassy from the alcohol, pink around the rims from the brief crying fit.

She picks up her clutch purse and gives a shake of her head. "G'night," she murmurs to those close by, giving a fond smile to Raquelle and Aric who seem to be hitting it off, as she moves for the exit. She moves fast on high heels.

There's no attempt made to keep the other man nearby, Cardinal's head shaking as he turns to push out through the crowd towards the door, shoulders occasionally shaking with laughter. "Jesus Christ. Flint fucking Deckard reproduced. I don't know who to feel more sorry for…"

Of course, this means that he'll run into Peyton on the way out.

Raquelle sprawls comfortably in his seat, sipping his drink and ahhing softly. "I do like me some coffee and I adore chocolate even if it does go straight to my ass." He taps a glossy nail against his glass before ahhing softly. "I love the people that I do what I do for." He finally replies. "My daughters, my flexible mexican midget…gotta love a man that can kiss his own ass while kicking everybody else's verbally…" He trails off and quickly shakes his head. "Perhaps…somehow I can promote your store some more in my salon?" He chuckles and sips his drink. "Combine work and play and brownies…" See, he's a good date. Honest.

Aric smiles softly and nods, "Come by and I will cook you dinner too as a part of the "date" and we can talk about it."

Halfway to the office, Mel is stopped by one of the Tartarus staff. A few quiet words are exchanged, along with an envelope. She looks inside and brows arch. "Huh. A donation without a date? We got good people in here tonight." She pulls out a business card, nodding slightly. "I've been to this place, Blue Moon. I'll have to swing by again sometime." It's all put back into the envelope, and it's off she goes. Again.

The rest of the club stays pretty busy until close time, with drinks and music flowing freely. But there's no more dates, and nothing more exciting than a normal night out at a club. Which is, in all honesty, how it should be. Right?

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