By Request



Scene Title By Request
Synopsis What's done is done and now Minea moves forward again, the last two months either gone, or a haze in her mind.
Date August 17, 2009

Fort Hero - Random room

Director Dalton had approved the request. Not that Minea could or would remember making the request in the office of the white haired woman and stating her reasons why. She'd gone off with a tall woman into a room and the door had closed with a quiet hush behind them.

Hours Later

Minea stared up at the ceiling, reclining in an armchair. The door closed softly behind a retreating figure.

There's blank. There's a curling mist that envelopes her mind, lurking near the surface. She's tense in the aftermath.

A large chunk of time was missing. She knew the last week, Of planning with Sawyer and Lu, that there was an operation going down to deal with an evolved named Tanner and that Laudani had contacted her about it. She could feel the hole in her mind even, where she knew something should be. Memories gone, of her life the last month and change. For reason. But what reason?

Minea's hands grip the arms of the chair. Last she remembered was…. Dealing with time travelers. Eyelids sink down as Minea works to stem the rising anxiety that comes with the knowledge that there's time in you're life that you can't remember. What did she do that she deserved it? Did she deserve it? What had she known that would cause them to do it. She can't even remember that she asked for it.

It must have been important, that was for sure.

Carefully Minea stands, easing out of the chair and testing her limbs. Searching for any new OCD's that might have arisen because of someone messing with her mind again. So far, she hasn't found anything else. She had the day off, two if she wanted it to adjust to her altered mental state. It was disconcerting, more so than it had been when Goodman had had her mind wiped and they had repaired. The fuzzy patches. Fuzzy patches were .. nothing compared to the blank slate. Like someone took a wet sponge to a blackboard.

Last few days.. were spotty. She could remember what she ate for lunch but.. damned if she could remember what she was doing between then and… that squirrel.

But, resting is done and the brunette agent heads for the door out. She's a little thirsty and was told that she wrote down some things written down that need to be looked at and make sure she hasn't forgotten them. Or if she has, to read over it and ask questions. She also wants a massage. She has a feeling that she deserves one.

Minea couldn't remember her time with Phoenix or the immediate events leading up to it. Mason Chesterfield and his death were gone. Running through Greenwich with Liz and files. Maya and her new ID. Darla and the foxhole, every ferryman safehouse that she'd stayed in. Shooting Carrie, or even that night at the Karaoke bar with Len in which they started the plot to infiltrate Phoenix.

It was as if it had never happened for the agent.

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