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Scene Title By The Seaside
Synopsis Abby has a care package for Katya and Katya holds her first baby.
Date October 04, 2010

Outside the Lighthouse

Afternoon visit to Kasha, Abby's doing right by her promise to Doyle and to the lighthouse kids to visit and help take care of the baby who now resides within the orphanage. Every time she visits, she swears the little girl is getting bigger and bigger and soon she'll be walking. Right now, she's squirming and wriggling about which makes the blonde smile.

She'd had someone send a message out to the shaman's home that if someone wouldn't mind sending Tania her way, Abigail had some things for the teenager. She couldn't step foot near the safe house, she wasn't stepping foot near any of the safe houses. on the beach near the lighthouse, Abby's got Kasha in a baby carrier strapped to her, facing outward, letting the baby kick her feet and legs excitedly, holding onto her hands. A pink box waits near the backpack that's loaded down with other things, a blanket to put the baby down on and other things needed to outside and walk along the beach.

The word got around, apparently, as Tania makes her way along to the beach, where the Lighthouse kids said Abby'd be. Of course, she's going by Katya these days, and getting much better at linking herself with the new identity. But, seeing the woman and baby on the beach, her pace picks up a little and she waves a hand to get her attention. "Miss Abby!" The good news is, now that she's on her medicine, she's a bit more lively, looking a lot less like she's about to pass out.

Which means the network is doing what it needs to do. Between the lot of people who are in charge of medical, the two necessary and life saving medications make their way to the russian immigrant. "Katya!" Abby looks much livelier and better than when the pair last saw each other. Katya up, Abby down on a bed and in fetal position. Jeans, cardigan, tank top, she turns at the sound of someone's voice, grinning at the sight of the young woman. "Ahh you are alive. I'm just spending time with Kasha. kasha, meet Katya, Katya, meet Kasha." Kick, kick, kick, goes the baby gripping abby's hands fiercly with a gummy smile.

"Yes, thankfully so," Katya says with her gentle smile. "And you, you are also still alive. This is good! I worried for you." She blinks at the baby, but crouches down a bit to peer at it. Babies, not her usual company. "She is very cute," the girl says, as if babies being cute were a novel thing for her. "It is good to see her doing so well. They take good care of the children here." Orphanages are supposed to be far more terrible than this. Or, well, they are in the books!

"Very much. Or Huruma and I wouldn't have brought her here. Juniper takes very good care of her and the others do as well" The baby has gained weight, Francois would likely declare her a thoroughly chubby happy baby and she'll never know how close she came to not being said baby. 'Do you want to hold her? She's pretty wriggly, but she'll calm. How are you doing? Adjusting as good as you can? McRae is a good man, his group are pretty good, a little zealous but he has a good head on his shoulders and a strong belief in the Lord. And elbow grease"

"I have been doing pretty well, I like the lodge. They are… very good there. Everyone has been very sweet. I also explore the island, trying to learn about New York." Katya looks down at the baby again, a bit of a shy, uncertain look about her. "Is… okay? I would not want to drop her."

«It is okay to hold her» Fledgling Russian coming from Abby, starting to unhook things and cling to the child in anticipation of settling her on Katya. "I can set up the blanket, let her watch the water. She likes the water. I'm glad that you're settling down though. Maybe I'll come actually visit you soon and the others. "I wanted to apologize, I didn't know you know Ivan and Katarina. I didn't know you had been in Saint Petersburg Katya, if I had known I wouldn't have… said anything the way that I did"

Katya smiles at the Russian, and there's an encouraging nod. "You are learning? You have a… good base? To build from, yes?" Ooh, and there's a baby. The girl holds her gingerly, like she might hurt her if she holds her too tight. It's a new experience and it shows. She does turn so Kasha can see the water, though. "Oh," she starts at the mention of Katarina and Ivan, her expression dimming some, "It was not your fault. They were… friends of my mother's. Katarina… do you know what happened to her?"

"I think she's in prison. I know she lived. Liz will know more, I can ask her to find out. If I were to ask, it would just throw up a thousand little flags but Liz, she works for the government and can hit up her boss" Or she can ask Richard. Glad that Katya and Kasha are meshing well, no ones screaming, and heads to the pile of goods, starting to spread out a blanket on the sand so that Kayta can head there. "and I have an okay base to work from. I haven't been practicing lately, too busy. But soon, maybe"

Her necklace spills out when she kneels over, rings and cross falling out of her neckline but once the blanket is flapped out, it's tucked back in. "I brought you some treats. Sweets. To take back with you to the lodge, and some clothes that I thought you might like to choose from and keep. It's fall, it's not summer and … just because you are living in a house full of boys and men, you don't need to not have some nice things"

"She works for the government?" Katya's not good enough at deception to hide the general fear she has for the government. At least it's not a deep fear, nothing to send her running, but it's there. "She was so kind." It doesn't seem to line up, in her head. "I may not be a very good teacher, but if you are wanting to practice your Russian, we can always come together to… to chat." When the gifts are mentioned, she blinks, but smiles sweetly, softly. "I do not have any clothes for the season, that is true. I… Thank you very much, Miss Abby. It is very thoughtful of you."

"She's a frontline officer, but she's a good person. She gets in so much trouble for all the stuff she does. You can trust Liz" The offer of learning Russian from her is a surprise. "I think.. I think Katya that…" She pauses, racking her brain. «I would like very much» trying hard not to slaughter the words like she does italian. "And don't, don't thank me. It's just… some sale stuff I saw when I was picking up some things for Kasha and I was just.. bored and such" Abby sits down on the blanket, motioning for her to join them. "The sweets though, let me know what McRae likes? So I can send some things your way." Abby looks out on the water, away from the pair. "WHy did you come here Katya? I mean.. Russia.. and then here. It seems strange that someone would do that. Was someone hunting you?"

"She is… not always marching in line?" This girl isn't used to distrust, it's clear that she'd much rather believe that someone as nice as Liz really is as trustworthy as they seem. "«Anytime would like to practice,»" she says with that gentle smile. "«I will see if I can find what he likes. I will ask Felicity if he has a favorite.»" At those last words, though, the girl looks away, too, taking a moment to shift Kasha to a more comfortable position. Her long, elegant fingers brush the baby's cheek for a moment. "Miss Abby… I am not sure how to answer. I would like very much… a friend to be able to say things to. But I am afraid… too much talking…" She trails off a bit, seeming unsure how to finish her sentence and looking, in this moment, very much a young girl carrying something too heavy for her.

Half of what the girl said, if even that, is understood. If the dumb look on her face means anything. Something about what someone likes. Someone named Felicity and there's a heat rising to her cheeks that has everything to do with embarrassment and nothing to do with her ability. Kasha looks up with blue eyes towards Katya, grabbing those fingers and shoving them in her mouth where her tongue explores and explores.

"Liz is good, doesn't always march in line no, but then most folks with the Ferry don't exactly do such and Katya you don't have to, really, please, forget that I asked. I'm glad you're here. I don't know what you're running from but if you're going to run, running to the ferry is a pretty good place to run to"

Katya gives her a little smile at that flush, encouraging and understanding. "When I was learning your English… It was very hard. It took many years for me to get it right. It will come. Practice and keep learning. I wish I had some Russian movies for you to watch." At those last words, she nods softly. Maybe a little sadly. "If it was my secret alone, I would share, but I run… for someone else. Someone I love. To keep safe." It sounds like she would go on, but her fingers are being sucked on. It's a kneejerk reaction that pulls her hand away from the baby, fueled by surprise. What in the world. Of course, the sudden removal starts the baby crying and poor Tania just looks so lost.

"Oh!" Oh! Abby reaches over, grabbing up a soother attached by a short length to the little girl light sweater, slipping it into the outraged mouth, teasing it around her gums before the little quivering human gives up the ghost and ends up sucking furiously on the soother. "They like to suck. They taste the world, that's why they put everything in their mouths. Even their feet. Or well that's what the book says. She's okay, don't worry. She loves to suck on fingers. I'm sure if you brought her back with you to the Lodge, McRae would like up with joy. I think he likes babies"

Abby's own fingers hover, smoothing down an errant lock on the little girls head and then a wrinkle in her cardigan, more to soothe Katya and let her know that someones there to help. Don't be afraid of the baby. "It's okay. I understand that, something like that. About things not being your secret alone to tell, protecting it for someone. You must love the person you're doing it for. My husband once said that… he hoped the person I was doing something for, appreciated it. I hope your someone appreciates what you are doing for them"

Thank goodness for the more experienced Abby. Katya lets out a breath she'd been holding and even manages to give Abby a little smile. "I have never… seen a baby before. Right next to me, in the flesh. On movies, yes. Pictures. It is very different!" She glances down to the baby, as if checking to see if she's about to blow up again. But no, she's okay. "It goes… in both directions. He arranged for me to leave Russia to keep me safe, I hide with Mister McRae to keep him safe. But you are right, I do love him very much. I have not… seen him in a very long time. It is… very hard."

"Then I'll pray that you see him soon enough Katya. That he knows what you're doing for him" Abby rubs her forefinger gently on the nub of Kasha's nose. 'Yes I will. Oh yes I will" Devolving into baby speak to the infant. "Katya's never met a baby hmm? Aren't you the best one to meet my little box. Yes you are!" The infant half grunts and laughs, feet kicking at the babyspeak. "I say, that we … eat some of the sweets, let Kasha here gum at a donut and enjoy the sun? It's a beautiful day and I'll be so busy tomorrow" She looks over to Katya. «We enjoy day»

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