By The Way, You're Fired


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Scene Title By The Way, You're Fired
Synopsis After days of silence since threats were made, Devon calls Yana for a meeting to apologize once again, where she promptly hands him his pink slip. Second termination in the month. He is on a roll.
Date May 25

The Nite Owl (In front)

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Following Sunday's botched dinner and frantic apology, there'd been no calls on Monday. Tuesday presented the same lack of contact, no calls nor gifts nor even notes left on doors. But Wednesday morning came a humble request for Yana's presence to meet Devon at a familiar diner. Well aware that it lacks the intimacy that the doctor might be preferring, the teenager had chosen to retreat to more familiar territory, keep the game board simple and without the distractions of decorum. It might irritate her further, but finding a classier place before 4 pm is near impossible.

Devon has already arrived and, like every other encounter, is waiting outside. His hands rest in the pockets of blue jeans, fingers of one hand curled protectively over the small, slim digital voice recorder concealed within. The sleeves to his shirt, a blue and white plaid button down, are rolled up his forearms. He's not quite dressed the part today, it would seem, but it's not unknown that he's not a fan for dressing up. He watches the street directly in front of him, expression giving the impression that his mind is elsewhere; though he's poised in anticipation of Yana's arrival.

For a time, it looks as if she won't show. Normally she is right on time, but it literally gets down to the very last second and Dr. Blite is not yet there. Knowing her promptness and dislike for being late, it is almost a safe bet that she won't show. Given everything that has transpired. Until.. just at that last second, Yana arrives from down the street, looking especially ready for some type of corporate meeting or some such. Dr. Blite has abandoned her usual glamorous look, and appears like the modern day working girl, with a black pencil skirt, a womens white dress shirt, and a spiffy black blazer overtop of that, with the most fantastic looking black pumps that are no doubt of some expensive Italian designer. Her earrings are sensible, rather than low and sparkling, her make-up is more general and her hair is swept back behind her out of her face, clasped at the sides of her head as to avoid an outright ponytail.

Carrying her leather square bag, that is more like a briefcase combined with a purse, she finds Devon easy enough, in the usual spot, and the general expression on her face could be described as slate. Perhaps she is going to some type of meeting, she looks pretty focused and very neutral.

Not expecting her to show on foot again, Devon doesn't notice Yana until she's nearly at his side. His hands come from his pockets, empty, and his head lifts while regard is sent to the doctor. His expression melts from ponderous to contriteness, brows pushing toward one another in his concern. He starts to reach toward her in gesture of drawing her into the establishment, then decides against it. His head bows slightly, apologetic, as his hand drops to his side again.

"Doctor Blite," the young man begins, as always quiet in his tone. "Thank you for agreeing to see me today. I… know you're busy, but…" Seeming to be grasping for words, Devon looks up again. His eyes seek out hers in hopes of conveying his regrets for the outcome of their last encounter. "I wanted to tell you again that I'm sorry how I'd spoken to you the other evening. What I said was done in haste and thoughtless. I know I can't take back what I said, but I hope you'll be able to forgive me." Every word delivered is sincere, he does regret letting the weight of matters cause him to speak out as he had.

"You're right, I am busy." she remarks sharply, "I have a meeting to attend to with some network officials today for lunch, and I have a report to turn into work just before that." She cuts right through his apologetic look, and comes off as shrewd as the outfit she is wearing. "But I felt that your request to meet with me was at least reasonable, and fit into my schedule.. if not a bit odd." Her jaw sets a little firmly, and she peers at him, her lips just short of being tight, "I was left to assume that after your.. 'haste and thoughtless' outburst, followed by the lax in communication, that our business was concluded." She slaps him with his own words, regurgitating them with a touch of sting behind them. "Yet here you are.. apologizing to me yet again. You felt it bared repeating? You said your apologies, and I told you I accepted it, so, it is a bit irrational to make a repeat performance after everything has been settled. You're displaying a trait that is similar to one I get from Magnes, which is makes it fortunate that I am patient."

Dr. Blite then relaxes a little about the shoulders, "Which brings me to the task of having to break this to you. I'm afraid that I will no longer require your acting services. I believe Magnes has significantly slacked off, and I have recently stumbled upon a more.. qualified assistance in the matter. I'm sorry if this comes as an inconvenience." It is merely a formality type of apology. It isn't likely that she is actually sorry. "But, since felt so strongly enough to arrange a meeting in order to apologize again, I suppose that I can indulge you and say that I do forgive you." Which changes nothing really, from the sound of it.

Jaw setting, he silently weathers the verbal slap. Devon's expression, while not exactly pained does flicker with worry and concern for the other half of the bargain, if bargain it could ever have been called. He offers no excuses, no reasons for his absence over the last two days. "I felt I should reiterate my apologies," he states simply, head bowing again, "after taking the time to reflect what had been said. And to allow tempers to cool."

Devon pauses, her next words sinking in. It might have hurt more if he'd been honestly attracted to her. He'll admit to her being pleasant to look at, a boyish fascination with her appearance and little else. As the words lock in, he gives a short nod, demeanor cooling. "I understand," he answers, truthfully, breaking the momentary silence with a detached tone. "There is no inconvenience. I do need to ask, however, if I can rely on you to continue working toward a vaccine. My offer to get you into Studio K or wherever you wish to announce it, however you wish to publicize your discovery, still stands."

A single nod is what he gets in response to his reiterations. she understands, and has grown quite used to hearing 'I'm sorry' repeated to her more than once on the same subject. As she said, she is patient. On the subject of the vaccine, she arches a brow, "Of course. That is my reasoning for taking the trip out to the current facility to deliver a progress report. Dr. Price, a work associate of mine, was assigned to assist me in the research of a vaccine nearly a month ago. There was a bit of a snag due to personal matters on her part, but I believe with her assistance, together, we can make some progress into eradicating the threat." Now.. that could mean the virus, or it could be….

"Her knowledge of genetics should prove quite useful in the methods by which I intend to proceed. And we'll have the Institute's facilities to work in a controlled environment. I suppose all that we need now is just a little faith."

"Doctor Price is assisting you," Devon asks. Surprise and anxiety run a tremor down his spine, cold fingers unfalteringly trying to grasp hold and shake him, though keeps his expression and voice smooth. No need to show the red flags being raised. "She's a fine woman," he adds without pause. "She did a lot to help while we were trapped within the Dome. Her skills are invaluable, I'm glad to hear she's working with you." All delivered seamlessly, amicable.

The teenager lifts an arm, looking to the watch wrapped over his wrist and partially concealing white lines of scarring. "I don't want to keep you from more important matters," he says after a beat, his arm lowering and eyes coming up to look at Yana. "You're not a fan of redundancy, but I do thank you for agreeing to see me this last time. I hope you don't think it presumptuous if I'd like to call on you in the future? To get updates on how the vaccine is progressing and perhaps treat you to a nice dinner. As business colleagues."

"Ah, that's right. She was trapped within the dome. I suppose it isn't surprising that you know her then." Dr. Blite doesn't sound surprised at least. Though internally she is probably thinking it being a small world and the like. "But indeed, it's as you say. Her skills are quite invaluable. She is actually the one to suggest how we approach our presentation." Not a lie, "Regretfully, she has been a bit.." sick with the virus. "..busy, so I am taking up most of the footwork, but she should recover within a few days or so." Also not a lie. Odessa had a run in with the virus herself. Which strain of it, Dr. Blite isn't quite sure of yet. She hasn't run her tests. "Hopefully, we will be able to produce results in time, before it becomes too late for your employer." Dr. Blite pauses for a moment after that, considering, "It would perhaps be helpful if I had a sample of Ms. Reynold's blood. To add her to the other individual cases, since we're trying to approach this from a genetic level. You might mention that to her primary physician."

She does however seem ready to go, pressed for time and needing to be on her way. So it is thankful that he is drawing things to a conclusion before she had to. "I appreciate it. And dinner is possible. It sounds like an excellent excuse to plug in a recent acquaintance of mine. You should find yourself a date. Perhaps we can double." She lifts her arm, looking at the back of her wrist at her watch, "I must be going if I'm going to meet my deadlines today. It's going to be a busy week, so you'll have to excuse me." She then gives him a nod, "Have a good day." Dr. Blite is quick to go on her way, which is actually not the way she came, but the way she way she came. This meeting was probably in fact on her way to somewhere else.

Though he didn't receive the charming, smiling and graceful mask as subsequent times. The woman can hold a grudge for a while. But don't expect her to flip out and go all Exorcist. No no.. it's the calm ones you have to worry about.. the spider just waiting to strike. Dr. Blite is full of all sorts of deadly venom. She could just be waiting for an opening to deliver it.

"I'll do what I can," Devon responds, in regards to her request for a blood sample. "Give Doctor Price my regards and tell her not to work too hard." It's offered politely with none of the contempt he feels for the absent doctor. He steps back, to allow her passage without hinderance, hands returning to his pockets. No mention is made of a date, perhaps finding the suggestion a slight against him. "Have a good day, Doctor Blite," he echoes, his head turning to watch her retreat.

Once Yana has moved far enough from hearing range, Devon turns to go the opposite direction. It isn't until he's rounded a corner, though that, he chances a look back, his thumb moving over the device in his pocket to stop the recording. His phone comes out from the other pocket and thumbs work to tap out a text to while he walks away, to attend to his own day.

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