Cabin By The Lake


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Scene Title Cabin By The Lake
Synopsis After surviving his first week of police academy, Carrie decides to reward him with a spending the weekend of the Fourth at a cabin by a lake. They discuss sleeping arrangements, Carrie's scars, and Hiro. He even accidently gets a glimpse down her shirt…. Hell, sounds like the weekend is off to a good start for him.
Date July 03, 2009

Some cabin by some lake… somewhere.

It's been a rather long week for Carrie and her charge, with the rigorous first couple of days of academy training. Both of them have been worn out, Magnes more so of course. But he's endured, so Carrie felt it was time to reward him for surviving his first week.

As soon as they got back, she had told him.. "Pack up, Maggie Boy.. We're getting out of here for the weekend." Piling into her jeep, she drove them up to a lake, outside the city. It was a long trip, but she knew it would be worth it. So with trees painted red with the colors of sunset, she finally drives up to a small cabin on the lake. It's not big, but it's got all the comforts they haven't had for a bit. The upside was a dock with a jet ski and a small power boat bobbing gently at the end of it.

Grinning, Carrie glances to Magnes in the passenger's seat. "What do you think? I figure you deserved some time away from the Company." She gives the key in the ignition a twist shutting off the engine and plunging them into the silence that comes from being away from it all. "Being Forth of July weekend and your classes not gong till Tuesday, I figured a few days here would be a relaxing change."

"I've never been to a cabin before." Magnes says before something suddenly flashes in his head, then he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck. "Well, actually, I was at a cabin with Minea and Veronica, but that's a weird story." He shakes his head, then smiles at her and jumps high out of the jeep, going at least, well, a lot of feet into the air. He's taking a deep breath, he's had to suppress himself for… at least a month or so.

When he finally falls back down to the ground, he starts unloading. "Are that boat and jet ski ours? And this is really nice, I finally feel… out."

Carrie watched him with an amused smile before climbing out of the jeep. Glancing at the dock she nods. "Yup, came with the weekend package deal." She reaches in to heft a cooler out of the back. "brought food to cook.. Actual home cooked meals, which you'll help with." She gives him a pointed look. "No skipping out." She teases, setting the cooler on the ground so she can pull out some plastic bags full of other things.

"I can cook, but I never really got to make anything for you." Magnes starts lifting the heavier things, carrying them into the house for her. Obviously he's using his ability for much of his load, but it's just faster that way… also he's still a bit sore. "I leave most of my Company check in the bank, I never really realized we could afford stuff like this."

"I had some stuff tucked away in savings." Carrie, comments pulling things into the cabin. "Figured this was a good way to spend it." She sounds more at ease then she has in sometime, she even looks relaxed. She pulls a scrunchy out of the pocket of her work clothes and pulls her hair back into a pony tail. "Look forward to getting out of these clothes, but I wanted to get up here before the sunset." She let's him continue to haul things in, while she unpacks the food getting it into the fridge and the cabinets. They will eat well.

"Getting out of these clothes…?" Magnes is a bit stomped, getting the last of the things in, then just stares at Carrie. He is surely not picturing her totally out of her clothes, he'd never do that! "I uh…"

"Get your head out of the gutter, Maggie Boy." Carrie chuckles, stretching to put something on a higher shelf. "I meant getting into clothing more appropriate for being on vacation.. not my work clothes." Twisting a bit to look over her shoulder at him, she arches a her brow. "You remember to pack some shorts and your swim trunks like I told you too?"

"Yeah, I had to buy some…" Magnes, still wearing his usual t-shirt and cargo pants combo, starts helping with the unpacking. "I wish they sold swimming shirts, I don't wanna have to swim topless."

Brows lift and Carrie gives him an amused look. "Why not? You all pasty white?" She teases, as she tucks a half gallon of milk in the fridge. She brushes her hands and glances around. "Okay.. Lets see what we got here." Slipping past him, she gives him a good natured smack in the abs with the back of her hand. "Only one bedroom… So you get the couch." Hopping on one foot and then the other she, yanks off her boots carrying them with her into the bedroom. "A bed! Oh thank you god."

"It's embarrassing, just, showing my stomach. I've been skin and bones my whole life." Of course he's not now, but, that's just how Magnes sees himself. He follows her into the bedroom, frowning when she mentions the couch. "Come on, we've been sleeping next to each other for a week. Just build a pillow fort in between us or something."

Turning her back to her bed, Carrie falls back on it with a happy sigh. "You get the couch, kiddo." Tucking hands under her head, she closes her eyes. "This is only a full size bed, not enough room for us and a wall of pillows. Besides, it would be weird to wake up all curled up together."

Magnes can't help but stand there with a stupid far off grin on his face, no doubt sinking into a fantasy that would be on screen in a sitcom right now. "I, uh, that'd be weird?"

Carrie gives a short laugh and sits up again. "Yes, Magnes it would be really weird." She hops to her feet, and reaches up to flick a finger against his forehead, course she has to get up on the tip of her toes to do it. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Perv, " she's all grins as she says it. "Seriously." She moves to hunt down her duffel of clothing.

"Sorry, I'm uh, I guess I'm just a little more comfortable around girls than I used to be. A week of being close together in a tent would do that, I think." Magnes' cheeks are flushed as usual though, and he walks over to take a seat on the bed, sighing in relief. "And, you know, I wasn't really thinking like that. Well, maybe a little, but I just meant more, uh, waking up like that, like, um, tangled and stuff, it, you know, wouldn't be all that bad…"

Her bag gets tossed on the bed next to Magnes and Carrie starts pawing through it. Pausing she gives him an odd look. "I'm your mentor." She reminds him as she pulls out some shorts and a tank top. "Your sleeping on the couch, that's final." She wags a finger at him, picking up her clothing. "Next time I'll let you bring someone up with you, maybe?" She's not exactly thrilled by the idea but…

"I like it when it's just us." Magnes answers, walking to the door. "I don't know, it feels kinda like, when it's us at the end of the day, it feels like a sacred thing, even if that sounds kinda stupid…" Magnes shrugs, then holds a finger up for her to wait a moment, then comes back up with his dark blue dufflebag.

Brows lift high on Carrie's head when he says that. "Nah, not stupid really." She offers with a shrug, "We get along. We can relate on a lot of things. And trust me, I enjoy my time with someone who doesn't think I'm weird cause I like Socom.. or Halo.. or even Final Fantasy." She follows him to the door intent on shutting it behind him so that she can get dressed. When she sees him hold up that finger she pauses looking curious.

Magnes sits his bag on the floor when he returns, then unzips it, and out comes a pair of bright orange swimming trunks. "Can I wear a shirt with these things? I mean, I'll be practically naked. And uh, what are you wearing to swim anyway?"

Watching him pull out his trunks, Carrie looks amused. "Caltran orange, huh?" She grins and shrugs. "Why not.. if you'll be more comfortable with a shirt I say go for it." Tossing her clothes on the bed, she approaches her dufflebag again. "I'm half tempted to tell you that you can just wait… " She reaches in and pulls out what looks like black men's swim trunks, and lays them out. Then a red plaid bikini top and then the bottoms, which are fairly normal, no thong there buddy boy. They are tossed on top of the swim trunks. Watching him she asks. "That what you wanted to know?"

"T-two piece…" Magnes swallows hard, then just takes his bag and walks to leave the room. "I uh, I'm gonna go to the bathroom, so I can change."

Carrie can't help but grin as she follows him to the door. "Hey, you asked.. remember that." There is an edge of laughter to her words. Closing the door, she continues to smirk and just shakes her head. "Should brought the one piece." Sighing she moves to get out of her work clothes, then pull on the shorts and white tank top she planned to wear for the evening. No plans to swim tonight for her, plenty of time tomorrow for that and getting a little sun.

Exiting the bathroom, Magnes is wearing a white loose-fitting t-shirt with the simple image of Squirrel Girl playing in sand, in a bikini. He's wearing dark blue denim shorts that go over his knees, and his same black sneakers, knocking on Carrie's room again. "I'm dressed."

The door opens finally and Carrie is standing there in shorts and her white tank top. Pale scars can be seen, evidence of her less then perfect life. "Alright, so… food first. I'm starved, so I know you must be." Moving past him towards the kitchen he'd get a peak at her back and the finger wide scar on her shoulder that seems to disappear under the tank top and can be seen in flashes above her waistband.
Magnes has partially disconnected.

"I'm hungry, and exhausted. I'm gonna sleep so hard tonight." Magnes says with a stretching yawn, arms above his head. "Hey, what's that?" he asks, pointing at the scar he spots from behind.

"What's what?" Carrie asks a bit distracted by trying to decide on something for dinner. "Hmmm.. Think tonight should be simple.. So sandwiches work? I think I've brought BBQ Pringles somewhere.. Where did I…. Ah there they are."

"Sandwiches are fine." Magnes dismissively says, pointing at her scar again. "That scar, what's that from? Looks like it really hurt."

Setting out sandwich fixings, Carrie shrugs a bit. "The car accident.. The pile up. It was pretty bad.. They said I was lucky whatever it was didn't damage my spine." Turning her back to him, she eases up the back of the tank top so that the lower back of her back shows that the scar does travel to length of her back in a diagonal, crossing her spine. "I don't remember anything of the accident, but the guy. After the car set of cars flip up, everything it a total blank." She looks a touch subdued, her good mood bleeding out a bit, as she starts pulling out bread. "What do you want on your roast beef sandwich?"

"I'll take whatever you're having on yours." Magnes says as he moves a reluctant hand to touch her back, frowning slightly. "Does it hurt? If Abby still has her ability, I'd have a suggestion… but I imagine this is one of those scars a person wants to keep?"

Spinning the cap off the mayo, Carrie starts slowly spreading it across the bread. "No, use too.. Just pulls a bit if I twist just right. Took me months to recuperate from it. Broke both legs badly.. and an arm.. couple other things." She sighs softly and shakes her head, her shoulders slumping a bit. "Lots of therapy, course as soon as I was able I went into the police academy. Cause as soon as I was able to come home.. my husband wanted a divorce."

"You don't have to say all this y'know, I mean, it's not like I enjoy telling all the details of my story. I left out parts of that story I told you…" Magnes admits, frowning slightly as he pats the unscarred portion of her back, not wanting to accidentally hurt anything. "I guess everyone's been hurt. Elle told me a story too."

"I know, but there is no reason to keep it from you." Carrie's voice is unusually calm and steady, pushing an emotions she's feeling deep inside her. "But, yeah. You'll find that many of us that work for the company have had something happen to them." She glances back at him, she gives him a small smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "I wouldn't be surprised if it's a requirement."

"I'm starting to think the leader of the Company is some comic geek." Magnes muses with a perplexed shake of his head, peering over at her sandwich work. "I mean, we all have these, well, 'origin' stories, I guess, or at least stories that lead up to who we are today, and they're all pretty tragic. Not only is this person a comic geek, they're also into the kind of comics that aren't particularly my style… though I like the Bat family."

She slices both their sandwiches with a cross cut and Carrie chuckles. "I guess. But then, if you think about it.. you all ar something out of comics as it is." 'you all' obviously meaning evolved. "It's all still so surreal even after all this time." Opening the container of chips she places a stack of them on his plate and offers it to him. "Even with dealing with it on a daily basis."

"Having an ability is pretty amazing, and I can't say the novelty ever wears off, but it is still new to me." Magnes takes his plate, smiling with a nod of thanks, waiting for her to get done so they can find somewhere to sit. "I think the hardest part is realizing that no one's gonna let me fly around in a costume."

Once he has his plate, Carrie turns around and hops up on the counter, obviously she plans to eat right there. "I guess. It was weird to just float…" Eyeing him she picks up a half of her sandwich and chuckles. "Please… No costume. I can't imagine you in spandex tights." Her heels bounce lightly on the doors of the cabinets below her as she takes a bite of her sandwich.

"I'm pretty sure I can imagine you in spandex tights…" Magnes says under his breath, though it's still clearly audible. He is still attempting to be… comfortable with these things! "I can show you more things about my ability. I said before, we can fly."

"If God wanted me to fly, I don't think I"d have had to jump through so many hoops to learn how." Magnes shakes his head, lifting his legs and crossing them in the air, sitting the plate on the air in front of him as he begins to eat with her. "I wish I could be like I am with you, with like, every girl. You know, cool, open, able to touch without exploding. Well, I can touch Elle that way too, but I think she's too innocent to even realize what she's doing, so it doesn't bug me much." Because using as much double entandre as Elle does is surely a mistake!

Carrie looks amused watching him float in air. "I'm simply amazed how quickly your learning control." Leaning forward she reaches out to gently touch his hovering plate, with a look of amazement. "Well, as long as you watch where the hands go, I haven't seen a reason to smack you yet for touching." Pressing down on the edge to see if it tilts or says in place.

Unfortunately it does tilt, though seems to wobble, trying to stay in place. Magnes doesn't appaer to mind, still taking bites of his sandwich, staring down the tanktop from their weird angle. "I, uh, please be mindful of your shirt… And right now my most difficult thing is multiple directions in one object. And I can't make some fragile objects heavier, like basketballs, they pop sometimes."

Glancinig down at herself, she realizes that there is a nearly perfect view down her tank top. Thank goodness she wore a bra. She sits up rather quickly, slapping a hand to her chest. "Sorry." Her cheeks actually color in embarrassment and she clears her throat. "Well.. I imagine you'll get that all down in time. Your progress is amazing."

"Flying still kinda feels like I need a pilot's license. I've gotta, well, do all sorts of stuff to make flight happen. It looks easy, but it's not exactly an on and off switch." Magnes steadies the plate, sitting the sandwich on it again. His cheeks are surprisingly not red, though he does give the back of his neck a bashful rub. "So, uh, if you could have an ability, what would it be?"

"Ability?" Carrie asks curiously, looking thoughtful. Hopping off the counter, she moves to put things away between sandwich bite. "Not sure I want any. I mean. I know people always ask that kind of question. But I like who I am." Pausing.. she looks at the container of mayo. "Probably, the ability to go back and save my daughter… but in truth, that would change my life completely."

"Time travel, unfortunately, doesn't really work that way." Magnes says with a regrettable shake of his head, hopping down to stand up straight, offering his cleaned plate. "Hiro tried to bring his girlfriend back multiple times, but in the end, Sylar always killed her. Seems like there are some things you can change, and some things you can't."

"That… had to be horrible for him." Carrie sounds almost sad as she says that. "To try so many times.. and still the same results. That ability seems to have one hell of a burden." Things cleaned up, she moves to grab his arm and tug him towards the deck, trying slipping her arm through his. "I mean really think about. Always watching and knowing he can't do anything." She is thoughtful as she reaches out to open the slider to the outdoors. "So.. yeah, I don't think I'd want an ability."

Magnes follows, allowing that arm slip as he takes a deep breath of fresh air. "I don't really have to imagine, we sat outside the diner as it was happening. I saw the look on his face as he was explaining what was happening. He wanted to teach me to appreciate and spend as much time with Abby and everyone else as I can. He was my first mentor."

Carrie lets go of himi so that she can lean against the railing of the deck, looking out over the lake. The woman is thoughtful for a long moment. "Smart man," she murmurs. "He's right. Life is so damn fragile, if you don't appreciate it and the people in it while you can… well… It'll be gone before you realize it." Reaching up she pulls the scrunchy out of her hair, the breeze off the lake sending tendrils of hair across her face. "I lost my daughter, but when she was alive I spend all my time with her.. even refused to re-enlist with the Army so I could be a mom."

"I think I've made a lot of mistakes this year, but since I joined the Company I think I've finally actually learned from them. Mistakes in my private life and those huge moronic mistakes that come from not thinking things through." Magnes walks over to the rail with her, staring out into the lake. "I'll miss Minea, but I'm really glad you became my mentor."

Combing hair out of her face with her fingers, Carrie glances over at Magnes as he steps up beside her. "I admit I was rather nervous when you were passed to me, but you're alright Varlane.. I just think someone needed to see you as something other when a liability and a screw up." Leaning against him a bit, nudging him with a shoulder. "But I'm glad they assign you to me. I think this has been just as much a learning process for me as it is for you." She slips her arm in his again and hugs it her her side, "And I'm getting a good friend from this, making it all worth it."

"I know you've had a lot of bad experiences with friends, but I promise, not even for a million dollars and a chance to see breasts up close will I ever betray you." Magnes promises, smiling and pulling her a bit closer. "I don't regret joining the Company."

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