Cake And Ice Cream


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Scene Title Cake and Ice Cream
Synopsis Abby drops by Kameron's apartment looking for Brian; Introductions, cake and ice cream all around
Date February 4, 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

Concern about Brian and Joe aside, Kameron still had to get a few things today; mostly stuff that she didn't much talk about. Like going to the pharmacy and buying a ridiculous amount of medicine - she can't go to the doctor to get prescriptions for the migraines and nausea that often comes hand in hand with the times she opens her eyes, so she has to get the regular stuff.
It being a smaller bag, Prince is the one carrying that while Kameron made her way back to the apartment. "Good boy," Kameron grins, unlocking the door to the apartment and stepping inside, newly purchased cane in hand. That would be the other thing she had to get - juuuust in case. "Anyone here?" She doesn't bother 'looking' around when simply calling out does an even better job.

Catching the baseball, Brian tosses it back softly to Joe. Though Joe's throws progressively got harder and faster progressively every time he caught the ball his smile growing as well. THough then the sound at the door comes, Brian signals for the ball urgently and, barely managing to catch it he quickly goes to tuck it under the couch. Hard to hide something from a girl who can see through stuff, but hopefully she will have no desire to open her eyes. Putting a finger over his lips, "Yeah." Brian calls out.

Joe and the replicator settle on the couch quickly, Joe trying to hide the mischievous smile on his lips as they settle down. "Do you need any help?" Brian calls out again.

No reaction to any possible ball throwings, so the mischievous boys are in the clear - unless Prince finds the ball. "No, I'm all right," Kameron leans down, reclaiming the bag from the collie and gesturing him to move along. Prince bounds over to greet Brian first, followed by Joe as Kameron cautiously steps towards the bathroom, fumbling about until she finds the medicine cabinet. "What were you two doing all day?"she calls from the other room.

Giving Prince his standard petting greeting, he arches a brow at Kameron then glances to Joe, as if he has the answer to the question. Brian tilts his head at Joe.
"Nothing!" The little boy calls out, sliding off the couch to fall on his knees and greet Prince. If anything since being under Brian's care is that he has had a lot of animal interaction.

Brian goes to stand up off of the couch, making his way around it, heading towards the bathroom and Kameron in it. "How was your day?" He asks softly, going to place his hand on the wall and lean against it.

*knock knock knock*

Honestly, now that she has a roommate, Kameron had contemplated hiding the extra bottles she just bought - but she wouldn't have really been able to hide them for long anyway. Mirrors in the bathroom (except probably the one Brian and Joe might use) covered, she reaches up to put bottle after bottle on the shelf, checking a few to see which onces were empty and chuckable. "Nothing, huh?" She asks a bit skeptically, a grin playing on her lips - but before she an press on that, even in jest, hark! A knock at the door! "It was all right," she gestures, "Could you get that?" Maybe it's Lori? She hasn't been able to get in touch with the girl recently.

Eyeing the bottles and bottles and bottles of pills and tablets, Brian's features are overgrown with concern until the knock comes. Giving a little frown he looks over his shoulder. "JoeJoe." He says simply flicking his wrist towards the door. Looking back to Kameron, he again goes to gloomyface. "What's all that for?" He asks quietly.

Eagerly thumping his way to the door, Joe practically throws the door open in glee. Responsibility is exciting, and the responsibility of opening the door is a big deal. Opening the door, Joe tilts his head back to look up. "Hi." He greets simply.
Abigail's at the door, a bag in hand, plate with a tall chocolate cake replete with frosting and sprinkle. Dressed for having been at the apartment. "Hey, hi, Is Brian here?" The blue eyes landing on the kid with a slightly hollow smile. "I brought cake?"

Ah fooey, maybe she should have hidden the bottles after all if it was going to make him worry. "It's nothing to worry about," she says immediately, more curious about who came to visit than the minor (ha, minor) issue of the pills. "Just for headaches. Don't worry about it." She waves a hand.
Prince, ever the guard dog, is right there at Joe's side when the door is flung open, growling cautiously at the young lady there. First she must pass inspection, and so her shoes are sniffed. Sniff sniff! Once the dog deems her worthy of entering, he barks briefly as if to say 'You pass', and promptly sits down like a good boy.
"Who's that?" Kameron would try to lean around Brian, but — well it's a little silly to do so when, as mentioned before, she can just look through things. "We're in here-" she calls again, pitching her voice so that Abby can hear them. Maybe a distraction?

"Abby." Brian says, in greeting to her. Looking back to Kameron, "My friend. Abigail." The young man informs, pushing off away from the wall he walks over to the doorway. Pressing his hand down on Joe's shoulder. "Abby." He says again, leaning in to greet the young woman in a one armed hug. Then he leans back. "JoeJoe, this is Aunty Abby, Aunty Abby, meet JoeJoe." Brian offers the faintest of smiles.

Joe looks up with a wide smile, putting his hand forward in greeting. "Hi." He repeats.

"Careful of the cake!" It swigns out of the way, the woman twists ot let greeting by dog, Brian and Joe joe. "Aunty abigail" A raise of the womans brows. "Hello!" The healer calls out to Kameron, somewhere else in the place. "I brought plates, and forks and ice cream and cake. sorta a… celebration we're here, before I go. you said you'd be here so, you know"

"I'll shake your hand when i'm not carrying a big cake Joejoe" She offers.

Kameron quickly tucks the rest of the bottles away in the cabinet and shuts the cabinet door. Wadding the bag up, she drops that in the garbage and loers her cane to the floor, stepping out of the bathroom after Brian, tilting her head slightly at his introduction, and then the other girls. A smile quickly appears in response. "It's nice to meet you Abby -" Kameron greets, looking in entirely the wrong direction until the girl speaks. Whoops. "Cake? That's really nice of you - um -" somewhere to put it. "Here, I'll clear a spot in the kitchen," what with there being no table in the living room and all.

Leaning back, Brian lays a han don Joe's shoulder pulling him back from Abby to clear her path. "Abby this is Kameron." Looking over his shoulder to Kameron, he nudges the door closed with his foot. "Abby has special hands." Brian says in a lower tone. "She can probably help with your headaches, couldn't you, Abby?" Brian asks, leading Joe deeper into the apartment. "Cake." He says down to the now very smiley boy. Cake!

Interesting.. 'Blind' Abby mouths to Brian. But that's all she's going to silently ask as she offers the cake to Joejoe once they're in. "Hey, you want to bring the cake over to the table? It shoudln't be too heavy and i'm sure we'll be over there soon enough to cut a piece" as she leans down to his height, offering up the cake. "None for the dog though, dogs can't have chocolate" If joe joe takes it, the blonde is back up to standing, following behind Joe with the cake. "Headaches? Yup, I can take care of those. Nice to meet you Kameron. We're neighbours, i'm two floors up."

Special Hands? She must be some kinda baker! Although Kammy clues in on the following comment, shaking her head slightly, "It's all right, they don't bother me all the time." Just occasionally, and then just enough to warrant needing a looot of aspirin and painkiller. "I don't want to be a bother, Abby," Kameron smiles gently, surprised at the comment, "Really? Well it's good to meet someone else in the same apartment complex," she grins. "I can't believe i've not run into you before," once in the kitchen, she shoves over a few things (some landing in the sink with a bit more of a clatter than she wanted) so Joe can put the cake on the table. "Don't mind Prince," she adds to the group in the livin room, "He knows he's not allowed to have 'people food' and I don't want him to get sick.

Joe does take the cake, responsibility is fun and rewarding. Taking the cake to the kitchen, the boy goes up on his tippy toes to deliver the bag of goodies on top of the table. Then he goes back onto the balls of his feet, looking up to Kameron for approval. Forgetting that Kameron does not give an abundance of 'looks'.

Brian gives a nod to Abby. It's not his place to tell Kameron's secret. "She can heal." Brian says even softer this time to Kameron , "Evolved." He follows the band wagon to the kitchen. "Thanks Abby." He says, giving her shoulder a little squeeze. "You didn't have to."

"I just moved in actually. Brian pointed me in this direction. And it's no big deal, really. I'm " She looks to brian and then to Kameron. "I'm a registered evolved, like said. I heal people. When i'm not bartending. In fact, I could.. probably… fix your sight. If you wanted" She might as well lay it out on the table. "And I banish headaches with just a touch. It comes in handy really and is never a bother. You can ask brian, i've gotten rid of a few for him and no I didn't have to but.. I'm going crazy up there, seriously. I'm all packed for my trip and just needed to do something. Magnets actually gonna take me to the airport tomorrow, and he's gonna keep an eye on Pila and Scarlett, but if you like I still have a spare key and you can take Joe Joe up there. Scarlett will like the company"

Listening as the cake is slid in place, Kameron grins, nodding in relief when she doesn't hear a following CRASH and SPlat. While she doesn't give any kind of look, she does reach down with a hand to ruffle Joe's hair gently in her own gesture of approval. "Nicely done. Let's go join the others okay?" She shoos Joe ahead of her, moving into the living room again and pausing at Brian's mention of Abby's ability, and Abby's own elaboration.
For a split second, the smile vanishes at the theoretical of fixing her sight - back again an eyeblink later, though not as genuine, "Thank you for the offer, but I'll have to pass," she waves a hand gently, a tiniest bit uneasy, for some reason. "Besides, you came here to visit Brian, not to …" She trails off briefly, "Ah, plates — right.." Didn't Abby say she brought them?

When Abby talks about fixing sight, Brian shakes his head violently. Mouthing a 'No.' to her, making striking motions with his hand. Though he does give a little frown when she notest that Magnet will be taking her to the airport. "I thought I was going to take you.." He says rather quietly, hiding the hurt in his voice. Then he gives a shake of his head. "Okay. Cool. Maybe I can pick you up, or something. Abby is going home for two weeks." Brian directs over to Kameron.
Joe gives a triumphant smile as Kameron pats his little head. "Cake." He repeats as if to turn the conversation to what really matters here.

Abigail looks to brian, seeing the motion too late. "Oh blankety blank" some sort of curse it seems as ice cream pulled out of the bag and the paper plates, a scoop, plastic forks and knives. "Boy Kameron, I'm just a party pooper aren't I? Ignore what I said, really. Sometimes I'm the most socially backward person there is. You get a bigger slice of cake for my manners backfiring. Sure Brian. I'd like that. you can wrestle Teo for the honor. Or you can both come get me, cuase heavens knows I'm gonna miss the both of you and i'll need it after being home for like two weeks." But joe joe is talking. 'Cake! Indeed. You'll have to bug them and ask for cake for Breakfast. My Momma would sometimes make this HUGE chocolate cake and we'd have like half of it for breakfast"

Kameron laughs at Joe's insistence, "Okay Okay," Heaven forbid that he be forced to keep from treats for another second! She doesn't know the other names mentioned, nor does she see the violent headshaking from Brian, naturally. "Going home? That's nice - is it very far from here?" She considers something, perhaps aware that the question is incredibly, unfathomably, staggeringly -stupid-. And she asks it anyway. "You said you bartend.. you mean… in a bar?"
No Kammy, in a convent. Jeez.
The smile vanishes again at Abby's apology, surprise evident, and Kameron practically drops the cane flailing her hands in a panicked, 'no no no' gesture, "No no, you don't have anything to apologize for, honest! And you aren't any kind of.. of.." Party pooper is a foreign term to her, so she avoids using it. "Listen, really, don't pay me any mind. After all, this is a celebration isn't it?" She turns her head towards where she last heard Brian's voice - unless he's moved like a sneaky thing that he is, "Right?" Big slices of cake aside, she doubts she'd be able to finish a big ol piece!

Brian has moved, and he gives a little grin as he watches Abby and Kameron interact. What happens when two extremely sweet, yet slightly socially inept entities collide: funny. Funny happens. It's enough to rip Brian out of his pity party of depression in anger, at least for a moment. Folding his arms he watches the two girls and Joe, giving Kameron a nod. "Right." He affirms.

Abigails hands close on Kamerons as she steps toward the woman, her own nice and warm, though not from having her gift turned on. They're just warm period. "How about, we redo meeting. Hi, I'm Abigail Beauchamp" That southern drawl ever so present. "A bartender for Old Lucy's, and Registered faith healer. It's an enormous pleasure to meet you, a nieghbour and I hope this is not the last time that I bring a big fat chocolate cake down here" Brian gets a wierd look. A good look. She knows he's getting a lark out of this all.

Kameron startles a bit at Abby's hands on hers, though she grins, amused. "Sounds fair enough. You don't get many chances to do a mutual do-over." A faint chuckle follows, "Kameron Jackson," not much of an accent to -her- voice, since she's not had much influence from down home herself. "Oh! I think heard about Old Lucy's from someone I stumbled into — er, not literally, mind. She said that it was a bit like the bar from the movie Cowboy Ugly."
Coyote. COYOTE Ugly. Can't even remember the name of a movie. Saddest part, she's not misnaming things to make Brian smile. She genuinely bungled that.
"You're welcome to come and visit anytime," she adds with a grin, "Even without cake." About to say something else to Brian this time, she startles when she hears his voice from a spot different from where she assumed it had been! "What th — Oh," she turns towards the new location, wondering when he moved so quietly! Hmph. "Okay, so why don't we cut the cake before Joe explodes from anticipation?" Then they can all chat together iwth a fresh start.

Brian smiles a little brighter at Cowboy Ugly. He gives a nod. "Yeah, let's have cake." The young man murmurs, moving forward, bringing his own hand up to ruffle Joe's little head as well. Though he's rather enjoying watching the two girls interact with each other.

"Like the movie" She doesn't correct the other woman. Enough faux pas's for the day. 'I don't get up and dance on the bar though, they call me the Nun" She lets go of kameron's hands, opting to take care of the ice cream. "Weezyanna" yes, she says it just like that. "Down south. Need to go home for a bit. Brian was going to drive me, but I'm going to have another friend and Brian can have the honor of wrestling even yet another friend into the car and coming to fetch me from the airport. I see now why he refused my offer to bring him with me. Joejoe here and all."

There's a motion for Brian to cut the cake. She doesn't know how well Kameron manages things like that. "Joe joe, I swear, goodness gracious, your eyes are so big. How big a piece do you want, this big?" A small sliver indicated. "Or are we talking thiiiiis big" demarcating half the cake with her finger in the icing. There's a mock look of horror on Abby's face as she bemoans having to lick the icing off her finger, but lapses into laughter and licks it off anyways with a wink to the young boy.

Kameron tracks Abby's progress purely by listening for her footsteps, and her voice. "I haven't actually seen the movie, so I'll have to take your word for it," A pause, "Louisianna? I've never been." Grinning as she listens to the interaction between girl and boy, Kameron laughs lightly, "Nothing wrong with a nickname like that -" she's a bit — well her upbringing was more than a little sheltered. It was a pretty massive step against everything her dad ever told her letting Brian stay - but weighing a friend in need against archaic upbringing, the friend won out, hands down. Mostly to Brian, as Kameron turns her head again in the direction he last was, "How long have you two known each other?" Kameron asks curiously, most of her attention focused on people's locations. Very important at this point, so she doesn't trip over someone. Like Joe or Prince.

Brian comes forward, going to take the knife, he raises a hand to place it on Kameron's shoulder gently guiding her out of his way so they don't collide again. Cutting the cake, he then glances over to Abby, allowing her to answer Kameron's question rather than himself.

Joe delivers a look to Abby that is practically insulted when Abby suggests a sliver of a piece. He's offended by such a small portion but when it gets larger he gives an emphatic nod. Brian though gets his piece first, and it's closer to what Abby had suggested. The piece is placed on Joe's paper plate, he then puts the rest of the pieces on the other three plates.

'Been… a few months? Few months. He came into my old diner, looking like some cold rat and looking for a job. We kinda stuck to it from there. We squabble but in the end, it's cause we're friends, and he's helped me out a few times, watching over me, and I've fixed him up when stuff happens. Lordy Joe Joe, it's as BIG as your head! Are you gonna eat all that? I bet you have a hollow leg, don't you!" Abby takes her piece, doling out a scoop of ice cream to each plate, making sure she makes neough noise for Kameron to track where she is.

"Just a little for me," Kameron reminds, bemused by the conversation. "So you've known him longer than I have." A small nod to herself, having expected this. "Well, not to talk about him like he's not in the room," Kameron pre-empts, "But Brian does seem to be the type," … to save the world, one person at a time. She dodges around that topic, "He's got a big heart." She chuckles faintly. Brian was also a good bit quieter than she was used, though she felt she at least knew the reason for that. She could be -waaaay- off, but! "So you like it in the Plaza so far? It's lucky that Brian pointed you this way," especially now, when he needed more people around him.

Looking over at Kameron, Brian arches his brow as she does start talking about him like he's not in the room. He then looks back to Abby, giving a little shrug. Putting down the knife, Brian puts a fork on the paper plate. Reaching out with his free hand he takes Kameron's and goes to guide the paper plate into her hand. Then going to take her other hand, he guides it to the fork on the plate.

Handing the other plate to Abby, Brian takes his own and follows Joe towards the couch though he pauses. "JoeJoe, you should ask Kameron if it's okay to eat on the couch." Brian says, whilst hoping that it is, because he's already halfway there.

'Brian you have the higest heart I have ever seen. He does kameron. Persistant too. It's not bad I've only been renting since the start of the month and maybe stayed in the apartment two nights. I'm sure i'll enjoy it. It seems nicer if not better than my last place" less people knowing where she lives and chance for kidnapping. Abigail remains where she is with her cake and ice cream, looking over to the other three and smiling fondly at the way that Brian helps Kameron.
It's probably a good thing that she couldn't see Brian's face. She might have started giggling at the reaction he had to her talking about him like he wasn't in the room. Once her hand is taken, she takes the paper plate with no problem whatsoever, making a face as her hand is guided to the fork. Silly! "It's all right, if he's careful," Kameron calls back. She, on the other hand, doesn't make any attempt to move to the couch, primarily because she wouldn't be as careful as the non-visually impaired. Instead she claims one of the chairs pushed against the wall. "Have a seat Abby," she adds. It's silly for most of them to sit down and her to stand still. "You don't have to convince me of his bigheartedness," Kameron grins, "I can tell he's a nice guy." A nice… quiet guy.

Rolling his eyes, Brian follows Joe into the living room. Taking a seat with the boy they sit together on the couch and eat cake, carefully. Talking about things quietly. Important things like transformers and how the ninja turtles were born, and why Harry Potter doesn't live in America. Just the essentials.
'Oh well, good then, cause, then his head might inflate" Aby claims one of the seats beside kameron. 'So, besides endure Brian and live in the Plaza, what do you do?" Since the boys are doing boy things.

Kameron chuckles lightly. Endure indeed. "Can't have that!" Kameron agrees lightly, head tilted in the direction that she can hear Brian and Joseph discussing the ever important Boy Things(tm). "What do I do? Um.." …awk-ward… "I play. In the park," she lifts a hand hesitantly, then points over to a corner of the room, where she recalls leaving her violin. "I don't have a proper job or anything if that's what you mean."

"That's a job. Your a busker. Good at playing I assume, if you make enough to rent this place" Abby slowly devours her cake, polite bites, with some ice cream for each mouthful. "How'd you meet Brian? If I can ask"

You say, "I don't think my parents would agree there," She grins, "But I play well enough," Kameron admits, with a total lack of false humility. She knows there were people far better than her. "I think most of it's that I'm the only one performing at certain times, so there's no real competition." Of course, most of her rent came from savings and periodic donations from her parents - the only reason they let her stay in New York. At the question of how she met Brian, Kameron grins at the memory, "I was shopping at the market a few blocks away, and he accidentally knocked into me, courtesy of his dog wanting to meet mine. A girl named Desree was with him,- she lives in the Plaza too, I think. Well, he felt really bad about knocking me down, and insisted that he buy me dinner to make up for it. We've had a couple of run-ins since then." It was only recently that she agreed to let him stay with her a while."

'You play contemporary stuff? or more classical?. My Momma plays the fiddle, Dad plays a bango. And before it's asked, no they've never seen deliverance, and no, i'm an only child and my cousins are not my uncles or my brothers" The latter spoken more as a joke. No rednecks for Abigail.

Kameron doesn't seem to follow the reference, alas. She had precious little exposure to movies even /before/ she went blind. "I used to play only classical, but I've branched out into other types of music too. Jazz, and modifications vocal songs I hear on the radio into instrumental versions." She's silent a moment, thinking on the redneck reference and the deliveracnce and things. "Mm..w.what's the Deliverance, and why would I ask if they've seen it..?"

"Movie. Movie about deep south and.. it's a really bad movie. I rented it when I first go there and people were bothering me about my accent. 'Squeal like a pig boy' they'd say and, yeah. Inbred, rednecks. Was really strange. All becuase of my drawl. I don't think they realized that to me, they're the ones that sounded funnny. But, you know, bango.. " She hums the little ditty that's famous. 'My father, Banjo. I'm getting all socially awkward again aren't I?"

Kameron wrinkles her nose, "Full of stereotypes?" Squeal like a pig. That's silly. "I think I'm glad I've never seen that movie." She mutters. More and more, she's seeing - so to speak - more reasons on being /glad/ she was blind. "I like your drawl," she remarks, "It's charming. My mom's accent is nice too - Australian. I used to have the same, but being here so long, you don't notice it so much." Except when she's talking to her mother at length. She shakes her head vigorously, grinning, "No you're not. I'm just - I think you're more familiar with these sorts of things than I am. I grew up a bit.. sheltered, you could say." She takes another bite of the cake, and abruptly wonders, "Did you make this yourself?" She'd love the recipe - but it's not like she could -read- it.

"I grew up sheltered too. Watched over because of what I could do" That healing thing you know. "I sorta ran away, when the explosion happened. Came here instead of staying home. Help people. I haven't been home since and yup, all me. Eggs, flour, sugar, I like to bake, make stuff and it seemed that people I know needed some cheering up. Specially Brian. When'd he get Joe joe, do you know?"

Something else to have in common. "In my case, i was watched over for… other reasons." Kameron points at her eyes, an irritated expression on her face. Even with her eyes covered by the shades, she can get her emotions across pretty well otherwise. "I left home for here the second I was old enough to, though .. my folks have been tryin to get me to come back more than ever. I mean, your ability is way more useful —" than anything she could do. "I can't really do anything neat, besides, being there to support people who need it." Like Brian.

"Joseph? Ummm.." She thinks a moment, "Well.. not too long ago. Right before things started to get really bad here, he told me he wanted me to leave town for a few days. Then he showed up when I was coming back, and Joseph was with him." Incidentally, that would also be the time he asked to stay with her a few days.

So joe joe was… new. Abby looked over to where the two are, man talk. "He gets along better with kids, than he does older people. We squabble, him and I, often" Abby shakes her head before taking another bite of her cake, licking frosting that gets on the neck of the fork.

You say, "Does he?" Kameron puzzles this, "What do you two argue about?" Kameron, for her part, has never found reason to argue with him on anything. This may be because of her naturally laid back, tolerant attitude though."

'God. What I do. The trouble I get into because of what I do. He got badly hurt, because of me. Iw as angry at him for some snarky comment, I shouldn't have and he followed me to church. Tried to apologize but I was so angry, I kept turning him away. An some people came, tried to hurt me. He got injured, badly. I barely got to touch him, keep him alive. we're alike enough, that we butt heads. But we get over it. but watching him, right now, with Joe…" Abby shakes her head, blonde hair making soft rustling noises on her shoulder. "He's like.. in his element"

You say, "…" Well. Kameron draws back a bit in surprise at this revelation, head down. "I.. I did't know." Why would people try to hurt you? You have a gift that helps people." It's not like Abby had some dangerous ability that could threaten people, and even if she did, she was such a nice person! She shakes her head at the thought, knowing full well she is naive in that matter, chuckling. "Sometimes I wish I could at least see for myself, the things I've been missing out on. I mean, I haven't been blind all of my life, but - it'd be nice to see the people I talk to. Still," she shrugs casually, "Hearing is just as good as seeing. And I have to agree with you -he really does get along well with Joseph.""

There's temptation to offer again, but Brian would get upset, maybe, possibly. "Becuase they don't have the audacity to ask, they choose to take" She's finished her cake, scraping at the mingling of ice cream and chocolate frosting on her plate. "The offer still stands" It's spoken quietly. "I don't mean to upset you, by offering, and i'd understand if you turned it down. Even if you were blind from birth, I could still fix it"

Kameron shakes her head, "No thanks," she smiles, "It's not something that needs to be fixed. My eyesight .. these are the cards I've been dealt. You've no idea how many doctors I've had to go to, because people thought it was something to be fixed." She gets to her feet, plate empty of cake and ice cream now, and she reaches out to take Abby's, if she has finished her own dessert. "I imagine this is something I was meant to be. I'm already used to this kind of life, and it's not really that much of a drawback," except the migraines and nausea and dizziness and such that hit her every now and again. And the whole not being able to see more than five minutes at best. "So I don't worry about it."

"There's some doctors who still have a hard time believing I can do what I do. Miracles that they can't quantify don't sit will with some of them. But i'm jsut upstairs, if you like.. get a bruise, or cut yourself or, like Brian said, if you get a headache. It's no big deal and it makes me feel happy. You know, like… your violin playing" She hands over the plate, not putting it right in her hand but close that Kameron could take it. How long have you been living here? In New York?"

You say, "I never thought of it that way," Kam muses, "But I guess if my ability was healing people, and helping them, I'd make me happy to use it too. If my headaches get bad enough," that the medication isn't helping anymore, "I'll definitely look you up then." She promises! Especially since she would flat out refuse to see a doctor. They always want to shine those damn lights in her face, and those are -painful- as hell. Collecting the plates cautiously, including Brian and JOseph's, Kameron hmms at the question, "About two or three years.. I didn't do a lot of socializing during that time though."

"Been here as long as me" Abigail grins. "I should go. I didn't intend to stay this long. I need to work, pick up a few things. I promised I'd go back ot St. Lukes today to fix some people if doctor brought them in and that's gonna wipe me. SO I better get a start on everything. It was good to meet you Kameron" She moves, close to the girl and puts her hand near the other womans. "I'll see you when I get back from Louisianna"

Kameron smiles brightly, "It was great meeting you Abby. Have a safe trip to Louisiana, and I'll talk to you when you come back. You can tell me all about it, yeah?"Not see you when you get back, because- well, obvious there! Though her favorite phrase is 'hear you' rather than 'see you', for equally obvious reasons. She is courteous enough to walk Abby to the door at least, but once the little healer has moved off, Kameron sets off to wash the dishes, and fret quietly over the state of affairs.

February 4th: Hue
February 4th: On Penance
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