California Sheet


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Scene Title California Sheet
Synopsis Meg and Michelle have a girls' night.
Date Feb 12, 2010

Brennan Household

The only reason Megan actually came tonight is because Harve gave just a bit of pressure. The old 'please save me from my wife? She needs someone to talk to!' excuse works well enough to lure Meg to the house grudgingly. Certainly her mood the last couple of days has been questionable. She's still been making her scheduled visits to the children and bringing Harve reports of how they're doing. So far none of their kids have come down the H1N1 scary issues. As she enters their domicile tonight, there is the sense that she's still not exactly in the mood for much sociable chatter but she puts a smile on her face for Michelle and the girls as she lets her coat be taken.

Brennan is banished, to places unseen in the brownstone of Brooklyn. Likely composing that list that Scott wanted and making it as thorough as possible. WHich leaves Michelle answering the door and guiding her in towards the livingroom. Whatever fight they had again, the temperature in the house has not changed, and there's no excess of snow dumped outside. The twins are fast asleep, tucked in early leaving only Marlena. Sweets and candies and all sorts of delectable's have been laid out on the table including cupcakes from the magnolia bakery. Small talk made nice, Marlena sitting in her mothers lap and getting her hair braided - french of course - while the older brunette talks nurse stuff and children since Michelle herself, is a pediatrician and lately, who the children have been brought to in the Brennan Practice. Marlena of course, is too busy watching the movie to bother looking to read lips.

Megan listens quietly for a while, chuckling at several anecdotes. And then the redhead tilts her head slightly to study the other woman. "So… do I want to know what he's told you?" She's helped herself to several sweets at this point and a cup of coffee, and she's finally unwinding enough to really talk to the other woman. Her tone is mild. "I'm a little out of practice with girls' night, buuuuut…. in my experience, it's usually intervention time when your male colleague says 'hey, my wife wants you to come over and hang out for a while!'" She sounds amused.

"Ugh, men" One hand lifted to bat away the word. It seems to be a common movement in her repertoire. "He told me about the other day and your Katy, kalee, whatever her name is. About the incident. I was worried. He said you had a fight with someone and that he'd never seen you go off? Go off like that before. He was worried" Slender shoulders move upwards in a graceful gesture as she finishes off the braid. There's a tap to Marlena's shoulder and a flurry of hand movements exchanged between the pair before the girl is kissing her mother on the cheek and with the same for Megan, stealing a couple cupcakes and likely off to join her sister in depths unknown upstairs.

"That you are having trouble with the men as well yes?"

Genuine pleasure lights Megan's face at the kiss from the child, and she rests her forehead against Marlena's for just a moment. Her sign language is spotty, but she's making the effort to learn for the girl's sake. She signs a bit clumsily, <I hope you have sweet dreams> with a smile for the child and a quick additional stroke of her cheek.

When she's out of the room, Meg retrieves her cup of coffee and sips from it before speaking. A frown creases her forehead. "He's never asked for what he wanted this time," Meg murmurs to Michelle. "I know that… retrieving them all has to be of paramount importance, but … Knowing that we're getting them out just to watch them die in our custody because there's nothing we can do for them goes against every instinct I have."

"First, first you do no harm" Michelle watches her daughter bound up the stairs before transferring her gaze to the redhead. Wrapped in jersey pants, shirt, long cardigan, she looks comfortable in her home and the temperature is nudged up a degree or two. "Those who are not doctors, not medical professionals, they do not understand that when we came out of our school, we took oaths, promises that we would always put the patient first and that you do not hurt them or put them through unnecessary stress." Michelle reaches for a cupcake, peeling the papers away from the outside little by little with forefinger and thumb.

"But too, he, Scott, he took oaths too. To look out for the people who came through his care. He is up near the top no? It means that he has all these people below him, this is not counting those who come in and out of their care, but just the people who lend their hands to make things better, like you, and this… katee girl, and the few that I have met. It is a completely different set of priorities. They don't have to deal with do no harm to the patient. No. They, he has to deal with do no harm to his Ferryman and deal with things as they come up"

Megan ffts slightly. "He's a stubborn bastard," she grouses. "He's a good leader; I'd follow him into combat any day — have followed his orders into a firefight. But he has no clue what is involved in a full-on detox, and he didn't want to hear it either. We do it Kaylee's way, and there will be corpses that he has to get rid of." She sets her cup down, agitated again. "Talk to me like I don't know what a fight is. He can kiss my butt, Michelle."

"Not that I do not agree with you, it sounds like he does not know what a full on detoxification of the body entails, but maybe, maybe once he see's the individuals yes, he will realize the extent of the danger?" Michelle offers. "So far it sounds like he is doing what he can do and at the same time, be safe with those around him. Did he not offer you a better place? More space and heat, heat will not be an issue since I will be there. Annd, he is bringing in hands. Even the most unskilled had will be good. We can write down the basics of what they'll need. Even someone to hold a bowl for the people to throw up into yes, will be better than no one there, and anyone with any medical knowledge will be good. I think Megan, that you need to not go in so doom and gloom and think about the people that could pass. Focus on the people who will be saved from all this. We will take them one person at a time yes, and we will decide when we are there, what will be done. That is all that we can do"

Now Megan's the one who grimaces. "I'm more angry that he threw my dead boyfriend into the conversation," she grumbles. "He is just mad that he had no clue what she was actually planning until we went to him. The Ferry is … something of a hands-off situation — compartmentalized. Why Kaylee came to me and Harve before she even bothered to talk to Scott, I don't really have a clue. Maybe because she doesn't know what's involved either." Megan shoves herself out of the chair, padding in her sock-feet around the room. Her jeans and sweatshirt have seen better days, but she's comfortable. "Why are men always so damn annoying when they know they're wrong? He wants to toss me out, more power to him," she grouses. "Stubborn old goat."

"He brings up Auggi" she pronounces it awgee "Because he is jealous and worried and sick for you. Because he see's you mourn and hurt and he does not want you too. Because he has a tendre in his heart for you. The best couples, that's how it is. The passions they clash, and there is such narrow vision, but afterwards, ohh afterwards"

Michelle smiles, lips pressed lightly together and the corners turned up. "And because you came in yelling, and you scared him. Men do not like to be scared. He was scared and upset and angry that he did not know what was happening, that someone lower on the comme ce… lower on the totem pole… knew what he did not. He was angry because he knows people will die but that he can either try and help them, and give them a safe chance yes, or he can take them to a hospital where it might happen regardless if his fears are correct"

Michelle picks up her spiked hot chocolate. "He is sweet on you and worried for you and he is like man. They show it by yelling and blustering about" Michelle hitches her voice up so that it can be heard elsewhere in the house. "OR NEGATING YOU"

Megan stops dead, her entire train of thought — and she had other things she was going to say! — derailed as she turns to look at Michelle with an appalled expression. "What??" Not on the negating part, which hasn't even registered. It's more on the 'sweet on you' part and the 'couples' part. "No, no… you have the wrong idea about Scott and me," she dismissed emphatically. "He's the honcho — the boss. Not… anything else."

One brow comes up and there's a pointed look at Megan from Michelle.

"Michelle!" Meg shoves the mane of copper hair back, her hand holding it away from her face as she stares. "That's insane. I've worked with the man for several years now — there's nothing between us. Never has been! He's… grumpy and annoying and doesn't listen when I need him to. Case in point!" She gesticulates with both hands now.

"Scott's not even thinking straight! The reason I want to take most of these people to the Suresh Center is because whether Registered or unRegistered, what this therapist did is both wrong *and* illegal. And if any of them are Registered, they can actually press criminal charges. If they vanish into the Ferry network, they can't do that — it has to be done quickly and publicly so that their recovery can be charted and used. Plus, if they've all been hit with a tracer, it puts any safehouse in which we hide them in the line of fire." Megan looks at Michelle. "That puts operators and refugees alike in danger, and that's just not acceptable."

"You will remain calm in my home Megan" Michelle chides gently. "I do not want the two girls coming down yes? I will not pretend to know too much of these tracers or whatever else that happens, but he has a point. these people were taken from there. Think of the trauma that might afflict them, if you take them back there, that this woman who works there, might come across them? If she's as bad as she is, then… she would not be below covering her tracks"

There is a sigh as the redhead drops back into her seat, a mutinous line to her jaw. "Well, he can't have it both ways. If we leave them in the safehouses, that is exposing the network that he's so worried about to the possibility of raid. If we take them to Suresh, it's exposing the patients to possible trauma. He tells me that the problem is that I'm being security-conscious enough about the network. But yet he's going to risk everything to send the whole group of them to the Terminal. Which is it??"

"Have you considered what a great sacrifice that is? To chance this terminal and to make that call? Whomever passes, if they pass or if this safehouse is found, it is on his head. The guilt is on him. He is making this decision because he knows that he's doing the best that he can do for all. Watch, he will be there at that day, lending a hand Megan. He's not, I am sure, sitting atop a lofty perch and arbitrarily deciding. he's trying to make the best of a bad situation. What you need to do is while you are there, while he is there, to make him see how bad it is. Sometimes, you don't know how bad it is till you are elbow deep yes? He will see then"

Megan bites her lip and nods slightly. Dropping her head back against the back of her seat, the redhead looks at the ceiling. "I hope so," she admits. And then adds quietly in a disgruntled tone, "And now I'm going to have to go back and apologize for losing my temper." Her head pops back up and she says indignantly, "He called me old!"

There's a pause and she comments, "But at least he can't run about negating me or anything. That's just rude."

"Did he say old, or did he say something else and you interpeted it as old yes?" She sure hopes for his sake that he didn't actually say old. "And no. No he cannot. But, I accept that Herve did it because he was worried that what happened, would have happened, and right now, we wait and see what happens with that regard yes? He went to tell them that it was us who caused the Brooklyn storm the other day. Accept responsibility. I can only imagine the hit we shall take financially for I assume they will want us to help foot the cost of the exxtra snow removal and hopefully only community service. I was wrong, to loose my temper and my ability as such. THough, if he had not have tried to negate me"

Indignation still colors her features as Megan waves it off, "He said something very close. Like … something about the next time I lose my temper at some girl half my age with a whole lot of emphasis on that part, I should remember what I was like at that age." She pffts again. "When I was half my age, I was already in the military and already a nurse, and I was never as reckless as that."

Megan listens and then shakes her head a little with a grin. "Michelle… Harve… for a man who has fought regimes around the world and is starting to see a much bigger picture out there about what the US government is actually up to…. he sure has a lot of faith in the system." She sighs. "I wish I did. I gave almost 20 years of my life to fighting the ideals this country was built on, and right now… I feel pretty betrayed." She grimaces. "A lot of us were soldiers, you know. At least…. the people that I know best."

"So he thinks then that you are Thirty? Since he insinuated that, at half your age you were a teenager or a child? He didn't say you were old" Michelle points out. "And as for Herve.. is it wrong that he has the faith and belief? That I do as well? We both know that the government never shows it's full hand, and sometimes, it is for the safety of the people because they would not know how to handle it. His belief in what he does, may come off as stupid and naive, but he will still believe becuase.." Michelle shrugs her shoulders. "Because we weathered a hurricane and we have seen the worst that there is in other countries and someone has to believe that the government will do good by their people. Same as we believe that given time and peaceable action the linderman Act can change"

"No, Michelle… it's not wrong. You … people like you… are the reason that we do what we do. Because that's the way it's supposed to be." Megan smiles a little. "I have never made the mistake of considering either of you either stupid or naive. And peaceable action is what we strive for…. though I'm sure Harve likely told you that there's a more… militant feel to the Hangar." She sighs softly. "The Ferry is about saving people — helping them if they don't want to be on the government's radar, keeping them from being exploited. We have, on occasion, been forced to take up arms in certain instances. But …. I hope you and Harve both know that I would not have allowed you to continue helping us if I thought in any way you'd be expected to back an action like this. You are good doctors, and your healing skills and your willingness to bend when it comes to the Registration rules are the reasons that I came to you." She looks at the other woman with a brief, amused grin. "No… he basically told me I was being an old battleax or something. But we'll work through it." She shakes her head. "Not the first time Scott and I've gone head to head over something."

"Bring him flowers. I do not think that he would like something square and five carats. But flowers, and chocolates, apologize for being brash, that you let your temper get the best of you, and that you'll try to strive to be more stoic and un-passioned in the future. Wait, no, do not say that last. Just bring him flowers" Michelle informs.

Megan blinks and turns that Look on the other woman again. The one that says 'What??' "Flowers??" is what she asks. "You can't be serious. I mean… I'm not trying to woo the man, Michelle." She grunts a hollow snort of derision. "You are reading far too much into this."

"FLowers are not just for wooing! FLowers have meanings, there's are certain situations and flowers that go with them. Yellow roses, they mean friendship. You do not give those to someone you love. Orchids, they have another meaning all on their own and it is not platonic. Flowers to apologize… you should get… some Hyacinths, they mean sincerity and… snapdragons, presumptions… what else" Michelle combs a mental catalogue. "Anything white really because it is sympathy, but also, more important it is forgiveness. Just no lilies. White lilies are for funerals or weddings. Really cannot go wrong with white Hyacinths"

"That is very… French," Megan replies with a grin. "Flowers. Sheesh… Scott'd fall over laughing or … something." She looks nonplussed. "You can't give a guy like Scott Harkness flowers, Michelle. Seriously."

"Do you hear yourself? He would fall over laughing. Laughing. Better than yelling yes? Fine, non, do not take my suggestion. See if I offer it ever again" Reverse psychology in play. "And here I was going to offer to find these flowers for you and at my cost hmm"

Another cupcake is plucked up, a glance to the television. "Herve, he canceled birthday plans. He turns thirty seven on sunday and we had planned to go out of town with the girls, pull them from their school and take a trip."

Megan grouses and eyes the woman, "Oh, fine then. Flowers! But you can't pay for them… If you'll pick them out and tell me what they mean, I'll take flowers." And then she frowns. "Seriously? Oh, Michelle… I'm sorry." She bites her lip, now feeling responsible for ruining Michelle and the girls' weekend plans.

There's a wave of her hand again, cupcake nearly going flying. "THis is not the first time, don't worry. More like the seventh. It's his birthday. If he wants to spend it helping people, wouldn't be the first time" She offers a wink to Megan. "Lte us watch television more yes? and I will get the guest room set up and you will spend the night."

"Oh, I couldn't impose on you guys for the whole night, Michelle. I appreciate the offer, but really… unless you're planning on pulling out the wine and getting me hammered, I'm perfectly able to head for home." Megan smiles just a little. "Flowers," she snickers softly. "It's a novel approach, at least."

"Well, it is a friday night and I am French…." Michelle unfolds herself from the couch where she has been semi-reclining, socked feet hitting the floor. "Let us raid the cellar yes? See what I have tucked down there. Come. I think three bottle shall suffice yes? Hereve! My love! We are getting drunk on good french wine" Michelle starts off towards the hall, looking over her shoulder. "None of this california sheet. Bah, California doesn't know wine like the French"

Megan dies laughing. "No California sheet, Harve!" she echoes as she follows her hostess, truly amused at Michelle.

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