Call 9-1-1


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Scene Title Call 9-1-1
Synopsis Len gets a curious call asking for help.
Date October 2, 2009

It's dusk. Not really sunny, not really dark, that inbetween time where life is transitioning. Standing outside of a pub in a nicer district than Stanten, a young female with creamy colored flesh and long straight black hair huddles by herself. A cell phone is held in her hand as she punches in a phone number on a piece of paper. Every so often little sobs come from her, but her eyes are dry if anyone cared to look. Just the sounds come from Jet.

Len is driving his Jeep through the city. He's actually on a lead for one of his cases right now. After having met with "Sabrina" the earlier in the week, he's trying to find a couple other members of Adam Monroe's crew. He hasn't had alot of luck at the moment, though he's been given a couple of really good leads. Len's phone tends to ring off the hook, and so when it goes off he reaches for it and flips on the speakerphone portion of it. "Denton." He glances at the number he doesn't recognize.

"Mister Denton, Len Denton?" A strain in Jet's voice now, a softer tone as a very faint sobbing sound comes from her. "Please… I need your help. Please." More mournful sounds from the otherside of the phone, then, "Please, I'm being chased by this man who is trying to kidnap me. I got your number from a friend." Nothing more from Jet right now, giving Len time to reply as the sounds outside of the pub can be heard.

There's a pause before Len speaks as he tries to see if he can recognize the voice. "Your friend is..?" he asks as he finds a parking lot to drive into and pulls into a spot where he can talk without being distracted by driving. He's taking in all the sounds that come from the speaker of his cell phone. "Who gave you my name?"

"Her name is Sarah," come her whispers, she works for this blonde British man, the same man who is following me…" Trailing off, the sounds on her end is that of feet running along the pavement before there is silence save for the breeze of the wind as Jet ducks into an alleyway, peeking outside of it and around the corner as if truly being pursued. "Please Mister Denton, I have no one else to call, I'm alone in this city."

There's another pause before Len speaks. He seems to be listening to the woman for any tells that might lead him to believe that she's insincere. "Miss, I'm not sure why you were given this number, but I think you should hang up right now and call 911." There's part of Len who wants to help this girl, then there's another part that is just a little paranoid due to the type of work he is in. "Tell me where you are, then call 911."

"Nine-one-one?" A disbelieving tone from her at this, and her eyes actually mist now as she leans against the side of the alleyway. "I was told you would help me…" Trailing off fingers lift to her eyes as she gives a brief swiping at her cheeks, something Len having spoken obviously upsetting her, truly. "I'm in the alleyway by the (insert name of a nice pub). But I'm not calling nine-one-one. They can't help me against him."

"I'm not sure who Sarah is or why she would give you this number. I'm heading in that direction now, and as soon as I hang up, I'm going to call 9-1-1. The more sirens the better to get rid of your threat." If there is one. "Now do exactly as I say. Go inside the bar and wait. I cannot help you if you stay outside. If he comes inside after you, scream. Am I making myself clear?" If she wants his help, she'll have to do it Len's way. "I'll come find you inside."

Jet seems a bit placated at Len's words, a shaky breath exhaled before she nods her head even though he can't see that part. "Alright," comes her soft voice. "I'll be at the bar… I have long black hair, and I'm nineteen years old. Please hurry Len." Using his first name, pausing for a moment, "My name is Juliet." And then she hangs up, slipping the cell phone into her jeans pocket as she does as he says, exiting the alleyway, turning the corner and entering the pub, taking a lone seat at the bar as she waits.

Len pulls out of the parking stall and pulls out into the road as he hangs up the phone. He reaches over scans his PDA, then dials. "It's Denton. I have someplace I need you to meet me. Send a couple of squad cars over there as well just to be sure. I'll meet you outside." Taking a right hand turn, Len heads towards the bar.

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