Call by Morning


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Scene Title Call by Morning
Synopsis Kay comes by Dani's apartment to warn her about the dangers of tangling with the Linderman Group.
Date September 25, 2008

Dorchester Towers - Cat's Apartment

The entry hall has room for anyone carrying larger objects to move without much trouble and five doorways. First, on the left, is a kitchen with the usual appliances, microwave, toaster, blender, coffeemaker, and George Foreman grill. Cherry cabinets with brass handles above and below the marbled counter fill the spaces. In the center is a table of dark cherry wood with comfortable wooden chairs for six people on a waxed cedar floor.

The living area, second on the left, has a peach colored couch with cherry wood end and coffee tables along the far wall. On either side of those is a recliner chair. Atop one of the end tables is a caller ID phone with NYC phone books. Electronics line the left wall: a 60" thin plasma HDTV, cable box with DVR, stereo equalizer, radio tuner, twelve disc CD player, iPod dock, home theater system, and speakers. One of the other walls has a piano placed against it and a wide window overlooking Nuked York. Pale wine colored pull curtains, normally kept closed, hang before it. The fourth wall has a line of electric and acoustic guitars, a few amps of varying sizes, and a cello.

The first door on the right opens to the smaller of two bedrooms. The second right hand door leads to the main bedroom.

At the entry hall's far end is a bathroom with standard fixtures, a white tile floor, and products a woman would have. Bright and warm glows from overhead track lighting bathe the place. Deep wine colored plush carpet covers the floor, stopping only at the kitchen and bathroom.

Evening at home. Dani is sitting there, on the sofa. Laptop is open next to her, and she types in notes on the story she's working on currently. A glass of wine is sitting on the end-table near her.

There's a knock at the door. Beaten and battered, Detective Kaydence Lee Damaris waits to be allowed entrance. She's dressed down in jeans and a simple, black and red floral patterned top, clearly off duty. One noticeable difference is that her hair has been dyed blonde.

Danielle heads to the door, and checks the peephole. The face she knows, though the hair tosses her a moment. She unlocks it, looking confused. "Detective?" With an unspoken "WTF?" on the end of that.

The face has quite a few more bruises and a gashed lip since the last time they met. She forces a smile at the other girl, but it's not one that reaches her eyes. "Miss Hamilton," she begins quietly, peppered with that drawl of hers, "may I come in for a moment?"

Dani nods. "Of course! Come in…are you okay?!" She looks at Kay with concern. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you." Kay quickly steps inside and pushes the door shut behind her. Whatever she's got on her mind, it's got her spooked and it must be urgent. "I was attacked in the park last night," she informs Dani. "I had been attempting to make sure your recording could be absolutely verified… You know how mob lawyers are. I… They stole the tape, Miss Hamilton."

Danielle groans a little. "Oh, jeez. I've got a duplicate, in case. But are you okay? I can get the backup one for you by tomorrow, probably." She looks at Kay's condition, worried.

"I… don't know that it's a good idea to go forward with the tape, Dani." Kay rakes he fingers through her hair, "D'ya mind if I sit down?"

Danielle indicates the sofa. "Of course, sit down. And we have to do something, Detective. We can't just let them intimidate us off this!"

Kay sits down heavily on the couch. "Look at my face," she points for emphasis. "I am on the anti-terrorist unit and this is what they did to me. I have a little girl, Miss Hamilton. She wants to know how her mommy's face got all messed up. They will kill you." She seems genuinely concerned for Dani's safety, and not just her own.

Dani smiles, a little sadly. "If I die, a copy of it hits the press the next day. I'm not a TOTAL rookie, detective. I've got that much of an insurance policy. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't wanna die. But I can't just let this drop."

"I'm beggin' you, please. We can catch them, because they'll screw up again. But we can do it without involvin' you." Kay shakes her head, "It won't do you much good to take them down if you don't live long enough to enjoy it."

Dani looks back. "They already cost me a piece of my head, Detective. I'm sorry they went after you. But I'm not just backing down. I'll bring in a copy to the station tomorrow; maybe the captain has a better idea." She figure's Kay's gotten spooked off.

"You can't do that! Don't you get it? If I don't make this case disappear, they're gonna hurt my little girl!" Kay stands up suddenly, eyes wide and fearful. "She's only six!"

Danielle blinks. "Oh my God." Her voice is quiet. She looks back at Kaydence, and she's clearly torn. Risking HERSELF was fine. Even risking the detective. It's both their jobs. But a little girl…She swallows hard. "I'll have to think about it, Detective." It's too major a choice to make without thinking about it. "I'll call you tomorrow…after I have time to think."

Kaydence nods numbly, but she seems to understand. Everyone has their ideals. Their morals. "Please, get back to me as soon as you can. I… I haven't told anybody else. I need to know if I'm going to have to try and run."

Dani nods. "I'll call by morning. I promise. I'm sorry….to get you all tied up into this." She looks particularly miserable now, and stands, walking towards the door, to let the detective out. "I…can't promise anything." Even she doesn't know which way she'll go.

"Be careful," Kay warns before heading out the door as quickly as she came in.

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