Call Her Felicia


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Scene Title Call Her Felicia
Synopsis A meeting at which a plan forms and another meeting is set.
Date October 13, 2009

An open field which became a parking lot.

Tuesday morning arrives, and finding Helena's body is still the priority. Cat got the message from Candy about wanting to meet, and replied to it in the affirmative. She set guidelines of it happening in a place not likely to be surveilled, and cautioned the woman to be very careful she isn't followed. If they're seen together, that would be disastrous and beyond.

With that understanding, Cat has come to the designated place, and she came armed. Concealed on her person by a jacket is the silenced pistol, and the guitar case she carries holds other weapons. Given what happened with Helena, she's settled into an ultra-cautious mode.

Part of that is asking Brian to come along with her for purposes of backup.

Candy is more than careful when it comes to making sure that she hasn't been followed, the young woman having spent the past three months under deep cover, and she isn't about to make all the things that she saw worthless, all the things that she had to do. Her eyes dart around here as she reaches the place, before she takes a couple of steps and looks at Cat. A faint smile flickers along her lips for a moment or three while the young woman stands there, before she takes a breath and says in a soft voice, in case there are people who may be around.

"I'm in," are the only two words that she speaks, her eyes looking at Cat while she stands there. There is a haunted look in them, and she looks to have aged almost a decade as she lets her barriers fall that she constantly kept up while in the presence of Humanis First. The tension and stress she has undergone have left their mark on her.

Eyes go back around, before they look at Cat and she waits for the other woman to say something, before she goes on.

Sitting on the hood of a blown out dillapitated Honda Civic, Brian's knees are hugged to his chest. Chin resting in the crevice between knee caps, Brian's brows are knit as he watches the two women close to each other. When has Cat ever asked him to go anywhere in this life or the one before it? Not often. So it's not surprising that he isn't very involved on the actual purpose of the meeting. His eyes rest on the asian woman, teeth going to clamp down on his lower lip.

A long black overcoat contains most of his weapons, though he doesn't seem all that intent on using them. He's here for backup, that's all. The field they reside in was cleared for construction, but what with the bomb and the declining economy, the construction on the cleared field never happened. And so it became a parking lot, some of those cars never reclaimed. Having now become something of a graveyard it is host to the gloomy morning and the cheery meet.

"You're in," Cat repeats as answer to the woman's statement. Candy is regarded quietly afterward for some moments before she speaks further. "Well done," is offered. "I know this hasn't been easy, being around them, and has to be even scarier now that tests are more widely available. We can't know when or if they might decide to use them on their own, and if they did you might get caught. My advice is if they start and you can, bolt. But if you keep doing this, you know the risk. You might be killed, or tortured, or tortured then killed. Knowing that, you can come out now and I won't think less of you. Things are far more dangerous now than when you started."

"But if you stay in, how in are you, Candy?"

"In enough to have met the head honcho, Cat," replies the young woman quietly while she looks at Cat. "I'm not about to back down now, after having spent the last three months watching… and…" Candy trails off while she reports, before she shakes her head, "I've gone through too much to back down now. Though, this guy I met. Cat… his last name was Dean, Bill Dean. He… said they have something in the works, and I'm supposed to be meeting this… Irishman, to learn what it is." She shakes her head again, and takes something of a deeper breath, trying to calm herself.

"I need to stay in, to learn what is coming. If I can stop it, I'll do it, even if it blows my cover. Though, I'm a one use shot at this Cat. If I stop them, I'm going to claim high on their hit list real fast." She shakes her head and looks at Cat with a steady eye, before asking, "I'm gonna need protection when this blows over." The young woman smiles lightly, though it doesn't seem to quite reach her eyes, "So, at the moment, I need to know what you want me to do and report what I know."

Silence is kept as Cat listens to Candy's report, her face impassive in doing so. Until she mentions that name. Bill Dean. It makes her eyes light up a little, almost as if to say 'jackpot!'. "That's very fortunate," she offers, with a speculative expression coming to her features. A plan, perhaps, is forming. "Right now, Bill Dean and Emile Danko have two captives, at least. Helena Dean, and Wendy Hunter. We want to find them, so a rescue can be mounted somehow. It might be difficult, however, for you to get us the information and dangerous to meet. You're new, they may well be watching you as a test. So…" she trails off and pulls out her iPhone.

"I have someone I'd like you to meet."

Candy smirks lightly and says, "Perhaps that is what the Irishman will be telling me of. I'll see if I can't find their location." She looks at the phone before raising an eyebrow, "Who would that be?" She looks specutively at Cat, eyes watching her. "They probably be are, but from what I've heard, they are rather short handed. So, this meeting shouldn't be observed, I was careful to make sure that I slipped past everyone."

Sliding off the hood of the rusted vehicle, Brian takes a clean step away, and closer to the two women. Pulling the two sides of his jacket together. Pausing near Cat's back, Brian's eyes trail up to Candy, his head tilting for a moment. As if sizing her up. Being a quadruple something agent or something that he is, he wants to see how exactly other double agents act. A little smirk climbs up his lips before he glances over his shoulder.

Candy is listened to as Cat taps places on the screen of her iPhone and presses send a few seconds later, then lifts it to her ear. She's now waiting for the other end to pick up. "I'm not going to tell you who she is, Candy," she explains, "because if you get caught and are tortured, you can't tell them things you don't know. I don't think you'll break if it comes to that, but some very tough people have. No guarantees." Like Elisabeth Harrison.

"Understandable, Cat," Candy says, before adding, "Was just curious as it comes by. And it is nice to have a name to associate with things." A shrug of her shoulders is quickly given before her eyes look over at Brian. She turns her head to the side, neck cracking while she brings another hand back to massage at it.

"Honestly, Cat, I can't wait for this assignment to end," she says, eyes looking seriously at the other woman. "Almost long to be in the situation I was when I first met you."

Peyton's asleep — she finally managed to fall into a slumber sometime around 4 in the morning, after tossing and turning with the images of not only the most recent kidnapping but the others she's witnessed personally and remotely: Cassidy O'Shea's, Felix Ivanov's, Elisabeth Harrison's, her own, Wendy's, and of course, Wendy's and Helena's.

She grabs the cell phone off her bedside table, glancing at the display. She no longer puts names in her cell phone, for security reasons, but she recognizes the number as Cat's.

"Hello?" she murmurs, her voice husky with lack of sleep.

"Did I wake you?" Cat begins when the other end picks up. "If so, I'm sorry. I wanted to thank you for helping, I know it isn't easy. I… I wish myself I could forget a lot of the things I've seen since I came to NYC." The statement is sincerely spoken, after which she goes quiet to let the person at the other end answer. Eyes settle on Candy, and she gives a slow nod. Yes, she also can't wait for this assignment to be over. A dead Danko and dead Bill, those would be two of this Cat's favorite things.

Candy falls quiet as the phone is picked up and she lets Cat and the other woman talk without inturrepting their conversation. Her eyes watching between the two while she stands there. Her eyes looking back at Cat's, and the haunted look is still there, along with a silent pleading for this assignment to be over soon.

"Call her Felicia. Felicia Gigglebottoms." Brian says sternly over to Candy. Watching her he smirks lightly before glancing to the phone then back to Candy. He takes a few steps back to allow Candy to talk with Ms. Gigglebottoms before looking to Cat. "You need me for anything else, Cat?"

Peyton sits up in bed, pushing her hair out of her face and glancing at the clock. "It's okay. It sucks, yes, but whatever, I'll keep trying… They're in that same building I think, last I looked, tied or whatever to a metal pole. Concrete basement or vault or something, I don't know. I think that same place, maybe mid-town, as the parking garage," she mumbles, reaching for the Tylenol that sits on the bedside table. She pours four of the pills into her palm and swallows them dry.

"I actually have someone I'd like you to meet, Felicia," Cat replies into the phone. She casts a glance at Brian and smiles slightly. Part of his suggestion will be taken, and part not. But she does seem to be amused by it to a degree.

"She's an Evolved person who's managed to infiltrate Humanis First." Nothing about what 'Felicia' can do is spoken, she hopes the clairvoyant will get the reason based on what she did say. "If you come to meet her, wear a hat or something to obscure your features."

Peyton swallows. "Okay… as long as you think it's safe." She didn't believe Cat once before, and got kidnapped as a result; if Cat feels it's safe enough for her to meet the infiltrator, Peyton will trust her this time. She gets the address of where to meet, and gets up to get dressed, choosing from her vast closets an unlikely outfit, including a red wig, a large hat, and giant sunglasses to aid in her disguise.

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