Calling For Answers


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Scene Title Calling For Answers
Synopsis Claire, hearing about Elisabeth Harrison's arrest, turns to Cardinal for some answers.
Date April 29, 2010

Over Phones

«Claire, it's Ash. Our benevolent techno brother told me to get a hold of you and find out what you know about that Frontline officer's arrest. He's looking into it, but he can't find anything to back up the arrest. Trying to tap some resources and see what we can see before they try to take her out of the city. Call me back.»

"I know about as much as you all. I'll check with my contacts. I'll come over to the apartment once I hear what is going on." It the respond spoken over the phone in a responding voice mail from Claire. She had heard the news as well and she was worried about it. If Messiah was willing to rescue her maybe Claire should find out what is going on, especially since Rebel said it was fishy.

Typing in the phone number to her 'other' leader, Claire can't help but smile a bit. She had yet to talk to Cardinal via his new toy. She waits for the tell tale sound of his whispered voice over the phoneline.

The phone rings for several long moments before it picks up.

A few moments of silence pass, and then the whispering voice of Richard Cardinal stirs on the other end of the line. "…you rang?" Who…?

"Now there is a voice I miss. Glad your still holding it together." Comments the regenerator, a smile in her voice, leaning against the wall next to her, sliding down to sit. "And in case you've forgotten what I sound like, it's Claire."

"I don't think that I could forget your voice, Claire…" A whispering hiss of Richard's voice, wavering much like static on the line, "…I'm still here. How are things going with your old friends? Treating you well, I hope?" I hope…?

"I'm alive. We.. hit a vaccine truck, so no worries about me checking out anytime soon." Claire offers conversationally. "We picked up Ash… Seems also my old team mate Huruma joined up…." There is a long pause as she add a touch more bland… "Seems they also recruited Magnes." She doesn't exactly care if Rebel hears that over the phone if he's listening.

"Actually, I wish it was a social call. I'm calling on behalf of my 'old' friends." Claire rests her head back against the walls. "Seems Rebel has been trying to find out about Liz's arrest and can't find anything to back the news story." A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. "Seems they are trying to find out what is going on first rather then acting first." She sounds somewhat impressed.

"Do you know anything about it, Richard? Cause I think they are planning to help her."

"Did you guys have anything to do with that… helicopter strike in Midtown?" A stir of thoughtfulness to the shadow's words, "Ash… Magnes? Well, that's interesting. I didn't seehim as the type…" The type…

There's a silent pause for a few long moments then as she explains the reason she's calling. "Ask them not to act. I have my own plans here, I don't want to run afoul of Messiah in the middle of an op - we aren't familiar with each other, and we may well end up killing each other in the middle of it all. If I find that we need backup, I'll contact you." Messiah…

"We take care of our own."

"Helicopter strike?" Claire's brows furrow in confusion, it is clear in her voice too. "Not that I know of? He hit a truck on Staten. I'm not exactly in the 'know' right now. I'm living in one of the Ferry safehouses til the weather clears up, then I'll hopefully get brought in."

There is a thoughtful moment, before Claire says. "I'll see what I can do." She offers softly, feeling a bit of home sickness… as strange as that is. "Not sure if he's listening in or not, but I'll make sure the word gets passed along."

"If they are listening, then they should know it's being handled," states Cardinal in a whispered voice, "I appreciate the offer, though… it's good to know that your people are still on the same side as us." As us…

"If they switched sides, I haven't gotten the memo." Claire says with a touch of humor, though it fades soon enough. "I saw Liette…" She offers up, with a small frown. "She was literally throwing a fit and they had to knock her out before she could hurt someone… when I found out what she was I left… fast." The regenerator grimaces. "I just don't want someone that uncontrollable to to have my ability.

"Haven't seen her since tho… So they moved her somewhere else, but I have noticed a lot of activity within the Ferrymen. Arguments and all that… Big meetings… Not sure what is going on…" Claire shrugs even though he can't see it.

"The only way she could absorb your ability is if she ingested part of your blood," murmurs Cardinal, "She was… throwing a fit? Fuck. I don't know what's going on in the Ferry right now…" The Ferry…

"…I'll call my contacts there," he allows, "See what I can find out."

"Yeah… we're talking throwing a hissy fit using her 'abilities'. It was kind of scary." Claire admits. "She was upset about something, but I didn't get any idea of why." Her head nods slowly. "Well… at least you all know something is going on." Her smile pulls up on one side. "I proclaim my duties done for now." She jokes lightly, smiling.

"I would… like to meet Rickham sometime," Cardinal admits in a quiet, thoughtful whisper, "I knew his… future self… and he had a great effect on me. I wouldn't mind discussing his views on things if we could sit down and be civil… if you could pass that on…" Pass that on…

"Yes sir," Comes the reply a moment later from Claire, rustling can be heard as she climbs to her feet. "I'll make sure he gets it. I don't see why he wouldn't… I — I dunno. I'll let you know if I get a 'No.'" There is another pause before she asks curiously. " Anything else?"

"No. Just… take care of yourself, Claire," Richard's whispering voice asks, "There ain't much that can get you killed, but even so… take care of yourself." Yourself…

"Thanks Richard." Claire murmurs softly, "You know me… first to run straight into danger." The smile in her voice again. There is a long pause before she adds. "Continue to hang together… I miss you guys and I better get to see your shadowy backside again."

"Miss you too. Take care, and keep wearing red. Off." *click*

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